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Butcher & Barber: Americana

Scissors & Cocktails

Butcher & Barber: Americana

Sure, you'll sink a complimentary glass of fizz like the next guy if offered; but on the whole, sharp scissors and boozing won't usually end well.

Unless of course you're headed to the upcoming Butcher & Barber event that is.

Throwing caution to the wind (but never running with scissors in their hands), the award-winning and oh-so-cool barbers, Ruffians, are opening up their salon for a cutting-edge pop-up affair fronting Americana-inspired eats and masterfully prepared whiskey cocktails.

They've partnered with Bulleit Bourbon whiskey, who are sending their best mixologists to concoct a choppy selection of on-theme tipples, which will be coupled with a tasty state-side menu, created by the incredible Wild Game Co.

We know what you're thinking. 'Sounds great, but it'll be a rip-off, right?'

WRONG. You're so wrong it's embarrassing.

Your £35 ticket includes entry, plus ALL food and drink on the night. In fact, you couldn't give them any extra money even if you wanted to; they simply won't accept it.

Which is novel. 

Butcher and Barber is taking place at Ruffians in Covent Garden on Thursday 2nd July. There are two time slots available; either 5:30-7:30pm, or 8:30-10:30pm. Your ticket includes all food and drink.

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