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November 25, 2019

Good News Email
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Dear Friend,
Greetings from your sister churches in London, Sydney and New Delhi! Elena & I have been gone from Los Angeles for exactly one month, as we participated in the "Movement-changing" European, Austral-China and South Asia Missions Conferences! Each provided several highlights! At the European Missions Conference, the Great Gatsby Kingdom Banquet was a blast!


The Great Gatsby theme for the European Missions
Conference (EMC) Kingdom Banquet fired up the
key leaders of the European World Sector
(above) and all of the EMC Delegates!

At the Austral-China Missions Conference, the sending out of Crouching Tiger #2 was so moving!

China is the most populous nation of the
world with 1.4 billion lost souls!

The Chinese Churches are called "Crouching
Tiger" #1, #2, #3, etc!

For Elena & me, the Crown of Thorns Council Meeting on November 10-13th in New Delhi, and the 33 baptisms on Sunday, November 17th at the South Asian Missions Conference, also in New Delhi, will be remembered when we all get to Heaven! And to God be all the glory!

The Crown of Thorns Council visited the Taj Mahal!

On Sunday night, November 17th, Ashwin - the son
of Raja & Debs Rajan - became the 33rd
baptism of the day in New Delhi!
After sending out the last Good News Email on October 21st, Elena & I packed our bags for London to attend the 2019 European Missions Conference (EMC) – RADICAL!

The 2019 EMC was indeed RADICAL!

On Tuesday, October 22nd, we were warmly greeted in London at 2:00PM by Kolbe & Rebecca Gray and Michael Williamson!

The McKeans were graciously greeted at the
Heathrow Airport by Michael Williamson
and Kolbe & Rebecca Gray!

The rains during the EMC did not dampen
any of the delegates' zeal!

That night, we so enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner with the entire Williamson Family – Michael, Michele, Michael Adrian and Mia!

"Grandma Elena" always remembers
to bring candy for Michael
Adrian and Mia!
Wednesday was a time of preparation for Elena & me. That evening at 5:00PM, we met with Kolbe & Rebecca Gray – the London West Region Leaders, who were so excited about the upcoming birth of "Little Keeva!"

"Grandma Elena" gave her favorite children's
book to Kolbe & Rebecca for "Keeva!"
Then that night at 7:00PM, we met at the London Ritz for the Speakers Dinner, which was the first formal event of the EMC!

The Speakers Dinner was a "black tie affair!"

Dustin & Amanda Miller of Denver (center) and
Jacob & Courtney Beas of San Francisco
came "dressed to the nines!"

Ola & Denise Kukoyi gallantly serve as
London's Shepherding Couple!

Refreshed from victories over Satan in Kiev, Oleg Sirotkin – the Eurasian World Sector Leader – preached one of his firmest and most candid lessons on RADICAL FAITH! His three points were: 1) See The Invisible, 2) Build The Impossible, and 3) Love The Unlovable!

The Speakers Dinner!

Oleg delivered a very sobering lesson
entitled, RADICAL FAITH!

He shared about the challenges in Kiev this year from false brothers, as well as the recent victories in the past week with 2 restorations and 1 baptism! He confessed the sin of sentimentality and challenged all to hold their members accountable to "live out the standard of the Bible" by "asking the tough questions!" In closing, he preached, "Radical faith is one that comes from God sending us through fires that produce radical repentance, radical plans and radical results!" (1 Peter 1:6-7)

During the Speakers Dinner, Michael "lifted up"
all of the disciples originally from Portland,
Oregon - the birthplace of God's
SoldOut Movement!
Thursday morning, October 24th was the exciting Church Builders Workshop! All of the events were held at Porchester Hall, where the London Church meets once a month for their All Congregational Services! At that time, the Prayer War Room – or as London improvised – the "Upper Room" was opened for prayer!

Jeremy & Amy Ciaramella of Phoenix climbed the
stairs to open the "Upper Prayer Room!"

Each disciple that prayed in the Upper Room, first
wrote out a prayer request on a "post it"
and placed it on the wall for others
to pray for as well!
Michael Williamson blew it out in his lesson RADICAL BOLDNESS at the Church Builders Workshop!

The glorious Church Builders Workshop
was attended by most of the
visiting EMC Delegates!

Rebecca (and Kolbe) gave a terrific
Welcome even though Keeva's
due date was the day before!

Michael pleaded for every disciple to radically
increase their boldness!

Participating in the EMC were Fred & Virginia
Speckman of NYC, whose Kingdom dream
is to return to Kathmandu and become
the Shepherding Couple!
Then we broke up into Men's and Women's Programs! In the Men's Program, Frank Simelane of Birmingham preached on a RADICAL EXAMPLE! He had a terrific example as he was the only full-time person while the Birmingham (England) Church grew from 11 to 27 in two years!

At the Men's Program, Paul Busari stirred the
brothers' souls with his invigorating
song leading!

Frank's RADICAL EXAMPLE in Birmingham
convicted all of the brothers!
Elena was the main speaker for the Women's Program on the same theme of RADICAL EXAMPLE!

Elena was very touched by Michele's
introduction before she spoke!
Short charges were given in the Men's and Women's Programs after the speech RADICAL EXAMPLE on the topic: The Seven Essentials Of A Radical Leader! Speakers for the Men's Program were: Kolbe Gray, Luca Di Beo of Kiev, Anthony Olmos of Paris, Tomiwa Safe-Adewumi soon to be in Amsterdam, Kaspar Tambaur of Stockholm, Dustin Miller of Denver, and Jacob Beas of San Francisco!

Bringing fresh insights from the Scriptures,
Kaspar preached on Radical Devotion!
The dynamic speakers for the Women's Program included: Christine Alamu of Birmingham, Vienne Safe-Adewumi, Cassidy Olmos, Rebecca Gray, Amanda Miller, Courtney Beas and Michele Williamson!

Amanda preached very firmly on the
topic - Radical Boldness!

Michele has lived out her class on
Radical Health & Fitness!
Thursday evening was the First General Session, where the Williamsons gave a rousing Welcome!


The EMC First General Session!

Elena & I were very fired up to share GOOD NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD!

Away from the crowd, Kip readied himself
for the GOOD NEWS Presentation!

To introduce THE GOOD NEWS, I read off the 12 Church Plantings in the 12th Year of God's SoldOut Movement!

1) Auckland, New Zealand
2) Lima, Peru
3) Davao, Philippines
4) Kathmandu, Nepal
5) Phnom Penh, Cambodia
6) Apia, Samoa
7) Yangon, Myanmar
8) Johannesburg, South Africa
9) Crouching Tiger #2

10) Atlanta, Georgia
11) New Haven, Connecticut
12) Indianapolis, Indiana

(Though Amsterdam was sent out at the EMC, their Inaugural Service is planned for January 19, 2020!)

There was so much "good news" from all six 
populated continents, that the McKeans had
difficult decisions on what to share!
Then, Luca Di Beo of Kiev – now the number two man in the Eurasian World Sector – powerfully delivered a sermon entitled, RADICAL EVANGELISM! After he finished, Michael leaned over to me and said, "That man deserves to be appointed an Evangelist!"

Luca captivated the EMC audience with his
powerful yet "upbeat" presentation
of the Scriptures!
On Friday morning, October 25th was the Second General Session! Two major addresses were given: RADICAL DISCIPLING and RADICAL LOYALTY by Kolbe and Anthony respectively!

Kolbe shared humbly that as a younger disciple,

Anthony Olmos of Paris spoke on one of his
strengths - RADICAL LOYALTY!
Then to close out the morning, charges were given by couples: Radical Kingdom Dating by Jeremy & Amy was perhaps the most needed admonition! So encouragingly, they dated completely purely for five years!

The Ciaramellas, the Williamsons, the Safe-Adewumis
and the Beas delivered amazing short charges
entitled, Partners In The Gospel!
To keep somewhat fit, Elena & I try to take an hour afternoon walk daily! On our Friday walk, we spotted a flock of wild parakeets that live in Kensington Garden Park! Elena – a little nervous – reached out to one!

At first, Elena was "a little" apprehensive to hold
out her hand to the wild parakeets!

Then, she made friends!

Anthony & Cassidy became "grandchildren in the
faith" to Kip & Elena when they all worked
together in the City of Angels
Church South Region!
Friday evening was the Third General Session that focused on Campus Ministry!

Kevin & Sandra Lackenn-Toto led the Paris Church
for several months, as the Olmoses
waited for their visas!

Jacob gave a "sermon of sermons" as he preached his heart out on RADICAL CAMPUS MINISTRY!

To close out one of the best sermons ever on
CAMPUS MINISTRY, Jacob donned his cap,
turn it backward, and put on a backpack to
show that at 44 years old, he was still
ready to hit the campus!
Following were short lessons on various aspects of campus ministry! Standouts were RADICAL GRADES by Victoria Apanishile – once a UCL student, who after becoming a Christian shared that her grades skyrocketed! As well, Kwaku Sarkodie of San Francisco inspirationally preached from Acts 13 that converting people not only changes them, but changes you as Saul became Paul after converting the proconsul of Cyprus!

Victoria shared that after she became a disciple,
her grades skyrocketed!
On Saturday morning, October 26th, we began with the MERCY Presentation for the Fourth General Session! The guest speaker was Orin Lewis, who founded ACLT (African, Caribbean, Leukemia Trust) Charity to find "ethnic matches" for organ transplants after his son Daniel contacted Leukemia and could not find suitable matching donors! 

Winston Churchill's quote, "Keep calm and carry on"
was spoken to the British during World War 2!
SoldOut Movement Disciples should "keep
calm" in our world war against Satan!

Orin Lewis said to the MERCY Ambassadors,
"Many talk it. How many walk it? You guys
walk it! You are the truth!"

The fired up EMC MERCY Ambassadors!
This was followed by the CR Graduation overseen by Oliver & Eugenie Greenwood!

Nayomie Ajaji - a London Intern - was so
jubilant when she received her CR
Graduation Certificate!

Then I was privileged to address the EMC with the speech, RADICAL MOVEMENT!

Kip preached on building a RADICAL MOVEMENT
in every nation in this generation!

Menno Zoutendijk - from the Netherlands and on
the Amsterdam Mission Team - coordinated
all of the AV needs for the EMC!
Though it was pouring down rain, everyone was filled with "great expectations" for the Great Gatsby Kingdom Banquet! The invitation said: "A Black Tie Affair – 1920’s Dress Code Required!" What a night of celebrating the European World Sector!

Tomiwa & Vienne - the Amsterdam Mission
Team Leaders - welcomed all to the
evenings' festivities with a dance!

The Portland / Eugene Table!

Tomáš & Danka Takáč - originally from Košice,
Slovakia - are key members of the
Amsterdam Mission Team!

Rene & Anita Vermaat were the first mission
team members to move to Amsterdam!

At the EMC, Jezie Beas (left), Kaiyah Miller
(center), and Mia Williamson became
"forever Kingdom friends!"

Jennifer Haynes of LA (left) and Sandy Lunde of
Phoenix have been "forever Kingdom
friends" since 2003 when they met
in the early days of the
Portland Church!

To cap off the evening, there was a terrific Talent Show and Dance Party!

Frank Simelane proved to be a man of many talents!

Jonathan Ho - a Queen Mary College Student -
sang the theme song RADICAL!

The evenings' very cool hosts -
Michael & Michele!
Sunday morning, October 27th at 9:00AM was the England vs The World Football (Soccer) Match!

The England vs The World Football Match was
a thriller and eventually won by...
Since Porchester Hall was booked that morning, we started our Fifth General Session – Sunday Worship – at 3:15PM! Michael & Michele welcomed the almost 400 in attendance! Then came the International Prayer in 14 languages: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Swedish, Slovakian, Indonesian and Papiamento! So inspirational was the Flag Ceremony of the European Countries! As well, the American Flag was presented as a thanks for all of the resources – disciples and finances – given for the evangelization of Europe!

America's flag - carried by Michael Adrian - was first,
as a huge "thank you" to the Americans who
planted the church and continue to help
support missions in Europe!

The EMC Flag Presentation!
Since The World Soccer Team defeated England in the Annual EMC Football Match 3-2, Tolsin Adesigbin, the England Team Captain presented the Kingdom Cup to Scott Lunde, The World Team Captain; Kevin Lackenn-Toto, The World Team Coach; and Ryan Hill, the MVP!

The World Football Team edged England 3 - 2!

Ryan Hill (right) of LA was the MVP
for the Football Match!
After a fellowship break, Communion was brilliantly presided over by the dating couple – Luke Snow & Frankie Sutherland of London! In particular, Frankie was completely vulnerable about her sinful past and her joy in finding her purpose!

Luke & Frankie have a very pure and
inspirational dating relationship!
Then it was a treat to have Dima Serafonov – the Moscow Lead Evangelist – give the Contribution Charge!

Dima (right) preaches in Russia, where it is
against the law to "proselytize!"
Then Tomiwa – the charismatic Amsterdam Mission Team Leader – delivered the keynote address, RADICAL!

Tomiwa was given the honor to preach
the keynote address - RADICAL!
Afterward came the restoration of Jennifer, and the baptisms of Maya, Matthew and Kwabena! So with the place membership of Ann Catrine Arneson from Stockholm earlier in the service, London had five additions on Sunday!

Rebecca and Jen Watkins warmly welcomed
Ann Catrine to the London Church Family!
Following came perhaps the ultimate highlight of the weekend – the Amsterdam Mission Team Send Off!

Globes and a "national-colored" orange cake
(made by Krista Ochieng) were presented
to the Amsterdam Mission Team!

The Amsterdam Mission Team is RADICAL!

In keeping with his father in the faith's
custom of "nicknaming" disciples...

...Tomiwa has given to every member of the
Amsterdam Mission Team a t-shirt with
his or her nickname on the back!
The close was completely unexpected! Anthony & Cassidy announced that the 2020 EMC would be held as usual during the last weekend in October... but for the first time in Paris, France!

The Olmoses announced that the 2020 EMC will
be held in Paris and that the Edinburgh,
Scotland Mission Team will be
sent out at that time!

To close out the EMC, everyone "bridged the
aisles arm-in-arm" and sang, Great
Among The Nations!

Erik af Klint - the new Stockholm Church Leader -
baptized his son Gustaf on November 10th,
which is Father's Day in Sweden!
Still greatly encouraged by the EMC, Elena & I left Monday at noon, October 28th for Sydney and the Austral-China Missions Conference!

On Monday afternoon, October 28th, Elena & I boarded an 11 hour flight from London to Bangkok! After a long 24 hour layover in Bangkok, we flew another 11 hours to Sydney! We arrived in Sydney at 7:30AM on October 31st – Halloween Day! We received a glorious SoldOut Movement Welcome from Joe & Kerry Willis – the Austral-China World Sector Leaders – and the vivacious Sydney Disciples! Upon landing, Kerry shared in joy with us that Katrina – a gifted single professional – was baptized the night before!

The Austral-China Disciples gave a fantastic SoldOut
Movement Welcome to the McKeans!

For Kip & Elena, every visit to be with the incredibly
zealous Australian Disciples has been

November is Spring in Sydney and everything was a vivid green with the multitudinous Jacaranda Trees – originally from Brazil – in their full purple bloom! Australians call them the "exam trees," because they bloom at exam time! What a lovely time of year for the Austral-China Missions Conference (ACMC) – LIVING THE DREAM! 

Kip first saw Jacaranda Trees in Johannesburg
in 1986, and he is so pleased that they
are all over the world in Sydney,
as well as Los Angeles!

The 2019 ACMC was entitled, LIVING THE DREAM!

Speakers Lunch was at 1:00PM at the Heroes of Waterloo Pub! So awesome to see Chris & Sonja Chloupek of Orlando, Princeton & Joy George of Las Vegas, Joel & Courtney Parlour of Seattle, Mike & Brittany Underhill of Los Angeles, Nick & Denise Bordieri of Phnom Penh, and Mason & Nathalie Fetelika of San Diego, who were members of the Sydney Mission Team!

The McKeans were so grateful to greet Joel
& Courtney Parlour of Seattle at
the Speakers Lunch!

Joe enthusiastically presented the detailed
schedule for the ACMC!

Mason & Nathalie Fetelika of San Diego were
given a "hero's welcome," as they were
on the original Sydney Mission Team!

Elena & I were blessed to be seated at lunch with Chi Leong, and the newlyweds – Aaron & Fang Ha! What an encouraging time of fellowship with our three spiritual grandchildren!

The McKeans adore the charismatic
newlyweds - Aaron & Fang Ha!

That evening at 7:00PM was the Church Builders Workshop (CBW) at the trendy Tramsheds Event Hall!

Kip & Elena met for the first time Anneliese (left)
and Lottie Haleck - 25 year old American
Samoan twins - from Hawaii!

Upon entering, we were greeted by sisters serving tea and homemade Chinese dumplings by Felice Ma! A very tasty light dinner!

Homemade Chinese dumplings and tea
were served before the CBW!

The Registration at the ACMC was so smooth...

Everyone loved their ACMC t-shirts!

Then came the gorgeous Cultural Dances by the disciples! A Chinese Drum Crew entered from the front and from the back came the dragon (Chi and Amos Du)!

For the Cultural Presentations, the Drum
Crew entered from the front...

...and for a surprise, then the Dragon
entered from the back!

In a moving and symbolic moment, the Dragon -
representing China - knelt before Joe, the
Austral-China World Sector Leader as
his charge is to evangelize China!

Beautiful Chinese Dance and Samoan Dance Presentations followed!

The gifted Chinese Dancers!

The ever-so-graceful Samoan Dancers!

Then came the captivating "Haka Dual" between the Samoans led by Scotty Iakopo and the New Zealanders led by Sean Valenzuela! To close, Scotty and Ian Clague of the New Zealanders closed ranks, touched heads, and then the two groups danced as one... signifying the unity only in the Kingdom!

The formidable Samoan Haka Dancers
were challenged by...

...the fierce New Zealand Haka Dancers!

The Dance-off began...

...back and forth they challenged each other!

Praise God, at the end there was a unity to
be found only in the Kingdom!

The fun-loving Joe & Kerry Willis welcomed all
to the ACMC Church Builders Workshop!

After a break and a song, I was privileged to preach, DARE TO DREAM!

Joe found real cymbals so that he could
punctuate the chorus of
There Is A God!

Kip spoke with great conviction

Following another break, five short charges were given: Vision To Pray Like Jesus – Chi, Vision To Write Powerfully – Elena, Vision To Make Dreams A Reality – the Georges, Vision To Mend Broken Dreams – Chris, and Vision To Change Your Character – Mason! 

Elena shared the challenges in writing ELEVATE
during her charge - Vision To Write Powerfully!

Princeton & Joy George of Las Vegas
added so much to the conference!

Then the evening closed with Mike leading the song, Men Who Dream with Star Natua of Sydney enthusiastically performing the beginning solo! I can always tell where a church or a conference is "at spiritually" by the singing! This closing song was sung "deafeningly loud," so I knew that first night was a "home run!"

Star sang with all of her heart the opening
solo of Men Who Dream: Captives
came, back into Zion...

Mike Underhill enthusiastically led the remainder of
Men Who Dream, whose writing was inspired
by one of Kip's lesson from Psalm 126
in the early 1980's!

On Friday morning, we rose early to be close to the Lord, as it was a very full day! After several phone calls and emails in the later morning, we had an encouraging lunch with Princeton & Joy and Mason & Nathalie! Nathalie served as Elena's & my assistant and as the co-editor of the Good News Email for two years! She is a daughter to us and Mason is my "Uso!"

At the Geographic Missions Conferences, the
McKeans are able to spend great d-times
with most of the leaders - both
local and abroad!

Then we spent the next three hours with Joe & Kerry discussing the future plans in the Austral-China World Sector, as well as how they and we were doing spiritually. All of the ACMC Delegates traveled about an hour outside of Sydney to arrive at The Tops Conference Centre – the retreat site for the Second Austral-China Missions Conference! Elena & I quickly readied ourselves for dinner at 6:00PM, as the evening program started at 7:30PM!

All of the meals at the Tops Conference
Retreat Centre were delicious!

From the first song, the singing was awesome... And through the evening, the volume kept going up! Following came the Flag Presentation of all of the countries in the Austral-China World Sector and the formal Welcome to the ACMC!

Like reading the Bible, the Flag
Presentations never get old!

Aaron & Fang oversaw the Flag Presentation
and then gave a dazzling Welcome!

Uniquely at the ACMC, Church Leaders from around
the world were asked to participate in
the International Prayer!

After a tremendous Opening Video about the Austral-China World Sector, Elena & I shared GOOD NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! 

Kip & Elena shared a great deal about the
EMC and the European Churches!

Following our half an hour presentation, Kerry appointed two Women's Ministry Leaders! Very touching was Audrey Lam's sharing when she expressed her appreciation for all who had impacted her to go into the ministry; especially so was when she thanked her husband, Audrey spoke in Mandarin as Dean is Chinese! Then we sang, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord to these two heroines in the faith! (The other sister must remain anonymous as she is our Crouching Tiger #2 WML and our first Chinese WML!)

Audrey surprised her new husband Dean, when she
thanked him in his first language - Mandarin!

After a short break, Scotty Iakopo preached on, IS JESUS' DREAM YOUR DREAM? His two points were: A Dream Out Of Our Minds and A Dream For All! Scotty shared in-depth about when he was a baby Christian that "going into the ministry" was a burden, because he had lost his gratitude for his salvation, and he wanted to keep "his dreams" more than Jesus' dream! Following his fantastic lesson, the Prayer War Room opened in the Banksia Office!

The inspiring Apia Church Leaders -
Scotty & Jenna Iakopo!

Saturday, we awoke afresh and ready for the day's events! However, I received a message from Cory Blackwell that our dear sister and his precious mom was on the brink of the Jordan. We cried as we prayed over the phone. At 9:00AM were the Men's and Women's Programs! Both had the same structure: The opening speeches were on WHY ARE YOU AFRAID TO DREAM? These lessons was preached by Mike Underhill and Kerry Willis respectively!

Kerry has been a daring dreamer for
her entire Christian life!

I heard terrific comments from Elena about Kerry's speech! I was blessed to hear Mike Underhill's lesson! His three points were: 1) Face The Dream, 2) Embrace The Dream, and 3) Don't Waste The Dream! His main text was 2 Kings 4 – about the Shunammite Woman and her miraculous child! Mike concluded his "catchy" lesson with the bottom line: "F" from FACE, "E" from EMBRACE, and "W" from WASTE – FEW – "few" truly dream God's dream! So true!

Mike Underhill leads the City of Angels Campus
Ministry, which has over 200 college students!
After a break, Admonitions were delivered on varying titles from Bible Study That Gives Vision to Finding The One To Dream With! The close out speeches of each program were DREAM NEW DREAMS by Dean and Elena! 

The "visionary" sister teachers - Teigan, Courtney,
Nathalie, Sonja, Brittany, Jenna and Audrey!

The "visionary" men preachers - Nick, Chi, Chris,
Emmanuel, Joel, Jessie and Aaron!
Then came lunch with the Valenzuelas! At 2:00PM, Elena & I were privileged to meet with the Crouching Tiger #2 Mission Team! 

During the McKeans' time with the Valenzuelas,
they talked about bearing even more
fruit in Auckland!
At 3:00PM was a special Married Session entitled, Dream Marriages by Chris & Sonja! Though we were planning on attending, Joe asked if Elena & I could meet with Pete Wade's mom!

The Chloupeks and Willises have been best
friends for almost 8 years, ever since the
Willises came to LA to train in 2012!
A delicious Dinner was served promptly at 6:00PM! At 7:00PM was MERCY Night! This was highlighted by the MERCY Video which featured the CSW MERCY Orphanage in Phnom Penh! Immediately following was the MERCY Moment given by Nick & Denise – the inspirational Directors of the MERCY Orphanage! 

The newlyweds - Jessie & Elizabeth Cross - gave
the MERCY Night Welcome, as they serve as
the Shepherding Couple-in-training
for Sydney!

The jubilant ACMC MERCY Ambassadors!
That night, we heard Sean preach the Word entitled, HOW TO KEEP DREAMING!

In his excellent sermon, Sean's two points
were: Take Delight In The Lord and
Take Delight In The Dream!
Then we heard a short but incredible concert from Joe's & Kerry's son – Luke – and his talented band, the Lucid Hoops! 


Kerry and Elena were excited
about hearing Lucid Hoops!

Through the years, Luke has become a
dear grandson to Kip & Elena!

Lucid Hoops did not disappoint, as the ACMC
Delegates applauded loudly and most even
danced! (Luke was on the drums!)
The glorious Sunday Worship Service began at 9:00AM with angelic singing, a vivacious Welcome by Dean & Audrey, and an International Prayer! There were 146 in attendance! The touching Communion was given by Scotty & Jenna Iakopo and the Contribution Charge was powerfully delivered by Sean & Teigan! Sean emphatically stated, "Contribution fuels dreams!"

The Valenzuelas shared so succinctly,
"Contribution fuels dreams!"
Following, Joe Willis preached one of the most insightful and convicting sermons that I have ever heard entitled, TO DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM! His premise of "God and God alone is enough for us" was ironically illustrated through the life of Judas! Joe's points were: 1) Judas – A Man For Whom God's Love Was Never Enough, 2) Judas – A Man For Whom God's Comfort Was Never Enough, and 3) Judas – A Man For Whom God's Forgiveness Was Never Enough! Joe went on to hypothesize that since Judas was the only Apostle not from Galilee, he was God's "first choice" to be the Apostle to the Gentiles… not Paul!

Joe preached one of the best sermons
that I have ever heard!

Prayerfully no disciple has any "kind
of greed!"
(Luke 12:15)
To close the service, Nick & I had the immense privilege to pray over the Crouching Tiger #2 Mission Team as the Spirit sent it off to Mainland China! 

The tearful and joyful Crouching Tiger #2
Mission Team Send Off!
That evening at 7:00PM was the much anticipated Kingdom Banquet Ship Cruise around the breath-taking Sydney Harbor! 

As great friends, Joe & Kerry and Kip &
Elena are helping each other "fight
the good fight of the faith!"

Always serving, Joel pointed the
way to the cruise ship!

Since Ian is a New Zealander, Ian & Margot
Clague have become the "pillar couple"
for the awesome Auckland Church!
The evening was filled with delightful fellowship, an incredible seafood feast, pure dancing and a closing devotional of songs and prayer! We docked at 11:00PM sharp! 

Berek Tilialo - a Samoan National - is a dynamic
Intern for the Apia Church!

The beautiful - both inside and out -
Daughters of the King!

"Family" best describes the Chloupeks and McKeans,
who have known each other for 25 years! (Excitingly,
on November 24th, their son Chase was baptized
in the AMS Region of the LA Church!)

The Sydney Harbor Cruise Kingdom Banquet...
There are bigger boats for the 2020 ACMC!

Everyone danced and had a lot of fun... even Kip!

Two of a kind: The so crazy and so
lovable Lams and Underhills!

To close the cruise and the ACMC on a spiritual high,
a half an hour devotional was led by Joe!

Nobody wanted the ACMC to end!

Monday was spent problem-solving with the Bordieris concerning MERCY around the globe!

Traveling to the different Geographic Missions
Conferences, allows the McKeans to tackle
first hand difficult situations
in the churches!

Later, we were delighted to meet with the Fetelikas for one last time!

The McKeans are so proud of the efforts for
the Lord by the Fetelikas in San Diego!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Elena & I decided to take a two day break, as for the last two weeks, we had been "on the go!" It was fun and relaxing just to walk around the beautiful city of Sydney!

The McKeans were able to meet some of
the locals during their time off!

Wazeriah Blackwell Goes To Glory
At 5:20AM on Tuesday in Sydney (but Monday, November 4th at 10:20AM in Los Angeles), Wazeriah Yamin Blackwell – Cory's mom with Cory's hand with hers – passed into glory at 77 years old. From a worldly perspective, to quote the song, Autumn leaves must fall. Yet, the Spirit says, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His faithful servants." (Psalm 116:15) 

Cory and his beloved Mom!
Cory was baptized into Christ in 1991 and became the Middle East World Sector Leader in 1993! Wazeriah was a Muslim all her life until she was baptized in 1999 at the ICOC Middle East Missions Conference in San Diego! She was the guiding light in Cory's amazing life from his birth to his decision to accept a basketball scholarship from the University of Wisconsin to her attaining her CPA License to Cory's restoration in 2010 in the New Movement to – even though she was blind – calling different disciples around the world daily! (I received a call of encouragement from Wazeriah at least once a month!) 

At Cory's 50th Birthday Party, his mom Wazeriah
and his spiritual mom Elena sat together!
As Tim Kernan wrote, "Wazeriah will forever be a 'legend' in our worldwide fellowship! Her Going Home Celebration [on November 10th in LA] was an incredible send off to Heaven!" 400 attended from the City of Angels Church in LA, as well as many ICOC guests!


At Wazeriah's Celebration of Life, Cory spoke
with tremendous joy about his mom
going to her home in Heaven!
Tuesday, November 5th, Elena & I experienced the "circle of life," as at 10:20AM Kolbe & Rebecca Gray were blessed by the birth of their beautiful daughter – Keeva Rose! She was a healthy 7lbs. 4oz. and 20 inches long! Keeva means "beautiful, precious and gentle" in Hebrew! 

Two weeks late, "Princess Keeva" finally
arrived on November 5, 2019!
New Delhi
On Wednesday, November 6th, Raul Moreno sent me the following CNN Article: India's top court has criticized authorities for not doing enough to curb New Delhi's dangerous levels of air pollution, calling it a "blatant and grave violation of right to life." Thick smog has blanketed the country's capital in recent days, forcing flights to be canceled and schools to be shut. New Delhi, which is home to more than 18 million people, has declared it a public health emergency, with authorities halting work at construction sites and instituting new traffic controls limiting the number of cars on the road. The capital, which regularly tops lists of the world's most polluted cities, typically experiences heavy smog during the Winter months, as farmers in surrounding states burn stubble to prepare their land for the next crop.

New Delhi is often ranked as having the worst air
quality of any city in the world!

The period from mid-October to mid-November also coincides with Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, when residents set-off firecrackers as part of the celebrations. [On Wednesday, November 6th, the Air Quality (Pollution) Index in New Delhi had risen to an astounding level of 762! 0 to 50 is considered good.]

At an Air Quality Index of 762, it is equivalent to
smoking 50 cigarettes in a day!
That Wednesday evening, our last in Sydney, I received word that my dear friend Milo Abelo passed away. I met Milo – my taxi cab driver – in 1989 in Manila during the "spying out the land trip" and he was baptized that summer! He later fell away, but was restored. Sadly, he fell away again over doctrine and died outside of God's plan of salvation. I loved Milo very much.

Milo & Kip had a very special bond!
Upon receiving the Crown of Thorns Council Meeting and the South Asia Missions Conference (SAMC) Programs, Marcel Turner's comment to me was, "This is epic!" This proved to be a true prophecy!

TAJ - "Crown" in Hindi - was the sensational
theme for both the Crown of Thorns
Meeting and the SAMC!

Elena & I flew from Sydney through Bangkok to New Delhi arriving there at 11:00PM on Thursday, November 7th! We were graciously greeted by Raja & Debs Rajan – the incredible leaders of the Indian Family of Churches – and a fired up crowd of almost 100 Delhi Disciples! Since the current Indian Government is led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and thus committed to a "Hindu agenda" of anti-Christianity, it would have been very unwise to sing a Christian song. We did however "huddle up" for a "cranking prayer" led by Raja! Because it rained a few hours before we landed, the Air Quality Index had plummeted "for the good" from 762 to about 200! Yet, this was still "unhealthy!"

The McKeans were greeted by
almost 100 Delhi Disciples!

Friday, November 8th, Elena & I spent the first part of the day getting ready for our meetings that would start Saturday, November 9th and would end eight days later on the following Sunday! That evening, Raja & Debs Rajan took Elena shopping for an Indian dress, as I tagged along! Of course, traveling all the way to India, in my heart I was looking forward to an awesome Indian meal! So, I asked Raja where he'd like to have dinner; he replied with a smile, "Chile's!"

Auto Rickshaws are a key mode of
transportation in New Delhi!

Inside the mall, the Rajan's and Elena pointed out
that, without the Holy Spirit, Starbucks had
evangelized the world in this generation!

Saturday evening, November 9th at 7:00PM was the World Sector Leader Meeting! We met at the Le Meridian Hotel, where almost all of the functions of the Crown of Thorns Council Meeting (November 10-13th) and the South Asia Missions Conference (November 14-17th) also met! Both had the theme of TAJ!

The original wooden World Sector Leader Chalices!

The World Sector Leaders so enjoy their times
together... just like true family!

The World Sector Leaders celebrated
Nick's 60th Birthday!

At his age, Nick had a difficult time
blowing out the "60" candles!

Matt Sullivan preached on HEAVY LIES THE CROWN! So powerful was his sharing about how "pressure" particularly about church finances had hurt him at different points in his ministries in Phoenix, Santiago, LA, Orlando and even in Miami! He preached that all of the World Sector Leaders should repent of a "scarcity mentality" and embrace an "abundance mentality," as God is sovereign and "there are so many financial opportunities for churches to raise missions out there in the 'blue ocean' of the internet!"

Matt preached to the World Sector Leaders'
needs on dealing spiritually with pressure!

Afterward, at 9:30PM, the World Sector Leader Brothers met to strategize the 2020, 2021 and 2022 plantings!

The late night World Sector Leader Strategy Meeting
for the upcoming Church Plantings!

We shared our visions fully realizing that it is "the Lord who determines [our] steps!" (Proverbs 16:9) Pray for the exciting 2020 Plantings:

1) Amsterdam, Netherlands
2) Hagatna, Guam
3) Crouching Tiger #3
4) San Jose, Costa Rica
5) Edinburgh, Scotland
6) Baguio City, Philippines
7) Kolkata, India
8) St. Petersburg, Russia
9) Bahrain
10) Brazzaville, Congo

11) Salt Lake City, Utah
12) Dover, Delaware
13) Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sunday morning, the World Sector Leaders (WSLs) and the Crown of Thorns Council (COTC) met with the New Delhi Church for an incredibly inspiring Worship Service! Two of the four opening songs were in English and the other two in Hindi! Though none of us in the COTC except the Rajans knew Hindi, when the word "hallelujah" was sung in the chorus, all of us joined in with great enthusiasm!

New Delhi is the capital of India with a metro
area approaching 50 million!

Roger Green – the Kathmandu Evangelist – gave an energetic Welcome sharing that India had a population of 1.3 billion lost souls, speaking 19,000 languages! Following was a drum roll where the names of each WSL Couple and each member of the COTC were called out and the New Delhi Sisters of Encouragement lovingly placed a garland of flowers around our necks!

A garlands of colorful flowers were given to each
Crown of Thorns Council member after their
name and city were announced!

Rezo & Sasha Davitadze of Moscow!

Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin of Kiev!

Lance & Connie Underhill of LA and
publishers of ICC Hot News!

The Crown of Thorns Council was honored to have
reserved seats at the front of the auditorium!

Ricky & Coleen Challinor gave a stirring Communion; Michael & Sharon Kirchner shared a convicting Contribution Charge!

The Kirchners partook of Communion immediately
before their Contribution Charge!

Raja – called by Roger the "Lion of India" – delivered a strong message on this hurting and very lost world! The title of his message was, TRY JESUS! Roger gave the closing comments, which were echoed with loud amens and applause, when he stated, "Great to hear the Lion roar from the pulpit!"

Raja - "The Lion of India" - was translated
into Hindi by Jeffrey Norris!

The 31 Delhi Teen Disciples are called "The Knights!"

That Sunday night the WSLs and the COTC gathered for our initial meeting!

Chris Adams - soon-to-be a Shepherd for the
Chicago Church - led the singing for the
first Crown of Thorns Council Session!

After a Welcome by Elena & me, we presented to everyone small marble elephants whose white marble came from the same quarry as the stones for the Taj Mahal! As well, the elephants were decorated with semi-precious stones in similar patterns as those on the inner walls of the Taj Mahal!

As a token of appreciation, Elena helped to give
out the small marble Elephants to each
Crown of Thorn Council Disciple!

The Crown of Thorns Council was fired up to receive
the marble elephants as a memorial of
the New Delhi Meeting!

Following came a "first" for the SoldOut Movement! In time-appropriate costumes, disciples – portraying history-shaping persons of our host country – gave dramatic presentations through soliloquies entitled, GLIMPSES OF INDIAN HISTORY: 563-483BC – Gautama Buddha (Raja Rajan), 356-323BC – Alexander the Great (John Jayakaran), 52-72AD – Apostle Thomas (Kip McKean), 1761-1834AD – William Carey (Jude Niranjan), 1828-1858AD – Jhansi Ki Rani (Vandana Johnson), and 2019AD – Shiv Sena (Jeffrey Norris)! We sang songs between each 10 minute presentation! I believe that Raja assigned the Apostle Thomas to me as my full name is "Thomas" Wayne McKean II.


"Doubting Thomas" became "Believing Thomas"
as, he died a martyr in Madras (Chennai),
India in 72AD!

Mark & Keri Garrido of Honolulu so enjoyed
the India History Presentation!

On Monday, November 11th at 7:00AM, we boarded buses to the Taj Mahal! This was about a four hour bus ride, but more than worth it to see one of the Seven Modern-Day Wonders of the World! As we traveled, it was very sobering to see out of the window mile after mile of third world poverty! We finally arrived at the Taj Mahal about 11:30AM!

The McKeans and their dear friend and Shepherding
Couples of the Movement - Nick & Denise Bordieri
(left) and Tony & Therese Untalan!

The very fruitful World Sector Leaders of
Africa - Andrew & Patrique Smellie!

According to Wikipedia, The Taj Mahal – in Hindi "Place or Position of the Crown" – is an Ivory-white marble Islamic Mausoleum [with parts inlaid with semi-precious stones] on the south bank of the Yamuna River in the city of Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal; it also houses the tomb of Shah Jahan himself! It took 22 years to build! 20,000 artisans worked on this at a present day cost of over 800 million dollars! Perhaps true or perhaps a traditional myth: The Taj's beauty was so magnificent that the Shah had the architect's hands cut off, so that he could not draw plans for another one!

Michael & Sharon Kirchner - the World Sector
Leaders of Administration and Law!

Jason & Sarah Dimitry - the very effective
Geographic Sector Leaders for Northern
California, Hawaii, Nevada,
Colorado and Texas!

Afterward, at about 2:30PM, we had a delightful Indian lunch, and some went shopping for inexpensive Indian wear for Saturday's Kingdom Banquet!

A late lunch was so enjoyed by the Crown of
Thorns Council after visiting the Taj Mahal!

Debs became the bravest woman that Kip
knows, as she did not flinch when the
cobra tried in vain to strike her!

Alfredo Anuch of Santiago was unaware
of the cobra's effort to strike Debs!

During our ride back to the hotel, the Feumbas, Rajans and Elena & I discussed the perils of the mission field, one of which was sickness. I was very moved at the steep price that Blaise & Patricia, as well as Raja & Debs had paid to preach the Word in the third world, as all four have had malaria!

Blaise & Patricia Feumba will return to Abidjan,
Ivory Coast from LA in August 2020 to lead the
French-speaking Africa Churches!

We returned to the hotel around 11:00PM dead-tired, but filled with "wonder" and awe of the Taj Mahal… and the fellowship!

Another intriguing legend is that the Emperor Shah
Jahan wanted to build a "Black Taj Mahal"
across the Yamuna River as a
mausoleum for himself!

Tuesday, November 12th was filled with more fellowship and planning meetings! That evening were the Men's and Women's Programs for the WSLs and the COTC! Jason Dimitry of San Francisco and Michele Williamson spoke on NO CROSS, NO CROWN! Elena shared that Michele "blew it out!"

Michele preached to the Crown of Thorns Sisters!
Jason preached on 1) The Cross And Crown Of Unity, 2) The Cross And Crown Of Campus Ministry, and 3) The Cross And Crown Of Making Leaders! His most hard-hitting statement calling the brothers to dedicate their congregations much more to campus ministry was, "Brothers, you must convince your churches that a man in his 30's [Jesus] accompanied by a group of older teenagers [the Apostles] was the one and only plan of God for world evangelism!" Jason inferred that the preacher should parallel himself to Jesus and select campus students who would become the preacher's Apostles!

Jason laid it out to the Crown of Thorns Council
Brothers on Campus Ministry!
Late that Tuesday night, Tim & Lianne Kernan and John & Emma Causey arrived from LA, where they had overseen Wazeriah Blackwell’s Celebration of Life Service! That same evening, I was given an impromptu invitation by Raja to preach to all of the Indian Leaders at 9:00AM the next morning on Wednesday!

Kip spoke to all of the paid staff of the
India Family of Churches!
They moved my heart so, that I in-turn invited them to the Morning Session of the COTC! There, they stood before the group while Raja introduced each of them by name and shared their role in the Indian Family of Churches! Of note: Most were converted as college students; two held PhD's! I also gave each of them their choice of one of the SoldOut Press International Books! (On a go forward basis, instead of Starbucks Gift Cards upon baptism, restoration or placing membership, all SoldOut Movement Churches will give a SoldOut Press International Book!)

The paid staff was presented to the
Crown of Thorns Council!

Raja introduced the "heroes of India" one by one!
That morning, Tim "the Tiger" Kernan and John "the Jaguar" Causey gave an "epic" 1 1/2 hour presentation simply entitled, CROWN OF THORNS! Their points were: 1) You And Guess Who? 2) The Two Of You, 3) The Few, 4) The Crew, and 5) The Brood! I knew we were in for a good one, when John started off, "I've not come here to make you feel good, but to feel God! If you feel good after feeling God, then good!"

Tim and John - best friends - preached
a lesson for the ages!
The group was taken by surprise when Tim and John accurately "laid it out" that there had not been a "Crown of Thorns Council" – a "70" – to evangelize the world for 2,000 years! The group was challenged very hard that our present unity was "not good enough" to win the world! Tim in humor quoted, "a possibly modern day prophetess – Taylor Swift, I love the players but you love the game." He inferred that our wives often are more caring about individuals than us men when it comes to the ministry. Therefore, we need to listen to them more!

Tim serves as the City of Angels Lead Evangelist
and the World Sector Leader of the Pacific Rim!
John said, "Show me your few, and I’ll show you your 'few'-ture!" He then shared that there were the "Fab Five" needed relationships in his life: Trust (Tony Untalan), Tattletale (Michael Kirchner), Translator (Tim), Transcribers (Joel Parlour and/or Aaron Turner), and Truth-speaker (Kip)! He challenged us to have the same! Following was a delightful lunch!

John will become the Chicago Church Leader in
December, and will oversee the churches in
the USA Pacific Northwest, the
USA Midwest, and Canada!
That afternoon was the "business section" of the COTC Meeting. I shared about the Road Map; the Geographic World Sector Leaders gave a 5 Minute Overview of their churches; Michael Kirchner addressed the Movement's Finances; and the Bordieris showed a video about the MERCY Orphanage! That night we so enjoyed our meal with Tim & Lianne!

Nick & Denise Bordieri are the World Sector
Leaders of MERCYworldwide!
On November 14th was the South Asia Missions Conference (SAMC) Speakers Dinner! We headed out by bus to the 38 Barracks Restaurant! Sadly, the Air Quality Index had risen to 400! (Remember 100 begins to be "unhealthy for sensitive groups.")

The Speakers Dinner was held at Barracks 38!
Keying off Raja being the "Lion of India," Luke Speckman introduced Raul Moreno as the "Bobcat of Brazil!" Raul's 30 minute lesson, A CROWN THAT WILL LAST was very uplifting! He taught, "God will give us more time to evangelize the world – He will withhold judgement – if God's leaders are righteous and God's leaders call their people to be righteous!"

Though Raul spoke in a dimly lit restaurant,
his words were a light to all!
Upon getting coffee on Friday morning, November 15th, I again checked the AQI: Overnight, it had risen to a very hazardous 670! I also heard that our brothers and sisters from Kathmandu had planned to arrive at 11:00AM on Thursday, but due to complications from the poor air quality and a broken down engine, they finally arrived at 1:30AM on Friday! In total – what should have been a 27 hour trip, became a 40 hour bus ride! By plane, this is a one hour flight!

Kathmandu is only 800 km (500 miles) from New
Delhi, but it took the Kathmandu Disciples
40 hours to get to the SAMC!
Early in the morning on Friday, Raja, Luke and I met and decided to "abbreviate" the program for the day. We kept the morning's MERCY Event of visiting the Leprosy Colony! Therefore, all of the International SAMC Delegates (and the COTC) gathered downstairs in the hotel to listen to a lecture by Dr. Amit Roa, who has spent his days treating leprosy patients. He shared that leprosy is caused by an air-born bacteria that can be "easily cured." For just $175 USD, any patient can be completely cured for life!

Dr. Amit Roa addressed the International
SAMC Delegates!
Then, I admonished the group with Mark 1:39-43, preaching that like Jesus, when we visit the Leprosy Colony we should have "compassion" and "touch the lepers" expressing our love! This would be so important, as most lepers believe leprosy to be a curse and not simply a disease! After this, we boarded the buses to travel an hour to the Mother Theresa Prem Nagar Leprosy Centre!

The MERCY Ambassadors boarded the bus to
travel to the Leprosy Colony despite
the unhealthy AQI!

Once at the leprosy colony, everyone - out of
courtesy to the leprosy patients -
removed their masks!

LouJack Martinez of DC led the singing for our
devotional at the Leprosy Colony, and then
we split into men and women groups
to visit the patients!

The sisters sang to 24 year old
leprosy patient Anjum!

Hearing the life stories of the lepers
humbled all of the International
Praise God, since the 5:30PM official start of the SAMC First General Session was outside, the AQI had fallen to "only" 410! The singing by 400 disciples was incredible!

The First General Session of the SAMC!

The Indian Disciples went "all out" that first night
as there were strobe lights during
the initial singing!
The Welcome was delivered by the Speckmans, and Miguel Mendez of Dubai gave the Opening Prayer!

Miguel prayed to see the evangelization of
the nations in this generation!
Following were two Cultural Dances: The first was Indian and the second was Nepali – both done amazingly by disciples! 

Yassa Green - WML of Kathmandu!

The dancers really got the crowd into the program,
so much so that most forgot about the pollution!
Then came the evening's main event: Raja Rajan preached in English, Tamil and Hindi on THE VICTOR'S CROWN! He challenged us that to receive this crown, we must be: 1) A Praying Man and 2) A Suffering Man! Raja taught that "both impress only God!"

Raja is a "Praying Man" and a "Suffering Man!"

A black and white copy of Ron Harding's book
on the history of the SoldOut Movement
was given out to every Indian
Family Disciple!

The Chronicles Of Modern-Day Christianity
is a must read for every disciple to
appreciate the sacrifices that it
has taken to build God's
Movement around
the world!
On Saturday morning, the AQI was down to 316! Prathap & Maggie Kumar of Chennai gave a heart-warming Welcome! Then, I was given the speech, NO ONE WILL TAKE YOUR CROWN from Revelation 3:8-11... and I added, "But Satan will try!" The crux of the lesson was that God will help the weak to get to Heaven where they will become "pillars," only if we "hold fast" (fight) for our crowns! So, my five points spelled, "FIGHT!" During my last point, I shared about the six important people in my life that passed away during the past three months' time. I stressed that to give everyone a chance to be saved, there must be "discipling churches" in every State in America and in every country of the world! The Kirchners later shared that they cried during the lesson as Michael's mom was one of the six.

The New Delhi Shepherding Couples - the Norrises
(left) and the Gonas - were given the same
marble elephants as the Crown
of Thorns Council!
After my lesson came four phenomenal charges: Justice Was My Robe And Turban by Debs Rajan, A Clean Turban by Ricky Challinor, Keep Your Turban Fastened by Brandyn Speckman, and A Linen Turban by Joe Willis! This session was closed out by another two Cultural Dances!

Ricky did an amazing lesson from Zechariah 3
entitled, A Clean Turban!

Every Cultural Dance was done by disciples!
In the afternoon were the Men's and Women's Programs! The main speech was EARNING THE CROWN given respectively by Michael Williamson and Elena! Short charges followed!


The packed Men's Program!

Michael moved many brothers in his heart-felt

Elena's lesson met so many needs
among the sisters!

What a line up! The short charges were given by
sisters who normally give main speeches:
Patrique, Vandana, Lianne, Salma,
Lynda and Helen!

Saturday night at 6:00PM was the outdoor Kingdom Banquet! Praise God that the AQI had fallen greatly to 137, and "wow" did all of the visiting delegates and the Indian Disciples go "all out" in dressing in Indian cloths!

The mesmerizing Kingdom Banquet!

Kerry, Emma and Lianne were dressed
as royalty... which they are -
Princesses of God!

Christy & Maria of Delhi planted
the Bangalore Church!

All the way from the City of Angels Church
West Region - Kerri-Sue Adams and
Yelena Astanina were stunning!

Raja & Debs personally "gifted" the McKeans
their breath-taking Indian garments!

Raja, Anthony, Kip, Michael and Miguel have
vowed to be loyal first to God and
then to each other!
To open the evening, there were the Kingdom Appointments of Luca & Sophia Di Beo by Sophia's parents – Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin!

Oleg appointed his son-in-law Luca to be an
Evangelist in the Kingdom of God!

Sophia Di Beo - just 18 years old - was appointed
by her mom Aliona, and thus became the
youngest appointed WML in the history
of the SoldOut Movement!
I really enjoyed the format where before the meal, we heard the speech by Luke Speckman on YOU ARE MY JOY AND CROWN! Indeed, the Kingdom Banquet food tasted heavenly!

Luke shared in his lesson that the Indian
and Kathmandu Disciples are his
"joy and crown!"

What a Kingdom Banquet!
To close out the evening, the Delhi Band featured Debzy Kent of Nepal on the vocals and Raja on the guitar, and almost everyone broke out in "Indian dancing!"

Michael & Michele took a break from dancing to
celebrate the awe-inspiring SAMC!

A former "Metal-head," Raja celebrated his
30th Spiritual Birthday at the SAMC!
Saturday at around midnight, we sent out a historic Missions Video from the SAMC to be played at all USA Churches, as the Fall Missions Collection would be next Sunday, November 24th! A huge thanks to Tim, Lance, Ron and Anthony & Cassidy, as they worked for hours editing this to its final form! Please see it at:

Anthony & Cassidy worked well into the night to
produce the SAMC Video to show the USA
Churches the next morning to inspire
them for missions!

Sunday morning, November 17th was the Final General Session and the Worship Service! Well over 400 were in attendance! In the Welcome, the Speckmans graciously noted that it was Lianne's 42nd Birthday! 

The Morenos (right) and the Kernans are
"forever Kingdom friends!"
Then came the International Prayer in the languages of the Indian Family of Churches: Tamil, Nepali, Bengali, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada and English! Afterward came the tear-jerking Kingdom Appointments of Roger & Yassa Green and John & Salma Jaykaran!

The McKeans were so proud
of Roger & Yassa Green!

Prayerfully, John & Salma will lead the Kolkata
(India) Mission Team next year!
In the Communion, Roger Green read from Luke 15 and stressed the importance of "one" soul to God! Then Yassa illustrated this as she shared how she was invited to church: Raja invited a Muslim guy and gave him an invitation; the Muslim man in turn gave the card to a Hindu man, who shared it with his girlfriend – who was Yassa's best friend! Only Yassa went to church, and Roger rather humorously pointed out the importance of that "one" (Yassa) to God and himself! 

Mark & Maika Carbonell - the SE Asia Admin Couple -
embraced June Picardo of Chennai - an original
Dubai Mission Team Member!
The Bordieris delivered a great Communion Charge and Andrew Smellie – dubbed the "Black Panther of Africa" – gave a fantastic lesson on A RADIANT CROWN! Using Ephesians 5 and Isaiah 62, he preached that the church is the "radiant crown of God!" His simple points were: The Church – Do You Love It? and The Church – Are You All In?

Andrew preached a fantastic message
Then came another two dazzling Cultural Dances! Afterward, the most unforgettable moment in the SAMC: The presentation of the 32, who were baptized that afternoon – 3 from Kathmandu, 4 from Bangalore, 11 from Delhi, and 14 from Chennai!


After each made their "good confession," the
32 soon-to-be baptized were presented
to the SAMC audience!

Prince - an orphan from Kathmandu - rejoiced
as he made Jesus Lord!

With the baptism of Suruchi from Kathmandu,
the 8 on the Kathmandu Mission Team
from New Delhi have been blessed by
God with 11 baptisms since the
Inaugural on July 28th!

Tamil & Jayasree Selvin - the Bangalore Church
Leaders - baptized their son Sam at the SAMC!
We closed out with LuJack leading us in the Glory Song – The Indian Version!

LouJack led the closing song, The Glory
Song - India Version!
Just when I thought everything was over, Raja brought Debzy to the stage where she thought she was going to sing again, but in fact, Biosang Haokip got down on his knee and proposed to her! Debzy said "yes" and the ensuing joyful dancing by the Indian and Nepali Disciples included lifting Biosang & Debzy to their shoulders! (Of note, Indian and Nepali Disciples do not date, they have arranged marriages by Raja!)

The sisters lifted Debzy to their shoulders as they
were overjoyed that she was now engaged!
Elena & I had lunch with the Williamsons and then were looking forward to our "annual meal" with the whole Rajan Family – Raja, Debs, Ashwin, Shefali and Isheeta! Well, a little before 7:00PM when we were supposed to meet, Raja texted me and asked if I could "count the cost" with Ashwin, as Dean Lam of Hong Kong had studied with him all afternoon! Ashwin was baptized that night by his dad, mom and Dean at about 9:30PM! So, we witnessed 33 baptisms that fateful day in Delhi!  

The McKeans gave the Rajan children - Ashwin,
Shefali and Isheeta - Bibles on their first
visit to the then Chennai Remnant
Group in 2009!

Raja, Debs and Dean baptized Ashwin - the
33rd baptism of the day!
Therefore, we now have 145 disciples in New Delhi, 17 in Kathmandu, 59 in Bangalore and 174 in Chennai for a total of 395 disciples! Very tired but buoyed by so much "good news," Elena & I rushed to the airport ready to fly home to LA! And to God be all the glory!


Joe & Kerry decided to take "first
century transportation" home
to Sydney!
Alfredo Anuch – Lead Evangelist of Santiago: We've had hard times here in Chile! Santiago has turned very violent and unsafe due to the social turmoil! More than 2,500 policemen have been injured, and about 4,000 stores, shops and buildings have been broken into, vandalized or arsoned!

Civil unrest has over taken Chile, once the most
stable country in South America!
Even with all those situations going on, it has been a great opportunity to evangelize! The disciples are faithful, and through MERCY, we have been able to help by cleaning up the streets after the violent protests, as a sign of peace. Two weeks ago, we were brought up in a TV news report covering the Santiago District, with our green MERCY t-shirts!

Troops have been deployed throughout
Santiago to quell the riots!
In the last 5 months, God has given us 38 souls, of which 37 have remained faithful! Since last week, we have been praying and fasting for 18 more souls for the Lord to be added until the end of the year, so that we would have 50 souls added in the last 6 months of 2019! Incredibly, this Sunday, November 24th, God gave us the first 6 baptisms! 

Alfredo & Carmen - a loving married couple -
were baptized Sunday, November 24th!
In the midst of the political chaos, Víctor & Claudia Aceiton were married on October 13th! They are our amazing MERCY Leaders and our new Teen Leaders! They were baptized two years ago through the campus ministry!

Congratulations to Víctor & Claudia Aceiton!
Miguel Mendez – Lead Evangelist of Dubai: Greetings from the UAE  home of the tallest building in the world, but also home of the amazing Dubai Disciples, who serve the greatest God that created the world and are building the Kingdom of God in the heart of the Middle East! A little update with our Spiritual Project "Road to 100:" Despite rules, regulations and tough work schedules here... with a base of 25 sold-out disciples in December 2018, God has allowed us to see in 11 months... 58 additions 53 baptisms, 3 place memberships and 2 restorations! We need 17 more souls to come to Lord for us to reach our goal!

Bercline - the #82nd Dubai Disciple - received a
beautiful hug from Anna (an original
mission team member) and a huge
smile from Bhagya (a recent
Hindu convert)!

Meet Israel of Cameroon - the 83rd Dubai Disciple!

Please pray that Dubai's "Road to 100" will
be accomplished early in 2020!

It is still not too late to come to the First Middle
East Missions Conference in Dubai
on December 6-8, 2019!

Oleg Sirotkin – Lead Evangelist of Kiev: What a thrilling time we had in India at the South Asian Missions Conference! In total, the Lord allowed us to bring 11 leaders from the Eurasian World Sector, which I believe will give us a new level of faith and vision! So proud of Luca & Sophia being appointed at the SAMC!

The 15 former Soviet Union Nations that make up the
Eurasian World Sector: 1) Armenia, 2) Azerbaijan,
3) Belarus, 4) Estonia, 5) Georgia, 6) Kazakhstan,
7) Kyrgyzstan, 8) Latvia, 9) Lithuania,
10) Moldova, 11) Russia, 12) Tajikistan,
13) Turkmenistan, 14) Ukraine
and 15) Uzbekistan!

Since Kip's emergency visit to the Kiev Church in early October to deal decisively with the leaven of contempt, God has been moving with weekly additions! We had Sacha restored and two weeks later, Natasha was baptized! The entire Kiev Church celebrated their wedding the following week! Also, four others have been restored! Pray that God continues to bless our repentance!

Congratulations to Sacha & Natasha!
Ricky Challinor – Lead Evangelist of Manila: Greetings from Southeast Asia! God has blessed this geographic sector with many souls being saved in these 11 months of 2019! We have had 323 additions: 247 baptisms, 37 restorations and 39 place memberships! The churches have doubled from two to four – Manila, Cebu, Davao (all in the Philippines) and Phnom Penh, Cambodia! Lord willing, the Spirit will send out the Guam Mission Team at our New Year's Workshop on January 12, 2020! Our total membership has grown from essentially 300 to now 500!

On November 25th, Ricky & Coleen Challinor
accompanied by Blady & Cielo Perez of
Phnom Penh flew to Bangkok, Thailand
to "spy out the land" and to prayerfully
initiate a remnant group!

15 million live in the spiritual darkness of Bangkok,
which is predominately Buddhist!


On November 17th, even though Co & I were away at the SAMC, God gave the Manila Church a record attendance of 613 for our BYND! This was spearheaded by Sean & Krystal O’Connor, who will plant Guam in January 2020, as they had 18 and 20 personal visitors respectively!

Sean & Krystal are so looking forward to January 12,
2020 when the Guam Mission Team will
be sent out from Manila!


Also, the Lord gave us the miracle of an answered prayer by Vynee Guardiana, one of the young Manila Region Leaders! Vynne was blessed to baptize both her mother, Nanette, and little sister, Vea, into Christ on November 3rd! 

Vynne rejoiced with her mom and her sister!


With all of these miracles, Satan has attacked many of our brothers and sisters with intense persecution! Just one example: We have a teen sister, a senior in high school, who was baptized a few months ago. Her father is the ex-governor of Marawi, so she converted from being Muslim! One night, some of the campus disciples took her home, at which her brother and cousins came out and physically assaulted one of the brothers to the point of stomping his face on the ground! Luckily, security came and stopped it! Her sister then came and began punching our sister in the face and in the process punched Carlos Robielos and his new wife Quennie in the face! Carlos and the disciples have filed police reports, but the family remained aggressive and sent her to Marawi, where ISIS has control here in the Philippines!

Marawi is the
the capital of the Lanao del Sur
Province in the Bangsamoro Autonomous
Region of the Philippines, as well as
Marari the
"center for ISIS" in
the Philippines!


The few days after her arrival there, she texted Quennie saying, "Ate, I am going to stay faithful! I am grateful to suffer persecution like Jesus did." She has continued to fight with great perseverance over persecution! She is now back in Manila, though her family keeps her under heavy surveillance. With her family's persecution, they took her Bible and her quiet time notebook. But that did not stop her; our incredible God still made a way for her to read and pray everyday! One of her school teachers gave her a Bible that she keeps in school so she can still have her quiet time. Furthermore, her teacher also assigned her to pray in front of the class everyday! She communicates with the disciples regularly through social media. Please keep us and her in your prayers to "never stop teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah!" (Acts 5:42)

ICCM-Manila has students from not only Metro
Manila, but also Cebu and Davao!


Coleen and I thank God everyday, as we are living our dream to evangelize this incredible part of the world! Thank you USA Churches for your generous expressions of love in your missions collections that God has used to make these miracles possible!

1) The new Middle East Missions Conference
     Dubai, UAE  December 6-8, 2019

1) The new Hawaiian Islands Missions Conference
    Honolulu, Hawaii January 17-19, 2020
2) The South American Missions Conference
    Sao Paulo, Brazil  February 14-16, 2020
3) The new Caribbean Missions Conference
    Port-Au-Prince, Haiti  April 9-12, 2020
4) The Eurasian Missions Conference
    Kiev, Ukraine  May 1-3, 2020
5) The European Missions Conference
    Paris, France October 22-25, 2020

The Hawaiian Islands Missions Conference
on January 17-19th will be the first
Geographic Missions Conference
in the new decade of 2020!

Lord willing, since 2020 is the Year of Vision, our 2020 Global Leadership Conference in LA will have the theme from Acts 2:17, VISIONS AND DREAMS! The main program will be from Sunday, August 16th to Tuesday, August 18, 2020! The "Pre-Conference Program" will begin with the World Sector Leaders Meeting on Tuesday, August 11th.  

In closing, Elena & I would like to thank all of the USA Disciples, who this past Sunday, November 24th raised over $1 million dollars for our Fall Missions Collection! That means in 2019 adding the Spring Missions to the Fall Missions, the USA Churches have given over $4 million dollars! What a tribute to our God! What a testimony to how much the USA SoldOut Movement Disciples believe in the dream of the "evangelization of the nations in this generation!" Happy Thanksgiving!

The McKeans are so thankful for every
disciple around the world!
Indeed, "[Thanksgiving]" goes to [our] Lord and Savior Jesus Christ... for [every disciple around the world], because of your partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now!" (Philippians 1:5) And to God be all the glory!
We are family... bold and unashamed,
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