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'The Blue Lotus' Opium Den

Trippy Times Lie Ahead

The Blue Lotus Opium Den

As autumn aggressively muscles into our lives, it’s probably about the time we all had a real think on that age-old question of ‘what do we really miss about 19th century San Francisco?’

The gambling or slavery? The prostitution? Or was it – as most academic sources agree - the opium?

Correct! It is in fact the opium.

You miss the opium.

But fret not, fellow opium aficionados, because there’s a fix in sight courtesy of unique experience extraordinaires, Shuttlecock Inc

Harking back to the dark days of 1878 San Francisco - where the China Town area was alive with illegalities, debauchery and one-too-many secrets – there's an illicit new hangout coming to London, styled in memorandum of an especially devious den,
The Blue Lotus’. 

Enter into a world of cards, babes, liquor and plenty of surprises at this seductive spot in Marylebone. Expect dim sum, bespoke cocktails, interactive entertainment, and a splattering of shady characters as you completely lose yourself to the mystery of the den.

The event is hosted over four upcoming nights, from the ever-creative Carousel’s basement space. Your ticket includes entry, a 'smoky' welcome cocktail and all your entertainment on the night.

But of course, no actual opium (obvs). 

The Blue Lotus Opium Den pop-up will take place from Wednesday 30th September to Saturday 3rd October, at Carousel London. Your ticket includes entry into the den, 5 dim sum and a welcome cocktail.

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