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KF978E Performance Standards for Shipborne Radio-Communications and Navigational Equipment, 2020 Edition, e-reader
Communicating safely and securely at sea is of paramount importance. To ensure you’re abreast of the latest requirements, this 2020 edition will steer you through the relevant standards laid out by the Maritime Safety Committee, on behalf of the IMO.
Among the areas recently updated are long-range identification and tracking of ships (LRIT), enhanced group call (EGC) equipment, and emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRB). Navigational equipment onboard your ship is also covered, with the consolidated updates relating to integrated navigation systems (INS), navigational displays and navigation-related symbols, terms and abbreviations.

Upstream and Offshore Energy Insurance 3rd Edition
Drilling for oil and natural gas at sea is a risky business, with significant capital expenditure, highly specialised equipment and a hostile environment to factor in.
Few know this better than author David Sharp, who has over 45 years’ experience in the marine and offshore insurance industry under his belt. He combines knowledge of oil field practice in its widest sense with insight into the products that provide financial support. This 3rd edition, published just last month (February), covers everything from offshore construction and operating insurance to pollution cover and war, terrorism and political risk.


The Mariner’s Handbook (NP100)
Whether you’re aspiring to a career at sea or already well established in the industry, consider the Mariner’s Handbook your boating bible. It’s been around for years (2020 marked the publication of the 12th edition) and its longevity is for good reason – this is the text to help improve your understanding of maritime navigation, sea and ice conditions, meteorology and regulations.
Despite the complexity of some of the subjects it tackles, the handbook’s real strength lies in the clear way information is presented- visually and lexically. Meanwhile, simple tabular layouts make it easy to locate essential information when you need it.

Click here to read about Jack Veitch, a fuel barge skipper, who found the Mariner's Handbook an indispensable resource when starting in the industry - learning rules, regulations and bridge management.

Supercargo Operations: An Introduction
If you’re looking for a broad overview of supercargo operations, this will certainly cover the essentials. It’s of particular relevance to readers looking to direct their career towards a consultancy or supervisory role in this field, giving a good understanding of the industry and the position of a ‘supercargo’ in particular. While some form of shipping-related experience is expected, author Mike Wall does a commendable job of making the subject accessible to complete novices too. No easy task.
The Nautilus Telegraph is the magazine of the seafarers' union Nautilus International, and has a wide readership in the industry. We have been reviewing maritime books in the Telegraph for decades, and a few years ago we teamed up with the Marine Society Shop to set up the Nautilus Bookshop, which sells all the books we review. You'll find this at:
In 2021, we have put our book reviews online for the first time, and each online review now links directly to the book's listing in the Nautilus Bookshop with a 'Buy now' button. We encourage our readers to buy their books this way so that the retailer's profits go to the Marine Society charity rather than being scooped up by big business.
The books we review are all recent releases with a Merchant Navy connection. They come from a wide range of publishers, and are mostly aimed at reading for pleasure, although we do feature the occasional professional and technical title.
So in our reviews – and of course in the bookshop too – you'll find seafarers' memoirs and maritime histories, including war histories if there's a Merchant Navy link. Nostalgic ship picture books with titles such as 'Steamers of the Clyde' are popular with our readership, and we also review the odd nautical novel and even maritime poetry collections.
Each month, we select one of our reviewed titles as Book of the month, and this is sold at a discount in the Nautilus Bookshop throughout that month.
Please come and visit our new book reviews section on the Nautilus International website. You'll find it in the News & insight section at .
And if you have written a maritime book that has been published within the last six months, please let us know about it at and we'll consider it for review.

Sarah Robinson
Senior Journalist, Nautilus Telegraph


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