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Spaced 2014

Immersive Theatre Experience

Simon Drake's House of Magic

“For one week only, the cavernous basement of the ex-BBC London building will be transformed into a subterranean playground: an immersive labyrinth, a fantastical marketplace, an underground insurgency…”

An underground insurgency you say? Oh right then.

You need more info? Classic you, not paying attention.

Spaced 2014 represents a collaboration between 15 separate theatre companies, creatively organised by the Theatre Delicatessen. Discerning guests will not only discover a completely unique night out in London, they'll also likely discover themselves whilst they're at it. (Deep).

A wholly immersive experience, the event takes place in the ex-BBC converted headquarters, previously prohibited to the public. Choose your own route through a theatrical marketplace where you’ll be presented with crazy scenarios, heart-stopping experiences and bizarre happenings. 

Better? No? OK...

A festival set up, you and your mates head down to the depths of the reconstructed building and basement, where you could find yourselves in a pitch-black room desperately trying to solve a puzzle, chatting to a confused naked woman completely covered in cake, or even with a gun to your head. You’ll barter in a souk-like marketplace for every weirdly wonderful experience you stumble upon. The actors you come across will tailor their actions to your responses as you meander around this dystopian-maze of extrovert experiences.

Still nothing?

FINE. There’s a bar there too.

Spaced 2014 is taking place on 20th-22nd March 2014, from the ex-BBC building on Marylebone High Street. Tickets are £10. For more info, click here.

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