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A Celebration Of Walpurgis Night


"The legend of Walpurgis Night is celebrated in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia, with bonfires and other festivities designed to welcome Spring by warding off demons, disaster, and darkness"

As if we haven’t got enough on our plates at the moment, what with the fast approaching election and the impending MasterChef final; the devilishly-demonic Walpurgis Night is arriving in London.

And it’s fair to say it’s a pretty trippy affair.

For one doomed night only, you’re invited to join the creatures of the night and the Hexen clan as they prepare for their biggest celebration of the year, Hexentanz. The evening will see Islington Metal Works completely transformed into a satanic forest, promising three rooms of travelling gypsy-folk bands, hell-raising DJs and some relatively questionable guests.

Dance, discover and party all night, alongside a creatively-curated set produced by the installation and design collective, RunHoratio.  

Also on hand with their own unique offering to the proceedings/gods, the Owle Schreame Theatre Company will be fronting a number of roaming deathly characters, of whom you can interact with as much, or as little as you like. From fortune tellers to arcane cults, wild women to evil goddesses; you'll encounter them all and more, as you party through their distant, magical world...

( Islington).

Hexentanz is taking place at the Islington Metal Works on 30th April. Tickets are £10. Want to fit in? The dress code is either all black or all white. Capes and fascinators encouraged, obvs.

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