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The Black Cat Cabaret

Stunning Period Location, Bohemian Debauchery & Fine Dining


Guys, please. Enough is enough. As interesting as your temporary drinking bans and new exercise regimes are: we get it. You’re better, hardworking and ultimately more enlightened individuals now. And we’re super happy for you, okay?

But come on; there’s no glamour in enlightenment, and you need a treat after all this new found sobriety.

Luckily for you and the rest of us suffering with a bad case of the January blues, The Black Cat Cabaret is in town this Friday. Featuring awe-inspiring acrobatics, musical comics and tantalizing burlesque performances, The Black Cat Cabaret is a decadent evening of sizzling entertainment and sumptuous fine dining.

But where you ask, could such an event be held?


Doused in secrecy, Black Cat is mysteriously located in a stunning period-inspired building near to King’s Cross befitting to host the jaw-dropping performances, a VIP dinner AND a wild after party into the early hours of the morning. There aren’t many places in London where you can enjoy spectacular aerial performances whilst tucking into your starter, now are there?

Now, what were you saying about that new super-food smoothie recipe? It sounds err, great.

The Black Cat Cabaret is taking over a secret location in King’s Cross on Friday 24th January 2014. Tickets are available for dinner or the show-only. Tickets and info HERE. 

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