Coming Ashore Newsletter: May 2021 
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On a bi-monthly basis, we will be providing you with news updates, as well as tips and guidance on our Coming Ashore programme.
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The Marine Society collaborated with the The Honourable Company of Master Mariners to present 'Careers Ashore' - a joint discussion comprising industry experts, Coming Ashore mentors, mentees and seafarers interested in making the transition to a shore-side role.

There were many topics covered from shore-side salaries, how to apply & tips on how to adapt from life at sea.

Not to mention a plethora of fascinating anecdotes from our guest speakers.

The three guest speakers were:

Gordon Rennie – Marine Recruitment Director, Eyonzy Recruitment

Steve Cameron – Founder, Cameron Marine Resources
                             Coming Ashore Mentor, Marine Society

Kyle James – Manages HCMM’s mentoring scheme

... and Moderator- Peter Young

Our very own Head of Seafarer Learning and Welfare, Carla Rockson, also contributed significantly, breaking down how the Coming Ashore programme is run and what is on offer for our mentees.

Click here to watch the discussion


It is great to see our mentees making progress through the programme.
If you'd like to tell us how you're getting on and share your journey with fellow mentees, please contact us at or any other of our social media inboxes to share your experience.

Your testimonials could be included across our social media platforms and on our Coming Ashore page on the Marine Society website.
"The initial phone call with your mentor is really useful; as a seafarer i was happy with my technical skills and abilities for my new job however, Richard really helped with the HR side of the application process and interview technique - without which i may have struggled in my job application. Ultimately i joined the programme to put myself in the best possible position to land the career ashore i wanted, in the end the programme succeeded and i secured my position ashore first time around. There is ongoing support after transitioning ashore so, i look forward to chatting with Richard in the future."

- Greg Laird, Coming Ashore Mentee
Everyone that signs up to the Coming Ashore programme becomes a part of a community who are all searching for the same thing – that perfect role ashore.
Join our LinkedIn Coming Ashore Group and use this as a forum to post any questions , information  or general comments with like-minded individuals.This is a private group where we follow ‘Chatham House’ rules of confidentiality.

We encourage you to use this as a space to discuss your thoughts on the programme and enlighten us on your individual journeys.
Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact a member of the Marine Society team about the programme then please send your message to:

Programme Lead: Carla Rockson (
Programme Officer: Bindu Sharma (
At the Marine Society, we pride ourselves on having a library that offers an eclectic mix of books covering all aspects of the maritime industry.
There are many library categories that fit selected shore side job roles and could help you in your independent research , in addition to being given guidance by your mentor.
Our focus for this edition will be on Port Management and Marine Surveying.  We will break down two introductory guides from each category that can help you further develop your knowledge and career within a new maritime field.


Port Management & Operations 3rd Edition (£99.99)

Port Management and Operations is an essential guide to port management in the twenty-first century.

Provides the reader with a complete understanding of total port activity. Enables managers working in specific areas of ports to see where they fit into the port’s operation and commercial practice as a whole. Offers an analysis of the many types of ports along with the common essential elements that enable them to function, including administration, management, economics and operations.

A Guide to Port and Terminal Management (£50.00)

The focus of this book is on the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers syllabus and examinations for Port and Terminal Management.  This book provides and an additional source of reading for candidates who are undertaking not only these examinations but in other recognised courses as well.
It is hoped that this book will also give port employees an insight into other types of ports and the equipment and processes which are used in them. 
This book also provides a view of some of the aspects of port management readers may not be involved in.

Marine Surveying and Consultancy - An Introduction (£75.00)

The book is aimed at those wishing to become independent marine surveyors and consultants. It covers many aspects of their work with some covered in depth. It covers different types of marine survey and marine consultancy assignment including hull damage, explosions, fire, pollution, sinkings, salvage and bunker disputes. Collisions, cargo disputes, crew injury and machinery failure are also covered with several examples.

The Ship Valuer's Handbook (£75.00)

This book outlines the role of a ship valuer and highlights the importance of the criteria of assignment, which is the underlying foundation of all valuations. Among other things, it protects the valuer against improper use of their valuation and against legal action in disputes over the ship’s value.

The handbook also discusses each stage of the valuation process, explaining the principles of valuing ships, types of valuation and the terminology used, research and data collection, conducting the valuation and producing the certificate of valuation and the valuation report.

Valuing requires years of practical experience, but it is hoped that this publication will support valuers with useful advice and information.

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