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Abigail's Party

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Abigail's Party - Art of Dining

Let’s face it; all in all, the 1970s have a pretty bad rep.

Yes avocado-coloured bathrooms, ridiculous facial hair and man-perms were all huge mistakes – but on closer inspection, it wasn't all bad.

Here to prove us right, the expertly creative Art of Dining are back with their next experimental dining event, Abigail’s Party. Inspired by Mike Leigh’s play of the same name, they’ll completely transform Haggerston’s Rose Lipman Building into a fully-fledged, swinging 70s living room featuring hostess trolleys, shag-pile rugs and more lava lamps than they’d care to mention.

Guests of the event will eat their way through a five-course feast, carefully prepared by Art of Dining co-creator and Moro trained chef, Ellen Parr. Using innovative techniques and completely unique flavours, Ellen will take seemingly normal dishes of the era, and transform them into edible masterpieces in their own right.

Combining cuisine, theatre, music and retro set design; if ever there were a viable excuse to don your flares or slap on a usually-unacceptable amount of eye shadow – this our friends, is it.

Fondue us proud.

Abigail's Party is taking place at The Rose Lipman Building, 43 De Beauvoir Road, N1 5SQ on various dates between 11th March - 4th April. Tickets are £55 and include a five-course dinner and welcome cocktail.

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