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The 'Neath @ The Vaults

All kinds of deep.

The 'Neath @ The Vaults

When someone tells you they're taking you on a twisted immersive journey, deep underground into a dark and mysterious world, they're usually lying. 

Or drunk.

But not these guys. The 'Neath actually does take place underground; in the hidden Vaults beneath London Waterloo station. 

Spread across five upcoming dates, The 'Neath is a part pop-up bar, part experience and show promising interactive performances, secret missions, storytelling and fantastical roaming characters.

Hidden behind a damp stone wall, you'll descend into a bar run by the Devil himself, where you can explore all manner of different spaces and specially-created installations. But how much of this fantasy world you'll see completely depends on you. It's up to you to discover, to engage and to test out just how brave you can be.

So don't be a wimp.

And as old Beelzebub likes all the company he can get, once you buy your ticket, you can return as many times as you like.

Which is nice.

The 'Neath takes place at The Vaults underneath Waterloo on five separate dates, from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th February. Re-admittance to future shows with your original ticket is subject to availability on the night.

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