World Cup 2014

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 Where do my bookings come from?  - We have added a new 'Source Report', so you can see at a glance where your bookings are coming from. The report will show you how many bookings, guests and pre-booked value has been confirmed or rejected/lost for each source. Check out the Source Report in more detail HERE.


 Zoom Out Your Diary View   - If you zoom out on the diary view (some venues do this to enable them to see as many of their tables on one page), we have now improved the grid on this zoom out view so everything will remain in line and in sync, as if you were on 100% view.

 Quickly assign /unassign bookings to all tables/zones  - You can already assign a booking to ALL tables or particular zone from within a booking/enquiry at the click of a button. We've added a small (but wonderful!) improvement to be able to unassign ALL assigned tables just as quick!  More on assigning tables from a booking/ enquiry

 Default Duration to Appear  - When adding a booking/enquiry manually, your default duration will now autofill for you. Your team will easily be able to add the booking with the same durations the customer would have available to them if booking online. You'll need your Rules Dependent on Number of Guests or Max Duration set up. More info HERE!

 Mark Internal Notifications as "Done"   - Mark your notifications as 'done' to help you keep on top of what you have to action on your dashboard. Notifications are now stamped by time as well as by date, so you know exactly when the notification was made. Find out more about your Collins Dashboard and internal team communications here

If you have any questions or queries please email our Customer Success Team on or your account manager. Do not reply to this email.

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