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October 16, 2016

Good News Email
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Dear Friend,
Greetings from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Tampa, Dubai, Manila and Los Angeles! During the past six weeks, Elena & I have been blessed to take two extraordinary missionary trips! The first journey began on September 2nd, when the Spirit took us to Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) to strengthen this surging congregation! Afterward we flew to Tampa to celebrate their remarkable Inaugural Service on September 11th, where 126 were in attendance!

Then after a brief sojourn in LA, on September 20th we boarded our flight to Dubai for their historic Inaugural Service on Friday, September 23rd! After six amazing days evangelizing in the Middle East, we flew to Manila where we spent almost two weeks building up this fast-growing congregation of now over 200 disciples, as well as making preparations for the 2017 Global Leadership Conference – APOCALYPSIS! Upon our landing in LA on Monday, October 10th, our spirits were lifted even higher as we were greeted with a phenomenal report by Tim & Lianne Kernan! For just one day earlier on Sunday, God poured out His blessings on the City of Angels Church with 24 additions – a record 19 baptisms, 1 restoration and 4 place memberships directly from the Mainline Church of Christ who were seeking spiritual revival! And to God be all the glory!



The nine courageous disciples on the Dubai Mission
Team had an astonishing 56 in attendance
at their historic Inaugural Service!

HELPING HAITI – MERCY's Hurricane Relief Efforts
Nick & Denise Bordieri – MERCYWORLDWIDE Global Directors: On October 4th, 145 mph winds tore across Haiti causing massive flooding, contaminating the water supply, destroying countless homes, and killing over 1,000 people! In the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere still crippled from the devastating earthquake of 2010, many are left without food, clean water and shelter, and are even more susceptible to the greatest killer – cholera!


The horror and devastation of Hurricane
Matthew in Haiti!

To support the 275 disciples in this poor country, Tim Kernan called each church in the Tribe (Western USA) World Sector, including the City of Angels Church, to raise a benevolent offering for our Wednesday Midweek Service. The response is truly inspiring: Including benevolence from the Tribe World Sector, our churches in Sydney, London and South Africa, as well as individual donations, $11,500 has been raised! 100% of these funds will be used to create MERCY Care Packages – rice, beans, tomatoes, cooking oil, hygiene products and water purification tablets – which will then be distributed directly to each member in all of our six churches across Haiti. Alexis Turgeau, our Lead Evangelist in Haiti, is so grateful to see such an overwhelming act of love from the disciples around the world!

Cholera is now re-surging after Hurricane Matthew!
A special thank you to our Overseeing Evangelist responsible for Haiti, Blaise Feumba, who has been spearheading this project from the beginning, working directly with Alexis and the church leaders in all the Haitian churches, to provide relief and care to each member. Thank you to Tim & Lianne Kernan for your call to support our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Thank you to each church leader and the congregations who heard the call and acted on it, truly demonstrating Jesus' heart of "compassion in action!" A special thank you to Kip & Elena, for your vision and tireless efforts to fulfill Jesus' call to win the world by planting churches and spreading God’s love and MERCY across the globe!


On his second missionary journey to Haiti, Blaise
Feumba preached to large crowds as well
as taught in small groups!

Blaise is coordinating the distribution of the MERCY
Hurricane Relief Funds throughout Haiti!
Blaise joyfully reassured us that despite the many tragedies and difficulties our brothers and sisters are experiencing in Haiti, they continue to be about their purpose as another soul was baptized after church this Sunday! Alexis Turgeau the Evangelist who works and lives in Port-au-price adds, "In September, the Lord put on my heart to initiate a Campus Ministry in Port-au-prince! I began with the SUPERIOR NORMAL SCHOOL Campus! Today, God gave us our first fruit – Frandy! Pray for us to reach more and more prominent people on this campus to help multiply God’s movement throughout the Island!"


Despite the devastating impact of Hurricane
Matthew, Alexis (left) baptizes Frandy - the
first campus conversion - on the
following Sunday!
We plead with the entire movement to continue to pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters and to God be all the glory!

Joel Parlour – Lead Evangelist of Seattle: My wife Courtney was baptized as a disciple September 11, 2009 in Los Angeles and for the last seven years has prayed and fasted fervently for the salvation of her family! One of her 2015 Prayer Goals was for a mission team to be sent to her hometown of Seattle so that her family and friends could become Christians! Then, out of nowhere Seattle is targeted in the summer of 2015! But God always does "more than we can ask or imagine," for in the Fall of 2015, Courtney & I were selected to lead the Seattle Mission Team! (Ephesians 3:20-21)
In the Fall of 2015, Joel & Courtney Parlour were
ecstatic to be selected to lead the
Seattle Mission Team!

Amazingly at our Inaugural Service on June 12, 2016, Courtney’s parents – Jerry & Leanne Irwin – came and had lunch with Kip & Elena! There Kip graciously challenged them to be humble and start studying the Bible with Courtney & me. As well he gave them the vision to become our Shepherding Couple! God moved… so on September 4th, just one week shy of Courtney's 7th Spiritual Birthday, we witnessed the baptism of Courtney's dad – Jerry! Then today, just six weeks later, we baptized her mom, Leanne, as a sold-out disciple of Christ!

In answer to Courtney's prayer, Jerry - her loving
father - was baptized September 4, 2016!

Completing Courtney's prayer for her parents
to become disciples, Leanne - her awesome
mother - was baptized this Sunday!
A special thanks to Nick Bordieri for coming to Seattle for several days to assist me in studying with Jerry, and thanks also to Deann Fields who led the studies with Leanne! So many of you were instrumental over the years by inspiring the Irwins to this point! All glory to God for this answered prayer and the salvation of their souls!
Andrew Smellie – Lead Evangelist of Lagos: "'Not by might nor by power, but my Spirit,' says the Lord Almighty!" (Zechariah 4:6) Greetings from Lagos! What an incredible journey it has been here for the last four months! By the grace of God, we have seen 43 additions since our arrival on May 26th with our 11 member Mission Team from LA! These 43 additions include 36 baptisms, 3 restorations and 4 place memberships! We are now at 57 sold-out disciples for the Lord! We thank God for the privilege of serving Him on the "front lines" in the spiritual battle for a city that is known for its religiosity around the world! The largest churches and richest pastors of false doctrine are based in Nigeria, yet they cannot stand against the Kingdom of the living God!

Andrew & Patrique Smellie - the Africa World
Sector Leaders - with their adorable
children, Naomi and Isaiah!
Today we witnessed four incredible miracles – two more students from the University of Lagos (Mayowa and Vivian), as well as a single professional (Loveth) and a teen (Kehinde) were baptized! Our thriving Campus Ministry is now 21 disciples and growing! Kehinde's baptism was particularly moving, as he is the nephew of Bolaji Akinfenwa! Kehinde is the first family member in Bolaji's family to be baptized since Bolaji's baptism in 1992!

Spiritual quadruplets - Kehinde, Vivian,
Loveth and Mayowa!
Another exciting piece of good news is the faith and courage of Paul & Bernice Ede, former ICOC Sector Leaders in Lagos and Abuja! (Abuja is the capital of Nigeria!) Paul & Bernice have boldly taken a stand for God against the lukewarmness and reversion to Mainline Theology that they experienced in our former fellowship. As a result they have recently initiated the Abuja ICC Remnant Group and have already restored Bernice's older sister Josephine! God willing, they will all be moving to Lagos in the near future for training as it has become the "Jerusalem" for the continent of Africa!


Though Lagos is the largest city in Africa with a
population of over 21 million, Abuja is the
capital of Nigeria!

The McKeans first met Paul & Bernice Ede - the new
Abuja ICC Remnant Group Leaders - at the 2016
African Missions Conference in June!
Despite the challenges of rampant sickness, harsh persecution, inconsistent electricity and unclean water, God's Word is shining across the Motherland of Africa! Indeed, as we celebrated in June at the Africa Missions Conference – A GREAT LIGHT HAS DAWNED – on this dark continent! Thank you for all your prayers, support and love!
Marley Depew – WebDeacon of Tampa Bay: "The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it." (Matthew 13:44-46) Greetings from beautiful Tampa Bay! Since our Inaugural Service on September 11th, God has blessed us with four awesome baptisms! Jonathan "stumbled" upon the great treasure of the Kingdom in the St. Petersburg and in his joy he was baptized into Christ! He is our first addition to the hard working Bible Talk in St. Petersburg!


Jonathan is joyfully baptized by his
new St. Pete Brothers!
Interestingly, two weeks before our Inaugural Service, the church met for our Carwash Fundraiser, but it began to storm. Instead of going home disappointed, we headed to the mall to share our faith. We prayed for open souls and then divided up to preach the Word. Amilcar and his wife Lidia had been visiting churches and were exasperated that they had not found what they were looking for! So he began to pray for God to bring the "right church" to him, and so Amilcar was overjoyed when we gave him an invitation to the Inaugural Service! He asked if they had to wait until the Inaugural Service to come, because he wanted to come the next day! 
Amilcar & Lidia came that Sunday, and then since they felt that they had found the pearl of the Kingdom, they came again the following Sunday for the Inaugural Service, where Lidia, a beautiful Cuban, was thrilled to meet Elena McKean, who is also of Cuban decent! Amilcar & Lidia studied constantly for two weeks, early mornings and late nights, and then Amilcar was baptized into Christ and then turned around and joyfully baptized his wife! 


Amilcar & Lidia De Jesus are baptized
by the Eckels into Jesus!
Amilcar is a talented MMA fighter and jiu-jitsu teacher, and Lidia works for a neurologist. Anthony & Elizabeth Eckels are thrilled to now have disciples that live four minutes from their house! 
Mark Garrido – Lead Evangelist of Hilo: Greetings from the Big Island of Hawaii and the cities of Hilo and Kona! We are so grateful for the faithful disciples who serve in Hilo and Kona, especially for our incredible partnership with Dave & Beth Kelly who lead our Kona Region! The Lord has blessed our congregation with five baptisms in the last four weeks! Pray as many more are close to entering the Kingdom! 


Kaycee Madamba (second from the right) was
baptized through the efforts of the East
Region of Hilo on September 25th!

The plentiful harvest of souls continued as Jomairah
Macabinguio was baptized in the West Region
of Kona on September 28th!

Kianee Fragiao was baptized in Hilo
on October 2nd!

Kaipo Kalani was also baptized in Hilo seven
days later on October 9th!

Completing the phenomenal harvest on the Big
Island in the last four weeks, is Nikki Aragon
who was baptized in Kona on October 16th!
Marcel Turner – Lead Minister of Gainesville: Greetings from the Swamp – the home of the University of Florida (UF) Fighting Gators! We have seen some amazing miracles over the last couple weeks here! God has blessed us with a newly appointed Campus Minister – Isaac Gonzalez! He has proven himself to be a man of great character and has earned the respect of the entire church!

Congratulations to Isaac Gonzalez (left) as he has
been appointed the UF Campus
Minister by Marcel!
On another note, we are blessed with being able to have raised almost $25,000 of our $29,704 goal for special missions! By faith and God's power, we are planning to completely obliterate this goal by the date of this November Missions Contribution!

The Gainesville Campus Disciples after singing for
the UF Homecoming Parade and raising
$378 for Special Missions!
Last but not least, we had two baptisms today! The first was Adrian and the other was a UF international student from Hong Kong, Ernest! He is fired up to be part of the Hong Kong Mission Team being sent out from Manila in 2017!

Adrian (right) and Ernest are sold-out disciples
ready to do anything, go anywhere and
give up everything for Christ!
Please be praying for our vision to add seven men and seven women to our number in seven weeks!
Brian Carr – Evangelist of Eugene: Unique, a junior at the University of Oregon, was so filled with joy to find the Kingdom of God and then to be baptized as a true disciple! She then opened up her college apartment community room for us to have our Campus Devotional right on campus! She is truly "unique" in our congregation!


Unique (center) and her new Eugene Sisters hold
up the "O" not for Oregon but for
the ONE true God!
Curt Valdez – Intern of Honolulu: Greetings from the beautiful Island of Oahu! The Lord has been moving here with weekly additions to our Kingdom Ohana (Family)! First off, we celebrated the restoration of Kaiser Kekoa on September 25th who was baptized as a teen in our former fellowship! Always in constant contact with Mary Santos, it was not until six months ago that Kaiser realized the darkness that had crept back into her life and decided to repent and turn back to a life in Christ. Please keep Kaiser's husband Hanalei in your prayers as he too has recently decided to undergo restoration!

Pray for Kaiser's husband Hanalei to be
restored to the Lord soon!
On that very same day, we rejoiced at the baptism of Claudine – a student from Leeward Community College! From the very start, Claudine showed that she had a heart for discipleship as she was asked to study the Bible and responded by voluntarily following the sisters around campus as they shared God's Word with other students!

Claudine is warmly welcomed into God's Ohana!
The next Sunday on October 2nd, we saw the restoration of Daniel Diaz! After turning to God in 2014, Daniel gradually slipped back into "the sin that so easily entangles." (Hebrews 12:1) Fortunately, Daniel came back to his senses and eagerly decided that the only fulfillment in life can be found through Christ and His Kingdom! Later that day we witnessed the baptism of Ernest Santos (not related to Joe & Mary)! Ernest was first reached out to by Mary Santos as she was setting up our sister Kristin's baby shower. Going the extra mile to help out a complete stranger, Ernest gladly assisted Mary and the other sisters by carrying food, supplies and decorations up to the room that they were using for the baby shower. Eager to study God's Word, Ernest began studying the Bible every day with Mary's husband Joe and was baptized showing himself to be completely devoted to God's Word!

The Westside Honolulu Brothers are fired up to
have Ernest as their newest partner
in the Gospel!
We rejoice as God continues to pour out His Spirit here in the Islands as more and more are called to the waters of baptism! Pray for us as we continue to forcefully advance God's Kingdom in this generation!
Carlos Mejia – Lead Evangelist of Mexico City: "Praise the Lord from the earth... young men and women, old men and children. Let them praise the name of the Lord, for His name alone is exalted; His splendor is above the earth and the heavens. And He has raised up for His people a horn, the praise of all His faithful servants, of Israel, the people close to His heart. Praise the Lord!" (Psalm 148:7-14) The Mexico City Church is in awe, as we have seen God continue to bring men and women both young and old through baptism, restoration and place membership into His glorious Kingdom. At the beginning of the year, we had 59 disciples in the congregation. These past almost 10 months, the Lord has graciously given us 95 additions: 54 baptisms, 23 restorations and 18 place memberships from our former fellowship!


The charismatic Mexico City Church Leaders -
Carlos & Lucy Mejia and their two sons,
Carlitos (right) and Andrew!
In this issue of the Good News Email, we would like to highlight our amazing Teen Ministry which is powerfully led by Luis Miguel Limon & Myrna Lopez our soon-to-be married couple and awesome missionaries along with our fearless, self-supported missionary Renail Richards! In January of this year, we had one teen, Angel, who is now a Bible Talk Leader at his college, Politécnico Nacional. After the arrival of Miguel & Myrna, we had two baptisms at our Latin American Missions Conference, Carlitos Mejia and Daniel Gomez! Shortly afterward, Santiago Gomez and Sebastian Negrin were baptized! Then came Jaume Salvatela, Sebastian Quezada and Francisco Flores! All young men!!!!

Miguel & Myrna are the dynamic Mexico
City Teen Leaders!
We continued to pray for a harvest of young women as we had many teen women studies! Amazingly in the last three weeks, we have witnessed five teen women make Jesus Lord of their lives: Kenya Torres, Shellsye Ruiz, Betsabe Torres, Victoria Negrin and Sofia Gomez!

The five new teen women disciples with their
beloved leaders Myrna (left) and
Renail (behind)!

The multiplying Mexico City Teen Ministry!
Each one of these teen baptisms have been so inspiring as all of their parents are disciples; some new converts and some remnant who were also church leaders in our former fellowship! These baptisms represent hope and leadership for the next generation as they are young people full of the Spirit, love, faith and zeal for God! As well, the brother of Kenya – Diego Torres – is doing better as he is undergoing more cancer treatments. The good news is that Diego is now studying the Bible! To God be all the glory in this generation and forever!

Inspired by his big sister Kenya's baptism, Diego
is now studying to become a Christian!
Elena Sirotkina – Lead Women's Ministry Leader of Moscow: Excitingly on September 25th, the Spirit initiated a Remnant Group in Russia’s second largest city – St. Petersburg! We now have four disciples who have joined God’s new Movement! By train St. Petersburg is 800 km (500 miles) from Moscow! So the St. Petersburg Remnant Group will be joining us for worship once a month!

Many consider St. Petersburg to be the most
picturesque city in all of Russia!

As well, we had a Special Service in Moscow where God blessed us with 209 in attendance! In the last month, we have seen 7 miraculous baptisms and 2 inspiring restorations! Amazingly, 7 of these additions have been from our Campus Ministry!

Joe Willis – Lead Evangelist of Sydney: Greetings Mates! We are so grateful to be part of a worldwide movement as we had Tim & Lianne Kernan visit the Sydney Church on their way back to LA from Manila! The Kernans were in Manila to make preparations for the 2017 Global Leadership Conference where we hope to bring the entire church from Sydney! (We are presently at 49 disciples and prayerfully God will increase our number to at least 75 by August 2017!)

The Sydney Disciples give the Kernans an
enthusiastic SoldOut Movement
Our young Christians were inspired to push for our second Invitation Service in a month just because of the Kernans' visit and the Spirit brought almost 100 people out for church! Following a quick meal nearly the whole church came to Leaders Meeting to hear Tim preach a second time where he taught from the Scriptures deep and unifying teachings about God’s movement!

By teaching in Australia, Tim has now preached
the Word on all six populated continents
of the world!

During their all too brief stay, Kerry & I were refreshed by some much needed encouragement and bonding time with our dear partners in the Gospel!

During the Kernans' short stay in Sydney, Kerry
(left) and Lianne bonded for a lifetime!
Mike Patterson – Lead Evangelist of Boston: God has been moving in New England! Since the Supplemental Mission Team arrived 18 weeks ago, God has given us 18 additions – 14 baptisms, 3 restorations, and 1 place membership! As well, four have been sent out during this time! One of those that the Spirit sent was Danny Garner, who was an intern and an amazing preacher for the Boston Church prior to our arrival! It was an honor to send him to Seattle to build up that young church! Most exciting recently was our Campus Day Sunday Service where everyone came to service wearing clothes representing their favorite college!

The Boston Campus Day Service brought a record
crowd of 117 to hear the Word of God!

At the service, we were able to present two awards to honor those in the field of education. Our own Sal Difusco who is a professor at Berklee College of Music and a professor from Boston University who has been visiting for a while! This was our highest attendance of the year at 117 souls!

At the Campus Day Service, two professors
were honored and awarded with
special presentations!
Today was especially exhilarating as Tye, a former Muslim, and Mitsy, a Bunker Hill Community College student, were baptized into Christ! Special to Chenelle & my hearts was the restoration of Alexis Quintero! She had been baptized in Gainesville and left the Lord after moving to Tampa. We prayed and then gently challenged her to leave everything and to move to Boston to come back to God! Continue to pray for the New England Revolution!!!
Jeremiah Clark – Lead Evangelist of Denver: "Then He said to His disciples, 'The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.'" (Matthew 9:37-38) Greetings from your brothers and sisters in the Mighty Denver Church! God’s beautiful creation is on display in Denver as the fall colors are popping and the golden Colorado aspens are gleaming on every mountain! But the true fall harvest has been on display in the baptistery! God has truly blessed the Denver Church and has gloriously added many more workers as we have seen nine additions over the last six weeks, eight of which have been baptisms! What is truly faith building is that we have seen baptisms in every ministry – Campus, Singles and Marrieds!


The Denver Marrieds Ministry is bearing much fruit!

The Denver Campus Ministry is on fire!
Encouragingly, the Campus Ministry is on fire as five of the last eight baptisms have been campus students! To God be all the glory!

These three amazing campus additions in Denver
are Moises, Ashley and Jacob!
Jose Otero – Lead Evangelist of Bogotá: "At that hour of the night the jailer took them and washed their wounds; then immediately he and all his household were baptized." (Acts 16:33) Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia! It is so encouraging and faith-building when God brings entire families together! At the end of September, we had three baptisms! One talented campus girl named Johanna and a married couple Elvin Carvajal and his wife Nancy Gomez!

The Bogotá triplets - Johanna (left), Elvin & Nancy!
What is incredible is that the Gomez Family is almost all disciples. It first started with Patricia Gomez and her husband being baptized in Santiago, Chile! Then followed Patricia's parents who were baptized along with five of her sisters as well as all of their husbands!

The amazing five Gomez Sisters have all been
baptized with their husbands in Bogotá!
So now since our planting in April, we have grown from the five on the Mission Team and the 26 in the Remnant Group to 51 sold-out disciples! Truly God is doing great things in Bogotá and we as a church are super fired up to see all the miracles occurring before our very eyes!
Alfredo Anuch – Lead Evangelist of Santiago: Greetings from "the ends of the earth!" Here in Santiago God has kept on working through the 150 disciples of Christ that are united in His cause in this great city!
This Sunday, Stephanie, a student from the Universidad de Chile, was baptized!!! A month ago, she was invited by Ivo, her cousin, who is only four months old in the faith and is a student at the Universidad Catolica… (Both are very prestigious universities!) God keeps on multiplying the Santiago Campus Ministry!


Stephanie is warmly embraced by her Santiago
Campus Sisters and her cousin Ivo!
Indeed how special it is when our family members reach salvation in Christ… In 2014, Gonzalo (an incredible and very talented man of God) was baptized! Soon thereafter, that same year, his teen sister Paulina was baptized! His dad Ramon was baptized in 2015… And two weeks ago, Ana Maria – Gonzalo's and Paulina's mom as well as Ramon's wife – was baptized! Today, the whole Bozo family worshiped God together at church as disciples!

With Ana Maria's baptism, the entire Bozo
Familia is united in Christ!
Please keep us in your prayers so that the hearts can open up here in Santiago and more can be added to the faith!
Rebecca Rico – Women's Ministry Leader of London: "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes... For in the Gospel the righteousness of God is revealed – a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: 'The righteous will LIVE BY FAITH!'" (Romans 1:16-17) Greetings from the Mighty London Church – the host of the 2016 European Missions Conference (EMC)! From the time of my arrival in London in August to date being with this remarkable group of disciples has been a whirlwind of miracles! We had an incredible married couple from Amsterdam – Tomiwa & Vienne, who looked up our church online – baptized just a few weeks later and have become seeds of faith for the Amsterdam Mission Team in 2017! 


Vienne was inspired by the baptism of her
husband Tomiwa and therefore was
baptized the very next night!

Soon after Tomiwa & Vienne were baptized, they
were invited to join the Amsterdam
Mission Team!
As well Bernice, who is a single professional, was also baptized recently when God allowed her to lose her job – the one thing that had stopped her from seeking first the Kingdom! Once Bernice put God first, she attained an even BETTER job with a boss who encourages his employees to have a "life" outside of work and practically "kicks employees out" of the office early! 

Kolbe & Rebecca are so fired up that their Bible Talk
baptized Bernice - an incredibly gifted woman!
Excitingly, the Spirit continues to blow all over England as our dear campus brother Paul and Coral – a single mom of four who lives in Oxford – have started a Campus Bible Talk at the famous Oxford University! This new Bible Talk is exploding with hot studies with a few on the cusp of baptism! While there are only two of them in the Bible Talk, they have had double and triple the amount of "visitors to disciples" since they started this Bible Talk just three weeks ago! Pray as they are hoping to have their first baptisms in the upcoming weeks!
The zealous Oxford Bible Talk is led by Paul (fourth
from the left) and Coral (third from the left)!
We are on an official 10 day count down to this year's EMC entitled, LIVING BY FAITH! The conference will be held from October 27-30, 2016 and registration is $170 (£129)! 

The inspirational theme for the 2016 EMC
Please encourage the disciples in your church/region to register as soon as possible at: The London Church can't wait to have you! 
Debs Rajan – Lead Women's Ministry Leader of Chennai: Greetings from the 1.2 billion people of India! God has been working so powerfully in answer to our prayers as God has given us 15 additions since the beginning September 2016! The disciples are on fire for God and His work! As the Scripture says, "This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples." (John 15:8) The disciples in Chennai took up a 60 minute challenge to be on the field – SAME TIME, SAME PLACE, EVERY DAY – for five continuous days in many parts of Chennai City. During that span, the Lord gave us 582 contacts of people who either wanted to know about God and/or to change their lives! Some even called us over to their house to teach them the Bible or to pray for their family members!


Sudharson, from the prestigious Madras Christian
College, is gloriously baptized in the Marina!
The Chennai membership continues to grow rapidly as we are now 188 disciples, and Lord willing, the Spirit will allow us to achieve "200 For The Lord" by December even after sending out the Bangalore Mission Team at the first SOUTH ASIA MISSIONS CONFERENCE (SAMC) on November 3-6, 2016! Our theme for the conference is MY LORD AND MY GOD from John 28:20 as these are the words of the Apostle Thomas who was martyred here in Chennai!

The Apostle Thomas' famous words MY LORD
MY GOD is the theme for the first SAMC!
Come, witness and become a Revolutionary! Here is the link to register: Pray for the SAMC to ignite a revolution throughout India!

The McKeans Missionary Journey to DFW and Tampa
On Friday September 2nd, I flew from LA to Dallas/Fort Worth for the Labor Day Weekend, as Elena had flown there two days earlier to spend some "extra time" with our daughter Olivia, her husband Santtu, and their two darling daughters Scarlett and Savannah! The Friday evening that I arrived, the family celebrated Elena’s 61 birthday!

Elena spent her birthday weekend enjoying the
company of her fun-loving granddaughters -
Scarlett and Savannah!
On Sunday, we were looking forward to worshiping with the Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) Church dynamically led by Tyler & Shay Sears! Since Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell – the Washington DC Church Leaders – began discipling the Sears in June, the DFW Church has been powerfully preaching the Word especially on campus! In fact, the week we arrived in DFW, the Richland College Bible Talk led by Jason & Daniella Woody had 17 visitors and the University of Texas Arlington Bible Talk led by the Sears had an astounding 22 visitors! On Sunday, the singing was incredible and there was a "buzz in the fellowship" even on this Labor Day Holiday Weekend Sunday! Shay vulnerably shared at Communion and Tyler gave a terrific Contribution! I was very honored to preach!

Jason & Daniela Woody (left) and Tyler & Shay
Sears are dear sons and daughters in
the faith to Kip & Elena!
After spending two more days in DFW, Elena & I traveled to Florida to visit my parents for three days! Elena gave them a signed copy of her new book ELEVATE – Jesus' Global Revolution For Women! Upon receiving the signed copy, Dad kindly shared, "Elena, I have already read your book cover to cover four times! It is extraordinary and I need three more copies for my friends!"

After Elena had given Kip's parents a signed copy
of ELEVATE, they enjoyed a quick game
of "putt putt golf!"
Then on Saturday we drove down to Tampa to get ready for the Tampa Bay ICC Inaugural Service!

On their way from Orlando to Tampa, the McKeans
had a delightful time at Starbucks with the
newlywed couple - Adrian &
Kacie Jimenez!

On Saturday evening before the Inaugural Service,
the Sullivans, the Eckels and the McKeans
discussed the details of the next day's
events and the Fall Calendar for
the Tampa ICC!
The Tampa Bay Metro Area is home to four million lost souls as it encompasses not only Tampa, but the cities of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Sarasota! On Sunday September 11th, the Tampa Bay ICC Inaugural Service was incredible! With 18 on the Mission Team (plus their two recent baptisms) and around 25 visiting disciples from Washington DC, Gainesville, Charlotte, Orlando and LA, God blessed us with 126 in attendance and one baptism!  

The Spirit gathered 126 souls for the
Tampa Bay Inaugural Service!
The singing and the fellowship were phenomenal! Matt & Helen Sullivan gave a warm Welcome as the overseeing World Sector Leaders of the Eastern USA! Lance Underhill – the LA South Region Shepherd and a former longtime resident of Tampa – gave a moving prayer for his beloved city! Lance had several family members out for the service – included were his mom, Barbara, and sisters, Victoria and Marie!

Lance Underhill asked Heather Schmidt to assist
him in covering the Tampa Inaugural
  for ICC Hot News!
Elena & I shared for 10 minute about several of the highlights of the Good News Around The World which included the five baptized in Mexico City that same day! Then Elizabeth Eckels gave one of the best Communions ever!

Elizabeth Eckels shared her life in a very
touching Communion!
Elizabeth's sharing touched Elena's best friend from Nursery School through High School – Cynthia – that came with Elena to service! (This is the same Cynthia that Elena shares about in her book ELEVATE and is pictured on page 77!)

Elena presents to Cynthia her book ELEVATE in
which Cynthia is featured on page 77!
Following, Richie McDonnell delivered an excellent and humorous message on Contribution!

Richie delivered a timely Contribution Message!

Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell of DC (left) and
Marcel & Tia Turner of Gainesville added so
much to the fellowship at the
Tampa Inaugural!

After the break, Anthony Eckels – who celebrated his 26 Spiritual Birthday two days earlier – was on fire as he preached the sermon, TRUE GREATNESS! I was very proud of Anthony as his delivery has grown so much over the past few years! Anthony had us laughing as he demonstrated a few of his "dance steps" from his professional dancing days in New York City! As well, his preaching on David and Goliath was so inspirational!

Anthony Eckels preached an incredible sermon
We closed the service with the baptism of a very fine young man – Xanort Allen – and singing arm-in-arm the newly composed Tampa Song!

Lance introduces Xanort to his new family!
Elena was also able to do another ELEVATE Book Signing before and after service!

Ted Green - a Shepherd for the Orlando Church -
buys a copy of ELEVATE to better
understand Jesus' ministry!
Of special note, Lynda Moreno's mom Fanny came to the service and so Elena signed her book in both English and Spanish! We spent the remainder of the afternoon with Cynthia and her husband!

Lynda Moreno's mother - Fanny (center) - thoroughly
enjoyed the day especially fellowshiping
with the Sullivans!
On Monday, Elena & I stopped in Orlando to visit our very dear friends Chris & Sonja Chloupek.

On their way from Tampa to Gainesville, Kip & Elena
spent a couple hours in Orlando with their
dear friends - Chris & Sonja Chloupek!

Then we drove to Gainesville to give Elena's parents, her sister Carmen and her first cousin Maruchi signed copies of ELEVATE! On Wednesday, full of joy, we flew home to LA!

Elena and Maruchi - Elena's first cousin - were
best friends growing up!
The McKeans Missionary Journey to Dubai and Manila
After almost 30 hours of layovers and flights from LA to Houston to Frankfort, Elena & I finally arrived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 10:30PM on Wednesday, September 21st! We were graciously greeted by RD & April Baker – the Dubai Mission Team Leaders – and a dear remnant couple, Praveen & Angel Bisht! (Praveen was Hindu before being baptized in 2008 in our former fellowship in Delhi, India and Angel, a Filipina, was baptized in Manila in 2001! Though they rightly felt that singing to us would be very unwise in this Islamic country, the six of us did have an awesome "welcoming prayer huddle" in the airport!

The McKeans are welcomed to Dubai by
the Bakers and Bishts!
Thursday we spent great time with the Bakers and later with Gina Dela Pena of Manila. That night the nine on the mission team and us went to Al Shami Restaurant and to my surprise eight of their friends came along as well! Middle East residents love to gather together for conversation and an awesome meal!

On Thursday night, Kip & Elena shared their first
meal with the Dubai Mission Team and several
of their friends most of whom came to the
Inaugural Service the next day!
Since the Muslim weekly holiday is on Friday, our congregations in the Middle East meet on Fridays as most people work six days a week! Therefore on Friday, September 23rd history was made as the nine disciples on the Dubai Mission Team – RD, April, Jamal, John, Genina, Gina, June, Anna and Dao – and only Elena & me as visiting disciples participated in a tremendous miracle of God with 56 in attendance for the Dubai ICC Inaugural Service!


By faith for the Inaugural Service RD and Kip set up
40 chairs, but God poured out His blessings
and the Dubai ICC had an amazing
attendance of 56!
Instead of the usual morning service, we began this epic event at 1:00PM! There were so many open non-Christian and remnant visitors! In fact, there were people in attendance from 12 different nations including: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, Belarus, India, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Mexico, USA, Philippines and of course UAE! Elena & I gave the Welcome; Gina Dela Pena was incredible in the sharing for Communion; John Tuason inspired us with Matthew 6:33 for the Contribution; and RD Baker blew it out in his sermon on John 15 – I HAVE CHOSEN YOU!


Gina shared for Communion!

John taught about the Contribution!

RD preached a sermon for the ages entitled,
Excitingly, Elena held her first Middle East Book Signing of ELEVATE!


Elena's book ELEVATE was in such high demand
that she signed books before service, during
the break and after service!

Kip & Elena were blessed with four visitors
including Nimrod and John Malnegro's
sister Deborah and her husband Eric!

As well, RD and I came out of retirement to lead all the singing! The remnant couple from the ICOC that met us at the airport placed membership – Praveen & Angel Bisht!

April and June - the Sisters of Encouragement -
welcomed Praveen & Angel to the Dubai
Church Family by giving them
a copy of ELEVATE!

Praveen & Angel were deeply moved when they
officially became members of the Dubai ICC!
Following the service, we had sandwiches, coffee, tea and several Bible studies! So encouraging for us, Elena & I were blessed to have John and Nimrod Malnegro's sister and her husband – Deborah and Eric – out for the Inaugural and they stayed for an hour after service fellowshiping!


So in awe of God and His people, most of the
visitors stayed around for over an hour after
the remarkable Inaugural Service!
After the 1:00PM Worship Service with the fellowship ending at 4:30PM, we studied with an incredible ICOC couple – Bryan & Eunice Ong! Brian was baptized in Manila 11 years ago and Eunice was baptized in Dubai 12 years ago. They have two lovely daughters – Deanne and Zhyle! Interestingly, Bryan contacted me in 2012 on Facebook saying that he saw on the City of Angels Church website our Crown of Thorns Project and that Cairo was targeted but not Dubai. So he asked when the new movement was going to send a mission team to Dubai as he felt that Eunice & he were dying in our former fellowship. I told him that we are definitely coming as our vision is for God's movement to go into all nations, but there were no set plans at the moment. He ended the conversation by saying, "Then I will begin to pray that God will send the team soon!" Well, after the civil unrest in Cairo later in 2012 and into 2013, it seemed to me that making Cairo our Pillar Church for the Middle East World Sector would not be best. So the Lord – I’m sure prompted by Bryan’s fervent prayers – put on my heart to target and plant Dubai as it is the fourth most traveled to city in the world after London, New York and Paris! Two weeks after the Inaugural Service, Bryan & Eunice placed membership in the Dubai Church!


Brian, Eunice, Deanne and Zhyle Ong placed
membership just two weeks after the
Inaugural Service!
The Friday night of the Inaugural Service, the mission team gathered at Praveen & Angel's roomy apartment to celebrate! (Praveen is an IT Operation Manager at Wall Street Exchange Centre.) Their two young daughters – Mimansa and Skylar – joyfully joined us! (Mimansa means "seeker of knowledge" and Skylar means "heavenly!") Angel prepared a scrumptious feast that all of us so enjoyed! Then RD gathered us for a time of good news sharing! Then we went name by name over each of the visitors' response cards!


Praveen & Angel's daughter Mimansa and Elena
"taste-tested" the Inaugural Service
Celebratory Feast!

Similar to Levi throwing a party in Jesus' honor when
he became a disciple, on Friday night Praveen &
Angel opened up their beautiful apartment and
prepared a feast for the Dubai Mission Team!
The landing in Dubai for the mission team has been challenging! Some on the team have received tickets for standing up before the bus came to a complete stop; jay walking, and even chewing gum! As well, since funds were few, six on the team lived in a very depressing hostel and Gina Dela Pena lived with a cousin in another emirates. Gina had to walk about 45 minutes in the hot desert sun (over 100 degrees every day) just to catch a bus that took almost an hour to get into Dubai. (She calls that stretch of land that she walked daily – the Sahara Dessert!) That said, the Dubai Mall which is located by the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa – is the most beautiful mall that Elena & I have ever seen as there is a huge ice skating rink and a giant aquarium full of exotic fish!


The Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world -
dominates the gorgeous modern
skyline of Dubai!

The Dubai Mall is located beside the Burj Khalifa
and has a giant ice skating rink and...

Every restaurant imaginable and...

A giant aquarium!!!!
So after looking for apartment hotels for the team all day on Saturday, I called an emergency meeting for Saturday night at the Dubai Mall.


Kip chose the Dubai Mall for the emergency
Mission Team Meeting for housing!

At the end of the meeting, Gina received a phone call from one of the visitors, an older woman who owns the Filipino restaurant Fiesta Pinoy! Though her name is Teresa, Gina respecting her age affectionately calls her "Mommie Teresa!" Mommie Teresa called Gina to come to her restaurant immediately as the Consul General of the Filipino Consulate in UAE was there, and since Gina is a Filipina, he would be great for Gina to know! Mommie Teresa upon hearing that we were having a meeting invited the whole mission team to come! So for the third night in a row, we had a delicious feast – this one was free courtesy of Mommie Teresa! Indeed we not only met the Consul General, but fellowshiped with him for some time! Indeed, the book of Acts came alive as we are God's "chosen instrument to carry [His] name before the Gentiles and their kings..." (Acts 9:15)

What a night... The Consul General of the Filipino
Consulate was urged to sing at the Fiesta Pinoy!

RD is standing between the Consul General
and "Mommie Teresa!"
On Sunday, we found hotel apartments for the team and a place to worship! On Monday, when we escorted Gina and Anna to their new apartment, they just wept. Indeed, being on a mission team will make you depend on God like never before! That Monday night, Elena & I flew to our beloved Manila! Encouragingly just four days ago at the Dubai Friday, October 13th Worship Service, Joebert was restored to the Lord! So God has added to the nine on the Dubai Mission Team five additions in their first 22 days!


Joebert attends the Dubai Inaugural and was
restored on Friday, October 13th giving the
nine Dubai Mission Team Disciples
five additions in just 22 days!
At midday on Tuesday, September 27th, Elena & I were greeted by the Manila disciples with We Love You With The Love Of The Lord!


At the airport, the McKeans were welcomed "home"
by their beloved Metro Manila Family!

I was reminded by John Malnegro just how powerfully the Lord had moved in this great metropolis for John had recorded that Elena & I landed in Manila to start a remnant group at 2:40PM Tuesday November 13, 2012. After that initial visit in 2012, we had just three sold-out members: John, Gina Dela Pena and Alvin Panlilio! The Manila Remnant Group grew to 49 disciples by May 2015 when the nine member Manila Mission Team – led by Kyle & Joan Bartholomew – arrived! On June 7, 2015, at the Inaugural Service God blessed us with 306 in attendance and in their first year God blessed this amazing congregation with 135 baptisms! Today, just 16 months later, the Metro Manila International Christian Church numbers 208 disciples! And to God be all the glory!

Kyle & Joan Bartholomew - the Metro Manila ICC
Church Leaders - on the University of
the Philippines Campus!
With so much growth comes many opportunities for Satan to work. So Elena & I stayed two weeks to teach and encourage this Pillar Church for the Pacific Rim World Sector! On Friday night, we gathered the church and I preached on BAD ATTITUDES.


Zach Shields leads singing for the
Friday Night Devotional!

At the Friday Devo before Kip preached, Elena
shared all about the miraculous Dubai
Inaugural Service!

Sunday, my lesson was on Samson and entitled, I HAD A DREAM. After the strong admonitions on unity at the Friday Night Devotional, most of the leaders felt am much greater sense of unity!

The McKeans' first Sunday Service was electric and
the Lord blessed the Manila Church
with three baptisms!

Elena wrote chapters four through nine of ELEVATE
last summer in the Philippines!

After church, the McKeans had lunch with the
Malnegros - John, Anna, Jash,
Jorge and Jed!

On Tuesday morning, we gathered at the Bartholomews’ home for Staff. In preparing the Manila Church for the future I spoke on MULTIPLYING EVANGELISTS AND WOMEN’S MINISTRY LEADERS!

Kip's first convert in Manila in 1989 was Melo (left)!
Sadly, he fell away but amazingly Kip met him
again on Saturday and so he came to church!
Tuesday morning before Staff, Kip and Kyle
began Melo's restoration studies!

During the Good News Sharing at Staff, Rose
expressed her joy about all the studies
that the RTU Sisters have!
Then on Wednesday night, instead of their usual All Congregational Midweek, Elena preached for all the sisters an inspirational lesson entitled, RISE UP O WOMEN OF GOD!


After Elena's lesson, Annaliza shared her heart
during the time of response!

Before Elena's lesson and to close the service,
the sisters sang, Rise Up [ELEVATE]
O Women Of God!

During the Women's Midweek, several of the
Manila Sisters were inspired
to read ELEVATE!
Saturday night was one of the highlights of the trip – teaching at the First Fall Session of the ICCM-Manila! The room was electric with 22 men students and 22 women students! About a third of the class were newly selected students!


The ICCM-Manila gives formal acceptance
letters to each of their incoming

Maruja was so excited when she received
her acceptance letter to ICCM!

We began the evening with a prayer of thanks for the historic gathering and for the pizza!

The ICCM-Manila!

Then Kyle & Joan recapped the glorious history of the ICCM and our ability to give accredited degrees through the State of California! After a few more songs, my lesson was THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF PREACHING!

Kyle & Joan explain the history of the International
College of Christian Ministries!

Kip delivered the fiery message, THE 10

The ICCM-Manila Faculty wears the black polo shirts!
Our second Sunday morning in Manila was another highlight as God gave us three restorations and three baptisms! All five of Elena’s and my visitors loved the service! I taught on one of the guiding principles of ministry for me, ANYONE CAN CHANGE!

For Kip & Elena's second Sunday in Manila, the
auditorium was packed with jubilant
disciples and their many friends!


Anna and Rose - the Sisters of Encouragement -
presented Starbucks gift cards to all
the restorations!

Maika (left) and her husband Marc helped
to restore Nando & Jenny!

Mavic Deleon was baptized while pregnant! She was
so grateful to God and the church that she
named her son "Kyle" after
Kyle Bartholomew!

Pictured are Kip & Elena with Anibie who they first
met at the Day of MERCY in June during the
Austral Pacific Rim Missions Conference!

Kip & Elena have as guests on their second Sunday
Anibie, her mother Grace and Anibie's two twin
sisters - Angelique and Angeline - who all
came to church for Anibie to receive
a signed copy of ELEVATE!

The Rizal Technological University (RTU) Campus
Ministry aka "Warrior Nation!"

The University of the Philippines (UP)
Campus Ministry!

To close this glorious Sunday, the Manila Church
was blessed by God with three more baptisms!
Here the Manila Teen Ministry rejoices
when Jash baptized Charlene!
Then after a very special meal on Sunday night with our dear son and daughter in the faith Kyle & Joan, Elena & I flew back the next day to Los Angeles! Praise God that in the past three weeks, the Manila Church has witnessed 12 additions – 8 baptisms and 4 restorations!

Toronto – Congratulations to Jake & Megan Studer on the birth of Trevor Vincent! Trevor is a "big" addition to the Toronto Church as he came into this world weighing in at 10lbs. 4oz.!

Congratulations to the Studers on the
birth of Trevor Vincent!
Honolulu – This past Tuesday, on October 11th, Reiko Chloe (6lbs. 3oz. and 17 inches) was born at 10:00AM to Josh & Kristin Aguirre! Congratulations to our newest parents in God's Kingdom in Hawaii! Josh was on the original Mission Team that planted the Honolulu Church in 2008!


Already little Reiko Chloe has learned
to give the Hawaiian Shaka Sign!
Chennai – Congratulations to Sagairaj & Sudha who are now married in the Kingdom!

Congratulations to Sagairaj & Sudha!
Stockholm – Congratulations to Martynas Justinevicius & Kristin Kivi who were married in Sweden on October 7th!

Martynas & Kristin look into their new future
and pray about doing even greater
things together!

Laima - Martynas' mother - was recently
baptized in Honolulu!
Orlando – It was a tremendous act of faith for Chris & Sonja Chloupek to move across country to retrain for the ministry with Matt & Helen Sullivan in Orlando, while securing secular jobs. One concern was for their daughter Cassidy changing schools. Well, God used all these circumstances and on October 13th Cassidy was baptized into Christ! Chris & Sonja's prayers of faith have been answered!


Chris & Sonja's prayers for Cassidy to become a
baptized disciple were graciously answered
on October 13th!
Los Angeles – South Region: On September 11, 2016 at 10:39PM, after being in labor for nearly 30 hours and then having an emergency C-section, Coleen Challinor gave birth to Mina Kamia Challinor at 8lbs. 9oz.! Coleen and the baby are fine, but Dad is still recovering!

Beautiful Mina Kamia Challinor and her
still-recovering dad!
Los Angeles – Central Region: Mike & Brittany Underhill of the City of Angels Church welcomed into the world their precious firstborn son, Asher Michael, who was born on September 25th, weighing 8lbs.!


Asher Michael, Welcome to your Kingdom Family!
Los Angeles – Antelope Valley: Excitingly, Edward Anthony Aguirre III is the adorable new son of Eddie Aguirre, who is the son of Ed Aguirre! He was born on August 30th at 8lbs. 13oz. and 20.5 inches long! Mom Evelyn and baby are both happy and healthy!


Congratulations to the entire Aguirre Clan!
Los Angeles – AMS Region: Josiah, Kristin and Kingston Smith were expecting a baby boy… God surprised them AND the doctors with a healthy baby girl! Phoenix Anne-Marie Smith was born last week on Monday!


Kingston meets little baby sister Phoenix!

Los Angeles – the Evangelist for the Coachella Valley Region – Emilio Bonilla shares: My Papá, Juan Jose Bonilla, passed away on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. He had been very sick for some years now with many serious illnesses, but ultimately it was the cancer that most affected him. We are rejoicing because my dad knew the truth! He was baptized on December 7, 2014! Although Papá had fallen away, he came to his senses during his final days! I visited frequently and encouraged him and had very frank talks with him in love. My older sister Erika, who is also a disciple, prayed with him often. She spent many of his final days with him! 
On Friday September 23rd, we hosted a Memorial Service in which over 170 people came out to pay their respects and celebrated with us our father's life. My younger sister Mercedes, who is a disciple in the San Francisco Bay Church, made a video with numerous pictures of precious memories that brought many to tears. I am extremely grateful to have my physical family in the Kingdom, and now one in glory! Also, please be praying for my Mamá, Vidalia, as she's studying to be restored!


Juan Jose Bonilla was baptized on December 7,
2014! Our faithful brother entered glory on
September 20, 2016!

Tim Kernan – Lead Evangelist of the City of Angels Church: Greetings from sunny and beautiful Los Angeles, California! We in LA are so excited to see all the amazing things happening all over the world! God’s movement is moving! In Los Angeles in the first 290 days of 2016, God has blessed us with 317 additions – 260 baptisms and 57 restorations!

The fervent prayers of Tim & Lianne Kernan -
the CAICC Leaders - have been instrumental
in moving God's heart to bring in an
incredible harvest of 35 baptisms
in the last 15 days!
After sending out on mission teams and for the strengthening of sister congregations over 104 of our best leaders so far in 2016, every member of the City of Angels Church has stepped into the gap and Lianne & I are so very proud of each and every one of them! There are so many incredible disciples but I would love to highlight the "Game Changers" Bible Talk led by Caleb Cohen & Lizbeth Flores from the South Region who have been blessed with seven baptisms in the 10 weeks since the August Global Leadership Conference – REVOLUTION!


The Game Changers Bible Talk - nobly led by
Caleb Cohen & Lizbeth Flores - has been
blessed by God with seven baptisms
in the last 10 weeks!
Also encouraging have been the following Bible Talks that have had three baptisms each since the GLC: "One Purpose" led by Fred & Manu Batson and "Prime Time" led by David & Ashley Caldwell both of the North Region, "Lost and Found" led by Alex Medina and Kelah Bartee and "Soul Talk" led by Garrett Bradley and Alicia Winthein both of the IE Region, and the "A-Team" Bible Talk led by Ivan Soto and Dulce Jimenez of the East Region! These Bible Talks are truly leading the way!


The First Session of the Fall Semester of the
ICCM-LA was held at UCLA!
Also, we are also so grateful for all the generous hearts here in LA! We are now at 52% of our Special Missions Goal with four weeks to go! Pray that we blow it out for the Lord! Love you all very much! 


Missions Conferences

In rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, "Nehemiah said to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, 'The work is extensive and spread out, and we are widely separated from each other along the wall. Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!'" In so many ways, the evangelization of the nations in THIS generation has many parallels to the daunting task of Nehemiah to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem! First of all, many considered it impossible! Secondly, Nehemiah had to work with "remnant people" who had suffered so many setbacks through the 50 years after rebuilding the Temple. In a much different way but with similar pains, we "veteran disciples" have experienced Satan's attacks in destroying our former fellowship through false teachers who turned the people back to Mainline Church of Christ Theology. Yet upon coming into a SoldOut Movement Church, all are greatly strengthened and almost all exclaim, "This is the church that I was baptized into!" Yet many remnant disciples have "concerns and doubts" from the scars of the past usually coupled with the sin of acedia.

The Latin American Missions Conference on
February 11-14, 2016 reached out to Central
America, Northern South America and
the Latin Disciples in the USA!
Also, in Nehemiah's plan to rebuild the wall, he assigned to various groups of Jews to build the gates and then to others to repair the sections of the wall between the gates. (Nehemiah 3) So our plan was to build the Crown of Thorns Project (COTP) Churches in Santiago, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, London, Paris, Moscow, Lagos, Dubai, Chennai, Manila, Sydney and Lord willing next year in Hong Kong that are so to speak "gates to the Kingdom." Then from these "city gates" we will build a "wall of hope" that will circle the globe connecting all the nations in between all the COTP Churches thus evangelizing the nations in THIS generation!


On February 19-21, 2016 was the Brazil Missions
Conference! This seminar brought disciples
together from all over South America
and interestingly the Philippines
as Filipinos do not need a visa
to enter Brazil!
In nine years, God has grown the SoldOut Movement from the 42 Portland disciples that planted the City of Angels Church in May 2007 to now 5,000 disciples in 71 churches in 31 nations on all six populated continents of the world! So since we were few in many cities as well as weakened from the battles against Satan, we have had a Global Leadership Conference overseen by our “Jerusalem Church” in Los Angeles every year since 2008 because "the work is extensive and spread out and we are widely separated" literally around the world! Through the years, the GLC has been a time of celebration and renewal that has allowed the Spirit to propel the movement to greater and greater heights!


The Eurasian Missions Conference on April 28 -
May 1, 2016 in Moscow brought together
disciples from the former Soviet Union
and a few from Europe!
Though the disciples in the United States find the coming to LA for the GLC expensive, they through sacrifice can almost all participate if their heart so desires. However, many disciples that are outside the United States simply cannot afford even the plane flight. In some places – such as Lagos, Chennai, Mexico City and Manila – a disciple may earn from their job the equivalent of only $500 per month or in some cases much less! This is why we have initiated Geographic Missions Conferences! If these poorer non-USA disciples cannot come "to see" the fire and heart of the Kingdom in LA, then as the expression goes… "If Moses cannot come to the mountain then bring the mountain to Moses!" Indeed the mountain is the Kingdom! (Daniel 2:35)


On June 16-19, 2016 the Austral Pacific Rim Missions
Conference was held in Manila and was especially
effective in bringing together the isolated
Sydney and Manila Churches!
Therefore we now have the Latin American Missions Conference in Mexico City, the Brazil Missions Conference in São Paulo, the Eurasian Missions Conference in Moscow, the Austral Pacific Rim Missions Conference in Manila, the African Missions Conference in Lagos, the European Missions Conference in London, and the South Asia Missions Conference in Chennai! Sadly, many American Christians have come to see these conferences as only great "get-a-ways" or vacations and not the needed sounding of the trumpet for disciples in that area of the world to easily gather along with those of us that have the finances to travel and thus share the fire of the Kingdom found especially in Los Angeles! I pray for those disciples in the richer nations like America and England that you will see that going to one of these conferences is crucial for bringing much needed renewal, faith and vision to our widely separated international congregations. In the process of going and participating, you will indeed find rest for your souls and a greater appreciation of all that God has blessed us with materially.

The African Missions Conference on June 24-26,
2016 allowed the Spirit to gather disciples
from all over Africa! In fact, many
remnant disciples came and
joined God's Modern
Day Movement!

Let me conclude, that the Manila disciples are soooooo looking forward to hosting the Global Leadership Conference – APOCALYPSIS which will be the first GLC to be held outside the United States! If you dare sacrifice to attend, then you will see a purity of heart and a fire from God in the Manila Church that only poverty can produce! So this editorial is to "sound the trumpet" to participate in a Geographic Missions Conference, as well as to come to Manila on August 3-6, 2017 for the 2017 GLC! Lord willing, if you do sacrifice to come to the Philippines, you will see over 300 Filipino disciples, 75 Australian disciples, the 2017 ICCM Commencement, and the Spirit sending out the Cebu (Philippines) and Hong Kong (China) Mission Teams!

The theme of the 2017 GLC is APOCALYPSIS! This is
the Greek word for the Book of Revelation which
is the text for this historic gathering in Manila!
In keeping with the sending out of the Hong
Kong Mission Team, the Chinese symbol
is likewise meaning Revelation!
Amazingly, with the sending out of the Hong Kong Mission Team, all twelve "gates" of Phase One of the Crown of Thorns Project will be completed and then it's on to building all the sections of the wall into all nations in THIS generation! And to God be the glory!
We are family… into eternity,
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