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Basement Sate

Cocktails, Cakes & Candles

Basement Sate

Politics and dinner parties, the colours yellow and purple, Katie Price and husbands – some things, however hard we try to make them, just don’t work well together.

But some things just do.

For example, things like Basement Sate – a secret concept bar completely dedicated to delicious desserts and masterfully-mixed cocktails.

Hidden away in the heart of Soho behind an unassuming and unmarked orange door, this sweet little joint pairs gorgeous puddings with innovative tipples to showcase a completely unique drinking experience in London. Hosted from their Mad Men-esque subterranean hideaway, those 'in the know' head here for mid-week drinks and DJ-fuelled parties till late come the weekend. Alongside the delectable treats on offer, you'll also find plush interiors, exposed brickwork and arguably most importantly, some damn sexy chairs. 

Curating a menu of such fanciful sweets and experimental libations is no beginner’s game. So far from it in fact, that Basement Sate have not only enlisted the help of Dorian Picard of Gordon Ramsay’s Maze fame to sort the desserts, but also Byly Tran, who is best known for his mixologist prowess at the infamous Prescription Cocktail Club, to take charge of the bar's b-e-a-utiful cocktail menu.

Ipso facto: this is the good sh*t.

But what’s life without a little offer? We’ve wrangled an exclusive deal for DesignMyNight users, which will entitle you to a free dessert of your choice to share when you buy your first two cocktails. 

Basement Sate is located at 8 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 8HN. The dessert offer is only redeemable after your first round, and only to those who book for free via DesignMyNight.

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