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World's Biggest Ping Pong Date

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For centuries now, people have pondered the key to finding true love.

Good food? Sex? Hanging out in dark alleys?

But they’re all wrong. Recent evidence indicates that the answer is in fact, ping pong.

When the guys over at got wind of this incontrovertible scientific fact, they just had to do something about it. So, taking over Bounce (everyone’s favourite wiff-waff palace) on Easter Sunday, they’ll be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the World’s Biggest Ping Pong Date.

300 single guys and 300 single girls will come together for an evening of tournaments, cocktails and plenty of flirting. Guests of the event will be the first ever to play in Bounce’s new UV room (so bear that in mind if you’re planning on wearing white underwear and ever-so-slightly see through clothes) and will be invited to shake their groove thangs at the jumpin' after party, hosted by DJ Pete Pong.

No strangers to wacky events, DoingSomething’s previous successes include hijacking the London Eye, a table-tennis evening atop the o2, and placing an igloo 800ft above ground at the Shard. Adventure aficionados, they've got one simple mission: to get the good folk of London talking, dating and falling in love.


Love doesn’t interest you? Don’t let that stop you; how about exerting your dominance over a potential partner by thoroughly thrashing them at a game of ping pong instead? Nothing screams ‘second date?’ like a stinging face full of table-tennis ball.

The World's Biggest Ping Pong Date will be held at Bounce in Holborn on Easter Sunday until 2am. Tickets are limited to 300 boys and 300 girls only. Click here for more info and booking. Your ticket price also includes a complimentary one-month membership for DoingSomething (worth £29).

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