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Flight Club

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Flight Club

From ping pong palaces to quirky takes on the classic pub quiz, from rooftop cinema sessions to table-football themed bars; London has seen more than a few revivals in the past few years.

So is it so much of a surprise that the humble game of darts is the next activity set for a nightlife makeover?

Opening at the end of this month, Flight Club will combine state-of-the-art technology, carefully-crafted cocktails and a convivial party vibe, introducing a completely unique concept to Shoreditch.

A one hundred and eightyyyy degree turn on your traditional fat-men-with-questionable-ear-piercings-in-suffocatingly-smoky-rooms set-up, it really won't matter too much how good you are with a dart. As well as a real-time scoring system (created by an actual rocket scientist), each oche promises a slick touch-screen interface complete with a number of interactive games, that allow for even the most novice of players to triumph.

Play in a group, play in a tournament, or play on your own if you’re scared of the competition.

Just play to win.

The Flight Club is opening on 25th October and is located at 2A Worship Street, EC2A 2AH. The venue will open from 11am - until late, every night of the week. Beat the crowds and make a free advanced reservation below.

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