Coming Ashore Newsletter: January 2021 
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So you have signed up to the programme, brimming with anticipation and excitement for what is to come, right?

We certainly hope so..

On a bi-monthly basis, we will be providing you with news updates, as well as tips and guidance in relation to our Coming Ashore programme.

We would love to hear any comments or feedback you may have on the newsletter. Please contact us at


The programme itself is beginning to build some serious momentum with the amount of sign ups recently surpassing 200, a number that will hopefully look minuscule in hindsight as we continue to build during the coming months.

As our first group of mentees, we hope you use our program to the fullest and make the most of every opportunity.

Everything we offer within this programme is for you to use, so hopefully with some clarity of what the Coming Ashore program entails, you can cater the program to your individual journeys.

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There is no better place to get advice and guidance on coming ashore than an experienced seafarer who has already made the transition successfully.That’s why we have put a mentoring scheme in place as one of the main components of our programme, to give YOU the best possible guidance when switching back to the world of shore side employment.

We have received some great feedback from the initial phase of the mentoring relationships, with  mentees voicing their optimism from having an experienced mentor to guide them when necessary.

I really appreciate the time you intend to invest in order to provide me with the appropriate guidance with matters relating to the next stage in my career.

I hope that this guidance will result in myself one day being in a occupational position to be a Coming Ashore Mentor myself.”

– Coming Ashore mentee

I have just had my first session with Andy and with great joy told him that I accepted the offer of a shore position last night.
An opportunity presented itself and was happy to find myself successful.

– Coming Ashore mentee

Everyone that signs up to the Coming Ashore programme becomes a part of a community that are all searching for the same thing – that perfect role ashore.

Join our LinkedIn Coming Ashore private group and voice any queries, concerns or general comments you may have, no matter how big or small they are.

This is a safe space to discuss your thoughts on the programme and enlighten us on your individual journeys.
 Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact a member of the Marine Society about the programme then please send your message to:

Programme Lead: Carla Rockson (
Programme Officer: Bindu Sharma (

Each mentor has had a unique career path leading them to their current position shore-side. They have all showed the appropriate traits to succeed as well as having that little bit of luck that everyone needs to overcome a certain obstacle.
"Ultimately any career path is shaped by hard work, willingness, engagement and the relationships we grow...with some luck and timing thrown in.
It is always important to remember, and this is something I have stressed in my meetings, it is people that help shape people's progress.
Be in a position to take opportunities, be confident in your ability, but work hard, learn and engage to boost those skills.

Be nice to people, even if they make it a challenge to be so, and make sure you find something that fires you up and makes you passionate. They say you end up with the face and friends you deserve, but the same can be said of get the network and roles you deserve, so choose wisely!

For the seafarers I am working with, the fact they have been to sea is hugely important, and will make them a far better employee ashore - but alas, employers may not always understand that. So, it is vital to make the most of the character, resilience, and skills that seagoing shapes in us, but also to understand how best to keep building on that.
I hope that my advice is useful, but I have also been keen to stress that a career is theirs to shape – so have stressed the importance of picking your path carefully, wisely, and then of throwing yourself at it with real passion. Our mentees have 40 odd years left of this, so I have encouraged them to make sure they like what they do, and are likely to get the rewards they want, need and feel they deserve."

 – Steven Jones (Coming Ashore Mentor)


We are offering free access to the Spotlight’s personality profiling tool  for our Coming Ashore members.
In order to forge a successful path on the Coming Ashore programme, it is vital to have heightened self-awareness and clarity on your development when changing occupations.
Understanding your behavioural traits and how to channel them in a way that benefits you and your career could provide that all important advantage that is often needed to thrive in a role, or to help you get that role you want.
This tool takes you through a 15-minute development form testing your knowledge of your own ability on a plethora of work related tasks. The answers to these questions will highlight your strengths, risks, frustrations and challenges, building a comprehensive summary of your individual personality and style.
You can then assign yourself a development goal from your results and address the challenge you have set yourself by changing your behaviour accordingly.
As part of our programme we can provide you free access to our 3-month Commercial Shipping course which gives a basic introduction to shipping from a shore side perspective.
The course has a standard cost of £50 for a non-member, so another fantastic benefit to those who sign up to the Coming Ashore programme.
The course gives a general overview of the whole industry ashore, setting you up perfectly for a career path within any sector from chartering to ship management.
Gain an understanding of types of business organisations, the basic concepts of dry cargo and tankers as well as the rules and regulations of a bill of lading -  a receipt for shipped goods.
If you haven’t already, you can click on this link and start your course now.
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