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April 10, 2020


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Dear Friend,
Greetings from Los Angeles to our "Virtual Church Family" in 43 nations around the world! This indeed is one of the darkest hours in our lifetimes, as there are 1.7 million confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world (almost 500,000 in the USA) and over 102,000 deaths around the globe (18,000 in the USA)! As with the ninth plague on Egypt, God has spread over the world, a "darkness that can be felt." (Exodus 10:21) Yet an old preacher once said, "Where it is darkest, the light shines brightest!" Indeed, among the Israelites in Egypt, "All had light in the places where they lived." (Exodus 10:23) And so it is with all of the "sheltered in place disciples!" We have light where we live… and through Zoom too!

God has used the global COVID-19 Pandemic to
inspire the SoldOut Movement to "fry the
airwaves" with the true Gospel
into all nations!
Elena & I are so inspired by all of the Virtual Sunday Services and we sense a greater unity in and among our 104 churches around the world, as we have all come together like never before during this present crisis!

The April 5th City of Angels International
Christian Church Virtual Worship
Service had an amazing
almost 25,000 views!
Los Angeles, California

On the weekends of March 7-8th and 14-15th, the City of Angels Church Sisters – led nobly by Lianne Kernan and coordinated by Karen Gregory – celebrated the 2020 Women's Days in each of the 12 LA Regions! The Inland Empire Region and the Coachella Valley Region had a combined Women's Day, so there were 11 Women's Days throughout Metro Los Angeles – a five county area of over 20 million lost souls! The exciting theme for this year was CAPTIVATED!

Lianne gave her all to the Women's Days as she
spoke in South Region, IE / CV Regions, and
for the Phoenix Sisters!

The Ventura Women's Day Speakers - Sarah Dimitry
of San Francisco and April Baker the Ventura
WML - greeted each other with the
"holy elbow bump!"
Amazingly, over the two weekends, the 452 LA Sisters had an astonishing attendance of 1,098! Of special note, each of the 11 Women's Days had more visitors than disciples! Particularly inspiring was Jee Blackwell and the then 67 bold and beautiful Southland Region Sisters who welcomed 137 registered guests for a total attendance of 204! This was on average more than 2 guests for every disciple!

Caleb's adorable "mom" traveled all the way
from Portland to participate in the
IE / CV Women's Day!

Caleb led the "GQ" IE and CV Brothers in
ushering the IE / CV Women's Day!

Sharon Kirchner (right) and all of the West
Region felt so blessed to hear Sonja
Chloupek - one of the best Women's
Day Speakers - who flew all the
way from Orlando!

On April 1st, Chris & Sonja - the Orlando Church
Leaders - celebrated their 25th
Wedding Anniversary!

After 25 years, Chris & Sonja are more in love with
God and each other than ever before!
The timing of the Women's Days allowed many of the LA Sisters to have several ongoing studies, when on Thursday evening, March 19th, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced an order for all residents of Los Angeles to be "locked-down." Encouragingly, directly from the Women's Days, 17 women have been baptized and 1 restored! And to God be the glory!

At the Orange County Women's Day, Sabrina -
a very talented Saddleback College
Student - was baptized!

Sabrina was thrilled to be added at baptism to
God's glorious worldwide family!

Maria from CSULB was so grateful to study with
the South Sisters and finally be a part of
the Kingdom of God!

Karen Gregory (left) - who assisted Lianne in
overseeing all 11 CAICC Women's Days -
was fired up that her South Region was
fruitful with Maria at the close of
their incredible event!
Instead of calling this directive, "Shelter in Place," LA Mayor Garcetti used a gentler term for the same order: "Safer At Home." Immediately, Tim Kernan, Cory Blackwell and the LA Men Region Leaders began preparing for Regional Virtual Services in Los Angeles for Sunday, March 22nd. Sensing the magnitude of the moment, the World Sector Leaders called for a Worldwide Day of Prayer, Fasting and Confession on Monday, March 23rd! Elena & I prayed on our knees through the list of the over 100 SoldOut Movement Churches, as well as for their leaders listed in the March 20th Good News Email! Then, we focused our prayers on 1 Timothy 2:1-4, "Pray... for kings, [presidents, dictators, governors and mayors] and all those in authority that we may live peaceful lives… because God our Savior… wants all men [and women] to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth!" (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

Kip believes that the the Worldwide Day of Prayer,
Fasting and Confession changed the SoldOut
Movement and the entire world!
We prayed by name for many of the people that God has put in authority in the nations, so that the world will lower the walls of prejudice and hate that separates nations, thus allowing the Gospel to spread more freely!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forever
changed the world!
Mexico City, Mexico
Elena & I were planning to fly to Mexico City to attend the wedding of Joey Underhill & Magnolia Estrada scheduled on April 19th! However, when the "Safer at Home" order was given, we knew that traveling of any kind was out of the question. (Elena & I are both in "high risk groups" for death by the coronavirus, as we are both over 60 years old and Elena is a cancer survivor and I have a little high blood pressure.) Therefore, we were overjoyed that the Estrada / Underhill Wedding was moved up to Friday morning, March 27th!

Magnolia was baptized in the IE Region of LA on
February 22, 2015 
and then went to Mexico to
begin and complete her PhD in Molecular
She now co-leads with Joey the
40 Mexico City Campus Disciples!
After prayer and council, Mike Underhill flew down to Mexico City on Thursday so that he could be with his little brother Joey as his best man and to represent Joey's entire family! (Lance & Connie Underhill – the LA South Region Shepherding Couple – like Elena & I – are "high risk groups" and therefore did not fly down to Mexico.)

At the beautiful wedding, Mike held his iPad
allowing Joey's and his proud parents -
Lance & Connie - to not only watch,
but to give an inspiring charge!
Praise God, all of Magnolia's immediate family were able to attend! Carlos Mejia was masterful in his wedding sermonette, which held up Joey's & Magnolia's purity in their dating relationship. The kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony was Joey's & Magnolia's first kiss!

The first kiss!

Right after the first kiss!

Congratulations to Joey & Magnolia Underhill!
Salt Lake City, Utah
After the "Safer at Home" directive, I had several disciples contact me asking, "Are we going to push back the Salt Lake Church (SLC) planting?" My simple response was, "This is the Kingdom and nothing can stop God forcefully advancing His people!"

The Virtual Salt Lake City Inaugural Service was
a historic first for God's Movement!
So, on Sunday, March 29th, Elena & I "attended online" the Salt Lake City Virtual Inaugural Service! In a word: Incredible! Dustin & Amanda Miller are to be highly commended for this Movement first!

As the creative introduction to the Inaugural Service,
Dustin took the viewers on a virtual tour of Salt
Lake City - population 1.2 million - and the
University of Utah with an enrollment
of 33,000 students!
There was awesome singing and a tremendous Welcome by Jason & Sarah Dimitry – the Overseeing Evangelist & WML from San Francisco!

Cristian Aviles brilliantly led the singing for the
Worship Service accompanied by Gabrielle
Hill (left) & Janay Higgins!

Jason & Sarah warmly welcomed everyone -
no matter where they were "sheltered" - to
the first ever Virtual Inaugural Service!

Dustin Miller introduced Richard Kahakui before
he gave the powerful Opening Prayer!
A touching Communion Song by Lauren Zepeda was followed with a fantastic Communion by Amanda! Then came a great Contro Charge, which highlighted our zeal to plant churches in the most hard hit of nations by the coronavirus: Italy, Iran and Spain, as we already have two dynamic churches in China!

Lauren Zepeda of LA beautifully sang I Surrender All
that prepared hearts for Communion!

Amanda vulnerably shared her
conversion for Communion!

Cristian Aviles & Clarissa Nunez boldly called
everyone to sacrifice like never before
for the Contribution Charge!
Then came the phenomenal Sermon by Dustin on THUNDER! Dustin explained that a "bolt of lightning heats the air along its path causing it to expand rapidly. Thunder is the sound caused by the rapidly expanding atmosphere. The light and sound actually happen at the same time, but the light of the lightning flash travels faster than the grumbling sound of the thunder." I really loved how Dustin closed out: "Jesus is the lightening and James and John are 'Sons of thunder!'"

After the lesson, Kip remarked to Elena, "Dustin will
someday be one of our great preachers!"
To close out this historic service, there was a powerful "wrap up" by Sydney Branch and Stephanie Chinikaylo!

SLC Mission Team Members - Sidney and Stephanie -
gave thought-provoking closing thoughts!
Very interestingly, God announced His Movement coming to Salt Lake City by striking down the False Angel Moroni's trumpet on the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple with an earthquake on March 18th!

The Mormon Temple in Downtown SLC had the
Angel Moroni blowing the trumpet at the
apex of the building!


God silenced the False Angel Moroni just
before the Salt Lake City Inaugural!
So it is not surprising that God has blessed the SLC Church with three baptisms and a restoration already!

Tenesha Carothers - the sister of Amanda - was
restored to the Lord after 8 years of prayer!
This congregation has already "thundered" around the world with this virtual broadcast! There were 3,600 views that day on Facebook!

The SLC Church Family on a camping
trip in Moab before the lockdown!
Los Angeles, California
Sunday, April 5th was the City of Angels ICC Congregational Virtual Service superbly orchestrated by Tim Kernan, Cory Blackwell and the LA Staff!

Cory & Jee Blackwell - the Middle East World Sector
Leaders - gave a stirring Welcome!
Here is what I wrote on the LA Staff Chat immediately after the service:

Dear Family, Praise God for this epic production! From the Blackwells' Welcome to seeing all the recent baptisms to Maraia's Poor Wayfaring Stranger to Lianne's Communion to "all four Laurens" singing I Surrender All to the Untalans' Contro to the AMS singing Encourage My Soul to Tim's incredible Sermon on BUILT FOR THIS and the Close by the Kirchners – everything glorified our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I pray that all the CAICC Disciples were built up, our non-Christian friends want to study, and fall aways have decided to return to God! Fantastic effort Tim & Lianne, Cory & Jee, and the entire CAICC Staff! We are honored to be numbered among you! We are family... filled with vision and dreams, Elena & Kip

After the Welcome, Good News was shared by
Raul & Lynda Moreno of São Paulo...

Carlos & Lucy Mejia of Mexico City...

Ricky & Co Challinor of Metro Manila...

Ron & Tracy Harding of Atlanta...

Andrew & Patrique Smellie of Johannesburg...

and Anthony & Cassidy Olmos of Paris!

Newly married Maraia Lastra soulfully sang
Poor Wayfaring Stranger!

Lianne eloquently shared her life
for the Communion!

The "four Laurens" were in perfect harmony
singing, I Surrender All!

For the Contribution, Tony & Therese - born
Guamanians - shared in detail about the
Guam Inaugural Service on March 1st!

The AMS Ministry came together virtually
to sing, Encourage My Soul!

Tim delivered the sermon that perfectly captured
the moment in BUILT FOR THIS!

Michael & Sharon pulled everything together
in their Closing Remarks!
On Monday, April 6th, I wrote to the SoldOut Movement Church Leaders:

Let me commend every Evangelist, Women's Ministry Leader, and the Virtual Sunday Service Teams in all of our churches! You are doing a fantastic job "presenting the Gospel" on Sundays, and you getting better every week! Especially powerful to me are: New York City, London, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and of course Los Angeles! I know that all of us share Paul's heart, "To win as many as possible!" (1 Corinthians 9:19) However, for the past three weeks, I have noticed that most of our Sunday Services are not "boosted" by advertising the service. In LA this week, Tim Kernan spent only $300 to boost our video on Facebook and we are now at 24,800 views… and counting! What a terrific opportunity if we pay a very slight amount for "grace [to be] reaching more and more people [causing] thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God!" (2 Corinthians 4:15)

In fact, one of the "hottest" regions in LA is the Ventura Region led by the indomitable RD & April Baker! In the past 11 days, God has blessed them with four baptisms!

John & Melissa Lastra were baptized and
burned their sin lists on March 30th!
John is the brother of the Orange
County Force Sector Leader - Chris
Lastra! Their baptisms have been
viewed over 112,000 times on
social media!

Joseph & Ali Velasquez were baptized on
April 8th, which happened to be Joseph's
21st birthday! Ali first attended church
at the Ventura Women's Day!

At the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the
New Movement entered a new era!
Also, on Monday, so encouraging was the Weekly Contribution Report of the USA Churches compiled by our Movement Administrator – Michael Kirchner! I am personally so inspired that even though many USA Disciples have challenging financial situations, the giving has been very consistent! In fact, on the first Sunday of March we generously gave $164,558, and inspirationally, the first Sunday of April, we gave “under great duress” $164,511! Truly, we are putting God and His Kingdom first! (Matthew 6:33)
March 1         $164,558
 March 8          $154,315
March 15       $154,223
March 22       $160,948
March 29       $155,736
April 5            $164,511
However, the greatest challenge to all the USA Churches is not the weekly giving, but our Spring Missions Collection. Why you may ask? Since we are in "Safer at Home" many disciples have lost their jobs and can no longer raise their missions through tagging or serving concessions at sports arenas. Helping disciples in LA, Jim Fenton has further developed the MERCY LifeSkills Program, where he teaches disciples how to secure unemployment, figure out the CARES Act, and even upgrade their jobs!

LifeSkills has become the Signature MERCY
Project for the USA!
This Saturday, April 11th from 9:00AM to 10:00AM, Jim is offering a very relevant virtual program for those affected by the COVID-19 Virus: Unemployment Insurance, Government Benefits and Job Search. For questions please contact Jim Fenton at 320-722-2900 or

Jim Fenton is the gifted MERCY LifeSkills
Exective Director!
In America, Congress recently passed a "Stimulus Package" designed to give Americans money to stimulate the economy. So, knowing that God always provides for His people as He did in the Exodus and in building both Temples, the challenge has gone out to the USA Churches to strive to have 40% of their membership give their entire Stimulus Check; 40% give half of their check; and 20% will raise their missions in another way!

God provided all of the funds for His people to
build the First and Second Temples!
Also, Chris Martin – a dear Grandson in the Faith – recently sent me this email:
Greetings from Albuquerque, New Mexico! I wanted to share with you an incredible special missions opportunity for anyone who has a license and a smartphone! A week ago, I was temporarily put on leave by my job, Enterprise Rent-A-Car! After praying to our Heavenly Father and seeking advice from my Evangelist – Everardo Esparza, he recommended that I sign up for the app "Instacart" – a grocery delivery app. This app allows one to take an order from a customer and shop at their selected store and deliver their groceries to their front door! The demand in the grocery delivery business is "through the roof" currently due to the coronavirus! It takes about 2-3 days to get signed up, because they first must send to you a card in the mail. In just a few days, after working 32 hours and taking a few snack breaks, I made $757! This comes out to a nice $23 an hour! Funny enough, this is actually more than I usually make at my original job… My mom is also sending me masks and protective gear as well to keep myself and others safe. I totally believe God has given us this opportunity to obliterate our Special Missions Goals!

As of April 8th, Chris has made his missions goal!
Due to the coronavirus, we have moved the final date for collecting Spring Missions from the end of May to the end of June! Pray – like Chris Martin – for the USA Churches to "obliterate our Special Missions Goal!" And to God be all of the glory!

On Thursday, April 9th, there was another "first" in our Movement: The First Virtual World Sector Leader Brothers Meeting! What a joy to see my precious sons in the faith!

Kip snapped the picture of the historic First Virtual
World Sector Leader Brothers Meeting, which
was so incredibly bonding!
Earlier on Thursday at 10:41AM, there was another "first" in the Movement: Jodwin & Geline Surio of Dallas/Ft. Worth welcomed their first child  a son named Kaio at 7 lbs. and 19 3/4 inches! In Greek, Kaio means "to light, to set on fire" and "to rejoice" in Latin!

Kaio is truly getting many to "rejoice," as he
is a bright "light" who as a disciple
will "set the world on fire!"

Lastly, 48 years ago tomorrow on April 11, 1972 when I was a 17 year old freshman at the University of Florida, I was baptized into Christ at 1:30AM! Similar to David is the prayer on my heart, "Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my [spiritual family – the SoldOut Movement], that you have brought [us] this far?"

Kip was baptized on April 11, 1972 as a 17 year
old freshman at the University of Florida!
Luke Speckman – Lead Evangelist of New York City: Glory to God, we had 2 baptisms this past week, and we are working hard for many more this week, as well as to make missions happen! We have so many Bible studies, it's hard to keep up! Also, we had the Nisivoccia Wedding this past week, which was broadcast on FB Live!

Luke & Brandyn rejoiced with David & Hope, who
were wed on Saturday, April 4th! Not even
COVID-19 can stop love!
Please keep our city and the disciples in your prayers as the COVID-19 situation here is quite serious, as this is the "epicenter" of the coronavirus in the USA! As of Thursday, the State of New York has over 153,000 confirmed cases and over 6,269 deaths. There is a single brother who was hospitalized on Monday with COVID-19 because of difficulty breathing. He lives in a household, so they all might be infected, although they seem to be okay. Several disciples have had deaths of friends and family in New York. The hospitals are at capacity, so temporary facilities have been set up in Central Park, the Javits Convention Center, and the Naval Hospital Ship – USNS Comfort. 

By setting up tents in Central Park, 68 additional
beds are added to the Mt. Sinai Hospital!

1,000 beds have been added in the USNS Comfort,
which is docked on the Hudson River!

The Javits Center is in Downtown Manhattan
and is the home of the NBA Knicks!

2,500 beds have been added in the Javits Center!
In spite of this, all are in good spirits! Every evening at 7:00PM, "New Yorkers" open their windows and cheer, play music, and bang pots and pans to thank the doctors and nurses putting their lives on the line daily for the health of strangers! It's very inspiring! Please see the link that we filmed from our apartment:

The front-lines of the COVID-19 War is being fought
by doctors, nurses and many other
medical support heroes!

Pam O'Donnell is a courageous nurse and a
compassionate NYC Church Shepherdess,
who is taking the message of Jesus
to COVID-19 victims!

Another heroic NYC nurse is our dear sister -
Bassey Henshaw (right)! 

The beloved Tina Henshaw is the
third gallant NYC nurse!
PRAYER ALERT: Last night April 9th, immediately after Tina sent the above picture to Luke, Tina wrote Luke, "I was way too tired and discouraged last night to take a picture.... But then I figured God knew I was way too tired and discouraged and figured I need as many prayers as I can get.... And so do my fellow nurses. My last solid nurse called out sick last night. This means I now have to work five 14-hour days this week and six 14-hour days next week! Yes, I need extra prayer and super natural strength. But I now think God will give it to me."

Please be praying for Tina and this Sunday's NYC Easter Service as Nicholas Enfantino will be preaching for our congregation! Happy Easter!

Not only prayers, but a huge "thank you" from the
Movement goes to the NYC Church and their
model, cutting-edge Virtual Ministry!
Anthony Olmos – Lead Evangelist of Paris: Thank you family for all of your prayers for Cassidy & me! They have been answered as we are almost fully recovered from a terrible bout with the COVID-19. As well, Sandra Lackenn-Toto has been taken out of her induced coma as she had COVID-19 when she prematurely went into labor with "little Laël." Kevin, her awesome husband and my right hand here in Paris, is taking great care of Laël while Sandra continues to recuperate in the hospital. (Kevin and Laël have been in lockdown away from Sandra, and both have tested negative for the virus!) God willing, Sandra will be united with Kevin and meet Laël for the first time next week!

Kevin and his handsome son Laël cannot
wait to see Sandra next week!
And lastly, we just had a baptism this past Monday with a 22 year old business student name Yourick!

Kevin (right) introduced Yourick before his "good
and baptism to everyone
watching on FB!
Nick Bordieri – World Sector Leader of MERCY: There are only 115 confirmed coronavirus cases in Cambodia; 58 have already recovered. The Prime Minister has canceled Khmer New Year next week to deter the populace from traveling and is considering instituting a State of Emergency – a strict lockdown on travel – next week to stamp out the virus. Unfortunately, despite our advice to have the children stay at the orphanage, families have had many of the children (50%) return to the provinces to be with them during what would have been the Khmer New Year Holiday. There is now a concern the children may get infected as controls are more lax in the provinces.  

Though Nick & Denise cannot be with the
CSW-MERCY Orphanage, before they
went to lock-down, they taught the
children to be more vigilant in
their hygiene practices!
A MERCY Minute: Joselo Cimafranca, MERCY Director in Cebu (Philippines) continues to use his ingenuity and resources to serve the community during this difficult time. He and his team supplied face shields to workers at the Eversley Child Sanitarium (Hospital), as well as to high risk health care workers who are responsible for monitoring PUIs (persons under investigation) and PUMs (persons under monitoring) of COVID-19 in the province!

MERCY - through the efforts of Joselo - has supplied
many in Cebu with face shields and body suits!
Joscelo (above) has inspired
the entire city of Cebu!

Pray for me here in Phnom Penh… Since Denise is in Eugene, Oregon with our college student daughters, it has given me more time to study for my Intensive Khmer Language Class – Level #1. I created flash cards to help my aging memory! Praise God, I passed Level #1! Woohoo! Now, on to Level #2!

Nick's invaluable Khmer flash cards!
Ron Harding – Lead Evangelist of Atlanta: We are so grateful that the Lord is moving powerfully in "Hot’lanta!" Yesterday, we had our fourth addition in 6 weeks – 3 being baptisms!

Though a young planting, Atlanta has had four
additions in the past six weeks!

Based on Matthew 6:6, "Behind Closed Doors Have
A Quiet Time With Tracy (Harding)" airs every
weekday at 11:00AM EST for 40 minutes!
300 views a day!
Tomika was met virtually, studied virtually, and the sisters hugged her for the very first time when she drove almost two hours from Warm Springs to Atlanta to be baptized!

Tomika, Welcome to the Kingdom of God!
Please be praying for our Easter Service to have more "guests" than ever before!

Consider watching the Atlanta Easter
Service and hearing Ron Harding
preach the Word!
Sean Valenzuela – Lead Evangelist of Auckland: We just celebrated our First Anniversary two months ago! Excitingly, God has added two more amazing souls to His Kingdom in Auckland this past week! First, Sarah Soonalafo was baptized Wednesday night before our Virtual Midweek Service! She is a nurse at the local hospital and was met by our sister Milly at the airport when she first arrived in New Zealand to join the Auckland Church Family in December. The rest is history!

Teigan - the Auckland WML (upper right), Jessica
(small left) and Milly (small right)
were fired up
to study with Sarah (left) over the internet!
We also had the privilege of seeing Sione Fifita wash his sins away! Sione is a Tonga native and is in Auckland on scholarship. When studying the Bible, he became quickly aware of the truth but it came with a cost of not returning to Tonga until there is a Biblical church there. One night, he even called me to "give up" and say his good-byes as the challenge seemed too tough! However, as the brothers prayed, over the next few days, Sione was won over by the truth of the Scriptures!

Sione is dreaming of planting a discipling
church in Tonga!
Jared McGee – Lead Evangelist of Tampa: God was so good to us last week giving us two baptisms! Both Nya and Tiara are freshmen at USF! We have a few more on the line and we're praying hard to get them on the boat! Praying for our family of churches around the world! Please pray for us!

Nya is excited to be an "ambassador for Christ" for
at least three more years at the University
of South Florida!
Scotty Iakopo – Lead Evangelist of Apia: Warm greetings from Samoa! This past week, we saw Berek baptize her cousin Lander after Midweek on Wednesday! It really was a special moment for the church as she has become a little sister to everyone!

Berek (right) and her first cousin
Lander are best friends!
Ricky Challinor – Lead Evangelist of Manila: This past week, God gave us 4 baptisms! All of our baptisms started their studies virtually, since the whole nation is in lock down with curfews.

Every morning - Monday through Saturday -
Ricky gives a lesson to all three churches
of the Filipino Family called

During the "DAILY DOSE," Ricky employed colorful
graphics that kept his audience focused
on the lesson!
Some "barangays" are locked down within the lock down – meaning no one goes in or out. Those found outside past lockdown or going out except for buying food and/or medicine will be put in jail or fined $2,000 USD. So Marc Carbonell and I bought a giant "soap makers" large enough to baptize people! The Lord has been on our side as every time we are stopped and questioned, when Marc Carbonell and I mention we are "pastors" we are given clearance!

Imitating the "vertical baptisms" in India, Ricky
and Marc deliver "soap maker baptistries"
to four of the eight regions in Manila!
Amazingly our new sister Trixia is the daughter of the secretary of their barangay council. Her barangay is on lock down in a city within another locked down and has prohibited Metro Manila citizens, but because we mentioned we knew her, clearance was given! We are very thankful that the Lord has been fighting on our side as we are fighting to do His will!

Trixia is fired up to be baptized even
in the midst of a quarantine!
Last week, I gave the church the challenge to go through their entire "iPhone book contacts" and reach out to them. God allowed us this week to set up 75 new personal Bible studies through doing this with more to come! Therefore, right now, we are focused here in Manila and in Southeast Asia on getting fruit and at the same time increasing our cyber excellence and effectiveness! 

The disciples "found water" for Mich's
baptism in an old refrigerator!
Sean O'Connor – Lead Evangelist of Guam: Our many prayers have been answered as God has given the Guam Chuch 5 baptisms in 5 days! Blarman and Hulon – an E6 Staff Sergeant of the US Air Force – were baptized on Sunday! Excitingly, Blarman reached out to his cousin Damen; Damen in-turn reached out to his then-girlfriend Do, and they both started studying the Bible! As well, Adrian Anzures from OC Region of LA reached out to John! Then earlier today, Friday, April 10th, all three of them were baptized – the first Guam Triplets!

The first of many "Guam Triplets" - 
Damen (left), Do and John!
Dean Lam – Lead Evangelist of Hong Kong: "Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told." (Habakkuk 1:5) Dear Family, 你好 (néih hóu) from the heart of Hong Kong! We would like to start off by thanking you for all your prayers for Hong Kong! God is definitely being glorified in this period of time! In the midst of everything that's going on in Hong Kong, Maylissa – a teen baptized three weeks ago – inspired Queenie, a 13 year old young woman met by our original missionary Jess, to proudly proclaim "Jesus is Lord!" This gives us 3 strong in our Teen Ministry!

Nicole (left), Jasmine, Queenie and Jess - an original
Hong Kong Mission Team Member - are dreaming
of building a great Teen Ministry in Hong Kong!

The coronavirus scare has caused more and more people to start seeking God in this great city!

In 2020, God has created the incredible Hong
Kong Teen Ministry with the baptisms of
Queenie, Maylisa and Nok!

Andrew Smellie – Lead Evangelist of Johannesburg: "Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old." (Proverbs 23:22) Sunday was a glorious day in the Lord, as the Joburg Church witnessed Nicolaas Winn, our new Joburg Ministry Intern, baptize his 78 year old mother, Sarie van de Merwe! Nick's support for his mother over the years has been a great example of faith, selflessness and love!

Nick was so fired up that his mom - Sarie -
became a sold-out disciple of Jesus!
Blaise Feumba – Overseeing Evangelist of French Africa: "But the more [the Israelites] were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites!" (Exodus 1:12) The severe oppression launched against God's people by Pharaoh was meant to dwindle their number, but the reverse effect took place! The Israelites in spite of their trials actually multiplied and spread! This is the picture of God's Modern-Day Movement! In spite of the worldwide "oppression" caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Lord continues to multiply and expand His Kingdom, especially so in French-speaking Africa!

Congratulations to Blaise & Patricia, who
celebrated their 25th Wedding
Anniversary on April 8th!
Last month, the Bujumbura (Burundi) Remnant Group was valiantly established by Amadou & Angele Sountoura with the Burundaise former denominational preacher Josephat Ndayizeye and his lovely wife Jaja! They flew to the Sountouras’ ministry in Abidjan, studied the Bible, and were baptized as true disciples! "Jojo" & Jaja returned to Bujumbura with the Amadou & Angele, and after two weeks of daily studying the First Principles, 80 were baptized! Three more have been baptized giving the Bujumbura ICC 85 sold-out disciples!

Angele was so excited to baptize 46 women
into Christ in Bujumbura!

The gallant Amadou & Angele Sountoura!
The few days after their trip in Bujumbura, the Sountouras did not take a break! The Sountouras traveled to Cotonou (Benin) by bus, crossing the borders of Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo to enter the Republic of Benin.

Benin lies in the heart of West Africa and has
a population of over 12 million losr souls!

Cotonou is the largest city in Benin!
As they were making more disciples, most West African countries decided to close their borders to contain the COVID-19 from spreading! The Sountouras have now been blocked inside Benin for almost 3 weeks and will not be able to see their teenage children in Abidjan until the situation gets better. We all know this can take a few more months! Instead of getting discouraged, Amadou & Angele saw this as God's calling to build a solid remnant group in Cotonou, the largest city and economic capital of the Republic of Benin! We now have 15 campus disciples at the University of Abomey Calavi – the best university in Benin! Pray for "wisdom from above" for the Cotonou ICC Remnant Group Leaders – Bagnantissoun Euloge Tchammou and Honorine Gnonfin!

Amadou & Angele rejoiced with the 15 baptisms
at the University of Abomey Calvai!
The Sountouras have done a terrific job leading the Abidjan Remnant Group! In 2011, this congregation numbered but a few, yet now God has made them into the powerful pillar church for French-speaking Africa – numbering 203 disciples! Interestingly, the remnant group that started in the city of Korezouzoua is about a 6 hours drive away from Abidjan. It began with only one disciple named Kipre some years ago, but is valiantly led by Justin & Joceline Koualou and has grown to 160 sold-out disciples! So, we now have 363 disciples in Côte d'Ivoire!

Joceline - the Women Ministry Leader in
Korezouzoua - making disciples!
As the COVID-19 has spread, the World Health Organization has predicted that due to the lack of medical infrastructures and poverty, the continent of Africa might be heading to an unprecedented health disaster as millions may be swept away by this virus. In spite of this threat, Micky & Lyly Ngungu are heroically leading the 4 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Churches to cope with the current pandemic. The Kinshasa Church is the second largest church in the Movement with now 362 disciples! The Mbuji Mayi Church now has 83 disciples; the Kikwit Church has 47 disciples; and the Bandundu Church has 18 disciples! This is a total of 510 disciples in the DRC! Micky & Lyly are getting a team ready to launch a SoldOut Discipling Movement Church in the nearest country of Congo in the city of Brazzaville in January 2021!

Micky (left) and Blaise are friends and partners to see
French Africa won to Christ in this generation!
We now have a total of 979 disciples in 8 churches in 5 French-speaking African Countries! Please be praying for the churches in French Africa to grow even more rapidly during this pandemic!
Miguel Mendez – Lead Evangelist of Dubai: God has been blessing us with many visitors at Bible Talk and at church services via online! This is happening despite many rules, regulations, disciples traveling, and some disciples even having to still work long hours! Praise God on Friday, April 3rd, God added through baptism two more souls: Isaac and Heart – who is the physical sister of "our sister" Charie!

Isaac and Heart have sent the Dubai Church on
their first steps to the "Road to 200!"

All the Bible Talk Leaders gathered on Zoom to
celebrate Anna's 9th Spiritual birthday! (Anna
is the last of the Dubai Mission Team still
in Dubai!) She was so surprised!
John Causey – Lead Evangelist of Chicago: Praise God that He blessed us with 4 baptisms in the last 7 days! The Spirit continues to blow in the Windy City, as on Sunday, January 5, 2020 at the PACK Winter Workshop, the Supplemental Mission Team of 34 disciples from Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle were added to the then 131 disciples! In the past three months, God has blessed us with 23 baptisms and 6 restorations! We now have 193 sold-out disciples! Pray that we break the "200 Disciple Barrier" before the end of April!

Emma Causey - the Chicago Lead
WML - so enjoyed...

Having D-Group with the Chicago
Women Leaders over Zoom!
We are very excited about our Downtown (DT) Chicago Professionals Bible Talk that is currently located in the iconic "1871 in Merchandise Mart" – the largest tech start-up incubator in the world! Recently, we were contacted by Carlos, an executive at LinkedIn to have lunch after attending the DT Bible Talk. He brought his roommate Terry Peppers, also an executive at LinkedIn. Before the lockdown, both Terry and Carlos after the lunch said, "Feel free to come here to the LinkedIn Corporate Office for lunch any time to do Bible studies." Both began studying the Bible, and Terry raced ahead in the studies and was baptized recently! Carlos has just finished the Cross Study, and should be baptized in the next 1-2 weeks! 

Before the lock-down, the Downtown ConnecXions
Bible Talk celebrated Terry's baptism by
singing to him, We Love You With
The Love Of The Lord!
Our Prayer Goal in 2020 is to have disciples in all of the following major companies in Chicago: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon, McDonalds Corp, Northwestern Medical Staff, UIC Medical Staff and Rush Medical Staff! To God be all glory!  

For The June Global Missions Collection
In 2017, the year we completed Phase #1 of the Crown of Thorns Project, God put upon our hearts OPERATION EAGLE whose goal is to plant a SoldOut Movement Church in all 50 States in America! Presently, the Movement has disciples in 23 States! (Of special note, New York City has disciples in the States of New York and New Jersey; Washington DC has disciples in Maryland and Virginia. As well, Boston has disciples in New Hampshire. Remnant Groups do not count as a "planted State.") Lord willing, God's people will be present in all 50 States by the end of 2026!

Green - Planting  Purple - Remnant Group  Red - No ICC Disciples
23 States Planted / 27 States To Be Planted
Below are listed the 32 USA Churches. Please pray for God to bless each of them with their Missions Collections, which are distributed to "mission churches" on all 6 populated continents!

1.    Albuquerque, New Mexico – Everardo & Jennifer Esparza
2.    Atlanta, Georgia – Ron & Tracy Harding
3.    Boston, Massachusetts – Mike & Chenelle Patterson

4.    Charlotte, North Carolina – Bill & Lisa Hamilton 
5.    Chicago, Illinois – John & Emma Causey
6.    Columbus, Ohio – Coltin & Mandee Rohn
7.    Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – Tyler & Shay Sears
8.    Denver, Colorado – Nate & Sam Pavon
9.    Eugene, Oregon – Rich & Hannah Hardy
10.  Gainesville, Florida – Joe & Amelia Mack
11.  Hilo, Hawaii – Kyle & Janien Bartholomew
12.  Honolulu, Hawaii – Mark & Keri Garrido
13.  Houston, Texas – Jason & Daniela Woody
14.  Indianapolis, Indiana – Jeremiah & Julie Clark
15.  Kona, Hawaii – Dennis & Corinna Sloan 
16.  Las Vegas, Nevada – Princeton & Joy George
17.  Miami, Florida – Matt & Helen Sullivan
18.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Jay & Barb Shelbrack
19.  New York City, New York – Luke & Brandyn Speckman

20.  Okoboji, Iowa – Tom & Megan Struthers
21.  Orlando, Florida – Chris & Sonja Chloupek
22.  Phoenix, Arizona – Jeremy & Amy Ciaramella
23.  Portland, Oregon – Preston & Shauna Inkley
24.  Sacramento, California – Christian & Devon Enos
25.  Salt Lake City, California – Dustin & Amanda Miller
26.  San Diego, California – Mason & Nathalie Fetelika
27.  San Francisco, California – Jason & Sarah Dimitry
28.  Seattle, Washington – Joel & Courtney Parlour
29.  Syracuse, New York – Rafael & Melissa Jerez
30.  Tampa Bay, Florida – Jared & Rachel McGee
31.  Washington, DC – LuJack & Cathi Martinez
32.  Los Angeles, California – Tim & Lianne Kernan

1.    AMS Region – Adam & Lauren Zepeda
2.    AV Region – Markus Cameron & Heather Schmidt
3.    Central Region – Mike & Brittany Underhill
4.    Coachella Valley Region – Zach & Brittany Miller
5.    East Region – Kirk & Margie Hamula
6.    Inland Empire Region – Caleb & Lizbeth Cohen
7.    North Region – Blaise & Patricia Feumba
8.    Orange County Region – Brian & Joaly Carr
9.    South Region – Joey & Karen Gregory
10.  Southland Region – Cory & Jeraldine Blackwell
11.  Ventura Region – RD & April Baker
12.  West Region – Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell

In closing, please pray for the Tucson, Arizona; Dover, Delaware; and Minneapolis, Minnesota Mission Teams to still be sent out this year!


Scott & Sandy Lundy are the Tuscon Mission
Team Leaders and were with Kip & Elena
in the early days of Portland in 2003!
Pray as well, that though "[Satan] intended to harm [God's people]… God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives!" (Genesis 50:20) In this Coronavirus Era, great good can already be seen in this atheistic world as people everywhere are much more aware of their priorities and their mortality! More than that, with the innumerable "mega upgrades" to the SoldOut Movement’s virtual presence on the internet – so necessary to continue our worship services and to stay connected – God has now amplified our message so much so that we are NOW able to see the "evangelization of all the nations in THIS generation!"

Please tune into hear Cory Blackwell preach
the Word on Easter Sunday for the
City of Angels Church!

Savannah - who is Abuelo Kip's & Abuela Elena's
youngest granddaughter - was sooooo excited
to receive the Easter present sent to
her - "chocolate cake pops!"
Wishing all of you the Happiest of Easters from Elena & me!
We are family... filled with visions and dreams,
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