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The Schoolhouse

Free Cocktails, Detentions & Half-Price Brunch

The Schoolhouse

School was a mixed bag of pros and cons.

On one hand; to those who were interested, it was a near limitless resource for knowledge, long-lasting friends and the building of solid foundations for life as an adult.
On the other; there was little to no booze available.

But no need to ponder. Grab a Freddo, throw on your light-up trainers and leave your Tamagotchi at home for the night; The Schoolhouse has just opened in Battersea, and you’re invited to try out how your school career could have been if it weren't for your annoyingly young age and inability to hold down hard liquor.

A nostalgic emporium of work desks, faux bookshelves and science lab memorabilia, The Schoolhouse is already making Ofsted-like waves since its launch last month. A completely unique setting, this new den of enlightenment fronts over 50 types of beer, a quirky cocktail menu and promises hearty fare from brunch through to dinner (served in traditional school dinner trays, obvs).

As if this educational revelation wasn't enough, we've put in a good word and wrangled 50% off your brunch food bill or two free drinks per person when you buy a main evening meal. All you have to do is make a booking through us.

Class dismissed. 

The Schoolhouse is located at 137-139 St John's Hill, Battersea. Our exclusive offers are valid for all bookings in March, click below for more information and reservations.

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