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The Other Garden Party

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The Other Garden Party @ The Royal Academy of Arts

Entertain us for a second will you?

Imagine you're at a quintessentially-English garden party. There's live music, a courtyard awash with quaint pastimes, and plenty of dancing. You're gliding in and out of a stately manor, nostalgically smiling at your fellow party-goers as you pass. You've not a care in the world.

Oh, and importantly, you're high on opium.

Then somewhere slap bang in the middle of weird and wonderful, you'll find The Other Garden Party.

Hosted from the beautiful grounds of the Royal Academy of Arts, the party will 'fuse this English summertime ritual with the fantastical world of Alice in Wonderland', promising innovative performances, tasty eats and immersive experiences. Highlights include life drawing with Art Macabre, theatrical hat making with Fumbalinas, a wacky Mad Hatter's Tea Party with the Art of Dining, swing dancing with Uptown Swing, and even a Lewis Carroll-inspired letterpress printing session with Alan Kitching.

To solidify this as the trippiest garden party you'll have been to; as the sun sets the soiree will descend into the Victorian vaults of Burlington House for an extraordinary Wonderland Ball, hosted by sassy party starters, Sink the Pink.

Just don't forget to dress up. And for the love of god don't take opium.


The Other Garden Party is taking place at the Royal Academy of Arts on Saturday 13th June. Tickets are £30 and include entry, a pass into the Summer Exhibition and a welcome cocktail.

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