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October 18, 2018

Good News Email
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Dear Friend,
Greetings from Milwaukee, Phnom Penh, Orlando, Columbus and Los Angeles! On Sunday, September 16th, Elena & I were privileged to witness God pour out His blessings on the Milwaukee Inaugural Service with 178 in attendance, of which an astounding 35 were guests of Marvell Holder! On the following weekend, I flew to beautiful Phnom Penh! On Sunday, September 23rd was the historic Signing Ceremony for the Memorandum Of Understanding of the "Chhem MERCY Orphanage" between the Cambodia Social Welfare Department and MERCYworldwide!

The Chhem MERCY Orphanage!

General Chhem and Kip signed the Memorandum of
Understanding between the Cambodia Social
Welfare Department and MERCYworldwide!

The 58 orphans at the Chhem MERCY Orphanage
enjoyed the Signing Celebration Dinner!

The next Sunday, September 30th was my mom's 90th birthday, and so Mom and I celebrated that morning by attending the awesome Orlando International Christian Church! Then, on Sunday, October 7th, Elena & I participated in the Columbus Inaugural Service where the Spirit gathered 146 in attendance and redirected the SoldOut Movement's OPERATION EAGLE to focus even more on America's premier campuses! Finally, on Sunday, October 14th, Elena & I were blessed to be back home in LA for the gorgeous outdoor wedding of Adam & Lauren Zepeda! And to God goes all the glory!
The Hispaniola Missionary Journey

Blaise Feumba – Overseeing Evangelist of Haiti: Centuries ago Nathaniel, when told about Jesus of Nazareth, asked a profound question, "Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?" (John 1:46) Today, Haiti arguably has a similar reputation as that of Nazareth!

Thousands of lost souls on Delma Street in
the heart of Port-au-Prince, the
capital city of Haiti!

The North Hills is one of poorest and most dangerous
neighborhoods in all of Port-au-Prince!
According to the CIA World Factbook, Haiti is recognized as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. In January 2010, Haiti experienced a devastating 7.0 earthquake in which about 300,000 people died and 1.5 million were left homeless! The country has yet to fully recover from that catastrophe!


The 2010 7.0 Earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince!

As of today, Haiti has an estimated population of about 10 million with a high mortality rate due to AIDS, high infant mortality, low life-expectancy, and various bacterial and viral diseases. Despite these discouragements in Haiti, there is great hope when we consider what God is doing through the message of Jesus!

Through the power of the Spirit, the SoldOut
Movement has surged into
10 cities in Haiti!

In 2013, Alexis Turgeau – a Haitian Church of Christ preacher – contacted Kip McKean seeking spiritual revival for himself and for his beloved nation. Kip "tested his sincerity" by inviting Alexis to the 2013 Global Leadership Conference (GLC), while not offering any fiancial assistance. After studying the First Principles with our French-speaking Evangelists – Tim Kernan, Amadou Sountoura and myself – during the GLC, Alexis was baptized as a sold-out disciple!

The French-speaking Evangelists - Tim Kernan,
Blaise Feumba and Amadou Sountoura -
studied with Alexis Turgeau
throughout the 2013 GLC!

Though Alexis was a Mainline Church of Christ
preacher, he saw that he was not baptized as
a disciple and therefore was baptized
the day after the 2013 GLC!

Alexis left LA resolved and eager to take the radical message of Christ to his family, friends and fellow Churches of Christ preachers in Haiti! In September 2013, Kip sent me to travel to Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, to study with Alexis' family and friends. During that missionary journey, seven Church of Christ preachers repented and were baptized as "true disciples" of Jesus Christ! In August 2018, five years and four additional missionary trips later, we had nine churches with the total of 315 disciples in the country of Haiti!

The fired up disciples of the Cap-Haïtien Church!
On Friday, August 31, 2018, moved by the Holy Spirit, Kip graciously directed me to undertake my sixth missionary journey to Haiti! Then, he asked me to go on to the Dominican Republic, where the SoldOut Movement had yet to plant a church. (Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same island in the Caribbean called Hispaniola.) We held the 2018 Haitian Leadership Workshop entitled, ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH in Cap-Haïtien located on the north-side of Haiti. This location not only provided the opportunity to create a dynamic unity among the Haitian Church Leaders, but also allowed me to easily enter the Dominican Republic where a door was opened for the Gospel!

After the Leadership Workshop - ACCORDING TO
YOUR FAITH, the Haitian Church Leaders
were ready to move mountains!
From Friday, August 31st to Wednesday, September 5th, we had an incredible and effective Leadership Workshop full of convictions, fellowship and baptisms! One of the highlights was the conversion of the four leaders of the Pilgrim Church of God that Alexis had contacted in the city of Camp-Perrin! After doing the First Principle Studies for four days, Ernest (lead minister), Dieuvenette (deaconess), Aristille and Remi (associate pastors) surrendered to the Holy Spirit and were baptized as true disciples on Tuesday, September 4th! (We sent a team to Camp-Perrin sometime in early October to study the First Principles with the 120 members of the Pilgrim Church of God… After heavy persecution, 12 became baptized disciples!) God continued to show His power when Augustin, a former Church of Christ preacher that I baptized last year with his wife Leonise, announced that an entire Mainline Church of Christ congregation of 72 members in the city of Sainte-Suzanne was praying about joining the Movement… Later 36 were baptized into Christ as disciples!


Aristelle - the former Pilgrim Church of God
preacher - praised God that he was
baptized as a disciple of Jesus!

Ernest, Dieuvenette, Aristelle and Remi - the former
paid leadership of the Pilgrim Church of God -
all received the free gift of salvation
at their baptisms!
After the workshop, exhausted but encouraged, I took Alexis, his wife Maryse, Wakine and Bonard with me to travel to the Dominican Republic for the last part of my 10 day trip.

Elysee, Wakine, Maryse and Bonard were ready to
cross the border of Haiti to change the
Dominican Republic forever!
The two countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic are linked by a common history, as they were both formed by African slaves and at one point were only one country called Saint Domingue. After a nine hour drive, we finally arrived in El Pocito, a small town in the north of the Dominican Republic. The Holy Spirit opened a door to the Dominican Republic through Elysee Alexandre. He is a fiery former Church of Christ preacher with a Master’s Degree in Ministry, whom I was privileged to baptize after explaining "to him the way of the Lord more adequately," during my fifth trip to Haiti in 2017! He currently leads our church in St-Marc (Haiti), a city an hour and-a-half away from Port-au-Prince.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic share
the Island of Hispaniola!
A couple of weeks before the 2018 Global Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, Elysee traveled to the Dominican Republic (DR) to share his new found convictions with Chelot Francois, a former Mainline Church of Christ preacher, whom he knew during his 15 years stay in the Dominican Republic. Chelot could see the glory of God in his testimony and invited us to come and teach his congregation. We were warmly welcomed by Chelot & Amecia – the lead couple of a church of about 80 members. We were blown away by the church's hospitality, as we later learned that their poor congregation had been collecting money to build a bedroom extension in their venue to host us. Some even sacrificed the equivalent of an entire month's wage to accomplish this goal! That same night on Thursday, September 6th, we did the Discipleship Study with 77 adults! The next three days were devoted to non-stop Bible studies!

Blaise studied the Bible with many open hearts!

Maryse, the Women's Ministry Leader of
Port-au-Prince, shared the Scriptures
with several women in the DR!

On Sunday after church, we counted the cost with 31 people and 15 of them were baptized including Chelot & Amecia! The next day we again counted the cost with many more and eight more made it into the waters of baptism, thus starting our first congregation of sold-out disciples in the Dominican Republic with 23 disciples!

On Sunday, September 9th, Elysee and Alexis
baptized the first 15 SoldOut Movement
Disciples in the DR!

On Monday, another eight were baptized!
I truly believe Chelot & Amecia are going to be key in spreading the Word in this great country!

Chelot & Amecia, the El Pocito ICC Leaders!

They have founded a school to take care of 65 underprivileged children from Haitian migration without any outside support. Chelot humbly uses the 12,000 pesos ($200) per month that he earns to serve God and the less fortunate. Their hearts for the poor, lost and destitute are breathtaking! I have full confidence they will not only change their small town of El Pocito, but will tremendously help to evangelize the rest of the Dominican Republic as well!

Elysee spent time with the children at the
benevolent school founded by
Chelot & Amecia!
On Monday, September 3rd, we could not hold back our tears with the new disciples, as we were about to drive back to the border. They kept begging us to come back soon. On our way back to the border in a local bus, I announced to those with me that Kip has decided to have the first Caribbean International Conference in Port-au-Prince sometime in October 2019! Despite the hours of traveling, Bible studies and prayer, the explosion of joy from my companions was extraordinary!

A true missionary travels light and fast!
Jesus had a donkey; Blaise had
a motorcycle!
One might ask, as they did concerning Nazareth, "Can anything good come from Haiti?" The answer with God is a resounding yes! Something very great is coming! From Haiti, there is a fire that is spreading to consume all nations of the Caribbean with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Thus from Alexis Turgeau – the small mustard seed of hope the Holy Spirit planted in 2013 – we now have 386 disciples in 11 churches on both sides of the Island of Hispaniola!

Elysee (left) is excited to have Chelot as a son
in the faith! Elysee is praying for Chelot
to have the same impact in the DR
as Alexis has had in Haiti!
Please keep the churches in Haiti and the Dominican Republic in your prayers as we are praying to multiply to over 500 disciples in both countries by October 2019, when we host the Caribbean Missions Conference in Port-au-Prince! And to God be the glory!

Micky Ngungu – Lead Evangelist of Kinshasa: Greetings from the Democratic Republic of Congo! Since the 2018 GLC, the Kinshasa Church has been empowered by the Spirit as we have seen 24 baptisms!

On Friday, September 28th, eight were baptized
and found "a peace beyond understanding!"

The Kinshasa Church should break the 300 barrier soon as we now have 296 disciples! Among them are Dr. Edo & Prisca Osongo! They were living together and had a child. When we showed them from the Scriptures that they were immoral, they did not hesitate to split. They were baptized in September, and then were married this past week!

Edo & Prisca Osongo were baptized,
and then, two weeks later were
united in marriage!
Another good news is that on the 15th of September, Percy Sampi, the powerful brother who was leading the campus ministry until the reconstruction, proposed to his girlfriend Bobette Mahilu! She said, “YES!” Percy was the only remnant in the campus ministry, yet God has used him in a powerful way and today the campus ministry numbers 52 sold-out disciples! 

Percy & Bobette became engaged and shared
their good news at Communion!
A few days before that, Jacinthe Nsamba was engaged to Sophia Mupala, who is my wife Lyly's niece and the daughter of our sister Marthe Mupala! Two weddings very soon in Kinshasa! 

Congratulations to Jacinthe & Sophia
on their engagement!
All of us were very encouraged that our sister Sarah Ngungu found a job last month! When she first sent her resume to that company, one of her friends who worked there told her she needed to lie by adding a few jobs under her experience, because she did not have very much experience at all. Of course, Sarah refused to lie because she was a disciple and she was not going to lie because she desperately needed a job! Amazingly, two weeks later, Sarah received a call from that company for an interview! God was working! 

Sarah Ngungu prayed to God for a job as the
unemployment rate in Kinshasa is 49%!

There were more or less 20 people that applied for that job. Sarah and three others were short-listed for an interview with the CEO the following day! During the interview, the last question the CEO asked Sarah was if she could be "flexible" about changing numbers "here and there" to avoid some taxes. He asked in such a way that made her believe that is actually what he wanted, because that is how things work in Congo. As the CEO was insisting, Sarah told him firmly her integrity was not negotiable. At that moment, she was convinced that she would not get the job. Yet, she was happy because she did not mortgage her convictions! That is how the interview ended. What a surprise it was when she received a call while she was still on her way back home, telling her the job was hers! She later understood when she started to work that the question was a trick question, because the number one rule of that company is "integrity no matter what!" So she is now working and she is very happy to work in an environment that will not make her struggle! To God be the glory!

Sarah shared her victory with the
entire Kinshasa Church!
Oleg Sirotkin – Lead Evangelist of Moscow: The last seven weeks have been quite fruitful with 11 additions – eight baptisms and three restorations! Excitingly, Leo, the author of many books on the transformation of the body, was baptized in the beginning of September!

Our new Russian brother Leo is ready to help all
the brothers of the Kingdom get in shape!

We are very grateful to God for the baptism of Alena, a new very beautiful and talented teenager! After several Bible studies, she convinced her parents that her baby baptism did not bring her salvation and did not change her heart. Alena shared also about our church as a loving family! At her first devo, she came with her brother, who immediately became a friend to all our teens! Miraculously, her parents now really like our church!

Alena rejoiced in her new-found
relationship with God!

Our group of teenagers is already Five Bible Talks, and two weeks ago, they became the Teen Sector!

The Moscow Teen Sector!

We are grateful that we are an "International Church" and can exchange ideas using the specifics of our congregations in different nations. Russia is not an English-speaking country, but many want to learn this language. In May at our Eurasian Missions Conference, Raul Moreno and Luca Di Beo shared with me about an innovation in the São Paulo Church: A Saturday night English Service for those who want to search for God and learn English. Upon hearing this, we too thought that an English Service in Moscow might be an excellent resource to bring people to study the Bible. So last Saturday, we started our first English Church Service! I delivered the sermon in Russian, and Sophia (my daughter) translated! There are already seven new people who also came to the Sunday Service and have already begun to study the Bible!

The English Service added another dimension to
the outreach of the Moscow Church!

Oleg was very proud of his daughter Sophia
as she translated his Russian
Sermon into English!
Richie McDonnell – Lead Evangelist of Manila: Greetings from the Filipino Fire in the Philippines! In the last seven weeks since the GLC, we have been blessed with 24 additions in Manila, thus giving us 121 additions for 2018 – 86 baptisms, 19 restorations and 16 place memberships! It was so awesome on September 16th, as we had our College Sunday BYND where everyone wore clothing representing their favorite college or school! God showed His favor as He gave us 387 in attendance and two baptisms, despite Typhoon Ompong hitting the Philippines that weekend! 

The disciples were "extra excited" after the Metro
Manila College Sunday Pre-service Huddle!
We are so honored to now have Blady & Cielo Perez (and their son Bryce) with us in Manila as they train while leading the Central Region to be sent back to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to "officially" plant the church in June 2019, Lord-willing! Furthermore, we are collecting a local 25X Special Missions Contribution in December and currently have already collected 34% of our goal! 

Blady, Cielo and Bryce Perez were thrilled to
participate in the ICCM Metro Manila!
It was also very exciting as Carlos Robielos started dating Kwek "Quennie" Biongnan on September 15th, and RJ Castro started dating Vynne Mharie of Cebu on October 3rd! We are so happy for both of these new dating couples! Incredibly, thus far in 2018, the Lord has blessed the Metro Manila Church with one wedding, two engagements and five new dating couples! 

Carlos has finally found his "queen" in Quennie!

John & Anna Malnegro - the Cebu Church Leaders -
were excited for RJ & Vynne, even though
it meant that Vynne would move
from Cebu to Manila!
In the Cebu Church, God has worked very powerfully recently! They had their First Anniversary Worship Service on September 9th! Amazingly, with 39 disciples, they had an attendance of 185 and 10 baptisms and one restoration that Sunday! In the last seven weeks, God has blessed the Cebu Church with 20 additions – 19 baptisms and one restoration! The Cebu Church is currently at 56 disciples, which is 75% year-to-date growth! They need eight additions to bring the total membership to 64, which would be double their starting membership!

The First Anniversary Service of the Cebu Church
had a record attendance of 185 and
a record 10 baptisms!
Lastly, it was so great for Elizabeth & I to make our first visit to the Guam Church last week! We are very grateful to Tony Untalan (who is from Guam), as he also came to help us disciple and unify the church. Satan was trying to get a huge victory there, but thankfully the Spirit worked powerfully and the church is back on track!

Bryson & Jazzy Okuno - the Guam Church Leaders -
were refreshed by the visit and teaching of
Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell!

Matt Sullivan – Lead Evangelist of Miami: Greetings from the SAGES World Sector Campus Conference (SWSCC)! On Sunday, October 14th, we closed out the SWSCC – LET THERE BE LIGHT with our highest attendance of the year of 183, as Marcel Turner – Miami's dynamic Campus Minister – preached a sermon of a lifetime!

According to all reports, Marcel did an excellent
job in his preaching and in directing the
SAGES Campus Conference!

Adrian & Kacie Jimenez along with the Miami Band performed a new Kingdom song written with the theme of the conference, and the church sang this anthem with all their hearts! We had campus disciples in town from Boston, Syracuse, New York City, Gainesville, Tampa and Orlando! Visiting were the Markarians (Lead Ministry Couple of Gainesville), the Eckels (Lead Ministry Couple of Tampa Bay), the Chloupeks (Lead Ministry Couple of Orlando), as well as our guest speakers from São Paulo – Vini Rodrigues & Bia Hida, the Campus Ministry Leaders of the University of São Paulo (USP)!

The Miami Church had a record attendance of 183
the Sunday of the SAGES Campus Conference!

The lessons from Vini & Bia were literally astounding, as the discipling and faith of Raul & Lynda Moreno has been stamped firmly in their hearts! They powerfully preached the Word and cut us deeply with such passion, depth of Scriptural knowledge, and wisdom that often after their messages, the students and us "older folk" would simply give a standing ovation! Wow!

Though Vini & Bia will graduate from USP
in December, they joyfully sacrificed
the time to preach at the SAGES
Campus Conference!

Friday night after the Campus Devo with 88 in attendance, we witnessed the baptism of Thailer (pronounced Tyler) our fifth Florida International University (FIU) man baptized in the last five weeks!

Thailer "saw the light" and became the fifth FIU man
baptized in the last five weeks!

In addition, just after the Speakers Dinner Thursday night, Jacob Wessels & Hannah Fadeyi were engaged to be married! 

Congratulations to Jacob & Hannah as they will
have a rosy future as married disciples!

With much love and gratitude: Thank you Morenos for sending Vini & Bia! As well, a special warm thank you to Vini & Bia and Marcel & Tia – the Directors of the SWSCC – for the best Campus Conference ever! Lastly, thank you Mike & Chenelle Patterson for the vision to initiate this momentous event!

Chi Leong – Lead Evangelist of Hong Kong: Praise God that He has allowed us to publish our first ever Chinese Bulletin! We are so inspired to dream for the evangelization of all of China! It would be greatly appreciated if you could forward this to any Chinese disciples in your church in the hope that they will join us in this amazing quest!

Please help to sign up every Chinese
disciple in every church for Hong
Kong's new Chinese Bulletin!
Raja Rajan – Lead Evangelist of New Delhi: The New Delhi Mission Team – "the 38 Spartans" – were sent out by the Holy Spirit from Chennai at the 2018 South Asia Missions Conference! We landed in New Delhi on Saturday, April 28th. We came to New Delhi with only one teen – Isheeta, Debs & my daughter now 13 years old! So, in 23 weeks, God has blessed us with now 23 teen disciples through 22 teen baptisms!

Dhruv's parents are still part of the ICOC, yet they
wanted their son to be baptized in the New
Delhi ICC, as they agreed that the ICOC
had drifted away from the truth!
Therefore, the New Delhi Church has grown from 38 to 126 disciples in 23 weeks – through 56 baptisms and 22 restorations!

The New Delhi Bible Talk Leaders Meeting was
filled with incredible reports of the many
miracles that God was doing in
each Bible Talk!
There is going to be a change of leadership for the Bangalore Church. John & Salma – the New Delhi Teen Leaders – arrived in Bangalore this week to lead the church! We will be blessed to receive into New Delhi, Christopher & Maria – the former leaders of the Bangalore Church!

John & Salma are the new Bangalore
Church Leaders!
Plans are being made now to plant the fourth Indian Church in Kolkata – a city of 14.3 million lost souls – at the 2019 South Asia Missions Conference! Please continue to pray for the Indian Churches to forcefully advance the Kingdom of God throughout India and South Asia!

Kolkata is known as the "City of Joy!"
Everardo Esparza – Lead Minister of Albuquerque: Greetings from the 17th OPERATION EAGLE Church! This week has been exciting for the city as it hosts its Annual International Balloon Fiesta! People from all over the world travel to be a part of the hot air balloon action! This year, God has allowed us to volunteer as a church selling calendars at the fiesta to raise money for special missions!

Everardo & Jen Esparza have inspired the
Albuquerque Church to new heights!
It’s been four months since our Supplemental Mission Team landed here in "The Q" and God has allowed us to see six amazing baptisms! We are currently at 18 members and many more who are past the Discipleship Study! We are so grateful that God has added a young married couple named Jet & Yuri Heredia to our number! Yuri is cousins with Eunice and Bridgette from LA's Metro Heights Region!


Jet & Yuri Heredia are the first married couple
baptized in the Albuquerque ICC!
Next, Tara was our first gal to be baptized into our University of New Mexico (UNM) Campus Ministry! She is studying to get her master’s and become an attorney! 

Tara is our first woman baptized in
the UNM Campus Ministry!
Our most recent miracle was the baptism of our first guy in our campus ministry, Angelo! He is a Freshman studying Electrical Engineering! Please pray for us as we pray for you!

Angelo is the first man baptized in
the UNM Campus Ministry!

Miguel Mendez – Lead Evangelist of Dubai: Greetings from your Middle East Family! “The smallest family will become a thousand people, and the tiniest group will become a mighty nation. At the right time, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” (Isaiah 60:22 NLT)

Miguel awaited the arrival of
his girlfriend Sadhvi!
I am in awe of what God is doing here in Dubai! It’s been four-and-a-half months since our dear brother and sister – RD & April Baker – graciously entrusted the leadership of the Dubai Church to Megan Mathews and me! At that time, there were 25 sold-out disciples, and now God has grown the church to exactly 40 disciples! We have grown 15 disciples – 10 baptisms, 4 place memberships, 1 restoration and praise God, there have been zero fall aways!

Arineitwe and Rookie were gloriously baptized
on Friday, October 12th!
Also good news is that this month, God has multiplied our Bible Talks from three to six Bible Talks!

As with Patrik Garcia's baptism, it is the custom
of the Dubai Church for all the brothers
and sister to gather for each
Middle East baptism!

My “personal good news” is that it has been such a joy to have my lovely, pure, gentle, noble, faithful and beautiful girlfriend Sadhvi Monfleur of Mexico City here by my side!

Flying all the way from Mexico City, Sadhvi
was elated to join her boyfriend Miguel in
the Middle East Mission Field!

I must say that Megan, Sadhvi and all the sisters have been doing a phenomenal job! Pray for the women as they have 16 solid Bible studies going on, and pray for the men as we have 12 solid Bible studies!

Sadhvi's new mom in the faith - Megan Mathews!

Keep praying for more workers, because the harvest is so great here in Dubai and throughout the Middle East!

Joe Willis – Lead Evangelist of Sydney: Last week, we saw two baptisms and our very first restoration ever from one of our baptisms!

Esther is radiant after she is restored to the
Lord and His church by Merari
(right) and Kerry!
Keala was baptized at Women’s Midweek! She is an exchange student from Phoenix, Arizona!

Keala was baptised at Women's Midweek!
Our second baptism that week was Lin, who is from Shanghai! Margot Clague met her with Jenna Loheed! This is the first time Margot has been "personally fruitful" in her 23 years as a disciple! Great preparation for her going on the Auckland (New Zealand) Mission Team!

Margo Clague (right), after 23 years as a disciple,
finally met an open person - Lin!
Then, Hejia was baptized this week, another Chinese student in his first year at UNSW! We have been praying for this to be the "best year of our lives" in Sydney, and so far God has answered as the church has grown from 47 to now 68 disciples!

Scotty Iakopo - the Auckland Mission Team Leader -
asked Hejia the two most important
questions of his life!

Since Nicole is Chinese, the Seattle Church
graciously sent her to Sydney to train
for Chinese Missions!
Please be praying about the Austral-China Missions Conference (ACMC) to be held November 2-4, 2018 in Sydney!

The compelling theme for the 2018

We will have such a variety of events! The ACMC will start on Wednesday night with our Speakers Dinner under the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge!

The ACMC Speakers Dinner will be held under the
renowned Sydney Harbor Bridge!
On Thursday night, the Church Builders Workshop will be held in the City Centre next to the Town Hall and the famous Queen Victoria Arcade!

The ACMC Church Builders Workshop will be held
next to the beautiful Queen Victoria Arcade!
The main conference will be held in a private conference venue in the bush land overseeing a local beach just one hour from the City Centre!

The ACMC will be held at a private
venue with scenic views!

Lord willing, the historic Send Off of the Auckland Mission Team will be at the Sunday Session of the conference!

The Auckland Mission Team will be sent out at the
ACMC Sunday Morning Service!

We will finish with the Church Banquet Buffet on Sunday night on a three tier boat which will travel around Sydney Harbor!

The ACMC will conclude with a Kingdom Banquet
aboard a ship which will travel around
breath-taking Sydney Harbor!
Included in the $440 AUS ($320 USA) Registration Fee are two nights' accommodation, all five main meals in the cafeteria hall, coffee and snacks, registration packs, plus free tennis, basketball and volleyball! It is not too late to register a
Michael Williamson – Lead Evangelist of London: Greetings from the UK! We are encouraged that God has blessed us with forty-three additions this year (10 baptisms since the GLC), as we continue to build Europe! We collected over 500 new contacts as all of the universities have now officially started their school year! Two weeks ago, we baptized an awesome campus student Chris, who goes to the prestigious Queen Mary University! Chris is a five-talent young man, studying Biomedical Science, plays five instruments, and also is the President of the Queen Mary Boxing Society! We are super grateful that instead of fighting to become a society on campus, we baptized a fighter who leads a society!

All of the London Brothers have a
great vision for Chris!
God is moving in our South Region – led by Tomiwa & Vienne Safe-Adewumi, the Amsterdam (Netherlands) Mission Team Leaders – with the glorious baptisms of Tomas & Dana! Through the studies, Tomas & Dana made a huge life change, giving up their dreams to go back to Slovakia to pursue opening a small business and pursuing pharmacy at university. They saw that although they had faith in God, they had never been made into true disciples. Praise God, they made the decision to seek God with all their hearts, stay in London, get baptized, and have a new dream to take God's truth back to their homeland of Slovakia!

Tomas & Dana have a dream to plant the
church in their homeland of Slovakia!
Tomas & Dana were originally met by James Gordine, who is married to our sister Hilarie! Also heart-warming, is that on Sunday, Hilarie gave birth to their lovely daughter Isobella Lynn, weighing in at nine pounds!

Congratulations to James & Hilarie Gordine
on the birth of their beautiful
daughter Isobella Lynn!
Sunday in the West Region, Jada was baptized! Rebecca met Jada at Queen Mary University almost two years ago! Jada studied the Bible three times over the past two years, but this third time she finally was broken by the Word and was baptized!

Rebecca Grey (second from the left) met Jada two
years ago and after three times studying the
Bible, Jada was baptized!
I am very proud of Frank Simelane, who leads the church in Birmingham! Frank is the only full-time staff person! Remarkably, all of the recent additions in Birmingham have been from the campus ministry! There were three baptisms the week before the GLC, and two baptisms since the GLC!

Praise God for the Birmingham Campus Ministry as
Ryan and Gerard are the newest additions!

Please keep us in your prayers as we gear up for the 2018 EMC – EVEN GREATER THINGS! This year we are blessed to have Raja & Debs Rajan, Luke Speckman, Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin, Raul & Linda Moreno, and of course, Kip & Elena McKean!

Pray for the participants of the 2018 EMC to
leave with the conviction that God
will use them to do EVEN
Alfredo Anuch – Lead Evangelist of Santiago: Greetings from Chile! The Lord keeps blessing the "Latin America and Texas World Sector!" Great news: Tulio & Vaítsa Amaral – the new leaders of the Bogotá (Colombia) Church – are Brazilian (converted in São Paulo) and just secured their missionary visas! 

The newlyweds - Tulio & Vaítsa Amaral - are the
new leaders of the Bogotá (Colombia) Church!

The incredible Bogotá
Campus Ministry!

Tulio is a "Kingdom Kid" and as such grew up with many friends from our former fellowship. One of those friends, Rodrigo, was studying the Bible with Tulio to get restored when the Spirit called Tulio to go to Bogotá. The other brothers finished the studies, and Rodrigo, who happens to be a lawyer working in a firm, was finally restored! 

Rodrigo - a "Kingdom kid" - was
restored to the Kingdom!

Please place on your calendars our 2019 South American Missions Conference (SAMC) coming up soon on February 1-3, 2019! We share the hosting of this conference with São Paulo every other year. This year, we are honored to serve as hosts! The 2019 SAMC theme is THE CONQUEST! God willing, during the SAMC, the Lima (Peru) Mission Team will be sent to plant another nation for our God! Here is the link for more information:

THE CONQUEST is the visionary theme
for the 2019 SAMC!

We are praying for many to join us from the States as there is not a GLC this coming year! For those who are able to come, we hope and pray that you will feel deeply loved the days that you spend in our beloved country! May the conquest always be for His glory!

Danilo & Carol Bataglin - USP converts and now
leading the DFW Campus Ministry - are
the Lima Mission Team Leaders!

Andrew Smellie – Lead Evangelist of Lagos: Greetings from the Motherland of Africa! Yesterday was "another bad day for the devil," as four more souls were united with the Lord in baptism – Bodun, a business owner; Stella, a sales associate; Chigozie, a computer hardware specialist, as well as Ope, a University of Lagos Student! To God be the glory!

On Sunday, October 14th, the Lagos Church gave
birth to quadruplets: Bodun, Stella,
Ope and Chigozie!
The zeal of the church was also on display as we had our bi-annual Bible Talk Expo! Each of our 14 Bible Talks shared their visions and goals as "mission team" members to their neighborhoods! It was encouraging to see the creativity and "flair" of the disciples as each Bible Talk "represented" for their communities!  

At the Lagos Bible Talk Expo, Ariel Hazelton
introduced the Extraordinary
Women Bible Talk!

One of our visitors at our worship service was Makhumula Semu, a denominational minister from Malawi who has been sponsored by Jonathan Panossian (CAICC disciple) to come and train in Lagos for three weeks! He originally met Michael Ochwa (London ICC) online back in 2015, and has remained eager to learn and train the 400+ souls who have come to join him back in Blantrye, Malawi! After meeting with him a few days ago, he expressed his eagerness to study the Bible every day to become a true disciple of Jesus!

Pray for Semu - a denominational minister from
Malawi - who is eagerly studying the Bible
every day in Lagos to become a true
disciple of Jesus Christ!
After our incredible Sunday service, we had our quarterly New Christian Orientation Class! It has been incredible to witness the zeal of the 33 souls who have been baptized over the past three months!

The New Christian Orientation Class inspired
many new Kingdom dreams!

All of our new Christians shared their "Kingdom dreams" and were eager to learn about the history, structure and leadership of the SoldOut Movement, as well as the "Do's and Don'ts" of Kingdom dating!

At the New Christian Orientation, Tolani & Kate
shared about pure dating and the practicals
in their dating relationship!

Please pray for us as we continue to work hard toward our prayer goals for the rest of the year, including raising up new leaders and inspiring every disciple to be fruitful by the end of the year! We are now 128 disciples for the Lord! Thank you so much for your love and support!   
On Friday, September 14th, Elena & I boarded a plane to fly from LA to Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Milwaukee was the setting for the 70's TV Series Happy Days and Lavern and Shirley! As well, in the 1992 comedy movie Wayne's World, Alice Cooper explained to Wayne Campbell that "Millioke" pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" is the Algonquin (Native American) name for Milwaukee which means "the good land!"

The phenomenal Milwaukee Inaugural
Service had 178 in attendance!
On Friday evening, Jay & Barb Shelbrack – the Milwaukee Mission Team Leaders, Cory & Jee Blackwell – the World Sector Leaders for the USA Midwest and the Middle East, and Elena & I met for dinner. We discussed not only the upcoming Inaugural Service, but also many future plans for the Midwest!

The McKeans, the Shelbracks and the Blackwells
were "fired up" about the Milwaukee Planting!
On Saturday, the Shelbracks and Elena & I met with four ICOC members to study the Scriptures about God's New Movement! That evening, Elena & I were blessed to go on a "quadruple date" with the Blackwells, Victor & Marlyn Montano, and Marvell Holder & Alexys Hall! What a great time of reminiscing and dreaming!

Defining "cool" for the 70's, Henry Winkler played
"Fonzie" (The Fonz) on the hit show Happy Days!

Marvell & Alexys joined Elena at Milwaukee's
famous "Bronze Fonz!"
On Sunday, September 17th was the incredible Inaugural Service of the 18th OPERATION EAGLE Planting – the Milwaukee International Christian Church! God blessed the 21 disciples on the mission team, their first baptism – Max, the 31 out-of-town disciples, and the 29 children in Kids Kingdom with an attendance of 178 which included 96 adult visitors!

To set up the stage for the Inaugural Service,
Benjamin Serrano (left) of Milwaukee was
helped by Victor Droblas of Chicago!

Roger Parlour - a Chicago Shepherd - led the
moving hymn, It Is Well With My Soul!

In the Welcome, Kip & Elena shared that
Milwaukee is the 18th OPERATION
EAGLE Church!
Highlighting the day was the Communion by Marvell & Alexys, the Contribution by Victor & Marlyn, and the incredible sermon by Jay – maybe his best – entitled, THAT IS WHY I HAVE COME!

During the Communion, Alexys shared about her
dark past and that her family asked, "Where
has our Alexys gone?" Alexys replied,
"She left at baptism!"

Katie Kline sang acapella How Great Thou Art
as a solo during Communion!

The opening line for the Montanos' Contribution
Charge was from a billboard against drug
and sex trafficking, "Wisconsin,
we need to talk!"

Jay delivered an extraordinary sermon entitled,

The Fenton Family drove up from Lake Forest,
Illinois where they saw Noah (second from
the right) graduate from the Great Lakes
Naval Training Center! 

Bob McMurray of NYC brought his mom Marilyn
who was 86 years old and had just won
five gold medals at the Wisconsin
Senior Olympics!
To close the service, Cory & Jee gave a rousing charge and Marlyn's first cousin Maritza was baptized!

Maritza resigned from being a nurse at the Mayo
Clinic - one of the finest hospitals in the
world - to move from Minneapolis to
Milwaukee to be with the SoldOut
Movement Church!

That evening, the Milwaukee Mission Team celebrated the many ways the Lord had moved in the Inaugural Service! Norma Guy – Alexys' great aunt – was so kind to allow us to meet in her back porch which was so large that 30 of us easily fit and had plenty of room to sit and eat!

Alexys gave her great aunt the Inaugural Service
flowers as a "thank you" for hosting the
Inaugural Service Celebration Party!
The Inaugural Service Celebration Party was filled with food that was "all things Wisconsin!"

Maritza helped Victor cook Milwaukee food
favorites - hamburgers and
"bräts" (brätwurst)!

Delicious bräts!

Cory and Max - Milwaukee's first baptism -
become great friends over

Wisconsin is home to chocolate manufacturers
(Nestle, Ambrosia/Cargill Cocoa and
Chocolate North America) and lots
of small chocolate shops!

Jay is a fervent Green Bay Packer Football
fan and could not be happier to
be back in Wisconsin!

Jazilyn's new playmate is none other than
Cory Blackwell - World Sector Leader!

During the sharing at the Celebration Party, Jay & Barb expressed how fired up they are to be back home in Wisconsin as they became disciples there! Elena & I were very impressed by their zealous and passionate leadership, particularly in their personal evangelism!

Jay commended the Milwaukee Church to begin
the sharing at the Celebration Party!

Following Jay's sharing, Barb poured
out her heart as well!

Also, Marvell – who is from Milwaukee – shared about his 35 personal non-Christian visitors, 32 of which were from his extended family!

Marvell shared about the tremendous impact
that the Inaugural Service had on his family!

Marvell's 32 family members that visited the
Milwaukee Inaugural Service!
As of the writing of this email, Marvell's 22 year old little brother Malik and Shirnese Jones-Castille were baptized!

Marvell's little brother Malik was the first "Holder"
to be baptized after the Inaugural!

Shirnese became a sold-out disciple
just last week!

Lord willing, Tim & Lynn Hallmar of the ICOC will be placing membership next Sunday! Also good news: Marlyn is now full-time in the ministry! Prayerfully, Victor will be full-time in the ministry come May 2019!

Prayerfully, Victor will join Marlyn in the full-time
ministry in May 2019 after Milwaukee's
Missions Contribution!

Three days after returning to LA from Milwaukee, I flew from LA to San Francisco to Seoul (South Korea) to Phnom Penh (Cambodia)! I arrived Friday night at 10:30PM on September 23rd and was given a SoldOut Movement Welcome by Nick Bordieri and the Phnom Penh Remnant Group – then of just nine disciples! As well, Richie McDonnell and Blady Perez both of Manila greeted me at the airport!

The Phnom Penh Remnant Group was joined by
Richie McDonnell and Blady Perez of Manila
to give Kip a very heartsy SoldOut
Movement Welcome!

My first visit to Phnom Penh was in early 1997 to visit HOPEworldwide's new Sihanouk Hospital! At that time, I was deeply moved by the warmth and humility of the Cambodian people. In February 2001, I brought the ICOC World Sector Leaders to visit the HOPE Sihanouk Hospital and to preach at the then 300 member Phnom Penh ICOC! Now in 2018, the city has changed so much – so modern, so much construction, and so little care for people.

Blady and Kip enjoyed their impromptu
breakfast of coffee!

Best of friends, Nick and Kip visited the Sihanouk
Hospital Center of Hope!

The HOPE Sihanouk Hospital was famous in Cambodia. Why so you may ask? In the late 70's, the Khmer Rouge – under the cruel dictatorship of Pol Pot in a country of 11 million people – slaughtered two million innocents. For the most part, this was a purposeful genocide of the intelligentsia – doctors, politicians, educators, etc.

Since opening in 1996, the Sihanouk Hospital has
treated almost 1.5 million people!

So the HOPE Sihanouk Hospital set about to train doctors in a nation where they had been eradicated. The Cambodian people were greatly moved by our efforts, particularly the efforts of our lead Cambodian doctor – Dr. Tan Kim Meng! Sadly, with the collapse of the ICOC and HOPEworldwide in the 2000's, when I visited the hospital on Saturday, September 22nd, it was a barely functional hospital and in great need of repair. My heart ached as I witnessed a decaying monument to a glorious but forgotten past. Later Saturday, I visited the beautiful new clinic of Dr. Tan!

After leaving the Sihanouk Hospital, Dr. Tan
built a beautiful new clinic!
Following, we traveled to meet General Chhem – a one star General in charge of Cambodia's Military Police – at his new cafe!. 

At their first meeting in General Chhem's new cafe,
General Chhem, Kip, Nick and the other dignitaries
enjoyed a delicious meal and finalized the
plans for the next day's Signing of the
Memorandum of Understanding!

After a delightful lunch and coffee, the General asked us to tour "his" orphanage with which MERCY was to partner!

The General gave an extensive tour of the
facilities at the orphanage!

The sizeable Boys Dorm!

The field in back of the Boys Dorm!

The General explained his vision of AstroTurf
for the field behind the Boys Dorm for
soccer and other games!

Richie saw the potential of the basketball court!

New bathrooms with toilets is one of the first
priorities in renovating the orphanage!

For approximately 30 girls, there are only two
bathrooms. The General showed us where he
would like to build many more bathrooms!

The computer room is located on the
third floor of the Boys Dorm!

One of the sleeping rooms for the boys!

The Girls Dorm!

Behind the Girls Dorm, food is prepared and dishes
are washed! Therefore, a new kitchen and a
teaching kitchen are top priorities as well!

On the third floor of the Girls Dorm is a spacious
hall for 200, where prayerfully after renovations,
the Phnom Penh Church will someday meet!

While standing on the third floor balcony of the
Girls Dorm, General Chhem and Nick dream
of growing the orphanage from 58
children presently to 200!

At 30 years old, Professor Heng teaches at a
nearby college and lives at the orphanage
to help with the children!

At 4:30PM, Blady, Nick and I met to count the cost in placing membership with Rithy & Phana – 19 year old remnant disciples – that literally sold everything to move from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh! This is a distance of 320 km or 200 miles! A few months ago, Joe Willis and Blady visited with Rithy & Phana in Siem Reap, and so were instrumental in moving their hearts (and two children) to join the New Movement!

Rithy & Phana Keo (center) had a terrific Bible study
on the New Movement with Blady, Nick and Kip!

Then we gathered the disciples at Nick's apartment for a time of dinner and fellowship! (The Bordieris have signed a year's contract!) Following this delightful time, we all went to the airport to greet Nick's amazing wife Denise, who was coming from Eugene, where she had dropped off the Bordieri daughters for college at the University of Oregon.

The view from the top of the Bordieris' apartment
building! They are renting a two-bedroom
apartment for $900 per month!

Nick opened up the fellowship dinner for the entire
Phnom Penh Church with a Scripture

Tasty Cambodian foods such as amok!

Pheakday, Socheat, Marysa and Methuselah Kim!

Sreyon, Jesda, Morakod and Ramsey Pov! Please
pray for little Jesda as he is in the hospital
with dengue fever!

Church on Sunday was spectacular! Three place memberships: Denise, Rithy & his wife Phana!

The special invitation for the Sunday
Worship Service on September
23rd at the Sen Han Hotel!

All the Phnom Penh Disciples were praying for
their friends to come to the service! God
answered their prayers as 40
were in attendance!

The new Phnom Penh ICC Leaders - Nick
& Denise Bordieri!

The first song was led by Pheakday!

Nick introduced the three place memberships:
Rithy, Phana and Denise!

With the vision of a Teen Ministry - Marysa, Naomi,
Nisa, Denise and Morakod - quickly became
friends! Marysa and Morakod are
now studying the Bible!

Though our singing needed a little work, we had exactly 40 in attendance! Nick had three personal visitors! As well, there were several remnant disciples in the audience! One of the Phnom Penh leaders Pheakday delivered Communion and Richie was awesome at Contribution!

Richie - translated by Blady - delivered
a convicting Contribution!

I was honored to preach on THE DREAM, which was subtitled, WHAT CAN 12 DISCIPLES DO? since the Phnom Penh Church after the three place memberships now numbered 12 members!

With the three place memberships, the Phnom Penh
ICC became 12 disciples, so Kip preached
THE DREAM but subtitled it, WHAT
I hurried back to the hotel to shower for the Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding with the orphanage! The next few hours were beyond anything I could ask or imagine! We gathered with about 20 dignitaries from Cambodia, Thailand and the USA! We had coffee, and then the General had us walk to the orphanage!


General Chhem envisions all of the orphans to
work and save money while they are going to
school! He employs many of them at his
cafe! Phors - one of the orphans who
is now studying the Bible - served
Denise before the Signing!

The gathering of the dignitaries at General Chhem's
office at his cafe before the Signing Ceremony!

At the cafe, Kip was able to meet General
Chhem's wife Sam Chantheravy and
his son Chhem Virasun!
A huge tent was prepared for the orphans, the onlookers and other visitors for this historic event! Another tent was built with a platform facing the crowd. The General had his wife and son on his left, I was on his right with Nick & Denise! Cameras were rolling as we entered and then General Chhem handed me the Order of Events!

The seating of the dignitaries at the Signing
Ceremony for the Memorandum
of Understanding!

The audience included the 58 young men and
women at the orphanage!

I had thought that General Chhem had asked me on Saturday to do the prayer, but when I looked at the program, I was to deliver the "Keynote Address!" Well, after a three-minute preparation in my mind, I spoke on dreaming, and Blady did a terrific job translating me into Khmer! Though I was speaking to a predominantly Buddhist audience, I talked about how all that gathered that day were united in a common dream to change Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Southeast Asia and the world! I shared that dreamers were people that did not see things as they are, but as they could be! I then told the moving story from Cervante's The Man Of La Mancha of Eldonza the prostitute that Don Quixote – a crazy dreamer – saw as a sweet woman and said her name was not (harsh-sounding) Eldonza, but (literally sweet) Dulcinea!

Kip delivered the Keynote Address!

I closed with T. E. Lawrence's (Lawrence of Arabia) autobiographical quote, "All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night... wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men [and women] for they may act on their dreams with open eyes to make it possible. This I did!" Well, I guess I did a pretty good job... at least the General and the disciples thought so!

Kip closed his message with a quote from Lawrence
of Arabia on becoming "dangerous dreamers!"

Following was the Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding! Ney Sakal (Board Member of the Cambodia Social Welfare Mission – CSWM – and Secretary of Finance of Cambodia) and Nick (President of MERCYworldwide) signed. Then General Chhem (Chairman of the Board of the CSWM) and I (Chairman of the Board of MERCYworldwide) signed!

Ney Sakal - the Secretary of Finance for Cambodia -
and Nick were the first to sign!

Following, General Chhem and Kip
signed the Memorandum!

The historic Memorandum of Understanding!

Many of the orphans joined the dignitaries on stage
for a formal picture of this grand occasion!

Following was a fantastic Celebration Dinner for all the orphans and dignitaries! What a day, as this was one of the highlights of my year!

A delicious Celebration Dinner was provided by
MERCY for all of the dignitaries, visitors
and the children!

The fish was served with several
different flavored sauces!

The General, Naomi, Kip and the children gave a
toast... most with cans of Coca Cola!

The banner for the Signing Ceremony for the
Memorandum of Understanding!

On Monday morning, Nick and I had a very moving breakfast with Dr. Tan, who still attends the ICOC. Then in the afternoon, Nick & Denise and I had lunch to plan out the next three months, as they will lead the Chhem MERCY Orphanage and the Phnom Penh Remnant Group!

Nick imitated Blaise in traveling
"light and fast!"

To close the afternoon, we met and studied with another remnant disciple. Then, I was off to the airport!

The "Disciple Gang" that turned Phnom
Penh upside down!
Pray for the orphanage as this is MERCY's first Signature Project that MERCY is supporting at $8,000 per month! Pray for the valiant Bordieris who are "going third world" in their 50's! Pray for the 58 orphans to become disciples! Pray for the Bordieris to prioritize and raise the money for the many needed repairs for the orphanage: bathrooms, kitchens, offices, air-conditioning, etc. Pray for Blady & Cielo Perez who are fluent in Khmer and are training in Manila under Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell to lead the Phnom Penh Mission Team in June 2019!

Pray for Blady & Cielo Perez training in Manila - who
are fluent in Khmer after 20 years in Cambodia -
to gather the Phnom Penh Mission Team
and return in June 2019!
On September 29th, since Elena was helping with two of our granddaughters in Dallas, I flew to Orlando to be with my mother whose 90th birthday was the following day! Though my extended family had all come together in August to celebrate Mom's 90th, as the grandchildren are in school in September, I did not want my mom to be alone on her "real" birthday! I arrived just in time on Saturday night, to celebrate with Mom's closest friends, a small party in her honor!


Kip and his mother Kim arrived for
her 90th Birthday Party!

The small gathering of Kip's mother's best friends!
On Sunday, Mom and I drove to the new location of the Orlando ICC which now meets in a beautiful Seventh Day Adventist building! Chris & Sonja Chloupek – the Orlando Church Leaders – have been so kind to Mom since my father’s passing in November. In fact, they had a beautiful bouquet of roses for her as she arrived that morning!

Sonja Chloupek enthusiastically greeted Kip's
mom with two dozen roses as she
entered the church building!

During the service, after the Communion and Contribution (the latter of which i was privileged to speak on), we sang Happy Birthday to Mom as they brought out a huge cake with candles! It was so big that it more than fed the entire church!

Kip's mom was again surprised during the
service as the entire church sang to
her, Happy Birthday!

Kip's mother thoroughly enjoyed Chris
Chloupek's often humorous sermon
entitled, CAN YOU HANDLE
That night, Mom and I had a beautiful dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Orlando! It indeed was a very special day! On Monday morning, Mom got up at 4:30AM to fix me breakfast! In leaving Mom at 5:30 in the morning, tears welled up in my eyes as I drove to the airport to return to LA. It was awesome to be back with Elena that afternoon!
On Thursday, October 4th, Elena & I flew through Denver, Colorado to Columbus, Ohio to participate in all the festivities surrounding the planting of the 19th OPERATION EAGLE Church – the Columbus International Christian Church! In the 1960's, I traveled every year to this city with my grandparents – who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana – to visit my Uncle Al & Aunt Rosemary! What a change has taken place in 50 years!

Kip & Elena received a warm SoldOut Movement
greeting from many on the Mission Team!
As is Elena & my custom in visiting churches, we try to spend quality time with the Church Leader Couple and their children! Therefore, on Thursday evening, Elena & I went to a fondue restaurant with the Rohn Family – Coltin, Mandee, Hailee and Trina – to celebrate Trina's fourth birthday!

Kip & Elena spent quality time with the Rohn Family
by eating at a very fun fondue restaurant!

It was Trina's "golden birthday:" She became
four years old on "that" October 4th!

For Trina's birthday, Kip & Elena gave her
a Children's Bible and some candies!

The McKeans also made sure that Hailee did
not feel left out so they brought
her the BibleForce Bible!
Friday, we had breakfast with Karen Maciel – Mandee's right hand sister and The Ohio State Campus Woman Leader!

At Friday's breakfast, the McKeans gave
Karen her favorite candies!

Then Coltin, Cory Blackwell, Joey Gregory (The Ohio State University Campus Minister), and I studied with three remnant ICOC brothers! That night, Cory & Jee Blackwell, Coltin & Mandee Rohn, and Elena & I met for dinner and had a Bible study on BUILDING THE MIDWEST CHURCHES!

The Blackwells (left), the Rohns and the McKeans
had a terrific dinner which was followed by
a Bible study on BUILDING THE
Saturday, the Blackwells and Elena & I were able to see where most of the Mission Team lives. It’s a three story "fraternity type house!" The brothers live in a separate duplex from the sisters and the Rohn Family lives above the brothers! Very inexpensive and it keeps the team literally quite close!

The "Christian Fraternity House" is only
a 10 minute scooter ride to The Ohio
State University (OSU) Campus!
Following, the Blackwells and us met with six of the eight disciples of the Indianapolis (Indiana) Remnant Group! I preached on, THE SPIRITUAL WORLD WAR!

The vivacious Indianapolis Remnant Group traveled
three hours to Columbus to participate in
the following day's Inaugural Service!!
That night Elena & I had a wonderful dinner with Joey's maternal grandparents and his mom – Jody, all of whom came from Alabama to support Joey at the Inaugural Service! There was an extra sense of joy in the city that night, as it was The Ohio State University’s Homecoming Weekend, and that afternoon, Ohio State had soundly defeated Indiana University in "American football" by the score of 49 - 26 to remain undefeated in 2018!

The McKeans so enjoyed Saturday night dinner
with Joey Gregory's grandparents and
mom, as well as with the girl of
his dreams - Karen!
On Sunday was the glorious Inaugural Service of the Columbus International Christian Church!

The site for the Columbus Inaugural Service was in
the gorgeous Ohio State University Union!

The OSU Campus Ministry Leaders -
Joey Gregory & Karen Maciel!

There was great singing! Elena & I were privileged to give the Welcome!

Kip & Elena shared in the Welcome about the
Milwaukee Inaugural Service and the
Chhem MERCY Orphanage!

Joey & Karen spoke as a team, so eloquently going over the service and the beautiful brochure given to all that were in attendance!

All 146 in attendance listened carefully to Joey &
Karen as they shared about the brochure that
included bio's of the Mission Team!

Then came a raw but riveting Communion for the ages by Mandee, who shared ever so vulnerably!

Mandee shared a raw, riveting
and impacting Communion!

Coltin hand-made from wood all of the Communion
trays which held both the unleavened
bread and the fruit of the vine!

A terrific Contribution Charge was delivered by two of the dating Mission Team members – Kevin Trujillo & Guldana Baydauletova!

Kevin & Guldana inspired the audience
during the Contribution Charge!
Coltin blew out his sermon entitled, FROM LEGION TO ONE from Mark 5! Though humorous at many points, he convicted us all! His father Earl was so proud of him! Also visiting were Kacie Jimenez's parents – Steve & Vicky Fligor!

Coltin preached from Mark 5 on, FROM
After a very enthusiastic close by Cory & Jee, the closing song was led by Coltin, Shut De Door, Keep Out De Devil!


Coltin not only preached, but he led the closing song,
Shut De Door, Keep Out De Devil!

Immediately following the closing song, Doris was baptized into Christ!

Doris is dearly beloved by the
entire Columbus Church!
Elena & I had lunch with our dear Karen's mom – Araceli, who flew in from Los Angeles the night before to encourage Karen! We have come to love Araceli so much!

Taking a week off of work, Karen's mom Araceli
came to support Karen at the
Inaugural Service!

Joe & Capil Estep - the Ann Arbor (Michigan)
Remnant Group Leaders - traveled 200
miles to participate in the Columbus
Inaugural Service!

Enjoying the fellowship are Carl, Coltin,
Coltin's father Earl, and Marlene! Carl
and Marlene are friends of Earl!

That night was of course the Celebration Dinner for the entire Mission Team! So encouraging was that Coltin & Mandee had 21 non-Christian visitors and Joey alone had 13!

There was so much for the Columbus Mission
Team to celebrate at the Celebration
Dinner on Sunday night!

Ben (left) and Camden were the first two baptisms
that God gave to the Columbus Mission Team!

Sent by the Phoenix Church, Teya Robinson shared
about the impact of the Inaugural on her friends!

RJ McKay shared powerfully at the Celebration
Dinner and is now full-time in the ministry!

As the World Sector Leaders for the Middle East
and the Midwest USA, Cory & Jee stirred the
hearts of the Mission Team and the new
converts with their vision
for the Midwest!
It was such an honor to be with my dear son and daughter in the faith Coltin & Mandee Rohn! I could not be prouder of them and their precious daughters! To see Joey & Karen so vibrant in reaching Ohio State students so inspired Elena & me! And to be working side-by-side with Cory & Jee... Well it doesn't get any better than that! Keep our three 2018 OPERATION EAGLE plantings – Albuquerque, Milwaukee and Columbus – in your prayers!

The Columbus Mission Team was sent
out at the 2018 GLC!
Then on Sunday, October 14th was the amazing wedding of Adam & Lauren Zepeda! Adam & Lauren have done an outstanding job in leading the Arts, Media and Sports (AMS) Region, and Elena & I are so blessed to disciple them alongside Ricky & Coleen Challinor!

At Kingdom Weddings which side of the aisle one
sits rarely matters, because we are "family"
with both the bride and the groom!

Though "young and inexperienced" and up to now single, Adam & Lauren have inspired the AMS Disciples in 2018 to be the fastest growing region – in numeric increase and percentage growth – in the entire City of Angels Church!

Lauren's dad escorted Lauren down the aisle!
In my sermonette at the Zepeda Wedding, I spoke on DESTINY! My three points to them were simply: 1) DESTINED BY LOVE (Ephesians 1:3-8), 2) DESTINED FOR EACH OTHER (Acts 17:26-27), 3) DESTINED FOR GREATNESS (Mark 10:41-45)! My custom is never to share with the couple that I am privileged to marry about my lesson. However, Lauren and I had secretly planned at the end of my lesson for her to sing a song that she had written though I had never heard it. Ironically, the theme of the song – You Are My First And More – was all about how Adam & Lauren were "destined" to be married!

The theme of Kip's sermonette at Adam's &
Lauren's Wedding was Destiny!
To conclude my third point, I shared that my dream for them – their destiny – is to lead the AMS Ministries around the world! After the pronouncement that they were husband & wife, Adam & Lauren shared their very first kiss!

As disciples who strived for complete purity during
their dating relationship, Adam's & Lauren's first
kiss was at the conclusion of their wedding!

After the wedding, all enjoyed a time of picture taking, eating and dancing!

The Zepeda Wedding Party!

Adam chose Ricky as his best man and Lauren
  selected Coleen as one of her bridesmaids!

Mr. & Mrs. Zepeda entered the
reception full of joy!

The AMS Region Leaders of the City of Angels
Church - Adam & Lauren Zepeda!

Adam's & Lauren's first dance
as a married couple!

Elena was very honored that Adam & Lauren had
her escorted into the wedding as an "abuela"
(grandmother) in the faith!

After the reception, Adam & Lauren - the AMS
Ministry Leaders for the SoldOut Movement -
began their adventure of a lifetime!
Let us continue to pray for this outstanding young couple to be even more fruitful as happy marrieds! And to God be all the glory!
New York City: On September 7th, Vlad & Nicole Antione celebrated the birth of their first child – Liam!

Congratulations to Vlad & Nicole Antione on
the birth of their first child - Liam!
Denver: Greetings from the Mile High City! We were all very excited to see our dear campus brother Sean Jones fruitful with the baptism of his mother Kathleen McClernan! Sean's father was baptized just a few months ago and now his mother is a disciple as well!

Sean Jones' prayers were answered as his
father and now his mother have
become baptized disciples!
São Paulo: Congratulations to Valdemar & Fernanda Monteiro on their marriage! Valdemar is in the Marines after graduating from USP with a Civil Engineering Degree! Fernanda also graduated from USP with a Master's Degree in Physics! They are now stationed in beautiful Rio!

Congratulations to Valdemar & Fernanda Monteiro!

Honolulu: Special Congratulations to Kawika & Reina Kelly, who have tirelessly served the Honolulu International Christian Church as Campus Interns and Administrators! God blessed their pure dating, as they were married on September 3rd in beautiful Oahu!

Congratulations to the newest Mr. & Mrs. Kelly -
Kawika & Reina!
London: Victor & Krista Ocheing, the Administrator Couple for the London Church and the European World Sector, were blessed with their second daughter Joelle Patricia on September 15th!

"Big Sister" Felgona Ocheing is very excited to
babysit "Little Sister" Joelle Patricia!

Kinshasa: This Tuesday afternoon, Roberta Tsambu Makaya, an awesome 21 year old sister in the campus ministry went onto glory, when she was hit by a car on her way back from the company where she did her internship. Until Monday, she was studying the Bible with two students: With the first student, Roberta did the Seeking God Study; with the second, she just finished the Cross Study. Monday, she arrived home after 10:00PM despite the dangers in Kinshasa, because she was doing a study. When asked if she was scared, she said, "I am doing His work. He will protect me.” Since the passing of her father, her mom, her two brothers and Roberta have lived with Micky & Lyly Ngungu. Her mom, Jeanne Makaya, is a very sold-out disciple and a Sector Leader in the Kinshasa Church. In Micky’s own words, “Roberta was my adoptive daughter!” The Ngungus have requested prayers for Roberta’s family and the entire Kinshasa Church.

Our dear sister Roberta visiting an orphanage
on the International Day of MERCY
on June 16, 2018!

Los Angeles – Antelope Valley Region: After almost 24 hours of labor on September 17th at 7:07AM, Preston & Shauna Inkley were blessed with a beautiful little boy, Elliott Liam!

Congratulations to Preston & Shauna - the
Antelope Valley Region Leaders - on the
birth of Elliot Liam Inkley!

Inland Empire: Congratulations to Sean & Krystal O'Connor – the Inland Empire Region Leaders – who were married on September 9th!


Congratulations to Sean & Krystal O'Connor - the
IE Region Leaders of the City of Angels Church!

Metro Heights: Pray to the Great Physician for our very dear brother Victor Gonzalez, who was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer! The doctors have begun treatments and believe that Victor has the potential for complete remission!

Though Victor has a great faith, please pray for
him as he was recently diagnosed
with bladder cancer!

Though sick, Victor helped Amparo Gomez - the
mother of Nick Gomez and the abuela of
Amelia Mack - to be restored
to the Lord!
West Region: Aramide ("My Family Has Come") Isabel Ann Ajayi was born to Simon & Ashley on September 27th at 6lbs. 2oz. and 18 inches long!

Congratulations to Simon & Ashley Ajayi on
the birth of Aramide Isabel Ann!
Praise God, Taylor Causey – the youngest daughter of John & Emma Causey – placed membership from the ICOC!

Congratulations to the entire Causey Family as
Taylor gladly placed membership
directly from the ICOC!

"O people of Zion… how gracious He will be when you cry for help! As soon as He hears, He will answer you. Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction… whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'" In early 2017, the Holy Spirit was working through SoldOut Movement Disciples to complete Phase One of the Crown of Thorns Project with the planting of Hong Kong! At that same time, God put upon my heart OPERATION EAGLE – a plan for the planting of discipling ministries in all 50 States of America by the end of 2024! At the beginning of 2017, there were SoldOut Movement Disciples in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington! Excitingly, in 2018, the Lord has planted Albuquerque, New Mexico – our 17th OPERATION EAGLE Church; Milwaukee, Wisconsin – our 18th OPERATION EAGLE Church; and Columbus, Ohio – our 19th OPERATION EAGLE Church!

Coltin Rohn dreams of the day when the The Ohio
State Stadium - which is the third largest in
America holding 105,000 people - will be
filled by the Columbus International
Christian Church!
During the Columbus Inaugural Weekend, the Spirit used this occasion to redirect my thinking – "this is the way; walk in it" – about the future OPERATION EAGLE plantings! The objective of OPERATION EAGLE will remain the same: The planting of SoldOut Discipling Movement Ministries in every USA State, as more USA Churches means more money for missions! However, I now believe we need to plant churches that are not in the necessarily largest city of a particular state, but in the city with the most influential (and usually the largest) university! So in Ohio, though Cleveland and Cincinnati are much more populous than Columbus, Columbus was our target, because of The Ohio State University – a campus of 65,000 students of the highest caliber! Baptizing and raising up four and five-talented students in all 50 States will provide an ever-flowing fountain of leadership for the Movement – both full-time and non-full-time!

Though Cory played basketball for the University
of Wisconsin leading the Big 10 in scoring and
rebounding, he is praying and rooting on
disciples to plant thriving campus
ministries throughout the
Midwest USA!
One more principle that guides our targeting of cities is that we prioritize the cities with Remnant Groups. So for example in Florida, the largest city is Miami. Yet, our first planting was in Orlando as a Remnant Group had been established a few years before we were sending a mission team to Florida. Of course, presently, we have four churches in Florida – Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa and Miami! The largest congregation is now Miami! Interestingly, to plant Miami, 60 disciples moved from Orlando!

Earlier today, Ron & Tracy Harding (left) - the Atlanta
Mission Team Leaders - were with Matt & Helen
Sullivan on their "spying out the land"
trip where they "claimed" Georgia
Tech for the Lord!
The following becomes our new list of plantings with the principle of targeting the city with the most influential (and usually the largest) campus in a State. The city in the parenthesis is the "principal sending church" from which will come the Mission Team Leader Couple and most of the Mission Team.

#20 Atlanta, Georgia (LA)
#21 New Haven, Connecticut (NYC)
#22 Indianapolis, Indiana* (San Francisco)

#23 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (LA)
#24 Boise, Idaho (Seattle)
#25 Ann Arbor, Michigan* (Chicago, Columbus)
#26 Anchorage, Alaska (Portland, Eugene, Honolulu)

#27 Norman, Oklahoma (Denver, Dallas)
#28 Salt Lake City, Utah (San Francisco)
#29 St. Louis, Missouri (Chicago)
#30 Raleigh, North Carolina (LA)

#31 Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota (LA)
#32 Newark, Delaware (DC)
#33 Kansas City, Kansas (Denver)
#34 Lexington, Kentucky (Miami)
#35 Providence, Rhode Island (Boston)

#36 Iowa City, Iowa (LA)
#37 Starkville, Mississippi (Atlanta)
#38 Augusta, Maine (NYC)
#39 Lincoln, Nebraska (Houston)
#40 Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Miami)
#41 Nashville, Tennessee (San Francisco)
#42 Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Seattle)

#43 Missoula, Montana (LA)
#44 Fayetteville, Arkansas (Oklahoma City)
#45 Grand Forks, North Dakota (Portland, Eugene)
#46 Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Denver)
#47 Burlington, Vermont (Boston)
#48 Morgantown, West Virginia (DC)
 #49  Columbia, South Carolina (Miami)
#50 Laramie, Wyoming (Salt Lake City)
*A Remnant Group has been established in this city.

Let us all be praying for God to say, "This is the way; walk in it" for the 2019 OPERATION EAGLE Plantings: Atlanta, New Haven and Indianapolis!

Lord willing, by the end of 2019 with the plantings of
Atlanta, New Haven and Indianapolis, the SoldOut
Movement will be in 22 of the 50 USA States!
As well, be praying for our 2019 International Plantings: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Auckland (New Zealand), Bahrain, Davao (Philippines), Johannesburg (South Africa), Kathmandu (Nepal), Kolkata (India), Lima (Peru), and Phnom Penh (Cambodia)! And to God be all the glory!
We are family… by God's amazing grace,
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