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Bar Humbug

A Patrón Christmas Carol

Bar Humbug

As the famous festive tale goes; a one Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by three spirits who dutifully guided him through his past mistakes, his selfish life at present, and most poignantly, his grim future.

Admittedly, a pop-up adventure based on the misgivings of an aforementioned Scrooge might be a tad on the morbid side; but what about an immersive bash promising 80s party tunes, alcohol-heavy gifts, and a ‘Christmas Future’ disco shakedown?

Setting up shop in East London for three consecutive nights, A Patrón Christmas Carol begins by transporting its guests back in time to showcase a snapshot of Christmas past. There’ll be no measly meals or whining kids here though; instead, think old-school party food, questionable outfits and of course, plenty of tequila. As the clock chimes for the second time the party rushes forward to the present day; where you can expect a flurry of free Patrón premium cocktails as you prepare your gleeful limbs for the next important milestone of your expedition...

But what for the future element to this merry journey through the fabrics of time?


A Patrón Christmas Carol is running from 9th-11th December from the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green. Tickets include complimentary Patrón cocktails and all your entertainment.

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