The first week of January is always my favourite time of the year. The pace is slow and deep, like paste. I can feel the whirling of the new year getting closer, bringing anticipation, dread and hope all at once. It's a time when I let my feet sink in the ground and ask myself: What did I learn? What was imprinted on me? Who helped my world widen? What energy do I need to cultivate in the year ahead?

The first days of January are a time for reflection. My friend Erik Rodin and I religiously set aside an afternoon for The Year Compass questionnaire. Every year, I also complete exercises designed by friends. I love seeing these circulate in WhatsApp groups: real tools being lended to loved ones. My friend Richard Hylerstedt has been sharing his review & outlook frameworks for years (see below). My friend Kyle Kesterson has had more than 10 000 people take his Ultimate Reflection Guide.

Whatever this year has brought you, I hope you are taking the time to take it all in. If you have enjoyed any particular practices, please share and I'll add them in the next edition (I have heard great things about the Reflection App but haven't tried it yet). Also, if you are interested in doing a few of these together, just shout and I'll find some time for us.

I love Kyle's Ultimate Reflection Guide. This 4th edition has 248 questions for deep inquiry and comes packed with rituals and practices to deepen your experience. Kyle is also offering a free 30-question edition to be facilitated in a group: a wonderful way to kick-off any (virtual) community gathering this week. 

If you are interested in the full experience, use the code ‘BELONGING50’ for 50% off. All proceeds this year will be donated to Mayan elder Nana Marina Cruz and her community of families in Guatemala who have been hit hard during COVID.
Thank you, Kyle. ❤️
That's all for today. I hope you're feeling cosy, warm and reflective.
It's going to be great. 

With gratitude,

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