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The Development of Bitterness

Immersive Aural Pleasure

Simon Drake's House of Magic

Hands up, who fancies going on an aural journey?

Thought as much.

The Development of Bitterness is a completely enveloping experience touching on voice, character and dark comedy. Drawing on ancient sounds to modern techno, every guest of this event is part of the eclectic action, creating their own unique sounds, which are then recorded and played at various points throughout the night. Once the physical energy in the room hits maximum (and it will hit maximum), the evening will culminate in a group rave and wild club night of sonic soundscapes, live music and DJs to boot.

Basically, it’s pretty trippy stuff.

Created by the imaginative chaps over at SoundBoxed Collective, this experimental event is hosted from the Theatre Delicatessen - famed for their previous sell-out success ‘SPACED 2014' (an immersive, dystopian maze and marketplace) - and is concealed subterranean, in the basement of the iconic ex-BBC building.

God we love aural.

Taking over the Theatre Delicatessen on the 28th, 29th & 30th May, The Development of Bitterness will take place underneath the ex-BBC building on Marylebone High Street. Click here for tickets and more info.

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