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Moroccan Sky Riad

Sky High Indulgence

Moroccan Sky Riad

Absolutely not to be confused with a giant dildo; the Gherkin is one of London’s most boast-worthy structures.

But however popular, little are privy as to what actually happens at the very top of the building.

Which we'll be honest, is exactly why we’re writing to you today.

Usually operating a super strict members-only policy, Searcy’s at the top of the Gherkin are opening their exclusive sky-high palace to you, Joe Public, for seven special weeks this summer. And though already a bucket-list destination in its own right; this temporary pop-up will see Searcy’s completely transformed into a traditional Moroccan Riad, emulating the chic, tranquil and serene style of high-end Marrakesh nightlife.

Located on level 40 (within the actual dome top of the Gherkin), this will mark the first ever time Searcy’s have opened their enviable plot to the masses. To mark the occasion, as well as the crazily-impressive panoramic views looking out on the entire city, the Riad will feature a stylish jumble of Moroccan eats and entertainment, carefully concocted cocktails and champagne, and more jewels than you'd find at a Hatton Garden heist.


The Moroccan Sky Riad will be open from 20th July for a seven week period. Booking is essential, and various food and drinks packages are available, ranging from £29-£49 per person. 'Sultan Beds' and 'Gem Booths' are also available for group hire.

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