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 Dr Fiona Yeung the Midtown Dentist Success

Dr Fiona Yeung, the Midtown Dentist, is described by her patients as very kind, friendly, caring and gentle. Dr Fiona's foremost concern is that her patient is comfortable and understands what Dr Fiona is doing. Dr Fiona explains what needs to be done and why. Her patients regard visiting the Midtown Dentist office as more like visiting a friend than a trip to the dentist.

It has been a great pleasure at to work with Dr Fiona and Brandon, the Midtown Dentist Office Manager. When you work with smiling happy people, you find yourself smiling too.

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I have been working with for about 8 or 9 months and I have been very enthusiastically moving forth with my marketing as well as completely changing the name of our business (DBA) and moving in several different directions. I have also had several different websites. Because of this, SEO has not been easy as there have been multiple points where we "took a hit" for the greater good.

But after a lot of work and help from Tom and Lori I have moved to NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST for "Midtown Dentist." We also have a total of 3 slots on the first page and are also coming up on the first page of "Dentist Midtown" and also other search keywords as well.

The directory listings have helped us and also the postings on our behalf have helped. Tom and Lori have also helped us with tips and ideas tremendously which I have taken into consideration in each step of the way.

I look forward to the expansion that the future holds and look forward to getting to #1 on many different keywords associated with dentistry in the Midtown area.

Thanks for plastering me all over the front page!

Brandon Williams - The Midtown Dentist -

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