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Oktoberfest East

What a stein to be alive.

Oktoberfest East

Massive sausages, copious amounts of beer and questionable outfit choices.

What we often refer to as 'Friday' here in Britain, the Germans actually call 'Oktoberfest'.

And their version's had a makeover.

Oktoberfest East is a fusion of traditional Bavarian festivities and East London creativity, taking place at Oval Space over a series of dates starting at the end of this month.

All hosted underneath a purpose-built alpine forest canopy, guests are invited to explore this boozy wonderland however they want, sampling beers courtesy of the iconic Hacker-Pschorr brewery in Germany and chowing down on themed edible bites designed by pop-up foodie pros The Art of Dining as they go. While there, they'll also be treated to traditional games and activities, as well as live entertainment from the likes of the critically-acclaimed Hackney Colliery Band

Tickets can be booked in groups for their massive wooden tables, and on top of the usual pretzels and schnitzels set-up, visitors can also book in for a hearty three-course feast if they want something a little more substantial to soak up the steins. 

O'zapft is!

Oktoberfest East starts on 28th September and runs over several dates up until the 8th October, taking place at Oval Space in East London. Click through for full ticket details.

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