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Great Gatsby Party

Extravagant, Opulent & Rambunctious Partying

Kettner's Kabaret

Dapper suits, fascinators, illegally produced booze.

The 1920s were pretty awesome.

And now – thanks to us – you’ve been invited to the party of the decade. It’s 1922 and a one Jay Gatsby has requested your presence at his upcoming shindig.

Shocking, we know. But stranger things have happened.

Think opulence, revelry and complete extravagance as you sip on champagne at a top secret London location this September. An exclusive party that overflows with creativity, you’ll dance until the early hours, enjoy the decadent entertainment and drink far too many masterfully-mixed cocktails.

It’s just what they did, you know?

Obviously we can’t tell you too much without ruining all the fun, but we can tell you to expect a completely unique experience at one of London’s quirkiest retro events. So don your feathers, slap on the gel and don’t even think about leaving your dickie-bow at home.

Jay Gatsby's elusive party takes place in a secret location on Saturday 27th September. The location will be emailed to you close to the event date.

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