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The Last Tuesday Society

Creepy McCreepface.

The Last Tuesday Society

Move over weird, vigilante 'killer clowns'; modern-day scaring needn't be left to you and your socially-inappropriate methods.

And it needn't be so damn trashy either.

Case-in-point; The Last Tuesday Society.

Proving that the chill-factor is all the more worthwhile with added lashings of age-old decadence, this trailblazing collective have a number of upcoming balls, each promising their own signature blend of mischief, performance and darkly-intriguing entertainment.

Committed to filling the everyday trappings of normal life with subversive, visceral experiences, The Last Tuesday Society are London-leaders in imaginative and interactive happenings. With an unquenchable thirst for questioning the ordinarily-unquestionable, their latest series of secret balls are set to be bigger, bolder and more unique than ever.

This year, they're teaming up with the brains behind the weird-but-wonderful Rumpus, and guests of the balls can expect wildly-tantalising live acts, beautifully-macabre surrounds and unique experiences by the cauldron-load.

Upcoming shows include a befitting Halloween celebration at the 'Dance Macabre', a nearly-end-of-year bash at their 'New Year's Eve Eve Masked Ball', and even a darkly-sensual affair in time for Valentine's Day next year.

Because let's face it; nothing says 'love' like the sweet, finality of death.

The NYE and Halloween balls will both take place at The Grand in Clapham. Details and tickets for The Last Tuesday Society's Valentine's Ball will be released in January 2017.

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