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Skylodge -  Rooftop Winter Pop Up

Feasts, Cocktails and Wood


What did Tim the lumberjack say when it was so cold outside that all he could do was remember his name?


Then he went to Skylodge.

Located atop the Hothouse rooftop in Hackney, SkyLodge is a temporary winter pop up serving up delicious cocktails, heated hideaways and lumberjack themed goodness.

Decked out as a winter lodge, expect wood (lots of wood), heaters and Christmassy cocktails to boot. The space has been curated to ensure maximum cosiness, leaving you to sink a drink, eat a disproportionate amount of red meat at their festive feast and most importantly, chill the hell out.

God knows you deserve it, what with all that thinking of starting your Christmas shopping you’ve been doing lately.

Further confirming London Fields as the UK spiritual home for lumber lovers everywhere (you heard it here first), head to Skylodge for experimental film nights, live acoustic sessions and, wait for it, A LUMBERJACK OLYMPICS GAMES.

Sounds tree-mendous. Though admittedly, it’s not really forest to say, so go and check it out for yourselves...

The Skylodge pop up (274 Richmond Road, London Fields, London, E8 3QW) launched on Thursday 28th November and runs until the end of the year. More info here.

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