The first newsletter from Bindlegrim features vintage style lanterns, t-shirt designs, Bindlegrim Radio, and The Cornish Litany 2012 postcard set.
This limited edition Halloween vintage-style lantern introduces March 2012 news from Bindlegrim

March 1st, 2012

Vintage style lanterns, shirts, cards & music.

February was a busy month for Bindlegrim (buried in the snow here at Ichabod's Cottage) creating a host of March goodies: including a selection of vintage Halloween music on Bindlegrim Radio, new product designs at Bindlegrim CafePress, pithy news from the Bindlegrim Twitter feed, and art boards on Pinterest... so a a big thank-you to all for being part of the Bindlegrim world and your interest in this newsletter. Since it's the first - I hope you might enjoy this enough to forward to your friends.

February also saw the introduction of a new limited edition series of Bindlegrim vintage-style lanterns. The very first design (v1: The Pumpkin Dream) is now listed together with the book of the same name, listed on an ebay auction: (Pumpkin Dream 2/5 Lantern & Book). I was trying to get this newsletter out soon because this special lot ends this coming Sunday evening on March 4th. If you missed the auction for The Haint House in February, don't miss this one! And keep an eye out in March for at least another called The Cornish Litnay (see also right panel), and maybe another fun theme featuring witches on rockets in space.
New Vintage Style Halloween Lantern with characters from The Pumpkin Dream

1920s Aura

Ends Sunday March 4 - the glow of the past with signed lantern v1 #2/5: 2012 Bindlegrim "The Pumpkin Dream" (Acid-free frame, Made in USA, hand joined, cellophane bag, label, and laser-print vellum).

The Pumpkin Dream book in various formats is a tongue-in-cheek illustrated poem of 48 pages with 37 color illustrations inspired by vintage Halloween decorations and 1930s era animation.
Bindlegrim space cat with mice in its helmet now on CafePress

Space Kitteh

Bindlegrim recently stretched out of the holiday genre just a bit and explored a variety of fun imagery, for those who don't necessarily celebrate Halloween all year long.

These themes, spooky, but not restricted to Halloween, include The Cornish Litany, and a new one featuring witches and rockets. Find these designs on a selection of items now at the Bindlegrim CafePress store.

The Cornish Litany key hole 12 card postcard set by Bindlegrim

Cornish Litany

From Ghoulies & Ghosties & Long-leggety Beasties, & Things that go Bump in the Night. Good Lord deliver us!

At the end of 2011, I had a great time working on two commission pieces (seen here) for Debra Meister's book A Litany... Cornish and Otherwise.  It was so much fun that I couldn't help but develop 12 new postcards relating to a Cornish Litany theme for the vintage-style lanterns: Cornish Litany lantern and postcard set.

While the lantern will only be available on ebay, be sure to find Bindlegrim cards available at the International Postcard Show this March in New York.
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