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December 21, 2017


Holiday Edition
Good News Email
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Dear Friend,
Greetings from Paris, London, Orlando and Los Angeles! What an exhilarating two months since the last Good News Email on October 12, 2017! In October, Elena and I participated in the Inaugural Service of the Paris Supplemental Mission Team where 24 disciples had 42 in attendance and two amazing baptisms! As well at the end of the month, we were in London for the always inspirational European Missions Conference (EMC)! A record 350 participated in this historic event! Then on Sunday, December 17th, the City of Angels International Christian Church (CAICC) held their 10th Annual Christmas Service and MERCY Toy Drive! At this grand service held on the beautiful campus of UCLA, we witnessed one restoration and five baptisms!

In 10 year's time, the MERCY Toy Drive has become
an international event, touching little
souls around the world!

Perhaps the greatest highlight was the introduction of Ghislain and Debbie Normand of Toronto, who were one of the most well-known full-time Ministry Couples in the International Churches of Christ (ICOC) in Canada! Ghislain and Debbie were baptized in the late 1990's through the efforts of the Campus Ministry in the ICOC. Auspiciously, in 2001, Ghislain baptized Tim Kernan! Debbie and Ghislain married in 2002 and planted the Quebec City ICOC in 2003! They remained full-time until the beginning of this year. It was then that they went through their darkest hours which led them to search for the truth and eventually to read John Causey's amazing article in the April 2017 CAICC Bulletin – REMEMBER THOSE EARLIER DAYS. After contacting John and studying the Bible with him and the McKeans at the EMC, the Normands renewed their commitment to the radical Biblical convictions that helped to convert them. Therefore, on November 12th, Ghislain and Debbie gallantly joined the SoldOut Movement in Toronto! Ghislain's vulnerable article in the Christmas Sunday CAICC Bulletin – FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS – will prayerfully have the same impact on other remnant disciples as John's article had on them! (Read Ghislain's article here: And to God be the glory!

Ghislain and Debbie Normand were reunited with
the McKeans at the European Missions
Conference in late October!

Through the prayers and efforts of John Causey and
Evan and Kelly Bartholomew, the Normands
joined God's New SoldOut Movement on
November 12, 2017 in Toronto!

RD Baker – Lead Evangelist of Dubai: Greetings from the United Arab Emirates! Truly, 2017 in Dubai has been the "Year of the Impossible!" The Spirit sent out April and me and seven other disciples to plant the pillar church for the Middle East World Sector in Dubai at the 2016 Global Leadership Conference (GLC)! Although April's family strongly persecuted her to not go to the Middle East because of a congenital heart defect that left her heart operating at only 40%, April was unwavering in her passion to serve and perhaps die on the mission field. Inspirationally, in LA during the Chicago Send Off just two weeks later, her mom Robin was restored to the Lord! On Friday, September 23, 2016, was our Inaugural Service! With nine on the mission team and only the McKeans joining us, God blessed us with an incredible 56 in attendance! In the next four months, there were six restorations and place memberships directly from our former fellowship, yet there were no baptisms.

The courageous Dubai Mission Team at the 2016
GLC where they were sent off by prayer
and the Holy Spirit!

In January, Kip and Elena returned to Dubai to encourage the church to focus on evangelism! They brought along RJ Castro to be the right hand man for me.

RJ Castro was a terrific addition to the Dubai ICC!

In the Fall, three of the original nine mission team members had to return to their home nations because of visa issues. So as of mid-January 2017, we had 13 Dubai Disciples. Through the power of God, we began to see baptisms! However, April had to return to LA for her biannual check-up. During her stay in LA, she suffered a heart attack and subsequently cardiac arrest for four minutes! Praise God, the doctors and nurses revived her truly bringing her back from the dead! Astonishingly, we were given the green light to return to Dubai in July! Interestingly, April's mother and sister Celina were by her side daily in the hospital during this recuperation period in LA. Right before we left to return to Dubai, on July 16th, Celina was baptized into Christ!

In the Year of the Impossible, April survived a heart
attack and a subsequent cardiac arrest for four
minutes! She heroically returned to the
mission field of Dubai just three
months later!

Although we saw no baptisms in our first four months in 2016, God in 2017 has "impossibly" blessed the 13 disciples of the Dubai Church with now 29 baptisms… and counting! We are so excited to send out RJ Castro to build up the Manila Church and Dao Henderson to strengthen the New York City Church! In turn, we are ecstatic to receive Miguel Mendez of Chicago in January as my new right hand man and Megan Mathews of LA as April's new right hand woman!

Megan's beloved daughter in the faith Karen will
dearly miss her as the Spirit is taking Megan
from Los Angeles to Dubai!

Lastly, please be praying for us to end 2017 strong and to send out the Bahrain Mission Team at next year's November 2018 Middle East Missions Conference in Dubai! And to God be all the glory!

On Wednesday, December 20th, two Bible Talks
came together as some members were away
for the holidays, and amazingly, 16 disciples
hosted 16 non-disciples! What a way to
end the "Year of the Impossible!"

Nick Bordieri – World Sector Leader of MERCYworldwide: "There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land." (Deuteronomy 15:11) Denise and I are especially encouraged by the 10th Annual MERCY Toy Drive in Los Angeles! MERCY's very first project was the LA Christmas Toy Drive back in 2008, at which time the 100 CAICC Disciples donated approximately 150 toys! Ten years later, it has blossomed to bless thousands of underprivileged children around the globe to witness the gift of love and giving as a result of the now Annual MERCY International Toy Drive!

Thanks goes to Nick and Denise Bordieri for
spearheading the MERCY efforts
around the world!

Kaitlin Kelly's precious daughters - Norah and
Ariyah - donated presents to the
LA MERCY Toy Drive!

Here a few highlights of the Annual MERCY International Toy Drive: MERCY New York City not only distributed toys to 200 children at the HELP USA New Horizons Shelter for displaced families, but also held a Christmas Concert for their kids and their staff! MERCY Metro Manila distributed toys to children who live in a former garbage dump outside of Metro Manila called Payatas! In usual Filipino fashion, the time with the children was filled with fun, food, games and incredible performances! MERCY Mexico City has adopted a poor town on the far edge of the city called San Gregorio de Xochimilco, which was devastated by the recent earthquakes. To continue MERCY's Mexico Disaster Relief Efforts, toys will be distributed to the children for Christmas along with warm gloves, hats and warm clothing for the families to protect them during the rather cold winter. 

During the Holiday Festival of MERCY Metro
Manila in Payatas, Rose and JC captivated
the children with storytelling!

The MERCY Ambassadors handed out presents
donated by the Metro Manila ICC!

In Los Angeles, we collected 1,000 toys! Toys are first being given to needy families in the church, and then, MERCY LA will be hosting a Christmas Party on December 23rd in the Antelope Valley Region, where Santa will hand out toys to over 250 underprivileged children! Denise and I extend a heartfelt thank you to all the churches for your incredibly generous hearts that continue to bring joy to so many children around the world!
Alfredo Anuch – Lead Evangelist of Santiago: Greetings from "The Ends of the Earth!" (Acts 1:8) This year, God has been moving in incredible ways here in Santiago – the most southern major city on the globe! Amazingly this week, the church reached our impossible prayer goal for this year of "200 disciples for the Lord!" Santiago began this year with 135 disciples, and up to this Sunday, December 17th, God has added 100 souls – 97 baptisms and 3 restorations!

The joyous Christmas Party of the very
effective Santiago Staff!

One of the most impactful baptisms were Ricardo Fossi and his wife Neralba Rengifo! They were baptized in April of this year! Ricardo is a distinguished manager at Toyota Chile. After their baptisms, Ricardo and Neralba have been very fruitful and generous! Now Ricardo's parents are disciples and Neralba's mother is studying the Bible!

Roberto and Claudia are joined by our new brother
and sister, Ricardo and Neralba (center), in
giving the challenge, "You will be next!"

God willing, this coming February at the South American Missions Conference (SAMC), the Quito (Ecuador) Mission Team will be sent out under the leadership of Manuel and Claudia Palma! This encourages our souls! 

Manuel and Claudia Palma will be leading the
Quito Mission Team to be sent out
at the 2018 SAMC in February!

Please keep us in your prayers, as "300 for the Lord" is next year's challenge!
Raul Moreno – Lead Evangelist of São Paulo: The Lord has moved powerfully this year in the church in Brazil! A highlight was the planting of the Rio de Janeiro Church after the February 2017 Brazil Missions Conference! So encouraging as well at the conference were the appointments of Caio Lopes and Danilo Bataglin as Evangelists and Carol Bataglin as a Women's Ministry Leader!

Danilo and Carol Bataglin lead not only the USP
Campus Ministry - which is a model for all the
churches - but also São Paulo's
entire West Region!

Excitingly, on the same Sunday as our sister church in Santiago reached "200 for the Lord," we also in São Paulo accomplished this challenging goal at our Marrieds Retreat! One of my favorite aspects of the retreat was a fun-filled 60's Themed Party!

Raul and Lynda - "friends and lovers" - are the
charismatic leaders of the São Paulo Church!

However, the high point of the retreat was the baptism of an awesome married couple – Bernardo and Isabel! We love you with the love of the Lord! 

Bernardo and Isabel were baptized during
the Marrieds Retreat!

Of great encouragement in this the "Year of the Impossible" in the Central and South American World Sector, has been the Mexico City Church powerfully led by Carlos and Lucy Mejia! This year, not only did a "friend of the congregation" build a beautiful church building for them, but their membership is now 184, so they too are about to eclipse "200 for the Lord!"

Lucy Mejia has spoken on the theme ELEVATE at
Women's Days in Sydney, Houston,
Los Angeles, Monterrey
and Mexico City!

Please consider coming to the Latin American
Missions Conference - CONVICCION DE
Mexico City on February 15-18, 2018!

Lastly, the saints in São Paulo Brazil are enthused to host the amazing South American Missions Conference entitled, UNTIL THE END (ATE O FIM)! This tremendous event for the Lord will be held from February 2-4, 2018 at the impressive Renaissance Hotel located in Avenida Paulista which is the business and cultural center of the great city of São Paulo.

Another opportunity to build up a sister church
and to be strengthened in the Lord is to
attend the South American Missions
Conference - ATE O FIM (TO THE
END) - in São Paulo on
February 2-4, 2018!

Over 50 disciples from Santiago, Chile will be joining us, as well as many others from around Latin America! One of the many highlights will be the sending out of the Quito (Ecuador) Mission Team giving us five nations in Central and South America with a church planting of SoldOut Disciples! There will be Kingdom Appointments, and the very First ICCM-São Paulo Commencement Ceremony where 14 disciples will be awarded their Bachelor's Degree in Ministry! For more information and registration, please visit our website at:
Luke Speckman – Lead Evangelist of New York City: Greetings from the Big Apple! There have been many exciting events here in this amazing city from our weekly baptisms to our fellowship times with the other Northeastern Churches!

The New Jersey Region is the fifth region of the
NYC Church and was sent out at the
November 19th Sunday Service!

In late October, we hosted the Northeast Marrieds Retreat with the Boston, Syracuse, DC and New York City (NYC) Churches coming together at the Double Tree Hotel in Norwalk, Connecticut about 45 miles outside of NYC. Our total attendance on the Sunday morning of the retreat was 130, about 60 of which were from NYC! So this was an outstanding turnout!

The singing was incredible at the Northeast
Marrieds Retreat in Connecticut!

In November, the Washington DC Church joined us at the spectacular Marriott Marquis Times Square to worship! The worship was full of laughter and tears! The service was concluded with the sending off the New Jersey Region and Micky and Lyly Ngungu back to lead the Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) Church in Africa!

Micky and Lyly Ngungu learned so much from
the New York City Church during their
wait for their green card!

Yesterday's worship service was equally phenomenal! We had our All Congregational Christmas Worship Service at our regular location – the Marriott Marquis Times Square! Of course, we had our Annual MERCY Toy Drive !

Drs. Ken and Cheryl Chin are the innovative
Directors of MERCY NYC!

Our young children sang, Let There Be Peace On Earth! It was very sweet! We also had several special performances from our AMS Ministry!

The New York City Choir sang the heartfelt
Christmas song, Little Drummer Boy!

To close the service, we had an incredible baptism! Sam McMurray is the 25-year-old son of Bob and Barb McMurray – our Queens Region Shepherding Couple! Sam shared how after making life-altering mistakes, he finally realized in October that he needed to repent and be baptized! His father Bob tearfully shared that he had prayed for this moment for many years! After all the sharing, Sam was gloriously baptized into Christ!

Bob McMurray tearfully shared that he had
prayed for many years to see his son
Sam baptized into Christ!

From October 1st, God has blessed us with 18 amazing additions – 15 baptisms, 2 restorations and 1 place membership! With the sending out of the Ngungus, the NYC Church presently has exactly 190 disciples, so we are closing in on "200 for the Lord!"

New York City Snow Globes were presented to the
NYC Region Leaders - the Swanns, the Montanos,
the Speckmans, the Viscichinis
and the Shelbracks!

Micky Ngungu – Lead Evangelist of Kinshasa: Good news from the Democratic Republic of Congo! Patricia Manza – a wonderful sister who was baptized two months ago – because of her convictions as well as her "gentle and quiet spirit" inspired her husband Daniel to be baptized a couple weeks ago as a disciple of Jesus Christ! Daniel's conversion caused an uproar because of his background as a Co-Evangelist in a big denominational church here in Kinshasa. His dad – who was one of the Lead Evangelists in the same denominational church – died by being poisoned by his colleagues! In the denomination that he comes from, people are surprised to see him leave them, especially his mom who is now trying desperately to persuade him to go back to the denomination. Praise God, Daniel has stayed firm to his convictions!

Similar to the conversion of priests in Acts 6:7,
Daniel - an Evangelist in a big denominational
church - was baptized as a sold-out disciple!

So many in the Kinshasa Church are zealously reaching out to family members and close friends as we have become more urgent about "seeking and saving the lost!" Last Saturday, Daniel and Patricia baptized Marie Louise Bokele and Pitshou Sukami. In the meantime, Pitshou's wife is studying the Bible. 

Please welcome our newest brothers and sisters
in Kinshasa: Pitshou, Déo, Esther
and Marie Louise! 

Another sister Virginie Unguele, who was baptized two months ago, recently baptized her mother Germaine Mbongo!

Families are being brought together
in Kinshasa as Virginia (right)
baptized her mom Germaine!

With all that Lyly and I learned in the New York City Church, our services have really improved and attendances at church have been steadily increasing. This Sunday, we had an attendance of 353 for 256 disciples! We believe the harvest will be very plentiful in 2018!
Cory Blackwell – Lead Evangelist of Chicago: We have come so far since Jee and my arrival with the Supplemental Mission Team from LA to Chicago in June 2016! Upon our arrival, there were 110 disciples. Today, God blessed us with the best Christmas Service that I have ever participated in! The Shepherds – Roger Parlour, Theo Dawson and Chris Wooten – preached the sermon and Pat Boea did a special reading called The Story Machine about the birth of Christ! We had two inspiring restorations and two powerful baptisms! For a non-push Christmas Service, we had an amazing 390 in attendance for 181 disciples!

Pat Boea - one of four Chicago Shepherds - read
The Story Machine about the birth of Christ at
their Christmas Service!

At our 2018 Winter Workshop, we will be sending out Miguel Mendez to assist RD Baker in Dubai! We look forward to the new year and reaching "200 for the Lord" early in 2018!  

Excitingly, in January, Miguel Mendez will be by
RD's and April's side preaching true peace
in the Middle East!

Debs Rajan – Women's Ministry Leader of Chennai: Greetings from India! In the year 466 BC, Nehemiah said to his fellow Jews in Jerusalem, "'You see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace.' I also told them about the gracious hand of my God upon me and what the king had said to me. They replied, 'Let us start rebuilding.' So they began this good work." (Nehemiah 2:17-18) Nehemiah was moved by the Spirit to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. The Lord put on my husband's heart to likewise "rebuild" the lives of the people of Chennai. Thus, the Nehemiah Project was started! The Nehemiah Project spans from November 3rd all the way up to December 24th – exactly 52 days – the same amount of time that it took Nehemiah and the Jews to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem! (Nehemiah 6:15)

Peter - a student at Remo International College
of Aviation - is baptized during
the Nehemiah Project!

We began by fasting and praying just like Nehemiah! (Nehemiah 1:4) Yet, Satan sent heavy rains for a continuous two weeks and the city was flooded. This did not stop the disciples, as we continued to have fun while building the wall – never lacking in zeal! We had a very interesting 52 days planned out: a Staff Lunch, House Church Dinners, a Night of Dancing exclusively for the marrieds, Bible Talk Outings to enjoy North Indian delicacies together, and we even had Movie Nights where we watched six movies in one week! Along with the fun, there was also a lot of hard work put in by the disciples. Each disciple had a prayer goal of 10 contacts, 20 phone follow ups, and five physical follow ups in each consecutive week. As a result of our prayers and all of that hard work, God gave us (so far in 45 days) 25 baptisms, 1 restoration AND 2 engagements!

Salma (middle teal t-shirt) - who comes from a
Muslim background - rejoiced with her new
brothers and sisters after her baptism!

God has grown the Chennai Church to exactly 230 sold-out disciples! We are so grateful for the brothers and sisters especially from the USA for their continued financial support and prayers. A very Merry Christmas to all of you from the Chennai Disciples!

Jackson Jones and Geo George are married and
were baptized recently! Jackson is the Manager
of Operations in the Federal Bank and Geo has
a Master's in Engineering! Their dream is to
lead the Mission Team to Cochin, India!
Zach Shields – Interim Lead Evangelist of Metro Manila: Greetings from the home of the 2017 Global Leadership Conference – VICTORIOUS! The Filipino Disciples still talk about that mountain top experience of having all of you come from all over the world! We will never forget the Prayer War Room, the Fifth Commencement of the International College of Christian Ministries where 93 degrees were conferred (especially Kip hooding Raul Moreno to receive his Doctorate), the coming out of the Phnom Penh Remnant Group led by Filipinos – Blady and Cielo Perez, the Spirit sending out the Guam, Cebu, Miami/Ft Lauderdale and the Twelfth (and last) Crown of Thorns Mission Team – Hong Kong, and the 1,300 in attendance singing arm-in-arm, The Glory Song!

On Tuesday, August 1st of the GLC, the
Prayer War Room opened!

By Sunday, August 6th at the end of the GLC,
it had changed the Movement!

As well, there were difficult days immediately following the GLC as our beloved Lead Ministry Couple stepped down from leadership. This tragic event did make all of us focus on God more than men. We are very grateful though for joining the new "Pacific Rim Tribe World Sector" under Tim and Lianne Kernan's leadership! We are also very thankful for their two weeks extended time from the GLC! Also we remain thankful for Kip's return and his loving challenges. We are especially grateful for the two months that Joe and Kerry Willis led our church!

The MMICC Family was so thankful that Joe and
Kerry Willis came for two months this Fall
to strengthen all the disciples!

Amazingly, since September 3rd, God has blessed us with a record attendance of 421 and 59 additions – 53 baptisms, 4 restorations and 2 place memberships! We now have 255 Filipino Disciples – 222 in Manila and 33 in Cebu!

On October 18th to November 1st, Elena and I embarked on our Annual European Missionary Trip! We were so looking forward to going to Paris as the Paris Supplemental Mission Team had just arrived from London a few weeks before! We believe that the Paris Church under the leadership of Anthony and Cassidy Olmos – who were on the original Paris Mission Team in 2012 – will flourish like never before! We arrived at the Charles De Gaulle Airport on the morning of Thursday, October 19th where we were given a rousing SoldOut Movement Welcome by five Parisian Disciples singing in French, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord!

The fired up Paris Disciples gave a SoldOut
Movement Welcome to the McKeans!

Earlier, I had asked Anthony and Cassidy to spend the whole day Friday with them. (John 1:39) So we all decided to spend a day in the city of Giverny, which is about an hour train ride outside of Paris. This country village was quite renowned because the celebrated painter, Claude Monet, lived and painted there for forty years until his death in 1926. We walked through his house and gardens, and then visited his famous Japanese Pond covered with water lilies, which was the subject of so many of his paintings. These paintings are called "Nymphéas" – which in French is water lilies! I was very intrigued as my mom put a love of art into me as she was a professional artist and high school art teacher.

Anthony and Cassidy Olmos spent the day with
Kip and Elena in the little village of Giverny -
home for 40 years of the French
Impressionist Claude Monet!

Claude Monet
(1840 - 1926)

Monet's most famous collection of paintings
were of his Japanese Lily Pond!

Cassidy, Anthony and Elena on one of the
famous bridges of Monet's Pond!

During his 40 years, Monet produced
approximately 250 Nymphéas
water lily paintings!

As Jesus spent an unforgettable day bonding
with the future Apostles John and Andrew,
so the McKeans spent the day with
Anthony and Cassidy! (John 1:39)

We spent that sunny but chilly Fall day in awe of God's beautiful creation! The hours we spent traveling and in Giverny itself allowed hours of great bonding time and terrific ministry discussions! Saturday was spent with great disciples such as Naomi Jarvis, Samuel Ajayi and Kevin and Sandra Lacken-Toto!

Kevin and Sandra Lacken-Toto did a tremendous
job as the interim leaders of the Paris Church
from January to September of this year!

To close out their double date, Kip and Elena
prayed with Samuel and Naomi in
front of Notre Dame!

Sunday was simply spectacular! From the very beginning, Elena and I were so inspired because the singing was so vibrant! One can always tell where a church is at spiritually by the singing, because it comes from the heart! As well, God gave the 24 disciples of the Paris Church, 42 in attendance at service!

On Sunday mornings, the Paris Church meets in
the quiet basement of Belushi's Bar and Grill!

Belushi's basement an hour-and-a-half
before church at 10:00AM on
Sunday, October 22nd!

Since Anthony was not preaching, he stepped
up to lead the singing!

For 42 in attendance, the singing
was incredible!

For Communion, Elena shared about three different
times that Satan had sifted her like wheat!
(Luke 22:31-32)

Kevin translated not only Kip's words, but
his heart as well!

After church, excitingly two were baptized – Tchalo from Dubai and Taylor of Paris! So since the Inaugural Service just 14 days before, God blessed the Supplemental Mission Team and the Paris Church with five baptisms!

The Paris Church baptizes in the frigid Seine
River that divides the beautiful
City of Light!

Elena pointed to the ladder that goes down into
the Seine River, which is at this juncture
several feet in depth!

Samuel and Anthony got ready to
baptize Tchalo!

Since the water is well over a person's head, Samuel
and Anthony must hold tightly to the ladder and
Tchalo, as Tchalo throws himself
backwards into the water!

Tchalo rejoiced in his salvation and that Samuel
and Anthony did not let him go!

Sandra and Naomi prepared to baptize Taylor,
even though Sandra was unprepared for
the water's low temperature!

Vive l'Église Française!

Then on Tuesday, October 24th, Elena and I traveled to London on the Eurostar Railway to go to the European Missions Conference – CONQUERING KINGDOMS! Interestingly, it is a lot quicker to go from Paris to London by train than by plane – just two and a half hours!

Kip and Elena boarded the Eurostar Train that
travels directly from Paris to London!

To do so requires that the train goes under the
English Channel for 50 km (31 miles) that
separates France from England!

During this crossing, the train travels
282 km/h (175 miles/h)!

Kip and Elena received another warm SoldOut
Movement Welcome in London! Among them
were their spiritual grandchildren - Michael
Adrian and Mia Williamson!

The EMC began for us on that night as we had dinner with our beloved son and daughter in the faith – Michael and Michele Williamson!

Michele and Mia welcomed everyone to the

Wednesday night was the Speakers Dinner! What a tremendous time of sharing and unity!

Michael and Michele gave a special welcome to
John and Emma Causey, as they served the
Lord in London during the mid 1990's!

RD and April Baker came all the way from Dubai
to share in this joyous experience!

As many did that evening, Elena Sirotkina of
Moscow shared about the many miracles
of the Year of the Impossible!

The EMC Speakers and Teachers were
so encouraged!

Thursday morning was the Church Builders Workshop where I was privileged to address the leaders on the topic of A KINGDOM THAT CAN NEVER BE SHAKEN! I did share that here on earth God's church will be tested, thus it will be shaken!

The Church Builders Workshop had
leaders from 11 nations!

Kip spoke on a timely topic, A KINGDOM

Following were Men's and Women's Sessions! RD Baker was the main speaker for the men and Elena spoke for the women! They both spoke on the theme, CONQUERING EVERY PLACE YOU SET YOUR FOOT!

Frank Simelane really heated up the Men's
Program with his song leading!

In his sermon, RD shared many incredible
accounts of faith from the Middle
East this year!

Oleg Sirotkin of Moscow passionately preached

Hilarie Gordine's incredible voice stirred the
sisters to sing with all their might!

After the Welcome by Michele (right), MJ Hurditt of
Birmingham led the sisters in a rousing prayer!

YOU SET YOUR FOOT, Elena shared about
many of the mission teams that she
had been blessed to be on!

Denise Kukoyi taught about CONQUERING

Thursday evening was the First General Session and John Causey – who built the London ICOC from 500 to 1,800 in the mid 1990's – spoke on the theme A UNITED KINGDOM CONQUERS KINGDOMS!

The First General Session of the 2017 EMC!

Kolbe and Rebecca Gray - the right hand couple
for the Williamsons - had the honor to
give the Welcome!

John Causey preached that unity is only possible
when the followers of Christ are unified
in life and doctrine!

Friday morning was the Second General Session and Michael Williamson was outstanding in his speech, SHUTTING THE MOUTHS OF LIONS!

Using the account of Daniel in the Lion's Den,
Michael inspired everyone to strive for a
deeper relationship with God!

Later that morning were the Men's and Women's Programs! The main speakers were Kolbe Gray and Emma Causey who spoke on WEAKNESS TURNED TO STRENGTH!

Kolbe shared very vulnerably about the weaknesses
in his life that God was beginning to
turn into strengths!

Jurij Zykov spoke with deep convictions about

Matthew Lovacheff taught and warned about how
the Jehovah's Witness Religion had
twisted the Scriptures!

Erik Af Klint was humorous as he spoke

Frank - a dynamic London Intern - addressed

Several sisters shared that Emma Causey's
STRENGTH changed their lives!

April spoke firsthand about

addressed by Rebecca!

Friday afternoon, James and Deidra Morgan gave the Martyrs Tour around London!

James and Deidra Morgan posed as "Oliver Smart"
and "Joan Fish" from the 1700's as they
gave the Martyrs Tour!

All of the EMC Delegates were delighted to learn so
much about the heroic faith of those that
came before us!

That night, we all enjoyed the Kingdom Banquet at the beautiful Hazev Restaurant! Following was a Concert and the Pure Dance!

The newlyweds - Kolbe and Rebecca - were among
the first to arrive for the Kingdom Banquet at
the Hazev Restaurant!

The food and the service were excellent!

The glorious Kingdom Banquet!

The Banquet affords a longer time for deeper
fellowship as with Ghislain and Michael!

At the concert, Garrett Bradley of LA and Samuel
Ajayi of Paris gave their rendition of
Stevie Wonder's Superstition!

Saturday was the Fourth General Session and Anthony Olmos delivered his best sermon to date entitled, BENT ON CONQUEST!

Anthony was outstanding in his preaching on both
the Men's Program (above), as well as for the
main speech entitled, BENT ON CONQUEST!

In closing he said, "We do not have to worry about silencing autonomy! Autonomy silences itself!" After this was the MERCY Presentation by Michael Ochwa – the Director of MERCY London!

After the MERCY Morning Welcome by RD and
April, Jurij took everyone to the throne
of God in prayer!

MERCY Morning always reminds the disciples that
we are united by our passion to make a
difference in the world - physically,
emotionally and spiritually!

Michael Williamson (right) and Michael Ochwa
(center) graciously presented Michael Obi
with the Community MERCY
Partnership Award!

Arni Sicam (right) newly of Manila had his daughter
Beryl come from the Netherlands for the EMC!
There, Elena gladly signed her book
ELEVATE for Beryl!

That afternoon was the much anticipated England vs. "The World" Football Match! Saturday night was the International Campus Devotional!

Michael Hart - a London Shepherd and the
Commissioner for the England vs."The
World" Football Match - gathered
all the players for a prayer!

England redeemed themselves this year and
won the match by a score of 2 - 0!

Kolbe and Rebecca celebrated with Denzel Keyede
and Thu Le when they were engaged with the
gorgeous London Tower Bridge
in the background!

The Sunday Worship Service on October 29th was truly the grand finale of the EMC!

Michael enthusiastically readies the leaders for
the EMC Sunday Service during the
Pre-service Meeting!

The Williamsons welcomed a crowd of 350 to the
London International Christian Church!

Michael presented Stuart Brown - the Coach of
the England Team - with the coveted
EMC Soccer Trophy!

Kaspar and Ashley Tambaur of Stockholm presided over Communion and Mike and Pam O'Donnell of New York City spoke on Contribution!

Soon-to-be full-time in leading the Stockholm
Church, Kaspar and Ashley Tambaur poured
out their hearts for Communion!

Mike and Pam O'Donnell - a NYC Shepherding
Couple - enlightened the EMC Crowd on the
impact of Weekly and Missions

Elena had her dear friend Melvit Ortiz as
her guest for the Sunday Service!

Then John Causey delivered a lesson I will never forget entitled, CONQUERING KINGDOMS! Throughout his message, John exhorted us, "Don't give up! Don't give in! Stay all in!" and "Even greater things in 2018!"

John's Sunday Sermon - CONQUERING
KINGDOMS - was indeed one of the
tremendous highlights of
the weekend!

John "prophesied" for "Even greater
things in 2018!"

Tomiwa and Vienne Safe-Adewumi are the
Amsterdam Mission Team Leaders!

Luca Di Beo of São Paulo is an Italian Citizen and
plans to move to London to train to lead the
Rome Mission Team after graduation
from USP next year!

The EMC concluded with four exciting baptisms! For me, the most touching was Michael and Michele baptizing their oldest son Michael Adrian!

Frank introduced Michael Adrian Williamson to the
EMC and was the first to share before
Michael's baptism!

Michele shed tears of joy!

After 12 years of prayer, Michael baptized his
son into the Kingdom of God!

Michael and Michael are father and son,
and now by God's grace, brothers!

To close the EMC, LuJack Martinez - now the
Washington DC Lead Evangelist - led The
Glory Song - International Version!

I believe this was such an incredible conference because Michael and Michele imitated the Prayer War Room they saw at the 2017 GLC! They could not secure an extra room so they simply pitched a tent and called for 24/7 prayers in the "Tent of Meeting!" And to God be all the glory!

The Tent of Meeting where prayers were offered
up 24/7 during the entire EMC!

Three Teen Sisters shared their "hour of power!"

The window directly opposite of the Tent of
Meeting's open front was filled with
prayer requests on post-its!

Boston: Congratulations to Andre and Mara Carrero on their wedding in November! The Pattersons had the pleasure of baptizing them in the Gainesville Campus Ministry. Andre and Mara moved up with Mike and Chenelle to Boston becoming powerful partners in the Gospel with them at Boston University and Harvard. 

Congratulations to Andre and Mara Carrero!

The Boston church had their 2017 Christmas Banquet this past weekend. So many talented disciples from the AMS Ministry performed, but everyone was in awe as Jackie Gomes did the last performance reading a poem that ended with him on one knee asking Aradhna Masih to be his wife. 

Congratulations to Jackie and Aradhna!

Chennai: Maggie gave birth to baby girl Yalini! Prathap and Maggie will be leading the Chennai Church after the Delhi Mission Team is sent out next year during the SAMC!

Welcome to your worldwide family Baby Yalini!

Equally as exciting was the engagement of our dear brother and sister Kishore and Philomena!

Congratulations are due to our brother and
sister Kishore and Philomena!

Honolulu: Chester and Anna Duggan were married October 28th, just two weeks after they made the decision to put God first in their relationship of four years!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Duggan!

Kinshasa: Excitingly, last Saturday, we were extremely happy to baptize after 12 months of studying the Bible Déo Kutukenda and Esther Misengabo! They had been living together without being married and were challenged to split up; then after their baptism, they were joyfully married! It was not easy at all, but according to them they did not see any other church that could teach them these important things for their salvation! (They were talking about the First Principles.) They both rejoiced as they celebrated their birthday on December 14th and then were baptized that same day! How amazing! Esther is an artist and is, by the way, in studio recording songs! 

Déo and Esther: Happy Birthday and
super congratulations on your
baptisms and marriage!

New York City: On October 28th, Angel Santiago and Jocelyn Mora of the Queens Region were engaged!

Congratulations to Angel and Jocelyn
on your engagement!

On November 4th, Karyn Bowman and Jonathan Rosborough of the Brooklyn Region were joyfully married!

Congratulations to Jonathan and
Karyn Rosborough!

Phoenix: Greetings from the Valley of the Son! Here in Phoenix we are filled with joy and very encouraged to see our dear brother Nelson Brown married to our amazing sister Sydney Lankford! Sydney graduated with honors from ASU in Biomedical Engineering (with a Jazz performance minor) and Nelson is going to graduate from ASU as well in a semester! Today, both of their families were at our Bring Your Neighbor Day Service! The disciples served at the wedding and reception and the church really came together to make the wedding special and impacting! We have great vision for Nelson and Sydney Brown to continue to do even greater things for God as they lead our growing ASU Campus Ministry! Thanks be to our God for guiding them, and for their incredible example of purity, openness and hearts to love God and each other! It is to God's glory their first kiss was today at "the altar!"

Nelson and Sydney: Thank you for being an
incredible example for all of the
Movement's dating couples!

Portland: We are very excited to announce that our very own Craig and Keshia, who are dearly loved by disciples all around the world, became engaged! God is good!

Congratulations to Craig and Keshia of Portland!

Paul asked Magdalena to marry him at the Portland Zoo with Christmas lights and she said, "Yes!" Paul was baptized about a month ago and broke off the engagement with his fiancé to get baptized and amazingly just a few days later Magdalena was baptized! Before Paul was baptized, he moved out and moved in with the brothers and now Paul and Magdalena will be getting married as pure saints on New Year's Eve! 

Congratulations to Paul and Magdalena!

San Diego: On November 25th, Brandon and Rachelle Rasha – San Diego's Shepherding Couple-in-Training – rejoiced that God gave them a beautiful baby boy Tristan weighing 8lbs. 10oz.!

Brandon and Rachelle are so excited about
the addition of their new son Tristan!

San Francisco: Congratulations to Jason and Sarah Dimitry on the birth of their second son Montgomery Lucas Dimitry! "Monty" was born November 3rd at 2:55PM and weighed 7lbs. 10oz. and was 20 inches long!

Congratulations to Jason and Sarah Dimitry
on the birth of their second son - Monty!

Tim Kernan – Lead Evangelist of Los Angeles: Greetings from sunny and gorgeous Los Angeles, California! This Sunday we had an incredible Christmas Service at UCLA to close out our year together as a family! The MERCY Toy Drive was a huge success and so many children will have toys this Christmas because of the hearts of the disciples! 

As Christmas Elves, Makaela and Jasmine were a
tremendous help during the MERCY
Toy Drive in LA!

The Kingdom Kids Choir – enthusiastically directed by Vicki James – melted our hearts with the singing of a beautiful rendition of Go Tell It On The Mountain! 

The Kids Kingdom Choir brought smiles and tears
as they sang, Go Tell It On The Mountain!

Then it was a tremendous honor to welcome Kirk and Margie Hamula and Eliza Bautista from Las Vegas, Zach and Brittany Miller from Denver, Nehemiah Thompson from Phoenix, and Sanmi Ginadu and Alicia Prescod from Washington DC! 

The dynamic new leaders for the AMS Region
is the newly dating couple - Adam
Zepeda and Lauren Ona!

We also sent off our dear LuJack and Cathi Martinez to DC, our beloved Princeton and Joy George to Las Vegas, Anna Hernandez to Mexico City, and Carlos Robielos to Manila, Philippines! As well, we welcomed Richie and Elizabeth McDonnell into the Pacific Rim Tribe World Sector, as they will be heading out in January to lead the Mighty Metro Manila ICC! 

The Spirit is sending Carlos Robielos from LA
to Manila to save "his people!"

It was a great honor to have Kip and Elena with us here in LA for this service as they always add "the global touch!" A massive and special moment for me was having Ghislain and Debbie Normand visiting from the Toronto ICC, as Ghislain baptized me 16 years ago in the Montreal ICOC! John and Emma Causey have done a tremendous job pulling them in as well as several other precious remnant veterans, who are out there and want to be used by God in a powerful way! 

Over 100 disciples enthusiastically greeted Ghislain
and Debbie Normand when they arrived in LA
near midnight Friday, December 19th!

Tim Kernan warmly embraced his fellow Canadian
Disciples - Debbie and Ghislain - for the
first time in 12 years!

John and Emma were the key couple to help the
Normands renew their Biblical convictions that
converted them and then guided them into
the New Movement!

To close out the service God blessed us with five baptisms – Ryan, Kim, Steven, Mauricio and Raven – and one restoration, Paul! Then we sang arm-in-arm Feliz Navidad!

The December 17-19th LA Staff Retreat was
held near Big Bear in the San
Bernardino Mountains!

Lastly, Lianne and I were so moved by the church smashing our Fall Missions Contribution Goal by 154% - collecting almost $700,000! 2018 is going to be an incredible year, especially in the Campus Ministry! Leading the way this Fall has been the USC Campus Ministry, which in August had no students but this Fall they were blessed with seven baptisms and no fall aways! Please pray for us as we pray for you! 

To forcefully advance the City of Angels Church
and the Pacific Rim World Sector, Tim has
converted his closet into his Prayer War
Room! He lined it with cedar wood that
reminded him of the First Temple!

On November 18, 2017 while Elena and I were in New York City, I received a phone call from my mom that Dad had unexpectedly passed away that morning. For Dad's Memorial Service the following Saturday, I wrote the following:

Rear Admiral Thomas W. McKean
(1928 - 2017)

A Tribute of Admiration and Affection
For RADM Thomas W. McKean

"Fair Winds and Following Seas" is a toast or salutation between mariners. It implies that a ship will have favorable winds and not have to pound into the waves, for on a perfect sailing day, the wind direction is the same as the waves. Such was the life of my father – Rear Admiral Thomas Wayne McKean, USN (Retired). A dear neighbor wrote to my mother this week, "Tom was a great man of so much knowledge and character." Dad was born to Dr. Gorman F. McKean and Elmira (Stanley) McKean on May 18, 1928 in Adams County, Indiana. He lived his younger years until college in the small farming community of 1,800 in Montpelier, Indiana. In high school, Dad excelled in athletics as he earned three letters in basketball, three in track, and four in baseball, as well as played saxophone in the band. However, to do well in academics, it was not always "smooth sailing" as Dad had to make the extra effort to do well.

Young "Tom" McKean was a three sport
star athlete in high school!

In 1946 – a year after World War II ended – Dad graduated high school and headed to Indiana University. In God's sovereignty on the first day of Dad's freshman English Class, he met his future wife – my Mom – Marilyn Ruth "Kim" Kimberlin. He also pledged Sigma Chi Fraternity where decades later he was recognized as a "Significant Sig." Inspired, I too pledged Sigma Chi as a freshman some 25 years later.

Admiral McKean's actual Sigma Chi pin and ring.
The ring he wore almost daily and has
been passed down to Kip!

During his college years, Dad developed a desire to go into the Navy, so he joined ROTC. Following in the steps of his father who was a dentist, Dad was accepted into Indiana University Dental School in 1949 and was awarded a full Navy scholarship. In 1952 on August 9th, Dad married the love of his life – Mom! Upon graduation in 1953, he was commissioned a Lieutenant JG. I was his first child born on May 31, 1954 and named Thomas Wayne II. He did not "meet me" until six months later as he was "at sea" serving with the Marines in the Sahara Desert alongside the French Foreign Legion. To complete his sea duty, although tough on Mom, they left for four months to the Caribbean where he was involved in the movie Away All Boats starring Jeff Chandler. My awesome brother "Randall" was named for Dad's first ship the USS Randall APA 224. "Randy" was born on February 29, 1956 during Dad's tour at the Naval Academy. Eight years later while serving at the Boston Naval Shipyard, his precious daughter Dana was born on May 3, 1964.

Since Tom was at sea during Kip's birth,
Tom first "met" his son Kip when
he was six months old!

The USS Randall Crew that participated in the
movie Away All Boats! (Tom is seated on
the far right of the second row.)

After completing his residency in Oral Surgery at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in 1965, Dad had the great honor to be stationed on the then newest aircraft carrier in the Navy, the USS America CVA 66. While serving on the USS America during the Vietnam War, Dad performed surgery on hundreds of critically wounded soldiers. After two years, our family was elated that Dad passed the Maxillo-facial Surgery Boards and was promoted to Captain.

In the 1960's, the USS America was the largest ship
in the world and home to 5,000 men
and women!

A year or so later, it was as the Commander of the Naval Hospitals of the Southern United States that Dad encountered the rough seas of prejudice and chauvinism in the Navy. Yet it was then that Dad further distinguished himself. Courageously risking his future advancement in rank by taking a stand for civil rights and women's rights, Dad relieved senior officers (not in authority but in years to him) of their commands when he found miscarriages of justice and equality. Later because of his optimistic perseverance, Dad was given two bronze irons as bookends, because he always exhorted those under his charge – no matter the cost or the challenges – "Press on!"

Two bronze irons were given to Tom by his men as
bookends, because he always exhorted them - no
matter the cost - "Press on!" (The two bronze
irons were displayed for the Memorial
Service at the back of the table.)

In 1980, I still remember Dad phoning me and enthusiastically sharing about the call he just received from the Surgeon General congratulating him on being selected to be one of only four Admirals in the US Naval Dental Corps. Though Dad was controversial for his convictions, Admiral George Besbekos was instrumental in Dad being selected as the first Oral Surgeon Admiral in the history of the Navy. In 1982, Dad was promoted to RADM – UH (upper-half) and became the first dentist to hold the illustrious office of Inspector General for the Medical/Dental Department of the Navy. Again historic, for most have a higher regard for "life-saving doctors" over "mere dentists." Of course, Dad was a maxillo-facial surgeon who did save many lives. With our incredible mother traveling with him, Dad literally inspected US Naval Hospitals around the world from London to Cairo to Manila in his final post for three years. Dad retired on October 1, 1985 at only 57 years old after 36 years in the Navy.

Tom was "front and center" when Kip received his
Doctorate in Ministry Degree in 2013!

Dr. Tom McKean was so proud of his
son Dr. Kip McKean!

Ever active, Dad became Chairman of the Florida Hospital Foundation Board in 1994. He later served for 16 years as a Founder and Chairman of Florida Shares of the Florida Hospital Foundation of International Medical Missions. I was very moved that in Dad's retirement years, his faith in Christ and in the power of prayer significantly grew through the "Healing Ministries" and the First United Methodist Church of Winter Park. One of Dad's favorite Scriptures was, "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years." (James 5:16-17) Dad humbly believed that his prayers – as well as countless others – cured Randy of cancer as a teen, restored me to health from boils in my college years, and healed Elena of bone cancer three years ago.

Tom and Kim McKean celebrated their 85th
Birthdays in Los Angeles in 2013!

Dad also was very involved in his beloved Village on the Green in Longwood, Florida, where Dad and Mom have lived for over six years, and where Dad's parents – Grampy and Grammy – spent their final happy years. Dad spent much of his energies to improve this amazing place, especially advocating for the expansion of the Health Center. Earlier this year, Dad – forever a patriot – addressed the residents of Village on the Green concluding with the stirring words, "Remember that it is the veteran who has given us freedom of religion, freedom to assemble, the right to a fair trial, the right to vote, and the honor to salute the flag. God Bless America!" The final highlight of Dad's life was just three months ago on August 9th, as Dad and Mom celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary. Dad passed away at age 89 on Saturday morning, November 18, 2017 at the Village on the Green. As Dad would have it, he passed quietly while sitting on a bench after winning his final Bocce Ball Match.

About 250 attended the Memorial Service for
Admiral McKean that was held at the
First Methodist Church
of Winter Park.

Kip read his Tribute to his father and then shared
his heart about how much he admired
and loved him.

All seven grandchildren of Tom McKean attended
and shared at the Memorial Service. Olivia
shared that her grandfather was a great
inspiration to her in his enthusiasm
for life and hard work.

The Personal Remembrances By The Family
were closed out by Elena's fond memory
that at Kip's and her wedding, Tom
asked her to call him, "Dad!"

As at all military funerals, Taps was played on a
bugle and an American Flag was folded
and handed to the wife of the
fallen military man.

Amazingly, 23 brothers and sisters flew from all
around the country and even Mexico to be
by Kip's side during that difficult hour.

Dad was the adored patriarch of the McKean Family. His legacy of fighting for and expecting moral excellence remains through his best friend – Mom, their three children, seven grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren. Dad was my first hero and has been and forever will be a guiding light. I am confident that his charge and prayer for all of us would simply be, "Press on and MAKE 'Fair Winds and Following Seas!'"

Kip's younger brother Randy also
spoke at the Memorial Service
and shared a poem that he
wrote entitled, Fair Winds
And Following Seas.

Though this past month has been extremely difficult with my Father's passing, I have been comforted by the gracious words of my physical and spiritual families. I have tried hard to obey 1 Thessalonians 5:16-19, "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. Do not put out the Spirit's fire." I have come to understand that just as "David had served God's purpose in his own generation, [and then] he fell asleep," so Dad fulfilled his purpose in his generation by raising me from birth to 17 years old when I left for college. (Acts 13:36) He put inside me a zeal to do the right thing no matter the cost, a passion for excellence, a desire to work hard to achieve difficult goals, and a willingness to die in service to your nation – my nation became the Kingdom of God. I love my Father very much and always will.

The valiant legacy of Admiral Tom McKean lives
on not only in his children and grandchildren,
but also in his 10 great grandchildren. As
with Scarlett (left), they inherit his zest
for life, and as with Savannah, they
inherit a will to "Press on."

2017 has been the incredible Year of the Impossible as we saw nine church plantings: Kona, Monterrey, Rio de Janeiro, Birmingham, Kiev, Cebu, Guam, Miami/Ft Lauderdale and Hong Kong, as well as the establishment of seven remnant groups – most notably Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New
Year from Kip and Elena!

Soon we will enter 2018 – the Year of Grace! I am reminded of a song by one of my favorite bands, U-2. The song is simply entitled, Grace! The first verse should inspire us, Grace, she takes the blame. She covers the shame. Removes the stain. It could be her name. Grace, it's the name for a girl. It's also a thought that could change the world! Pray for all the saints, Elena and me to "be strong in the grace" to change the world! (2 Timothy 2:1) Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
We are family… to do the impossible,

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