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August 29, 2019

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Dear Friend,
Greetings from Manila and Los Angeles! This has been a very busy last two weeks for Elena & me as we have participated in the gorgeous wedding of Kyle & Janien Bartholomew, The First Annual ICCM Chancellor's Gala, The USA Churches Fundraising Meeting, The LA Super Service, and the beautiful wedding of JC & Frida Sanchez!

The Seventh Los Angeles International
College of Christian Ministries
Commencement was one of
many highlights in the
LA Super Service!

 Wagner's Ride Of The Valkyries was the music
played for the glorious Processional of
the Degree Candidates!

Haley Jacelon - the Los Angeles Women's
Valedictorian - was very fired up
to receive the prestigious
BA ICCM Degree!

Kristin Smith was even more fired up!

At the Commencement, an astounding 101
were awarded degrees - six of
them Master's Degrees!
On Tuesday night, August 13th, we arrived in Metro Manila to join in all the festivities of Kyle's & Janien's wedding! Though a long and quick trip, Elena & I wanted to honor our dear "son in the faith" Kyle – whose faith was "the spark" that initiated the New Movement in 2006 – and Janien our precious "granddaughter in the faith" that we have known since her baptism in 2016!

Janien made super creative invitations
to Kyle's & her wedding!

Married in the Kingdom, Kyle & Janien will
have a lifetime of adventures!
Wednesday evening was the Bridal Shower in Manila, and on Thursday, we traveled by car with Ricky & Coleen Challinor to Tagaytay – the site of the wedding – which was about a three hour drive south of Manila!

Uniquely, the City of Tagaytay overlooks a massive
caldera of an ancient volcano that became a
very large lake with a smaller caldera
filled with a small lake!

All of the hotels in Tagaytay are built on the edge
of the prehistoric caldera, which is 2,000 feet
(600 meters) above the large lake!
By Thursday evening most of the Wedding Party had arrived in Tagaytay, so the rehearsal was held that evening!

A heart-felt prayer was said to begin the rehearsal!

At the rehearsal dinner, a toast was given in
honor of the soon-to-be newlyweds!

On Friday at 4:00PM was the wedding, which was held at the quaint Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant! A breathtaking purple and rose tinted tent was erected over the wedding site!

The purple and rose awnings made a stunning
canopy for the outdoor wedding!

The men in the Wedding Party were: LuJack Martinez of Washington DC, Mark Garrido of Honolulu, Jason Dimitry of San Francisco, Ricky Challinor and Brett Bartholomew, the son of Kyle who served brilliantly as the Best Man! The women were Janien's longtime friend Fatima Marinas – who served as the Maid of Honor, and the other Bridesmaids were Jen Fulgado of Manila and Janien's three sisters: Mary Jasmin, Mary Jainne and Mary Janese! The two sons of Maika & Marc Carbonell – Noah and Nathan – were the "dashing" Ring Bearer and "Bible Bearer!" Little Mina Challinor was the adorable Flower Girl!

Not only the bride, but the groom received
a "makeover" for the big day!

Mina's "Abuela Elena" & "Papa Tip" gave her last
minute coaching for her role as the Flower Girl!
This was my first "Filipino wedding" so I had much to learn! Most interestingly, it is customary at these weddings to introduce the "Principle Sponsors!" The Principle Sponsors are in effect people that will oversee the well-being of the wedding couple especially financially all the years of their lives! They are the first to walk into the wedding ceremony and are recognized by the minister in his welcome! Kyle & Janien selected 14 of us!

To steady her nerves before Janien exited the car
to walk down the aisle, Coleen and
Elena prayed with her!
As with all Kingdom Weddings, this one was equally amazing! The highlight for me was Kyle's & Janien's very touching personal vows! I closed out with my usual charge to pray every night together and added that Janien was no longer a "granddaughter in the faith" but now married to my son Kyle, Janien was now Elena's & my "daughter in the faith!" Elena was honored to serve in the wedding as Kyle's "spiritual mom!"

The second kiss!

The Bartholomew Wedding Reception began with
the newlyweds coming through a
tunnel of sparklers!

The first dance!

Brett - as the Best Man gave the first toast
(non-alcoholic) - where he expressed
with tears that his dad was his
very best friend!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs.
Kyle & Janien Bartholomew!

We traveled back to Manila with the Challinors on Saturday and flew home to LA on Sunday to get ready for the "big weekend" ahead! Interestingly, upon the Bartholomews' return to Hilo, where Kyle leads the church, during the week of the wedding and honeymoon, the Hilo Church had three baptisms!

The Hilo Church is "on the move," as Briana was
one of three baptisms during the 10 days
of Kyle's & Janien's wedding
and honeymoon!

On Thursday, August 22nd, many of the disciples from other nations flew into LA for the weekend and all received a SoldOut Movement Welcome at the airport!

A hardy SoldOut Movement Welcome was given
to the Morenos and the Willises!

On Friday afternoon was the signing of the diplomas! In case there is a mistake by the signers, we have two diplomas for every graduate, so 202 diplomas were signed!

Tim Kernan - as the President of ICCM-LA signed
the diplomas for the Los Angeles Graduates;
Michael Kirchner, Elena and Kip signed
not only the LA diplomas,but
all of the diplomas from
the other ICCM's!

Matt Sullivan - the new President of ICCM-Miami -
joyfully signed his very first diplomas!

Likewise, since Jason Dimitry earned his Master's
Degree last year and became the President of
ICCM-San Francisco - he too signed
his first diplomas!

Friday night was The First Annual International College of Christian Ministries Chancellor's Gala! (All the events of the weekend were held at the splendid Anaheim Hilton Hotel!)

The Chancellor's Gala was such a success that
plans are already being made for the second
one to be held during the 2020 GLC!

The ICCM Gala was planned and hosted by Kolbe Gray of London, but sadly his lovely wife Rebecca could not join us because she is in the middle of the process of receiving her British green card. The Gala was designed to bring together the ICCM Faculty from around the world, and to celebrate the achievement of attaining the prestigious ICCM Degrees by the new graduates!

Kolbe was outstanding in emceeing the Gala!

The First Gala had an overwhelming
attendance of 188!

Elena highlighted the Valedictorians from ICCM-LA,
ICCM-New York City and ICCM-Portland!

Peter Markarian - now of Miami - was recognized as
the Men's Valedictorian for ICCM-New York City!

A packed house of 188 came together for a delicious dinner and a night filled with incredible sharing by the six Master's Degree Recipients! Following was the upward call to be "excellent Bible teachers" in the lesson by Dr. Andrew Smellie of Johannesburg!

John Causey was delighted to be selected as the
new Dean of the Graduate School
for ICCM-Global!

Kelly Bartholomew was very moved that she was
awarded "Honorary Valedictorian" of the
2019 Master's Degree Class!

Ricky Challinor shared about his Master's Thesis:
Teens Can Set An Example For
The Entire Church!

Dressed in his favorite Nepali suit, Luke preached
on what he had learned in writing his Master's
Thesis on Gleanings From Leviticus!

Joe Willis' Thesis has already been
published: Money Is The Answer
For Everything!

Andrew called the ICCM Graduates to live their
lives with Jesus' standard - "excellence
in all things!"

Andrew's phenomenal lesson drew
rave reviews by all!
Celebrated that evening as well were the now 14 ICCM Universities around the world: Columbus, Johannesburg, Lagos, Los Angeles, London, Manila, Miami, New York City, Portland, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, Toronto and Washington DC! I closed out that historic evening with Jesus' words about the Kingdom, "Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it." (Luke 10:23-24)

The "young Causeys" are the "Valedictorian
Couple," as Alicia was the 2018 Women's
Valedictorian and Jay was the 2019
Men's Valedictorian!

Dr. & Mrs. Raul & Lynda Moreno have graduated
many students from ICCM-SãoPaulo that are
very fruitful in the full-time ministry!

The very talented New York City-ICCM Graduates!

Two days after their Gala date, Danny Garner &
Taylor Causey became a dating Couple!

Evan & Kelly Bartholomew were so thrilled that
Fernando & Jackie Chavez were chosen to
become an Evangelist and a WML in
the Movement of God!

Tyler & Shay Sears of Dallas have been so
encouraged by Dacosta Collymore's
pictures that have often been
displayed in the Mobile
Good News Emails!
Saturday morning at 10:00AM, The USA Churches Fundraising Meeting began! Even before I spoke, I sensed a tremendous atmosphere of joy and zeal in this gathering of 250! I entitled my lesson, BAPTIZING THE NATIONS with the subtitle of THE STATE OF THE MOVEMENT ADDRESS! To augment the speech, the growth stats for the SoldOut Movement since 2010 were passed out definitively showing that the Spirit is growing our Movement faster than ever before! In fact, in this 12th Anniversary Year of the SoldOut Movement, Lord willing, there will be an astounding 12 Church Plantings:
  1. Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Auckland, New Zealand
  3. Lima, Peru
  4. Davao, Philippines
  5. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  6. Kathmandu, Nepal
  7. Johannesburg, South Africa
  8. Apia, Samoa
  9. Indianapolis, India
  10. New Haven, Connecticut
  11. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  12. Kolkata, India
Very significant that with the addition of these 12 church plantings and our remnant group churches, by year's end, the Movement will have over 7,000 disciples in 104 churches in 42 nations on all six populated continents of the world! As well, with three of these plantings in the United States by the design of OPERATION EAGLE, we will have discipling churches in 22 of the 50 States in America!

The SoldOut Movement has planted churches
(green) in 22 of the 50 States in America!
In my sermon, I simply had two points: In Defense Of The SoldOut Movement and The Offense Of The SoldOut Movement! I closed out the lesson challenging every Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader to: 1) Rededicate Ourselves Publicly To The Lord, 2) Rededicate Ourselves Publicly To The Evangelization Of The Nations In This Generation, 3) Rededicate Ourselves Publicly To Discipling, 4) Rededicate Ourselves Publicly To Personal Fruitfulness, 5) Rededicate Ourselves Publicly To Campus Ministry, 6) Rededicate Ourselves Publicly To Purity Of Life And Word, and 7) Rededicate Ourselves Publicly To Joyfully Raising Missions Funds!

Kip's very challenging lesson on BAPTIZING THE
NATIONS called for all USA Evangelists
and WML's to publicly rededicate
themselves to the Lord!
The second half of the program included charges on Fundraising Practicals and Raising Funds Outside The Church! To close out the short three hour session, Michael Kirchner – the SoldOut Movement Administrator – and Lindsay Hoagland – the SoldOut Movement Legal Counsel – shared about The Retirement Program and Central Governance respectively!

Luke showed the different versions of the Bible that
he read through in the past two years that have
given him the faith to reach the New York
City Missions Goals! (Romans 10:17)

Cesar Limon shared that Portland blew out
their Spring Missions Goal by raising
$60,000 in selling fireworks
in just 11 days!
After this session, Luke Speckman pulled me aside to give me two presents that I will forever cherish because of our days together in Kathmandu during their Inaugural Weekend! In the last Mobile Good News Email, I shared the Kathmandu Poem lamenting that the writer fell away from the convictions that discipling is a command of God (Matthew 28:19-20) and God's call for the evangelization of the nations in this generation. (1 Timothy 2:3-4) Therefore, the writer and I never met in Kathmandu as the poem promised.

This is the Kathmandu Poem as Kip wrote
it down in his 1990's sermon notebook!

The first present was a genuine Gurkha knife made in Nepal called a kukri!

The kukri that Luke gave to Kip was engraved
with the words, "Dear Kip, I did meet
you in Kathmandu!"

The second gift was Luke's response to the Kathmandu Poem entitled, I Did Meet You In Kathmandu!

Dear Kip,
I am young and inexperienced
But I have heard God's call
To see this world won for Christ
I’ll stand by you anywhere at all.
I will stand by you in Kabul
In India and Nepal
In Karachi, Mumbai and Dhaka
Wherever our God shall call.
Others have gone back on their vows
They have laid down their crowns
But I will not desert you
I will never let you or God down.
I did meet you in Kathmandu
Yet more souls need winning
Though we met at the ends of the earth
It is only the end of the beginning.
Looking ahead to our reward
I'll stand by you my friend
Waiting to hear "well done" someday
Standing with God to the end.

Kip, Luke & Brandyn were thrilled that 66 attended
the Kathmandu Inaugural Service!
On Sunday, August 25th at 9:00AM was the LA Super Service where 1,556 gathered in attendance! The LA Church was joined by many disciples from the San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland and Albuquerque Churches, as well as a few disciples from other nations who came to participate in the Seventh Los Angeles ICCM Commencement! (Already this year, ICCM Commencements were held in São Paulo and Lagos!)

Lance Underhill (left) - the ICC Hot News Editor -
was assisted by Matt Hall in his coverage
of the LA Super Service!
The service opened with incredible singing and a very warm Welcome by Tim & Lianne Kernan – the LA Church Leaders! This was followed by an International Prayer in nine languages!

1,556 attended the magnificent Super Service
at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel!
Then came the MERCY Presentation led by the World Sector Leaders of MERCY – Nick & Denise Bordieri! They introduced the moving CSW MERCY Orphanage Video, which was shot and put together on site in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) by a 17 year old disciple from Cebu (Philippines) – Airi Nakazawa! The second part of the MERCY Presentation was overseen by Josiah & Kristin Smith – the Los Angeles MERCY Directors! They shared about our partnership with the Red Cross with the placing fire alarms all over East LA!

Jennifer Johnson - the Director of The American Red
Cross Faith Based & Community Programs -
commended the LA MERCY Ambassadors
saying, "I have never worked with
a more loving, cooperative and
hardworking organization!"
Immediately following came four incredible Kingdom Appointments: Joey & Karen Gregory – the South Region Leaders of LA, and Fernando & Jackie Chavez – the San Jose Region Leaders in San Francisco!

In tears, Elena appointed Karen Gregory - her
beloved daughter in the faith - to be a
Women's Ministry Leader in
the Kingdom of God!

Though only discipling Joseph for a short time,
Tim's impact has been so profound that he
appointed him an Evangelist!

Fernando & Jackie Chavezes' three children -
Andrea, Nati and Vivi - are very proud that
their parents were appointed Evangelist
and WML respectively!
Then Elena & I shared GOOD NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! There was so much "good news" that we had to limit our sharing to the highlights of the past three months where we have been blessed to visit the churches in Moscow, Lima, Manila, Lagos, Stockholm, Mexico City, Kathmandu, Phnom Penh and of course Los Angeles! Afterwards, we celebrated Communion led by Ricky & Coleen Challinor and Contribution by Joe Willis of Sydney!

Coleen shared that the cross was the only hope
to overcome the darkness in Southeast Asia!

Backed up by San Francisco and LA Disciples,
Lauren Zepeda enthusiastically sang,
Love In Any Language!

During Joe's Contribution Charge, he continued
to call the Movement higher in
sacrificing for Missions!
After a fellowship break came the glorious ICCM Commencement where 101 well-deserving disciples received degrees! Played during the Procession of Candidates was Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries!


In the Commencement Processional,
Elena followed Kip as she serves as
the Vice Chancellor of Women for
all 14 ICCM Schools!

Following the other ICCM-Global members
came the ICCM Presidents and
Deans of Women!

Jared McGee of Tampa served as the Dean
of the BA Students in 2018-2019, and
therefore was the Sergeant-at-Arms
for the Commencement!

After I welcomed everyone and introduced the ICCM-Global Staff, Dr. Tim Kernan gave a very fascinating overview of The European Degree System followed by Dr. Elena McKean on The Role Of Women In Jesus' Ministry! Afterward came the conferring of the BA Degrees!

In Kip's welcome, he read Isaiah 11:9, "For the earth
will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as
the waters cover the sea!"

Dr. Tim Kernan serves in ICCM-Global as
the Vice Chancellor of Operations!

The crowd was enthralled as Elena shared how
Jesus' ministry with women was the
practice of the ICCM!

The 2019 ICCM Graduates will change the world!

Silver Calzada - a Harvard Master's Degree
Graduate - was overcome with joy in
receiving his ICCM BA Degree
in Shepherding!

Damon (above) & Vicki (below) James have
served valiantly as the Shepherding
Couple on the Atlanta
Mission Team!

The Atlanta Church has exactly doubled since
its planting in February 2019 by God using
the leadership of the Hardings
and the James!
Then John Causey – the new Dean of the ICCM Graduate School – delivered a short address on The Road To The Master's Degree – which he had just taken! Then I was privileged to "hood" for their Master's Degrees: Kelly Bartholomew of Toronto, John Causey, Ricky Challinor, Kolbe Gray, Luke Speckman of New York City, and Joe Willis!

Kelly was the first to be hooded for the Master's
Degree at the 2019 Commencement!

Kelly's Master's Thesis was entitled, Crazy
Women In The Bible... That Did What?

After John Causey received his diploma, he was
given a congratulatory hug from Michael
Kirchner - Chairman of the Board of
Regents for ICCM!

Ricky and Kip have been totally unified in their
efforts to fight against the very gates of
Hell in Southeast Asia!

Kip has found a noble and loyal partner
in the Gospel in Luke Speckman!

For Joe to receive his ICCM Master's Degree, he had
to successfully battle with God's power many
"learning disabilities" that earlier in his life
contributed to him not graduating
from high school!
To closeout this incredible event, I instructed each of the BA Graduates to give their stoles to the individual that was most responsible for them receiving their degrees! Then to formally punctuate their graduation, I asked each graduate to take the tassel on their graduation cap and move it from the right to the left side. This signified that the student will take the knowledge that he or she received from their days of study in ICCM and in the future make decisions of wisdom with their hearts!

The Tassel Ceremony!

Kip & Elena are extremely proud of their dear son
in the faith Kolbe in attaining his Master's
Degree, so that he can initiate

The Markarians are so excited to further their training
in the ministry under the Sullivans in Miami!

The gifted Portland-ICCM Graduates!

Alysia Pavlenko was the 2019 Women's
Valedictorian for ICCM-Portland!

While excelling in the ICCM, Alysia also
graduated this summer from Portland
State University in Psychology!
After the Benediction and a long fellowship break for pictures, we were able to hear the beloved prophet John Causey preach on FAITH FOR THE FUTURE! He began this auspicious lesson by thanking Tim as his "best friend" as they co-lead the City of Angels Church! Then John said, "I did not come here to make you feel good, but I came here to make you feel God!" He challenged all to be "faith-ready" with just two points: Ask God (prayer) and Ask People (evangelism)!

John's sermon on FAITH FOR THE FUTURE met
so many needs as the Western USA
Churches gear up for the Fall!
Though the service had lasted four hours at this point, after the sermon everyone was even more fired up… and determined to be "faith ready!" Building up our faith even more, we witnessed eight baptisms: Tristin, Marbella, Jefferson, Lionel, Hans, Brandon, Rene and so exciting, Patty Granger's mom – Patty! Amazingly, on the very same day in Mexico City, Daniel Granger baptized his mom – Martha! Incidentally, they both – without knowing the other's plan – wore the same shirt, the Latin American Missions Conference t-shirt – TODOS SABRAN (EVERYONE WILL KNOW)!


Patty Granger's mom Patty was so
excited to be baptized!

Elena ran to greet and hug her fellow Latina
who made Jesus her Lord!

Amazingly, that very same day, Patty's husband
Daniel baptized his mom Martha
in Mexico City!

At the Latin American Missions Conference on
Sunday, July 21, 2019, Daniel's mom and
grandmother (Soledad) and Patty's mom
had their picture taken! Little did anyone
know that five weeks later the two
moms would be baptized on
the very same day!
Then came the Send Off of Sean & Krystal O’Connor – the Guam Supplemental Mission Team Leaders! They are headed to Manila to train for four months with Ricky & Co and then take a mission team of 12 to be sent out at the Metro Manila New Year's Workshop on Sunday, January 12, 2020!

Pray for Sean & Krystal and the Guam
Supplemental Mission Team!
Our closing song was my favorite hymn, Great Among The Nations! The words are so very moving and powerful:

Scholars looked for Him in vain
Their earthy king, he never came
Instead of carpenter would start, a kingdom of the heart
And beaten, bruised, He stretched his hand
As God became a dying man
And King on cross was sacrificed
For the church his bride that would be…
Great among the nations, a fire from a spark
So great among the nations, bringing sunlight to the dark
And offering salvation, to the world of broken hearts
Among the nations there would be
A movement that would change eternity!

The remainder of the day was spent in sweet fellowship with friends and family!

Immediately following the last song of the LA Super
Service, Chris Lastra got down on his knee...

...and asked Maraia-Randyl Ku'upuamae'ole
Mcshane Rotolante to marry him!

With 1,556 people looking on, she said, "Yes!"

Kip & Elena celebrated the Gregorys' appointments
by having lunch with Joey's mom Jody and
little sister Abby, as well as Karen's
mom Araceli, who they also
adore as a daughter!

Joey & Karen abandoned their Keto diets
to enjoy "a little" dessert!
On Monday, August 26th at 4:00PM was the amazing wedding of JC & Frida Sanchez at Recreation Park in Long Beach, California! The Sanchezes selected this date so that Ricky could preside over the ceremony and Coleen could serve as Frida's Matron of Honor alongside Karen Gregory!

Frida's two Matrons of Honor so enjoyed
the Bridal Shower!

What a memorable and joyous way to finish an historic weekend!

The very first kiss!

JC & Frida were elated by Ricky's wedding message!

Frida's parents - Osvaldo & Fabiola Avila - are
dynamic disciples in the Portland Church!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez!

Ricky & Co graciously drove the Sanchezes to their
hotel near LAX, as they were leaving the next
day for a Hawaiian honeymoon !

Other "future key couples" that were married
recently are Aaron & Fang Ha, who were
married in Sydney on August 10th!

Also, Samuel & Nayomie Ajayi were married
in London on Sunday, August 25th!
Please keep in your prayers, The First Caribbean Missions Conference to be held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti the first weekend in October!

REPAIRING BROKEN WALLS is the stirring theme of
the First Caribbean Missions Conference
to be held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
on October 3-6, 2019!

Excitingly, construction is underway to expand the classrooms of the International MERCY School in Jacmel (Haiti)! Again, the incredible generosity of Dennis Wong through the Sharon Wong Foundation has made this amazing building program possible!

The Jacmel MERCY School will be adding another
grade (3rd Grade) and growing from
32 to 52 children, beginning in the
2019-2020 school year!
Jean-Bonard Colin - the Jacmel ICC Lead
Evangelist and the MERCY Director in
Jacmel - was "hands-on,"
leading the way!

The Bordieris visited Dennis Wong, his sister
Lina, and the "3M's" - Dennis' daughters:
Madeleine, Mabel and Megan! Megan
(right) is undergoing Chemotherapy
for Leukemia, and praise God no
more cancer cells were found
in her body!
Great news: Even though Apia (Samoa) and Indianapolis will celebrate their Inaugural Services on September 15th, God has blessed them with baptisms – two in Apia and three in Indianapolis!

The first baptism of the Apia ICC was Faye -
a charismatic University of South
Pacific Student!

The second Apia baptism was Clement, who
has become an exceptional Single Brother!

Pray for the Apia Inaugural Service
on Sunday, September 15th!
Lastly, Ricky & Coleen shared before they flew to Manila today that the four churches that they oversee in Southeast Asia – Manila, Cebu, Davao and Phnom Penh – have witnessed 25 baptisms in just eight days! And to God be all the glory!
We are family… bold and unashamed,
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