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Little Nan's Right Royal House Party

Because Old People Were Here First

Little Nan's Right Royal House Party

We love Nans.

They’re cuddly, they’re thoughtful and they often have little to no control over their flatulence.

And some of them allow their grandchildren to throw on a month-long session of quirky house parties promising cocktails in teapots, crystal cut decanters and enough royal memorabilia to melt even Camilla’s stone cold heart.

A pop-up expedition from the kids behind multi-award winning Little Nan’s Bar, the parties will take place in a secret Georgian townhouse in Greenwich and will focus on tasty drinks, retro décor and plenty of mischievous behaviour.

Keep it hush mind, the full location of the party is revealed to you via text on the day of your visit. And if that day happens to be the day of your birthday, give Little Nan a shout before you arrive and she’ll even name a cocktail in your honour.


Tickets are only £6, and include entry plus a complimentary royal mug of house party punch. The secret location is around a 1-minute walk from Greenwich station.

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