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September 18, 2019

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Dear Friend,
Greetings from your new sister churches in Johannesburg, South Africa and Indianapolis, Indiana! What a joy to be reunited with our dear son & daughter in the faith Andrew & Patrique Smellie for the Johannesburg Inaugural Service on Sunday, September 8th! Our awesome God blessed them with 162 in attendance, two incredible baptisms and two heart-felt restorations!

Filled with faith, the Johannesburg Mission Team
was sent off by the Spirit at the 2019 African
Missions Conference in Lagos!

Each team member received an ostrich egg,
beautifully etched with the map of Africa!

At the Johannesburg Inaugural Service, Dr. Andrew
Smellie preached to a packed house of
162 in attendance!
Then the following Sunday, we celebrated – with our dear friends Jeremiah & Julie Clark – the Indianapolis Inaugural Service where we witnessed 125 in attendance and one glorious baptism!

Jeremiah & Julie Clark inspired the Indy Mission
Team to pass out 8,000 invitations for the
Indianapolis Inaugural Service!

God blessed the Indianapolis Mission Team with
an Inaugural attendance of 125!

The Memorial Service of Bob Gempel
In mid-August, I received a phone call from Pat Gempel – my mom in the faith – that Bob her husband of 48 years had passed on to glory.

Bob & Pat Gempel!

She asked me to speak at his Memorial Service to be held at the Temple Performing Arts Center in Philadelphia at 2:00PM on Sunday, September 1st. I immediately called Andrew, as the Johannesburg Inaugural had been scheduled for that day. Andrew understood how much I loved and respected Bob & Pat, so he graciously moved the Inaugural Service to the 8th.

Flying into Philadelphia brought back many
memories to Kip as this was the city of
his first ministry in 1975!

Kip's first full-time ministry responsibility was to
be the Campus Minister for Northeastern
Christian College - a Mainline Church
of Christ university!
Bob became one of my two Elders in the early days of the Boston Movement, and therefore helped me to lead what became the International Churches of Christ. The following was my Tribute to Bob Gempel, which was spoken to a predominantly ICOC audience of almost 900:

Thank you Pat and all who put together this program for the honor to share about one of the greatest Christians I have ever known – Bob Gempel. Our last time together was dinner on March 3rd of this year, so I was shocked that Pat called saying Bob had passed after he had collapsed in their home and they held hands and prayed, "God, your will be done." This was at 9:15AM on Monday, August 12th. By chance that same day, I read in my quiet time Revelation 14:13, "Then I heard a voice from Heaven say, 'Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.' 'Yes,' says the Spirit, 'They will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.'" And Bob has done so many great deeds for the Lord!

Kip's & Elena's last meal with Bob & Pat was
on March 3, 2019 in Los Angeles!
In November 1978 when Elena & I interviewed to become the preacher and his wife for the Lexington Church of Christ, we first met this "older couple" – Bob & Pat Gempel! After all, Bob was 36 and Pat was 38! I was 24 and Elena was 23! I was immediately impressed with Bob's humility even though he had a Master's Degree from the Harvard School of Public Health, as well as having been the President of his Senior Class in both high school and college! That weekend, I sadly turned down the job, because the then elders did not want to take the radical stand for everyone – Campus, Singles, Marrieds and Teens – to be "totally committed" to the Lord! I turned down the Lexington elders at the end of December again for the same reason.

Emblematic of Bob's impact around the world,
almost 900 attended his Memorial Service!

Kip was overcome with tears several times during
his tribute to his beloved mentor and friend!
However, in the first four months of 1979, Bob & Pat continued to reach out to Elena & me and in April 1979, Bob was baptized as a disciple! Come April 30th, the elders called and said they were ready to take a stand and were not concerned how many would leave with the radical call for commitment from the pulpit! On June 1st, Elena & I drove from Charleston, Illinois to Boston, Massachusetts where we stayed at the Gempels' house. That first night, the "30 would be disciples" gathered in the Gempels' living room each of us willing to pay the price for building a totally committed church! Though the congregation had only seen two baptisms in previous three years, that first year God blessed us with 103 baptisms!

The Gempels' home in 1979 was
located at 231 Nashoba Road
in Concord, Massachusetts!
We lived for two months in the Gempels' basement as we "fixed up" our future home. It was then that Pat became Elena's and my mother in the faith. Bob became a trusted friend and mentor. The Gempels taught us "family" and in particular Bob set an example of "integrity in all things."

To help Elena, Pat often lovingly held "Olivia
McKean" in the fellowship of the
Lexington Church!

In fact when I asked Bob to become an Elder in 1981, he declined saying that he wanted to lead a fruitful Bible Talk first. Six months later, I appointed Bob an Elder in the Boston Church! Since he oversaw the church's finances, he "earned" the nickname of "Dr. No" because we did not spend anything in the church unless we had the money. As well, Elena's & my children became the Gempels' first spiritual grandchildren!

Bob read to Olivia and Sean McKean - his spiritual
grandchildren - The Night Before Christmas
every Christmas Eve!
By 1982, the "Boston Church of Christ" – as we changed our name when we moved from meeting in Lexington to downtown Boston – embraced the new dream of "the evangelization of the nations in this generation!" In retrospect – looking back 40 years and captured well in the Star Trek Series – I was the brash and arrogant Captain Kirk and Bob was the calm and wise Spock! By 1984, Al & Gloria Baird placed membership from an area congregation. In time, Bob and Al became the powerful Elders of the Boston Church of Christ. The three couples – the Gempels, the Bairds and us – met together almost every Sunday night for dinner and a discussion about the churches in the fast-growing "Boston Movement!"

Bob and Kip sensed that history was being made at
the First Boston World Missions Seminar in 1982!

In 1988, the Boston World Missions Seminar had
10,000 delegates who met in the famed Boston
Garden - home of the NBA Basketball
Team, the Boston Celtics!
As the Movement grew, so we became more and more controversial. We were disfellowshipped by many Mainline Churches of Christ; as well, condemning articles came from The Harvard Crimson, The Boston Globe and even TIME Magazine, yet Bob never compromised or faltered.

In 1992, TIME Magazine covered the Boston
Movement in the article, Keepers
of the Flock!
In 1991, I asked Bob & Pat to be the World Sector Leaders over HOPE (later renamed HOPEworldwide). Pat thinking that all I was asking of them was to administer our three small "HOPE Projects" said, "In six weeks, we will be done with this job!" However, Bob said, "I'm intrigued. Tell us more." In time, HOPE spread to 100 nations – wherever we had a Boston Movement (ICOC) Church! I served as the Chairman of the Board and Bob was the President of HOPEworldwide. (Elena was a Board Member and Pat was the Vice President of HOPE.) Through building HOPE Projects, the four of us shared in our greatest "adventures!" In 1994, we led a medical mission to Smokey Mountain in Manila where 10,000 people literally lived on a trash heap! Later this effort provided the thrust for us to gather 105,000 in Rizal Park for a HOPE Rally! In time, we personally presented the HOPE Unity Award to President Nelson Mandela and President Jimmy Carter! (The Hope Unity Award was presented to an outstanding individual who helped "to bring people together" around the world.)

In 1995, Bob, Pat and Kip drove to Pretoria from
Johannesburg to present President Mandela
the HOPE Unity Award!

The HOPE Unity award was a bronze cast of a
hand holding a bundle of sticks from
Aesop's fable on unity!

The 1995 HOPE Unity Award was the very
first one ever presented!

At the Memorial Service during the HOPEworldwide
1991 – 2008 Video
came the picture of the Gempels
and the McKeans presenting President Jimmy
Carter - standing with his wife Rosalynn -
the HOPE Unity Award!

The presentation of the Unity Award to President
Carter took place in the Carter Presidential
Library in Atlanta, Georgia! 

President Jimmy Carter was given the
HOPE Unity Award in 1997!

In 1997, the Gempels, Elena & I "spied out" Jerusalem for the church planting and walked and prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. As well, we dedicated and oversaw the building of such Signature Projects as the Village of HOPE in New Delhi for lepers and the Sihanouk Hospital in Phnom Penh that gave free medical care!

The Gempels and McKeans prayed in
and strolled through the Garden
of Gethsemane!
Then in September 2001, God placed Elena & me on sabbatical. The toughest time in our lives; yet Bob & Pat did not forget us, as they invited us and our three children to be with them for Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. As family, they gave us shelter from the storm. Though our paths diverged (the Gempels chose to stay with what was left of the ICOC) our relationship remained strong. I am looking forward to seeing Bob in Heaven – where our paths will unite again. Bob will forever be my Elder, my mentor, my example of integrity and family, and in the words of Captain Kirk of Spock, "He was and always will be my friend."

Robert F. Gempel 1942 - 2019
The funeral was very moving, as three videos were shown: The Early Days 1942 – 1989, HOPEworldwide 1991 – 2008, and Family 1971 – 2019(The Early Days Video: At the end of Bob Gempels' Memorial Service, we sang, Great Among The Nations.

"But those who die in the Lord will live; their bodies
will rise again! Those who sleep in the earth
will rise up and sing for joy!" (Isaiah 26:19)

I will forever remember that Pat left her physical family in the front row in order to sing – my favorite "Kingdom song" – side-by-side with Elena & me. I wept.

Kip & Elena wanted to be beside their beloved
"mom in the faith" - Pat Gempel - during
  Bob's Memorial Service!
My son Sean and his wife Alex came for the funeral from New York City, as Sean had lived with the Gempels for a year after college while working in Philadelphia. That Sunday night, Sean & Alex and Elena & I quietly celebrated Elena's 64th Birthday – a day early!

Happy 64th Birthday, Elena!

The McKeans' son Sean and his lovely wife Alex
came to Philadelphia for Bob's Memorial
and to celebrate Elena's birthday!

The Johannesburg Inaugural Service
The next day, September 2nd, Elena & I flew from Philadelphia to Chicago to London and finally arrived in Johannesburg on Wednesday, September 4th at 7:00AM!

The McKeans were given a "SoldOut Movement
Welcome" at the OJ Tambo Airport!
(His statute was seemingly joining
in the Welcome!)

The African continent is a larger land mass than
all of the United States, the UK, Spain, France,
Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe, India and
China combined! So much work to do!

On Wednesday through Saturday, Elena & I spent great time with most of the disciples on the team! As well, we were very encouraged in our times with our spiritual grandchildren – Naomi and Isaiah Smellie!

The McKeans' first appointment in Johannesburg
was dinner with the Smellie Family!

Patrique and Naomi gifted Elena a colorful
South African headband!

"Grandpa Kip" so enjoyed his time
with Naomi and Isaiah!

The Smellies, the Woodens and the McKeans visited
the largest mall on the continent - the
glistening Mall of Africa!

"Grandma Elena!"

At the Mall of Africa, the McKeans sampled
"biltong" - dried meats - which are enjoyed
by most South Africans!

Andrew's favorite biltong was ostrich,
which is a lean red meat!

Naomi and Isaiah were thrilled with their visit to
the Lory Animal Park with their
parents, the Woodens and
the McKeans!

Their favorite animals were the Siberian tigers,
which are the largest cats in the world,
even larger than lions!

Naomi's second favorite were the Meerkats!

For Kip & Elena, spending time with Tolani & Kate
Abiodun was a taste of Heaven!

Lord willing, Osas Atohengbe & Ariel Hazelton will
be married in Lagos on October 20th, 2019!

Josh Ajayi & Shyloe Pollard were encouraged
that - even without the Holy Spirit - Starbucks
has evangelized the world!

"Counting the Cost" with Morgan (center)!

On Friday night, Elena shared Good News From Around The World and I gave the mission team and the remnant group two charges. The first was: To no longer be the "mission team" and "remnant group" but to be "one in Christ" – the Johannesburg Church Family! The second charge was: Pray and work on Saturday to have the most visitors that they have ever individually had at church for the Inagurual!

At the Friday Night Devotional, Kip introduced
Elena - his amazing wife and courageous
partner in the Gospel for over 42 years!

Elena enthusiastically shared Good
News From Around The World!
Then on Sunday, September 8th, God blessed the 21 Jo'burg Disciples
11 on the Mission Team and 10 in the Remnant Group  with an phenomenal attendance of 162! 

Andrew & Patrique have done so much to initiate
the evangelization of Africa!
The singing was fantastic as the Jo'burg Song Leaders 
Nick Winn and Osas Atohengbe  were joined by LuJack Martinez of Washington DC! Elena & I were blessed to give the Welcome!

Nick led the song, Let Us Go And Praise The
in English, Zulu, Sotho and Afrikaans!

What a joy for Elena to meet Nick's mom
at the Inaugural Service!
The International Prayer was spoken in the three main languages of South Africa 
Afrikaans, Zulu and English! This was so symbolic of the Johannesburg Church being one family in Christ! Presently, South Africa is gripped with xenophobia – the fear and/or hatred of foreigners, particularly Nigerians! And very interestingly, the Jo'burg Mission Team was made up of all foreigners – 8 Americans and 3 Nigerians!

In the reverent Opening Prayer, all
heads were bowed as...

Nick prayed in Afrikaans, Mxolisi in Zulu,
and LuJack in English!
The Communion was powerfully led by Jacques & Jeanette Groenewald and the Contribution Charge was given by Chris & Lerato Wooden!

On Saturday, the McKeans gave the book When
I Pray For You
to Jacque & Jeanette
for the two Groenewald children!

As Ariel sang the song, His Eye Is On The Sparrow,
the audience was mesmerized by her
voice and the powerful lyrics!
The very moving Contribution Charge was
delivered by the Woodens!
The sermon was 
as I had prayed Andrew's best yet! The title was, WHY GOOD WITHOUT GOD IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! So many were inspired to start seeking God! We closed with the singing of The Pure Sounds of Katlehog Choir, as one of their members was studying the Bible!

The Pure Sounds of Kathlehog Choir!

However, the highlights of the day were the restorations of Tendayi & Blantinah Ngwerume and the baptisms of Micayla  a student at the number one African College Wits University  and a very dynamic young married man  Morgan!

The moving restorations of Tendayi & Blantinah
filled the crowd with joy!

Micayla became the first baptism of the Jo'burg
Church and Morgan was equally honored
to be the first man baptized! 

 Andrew's friend and the Visa and the Immigration
Consultant for the Jo'burg Mission Team –
Dr. Awesome – loved the
Inaugural Service! 

Also visiting were the sister and her husband of
Chinyere Akinfenwa (WML of Lagos) – Ijeoma
& Sylvester Ekpenyong! 

LuJack reached out to the Harvard Club of
Johannesburg looking for alumni to come
to the Inaugural! Anthony Smith - the
Director of the Southern African
School Mediation Initiative -
accepted his invitation!

It was a long journey home, as we traveled from Johannesburg to Frankfurt to Chicago to LA!

In the Frankfurt Airport, it became obvious to Elena
that traveling from nation to nation and from
culture to culture makes one all the wiser!

Let's keep this fiery congregation of now 25 sold-out disciples in our daily prayers!

In the afternoon after the Inaugural, the entire
Johannesburg ICC joined in the
Celebration Lunch! 

Praise God that there will continue to be an ICCM-Lagos led by Bolaji & Chinyere Akinfenwa and a new ICCM-Johannesburg led by Dr. Andrew & Patrique Smellie!

The ICCM Commencement - during the 2019 Africa
Missions Conference (AMC) in Lagos - was
the first on the continent of Africa!

The 14 fiery BA Graduates of ICCM-Lagos!

Dr. Andrew Smellie founded ICCM-Lagos and will
initiate ICCM-Johannesburg in January!

At the 2019 AMC, Bolaji & Chinyere Akinfenwa were
reinstated and were given the charge to lead
the Lagos ICC and ICCM-Lagos!

The African snail is a delicacy throughout Nigeria!

To celebrate his reinstatement, Bolaji ordered
spicy hot snail, which Kip almost
lost his life tasting!

Bolaji pledged that this would be his last "meal
of meat" until the Lagos Church
reached 200 members!

The Yangon Inaugural Service 
On that Sunday night, September 8th, Blady Perez sent out this report about the Yangon, Myanmar ICC:

A few months ago, Kee Aung – a denominational minister – reached out to Kip on Facebook. Kip invited him to Manila for the Pac Rim Missions Conference where on June 16th he was baptized into Christ!

Though neither Kee or Kip are fluent in each other's
first language, they bonded over Kee's baptism
and the work of the Gospel!

Kee Aung brought his wife Sel Ling and nephew Lu Tar to the Phnom Penh Inaugural Weekend, and on Sunday, August 4th, they were baptized!

Sel Ling and Lu Tar were baptized at the
Phnom Penh Inaugural Service!

Then I took four disciples with me from Cambodia to Myanmar to officially start the Yangon ICC Remnant Group!

The three Yangon Diciples - Kee, Sel Ling and Lu
Tar - gave the Phnom Penh Disciples - Blady,
Cielo, Bryce, Reymer and Airee - a
"SoldOut Movement Welcome!"

We studied with the three Yangon Disciples' families and friends! Excitingly, we had an incredible 65 in attendance!

Translated by Lu Tar, Blady preached to 65
at the Yangon Inaugural!

At the end of the service, God doubled the new Yangon Church with three baptisms – Khang Pam (Lu Tar's Sister), Win Maw Aye (their neighbor), and Thang Naing (Sel Ling's Uncle)! There are many more very close!

Khang Pam - who graduated from the Yangon
Institute of Economics - was baptized...

by Cielo, Airee and Sel Ling...

...who did not get wet at Khang Pam's baptism!

Lu Tar's first baptism was baptizing
his uncle - Thang Naing!
The Celebration Of Life For Lorraine Kirchner
On Tuesday, September 10th, Elena & I arrived back safely in LA at about 6:00PM. Wednesday, we prepared to leave early the next morning to fly to Iowa for the Memorial Service of Lorraine Kirchner – Michael Kirchner's mom who was 97 years old when she passed away.

Roy & Lorriane Kirchner were married on May
22, 1946! The flowers under the picture were
sent by the City of Angels Church to
honor Michael's mother!

So on Thursday, September 12th, Elena & I flew from LA to Sioux Falls, South Dakota through Denver. We then drove two hours to Estherville, Iowa – a town of 5,000 in the middle of Iowa's beautiful cornfields! We arrived on time to attend the "Viewing" of Lorraine Kirchner – Michael's beloved mother! At the Viewing, we came to encourage Michael & Sharon in their grief, but they encouraged us with their warmth and gratitude for all of the disciples that came to support them: Cory & Jee Blackwell of Chicago, as well as Nick Economo, Yelena Astanina, Ryan Keenan, Tim Kernan and Tony Untalan of Los Angeles!

Ryan, Nick, Yelena, Tim and Tony flew from
LA to Minneapolis, Minnesota and then
drove three hours to Estherville, Iowa!

Very early Friday morning, I sent the following message to the Kirchners:

Dearest Michael & Sharon, Good morning! Thank for the outgoing gracious host you were last night at the Viewing, as you introduced us to all of your incredible, extended family. This morning, I centered my quiet time on Job 33:14-22. I have studied and prayed over this for the last three days. I have used it in my talks with several brothers, as this Scripture teaches that dreams, nightmares and pain are ways that God speaks to us. Today will be painful, but listen to the voice of God. I do not know all that He is saying to you, but ask God for discernment and "for wisdom from above." (James 3:17)
This morning, I re-read the entire Celebration Program about your mom. What a beautiful tribute especially by your sisters – Barb and Carol. As I read their beautiful acrostic poem about your mom, I cried… So to a degree I do feel some of your pain. Then, I prayed for you and your entire extended family… Maybe next summer you can help plant the Minneapolis ICC and then drive south three hours and baptize a family member to start the Estherville ICC! Yes, this is a dream but that's how God speaks to us!
Thanks for always being there for us... even at 5:00AM to take us to the airport. Today we and many others are here for you as "a friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." (Proverbs 17:17) With all our admiration and affection, Elena & Kip


Among the pictures at the Viewing was Michael's
& Sharon's wedding picture, which was
taken on April 16, 1994!
Friday at 10:30AM was the Memorial Service at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. Interestingly, Lorraine was baptized as a baby here in 1922, married in 1946, and had her funeral all in the same building!

St. Patrick's Catholic Church was where Lorraine
was baptized as a baby, married and was
the location for her Memorial Service!

At the Memorial Service, Carol – one of Lorraine's eight children – read Proverbs 31 in tribute to her mom! Then "Merlin the priest" shared specifically how Lorraine fulfilled Proverbs 31 as he had known her for 40 years. To close the service, Michael was able to share for 3 minutes using John 13:34-35 as his text just how much his mom meant to him, his siblings, her 14 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren!

So many of Lorraine's family came from all
over the United States to honor her!

During his three minute tribute, Michael thanked
in particular Barb and Carol - his sisters
who had devoted many years of their
lives to taking care of their mom!

Roy & Lorraine deeply loved their eight children -
of whom Michael is the youngest!

Roy & Lorraine loved their eight children
even more as the years went by!
During the course of our two days in Estherville, I was inspired when I learned that Lorraine was born as a two pound baby! She was kept in a shoe box and was placed on the oven to keep warm. She was happily married to Roy Kirchner for 63 years! We were also pleased to meet several of her great grandchildren – especially endearing was Heather "Lorraine" Kirchner!

Michael & Sharon so adore the namesake
of Michael's mother - Heather
"Lorraine" Kirchner!

Following was the Celebration Meal held in the building across the street from the church where Michael had attended the local elementary school from first to third grade!

The Celebration of Life Dinner!

Michael was very appreciative of all that Merlin
shared at the Memorial Service!

Michael's sister Carol reads every edition
of the Good News Email!

Michael's precious friends and
dear spiritual family!

The movie The Field of Dreams was filmed in the
cornfields of Iowa! One of Michael's greatest
dreams is to plant the Estherville
International Christian Church!

The Indianapolis Inaugural Service
That afternoon, Elena & I drove back to Sioux Falls to catch a plane to Indianapolis via Chicago! We were blessed to be on the same flights as Cory & Jee Blackwell – the valiant Middle East World Sector Leaders and the Chicago Church Leaders! We were graciously greeted in Indy by Jeremiah Clark and arrived at our hotel a little after midnight. Even though it was quite late, I was very excited to arrive in my "birth city" where I had not visited since 1994!

Beautiful Indianapolis was where Kip
was born on May 31, 1954 at a
little after noontime!

Saturday, Elena & I spent three more encouraging hours with Cory & Jee discussing the practicals about achieving "forceful advancement" in the Middle East!

The Indianapolis 500 is perhaps the most
famous car race in the world!

The Motor Speedway Logo of
the Indianapolis 500...

...was much of the inspiration for the
Indianapolis ICC Logo!

That evening, we gathered with Cory & Jee, John & Emma Causey (John is a fellow Hoosier!), and Jeremiah & Julie Clark – the Indianapolis Mission Team Leaders – to finalize all the details for the next day's historic Inaugural Service!

Ted's is famous for serving Bison
steaks and hamburgers!

The Causeys, the Clarks, the Blackwells and the
McKeans enjoyed "Bison nachos," as they
discussed the plans for the Inaugural!

Sunday morning was cloudy, but not in our hearts! The Inaugural was scheduled to begin at 11:00AM, so we arrived at 9:20AM at the Biltwell Event Center to help get things ready!

Pat & Sparkle Boea drove four hours from Chicago
on Sunday morning to join in the Indy Inaugural
at the Biltwell Event Center!

The service was amazing as the Indianapolis International Christian Church is the OPERATION EAGLE #21 Church! With 15 on the Indy Mission Team, 3 previous baptisms, and 37 visiting disciples from Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, God blessed us with a terrific attendance of 125 – of which 70 were non-Christians! As is our custom, Elena & I gave the Welcome sharing about the 12 SoldOut Movement Church Plantings in this our 12th Anniversary Year! Then, Nate Gibson delivered a powerful Opening Prayer!

In the Opening Prayer of the Indianapolis Inaugural
Service by Nate Gibson, he prayed for the
evangelization of the Midwest USA
and the world!

John Causey introduced Julie Clark, who shared eloquently for Communion! This was followed by Manilyn Mae of Columbus singing a very touching song that she wrote, Lord I Need You.

Manilyn - and several other Columbus
Disciples - drove three hours to
be at the Indy Inaugural!

Then, Jason & Sarah Dimitry gave the Contribution Charge, as San Francisco was the "sending church" which sacrificed so many disciples for the team!

The Causeys (left) and the Dimitrys are two of the
best church builders in the Movement!

The highlight for me was the phenomenal sermon by Jeremiah Clark entitled from Colossians 1:13, RESCUED FROM THE DOMINION OF DARKNESS! His three unforgettable points were: 1) Rescued From The Dominion, 2) Rescued From Powerless Religion, and 3) The Rescued Become Rescuers!

Jeremiah used several passages in the Book of
Jeremiah for his tremendous sermon,

At the end of the service, we requested that everyonevisitors and members fill out response cards. Then we collected them and Kareem Barthson and Zalma Valencia drew out three response cards who were the raffle winners!

Kareem and Zalma enjoyed overseeing the raffle!

Cory & Jee gave very warm Closing Remarks
to conclude the historic service!

The Spirit added two to their number one incredible baptism and one place membership! So with the two additions that day, the Indy ICC now numbers exactly 20 disciples!

Joaquin - a Kingdom Kid - was baptized by
Jeremiah Clark, as he is a longtime
family friend!
The Indianapolis ICC received their OPERATION EAGLE trophies at the Celebration Dinner on Sunday night! Elena & I flew home to LA on Monday!

At the Inaugural Celebration Dinner, Joaquin's
mother Joleen - a sister in Denver - joyfully
shared that she came to the Indy Inaugural
not knowing that her son was
going to be baptized!

The fired-up Indianapolis ICC!

The incredible yet humble Lead Ministry Couple
for the Indianapolis ICC - Jeremiah
& Julie Clark!

Also on Sunday, September 15th: Apia, Samoa had their Inaugural Service!

Scotty & Jenna Iakopo are the dynamic
Apia ICC Leaders!

The 8 on the mission team and 10 visiting disciples witnessed an astounding 111 in attendance and one amazing baptism!

Joe & Kerry Willis of Sydney - the father and mother
of faith to the mission team - gave
an endearing Welcome!

The ground-breaking Apia Inaugural Service!

Berek (with the guitar) - who is Samoan - is a
very talented singer and leader! 

Scotty preached the Word with deep conviction!

Ployan was baptized after much persecution!

More exciting news about growth in the Austral-China World Sector, as Pete & Paulina Wade welcomed "little Eliana" to their family on September 8th! She was 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 20 inches long!

Congratulations to "Mama Paulina" & Eliana!

Congratulations to "Papa Pete" - one of the
original Sydney Mission Team Members!

In the Africanus World Sector, Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) continues to multiply disciples, as in the past two weeks, the Kinshasa Church under the great leadership of Micky & Lyly Ngungu has had 10 baptisms! Of those 10 baptisms, 6 were this Sunday and all were campus students!

Robert, Serge, Bénédicte, Sarah, Ruth and
Christian - all students - became
"spiritual sextuplets!"

Also good news in America: On Sunday, September 15th, there were 8 baptisms in Northern California – San Francisco had 6 and Sacramento had 2 amazing baptisms – giving the two churches a combined over 300 sold-out disciples!
Jason & Sarah Dimitry – the San Francisco Church
Leaders – opened ICCM-San Francisco this past
Spring as both have ICCM Master's Degrees!
That same Sunday there were two baptisms in Tampa! Let's not forget that the Tampa Bay (Florida) Inaugural Service was July 14th! Therefore, since their "planting," they have seen 3 baptisms, 1 restoration and 1 placed membership! There were 10 people on the Tampa Bay Supplemental Mission Team led by Jared & Rachel McGee and 20 people in the remnant group, so they now number 35 disciples!

The Tampa Church was euphoric over the two
campus baptisms of Cedric and David!

Other "great news" from around the States: On Sunday, September 15th, the New York City Church had five baptisms – all from the Campus Ministry! Three were from Ivy League Schools – two from Columbia in Manhattan and the first baptism of New Haven, Connecticut (to be "officially" planted next Sunday) had a student baptized from Yale University! 

Welcome to the Family: Jamie from CCNY, Mark
from Yale, Rose from Columbia, Joshua from
Columbia, and Jacqueline from William
Paterson University!
In the 2019 College Rankings, Yale and
Columbia are tied for #3!

Brandyn Speckman was personally fruitful with
Rose, a graduate student at Columbia who
she met just two weeks ago on campus!
In Atlanta, since Damon & Vicki James' Bible Talk was having nearly 30 in attendance each week (33 last week!), they had to split it into 3 Bible Talks, which expanded the church into the townships of Buckhead and Stonecrest! Therefore since the Inaugural on February 24, 2019, God has blessed the 15 on the Atlanta Mission Team with 13 baptisms, 3 restorations (from the ICOC) and 11 place memberships! The Atlanta Church now has 41 members!

Through the power of the Spirit, Ron Harding has
almost tripled the Atlanta Church membership
since the Inaugural on February 24th!

More "good news" from Southeast Asia: Since most of the mission team landed in Cambodia around July 1st, the Spirit has grown the Phnom Penh Church from 30 (14 on the mission team from Manila and 16 in the remnant group) to now 51 sold-out disciples through 14 baptisms and 2 place memberships! They have had only 1 fall away!

Blady & Cielo Perez - the charismatic Phnom
Penh Church Leaders!
Sent out at the same time from Manila, Davao (Philippines) has surged from 12 disciples (9 on the mission team and 3 in the remnant group) to 30 disciples by God giving them 15 baptisms, 1 restoration and 2 place memberships from the ICOC! Of note, 14 of the 15 baptisms have been campus baptisms at the University of Mindanao! Praise God, they have had no fall aways! Now in the three Filipino Churches – Manila, Cebu and Davao, we have exactly 415 disciples!


Manila, Cebu and Davao are not only the three
biggest cities in the Philippines, but they are
the capitals of the three regions in the
Philippines - Luzon, Visayas
and Mindanao!
Praise God for pure dating that led to the Kingdom Weddings of Jessie & Elizabeth Cross of Sydney, Carver & Aileen Bedeau of LA, and Christian & Devon Enos in San Francisco!

Congratulations to Jessie & Elizabeth!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bedeau!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Christian
& Devon Enos!
Please continue to pray for the OPERATION EAGLE #22 New Haven, Connecticut Inaugural Service on September 22nd!

Please pray for the New Haven Inaugural Service
this coming Sunday on September 22nd!

The zealous New Haven Mission Team!

22nd, the SoldOut Movement will have planted
churches in 22 of America's 50 States!
Please pray as well for the upcoming First Caribbean Missions Conference in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on October 4-6th!

The stirring theme for the First Caribbean Missions

Also, be planning to go to the European Missions Conference in London on October 24-27th; the Austral-China Missions Conference in Sydney, Australia on November 1-3rd; the South Asia Missions Conference in New Delhi, India on November 14-17th; or the First Middle East Missions Conference in Dubai, UAE on December 6-8th!

The theme for the 2019 South Asian Missions
Conference (SAMC) is "Taj," which
in Hindi means crown!

One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern
World - the Taj Mahal - is only a four
hour bus ride from New Delhi - the
site of the SAMC! Kip & Elena still
remember their visit in 1994!

Finally, please pray for Elena & me as we travel to DC next week and then I go onto the First Caribbean Missions Conference in Port-au-Prince! And to God be all the glory!
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