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October 12, 2017

Good News Email
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Dear Friend,
Greetings from Los Angeles! Praise God that there have been new discipling churches planted in 2017 in Birmingham, England; Kona, Hawaii; Monterrey, Mexico; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Kiev, Ukraine; Guam; Cebu, Philippines; Miami/Ft. Lauderdale; and the Twelfth Crown of Thorns Church – Hong Kong, China! So God has added nine church plantings in 2017 – the most ever for our Movement in a single year! Though not counted as an official planting, but just as important, was the sending out from the London Church of Anthony & Cassidy Olmos and the Paris Supplemental Mission Team in July! Also, so exciting is the new Phnom Penh ICC Remnant Group which was established at the historic 2017 Global Leadership Conference (GLC)!

The Hong Kong ICC Inaugural Service!
September 3, 2017

The Metro Cebu ICC Inaugural Service!
September 10, 2017

The Inaugural Service of the newly built
Mexico City ICC Building!
September 17, 2017

The Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Inaugural Service!
October 1, 2017
Hong Kong, China
History was made on September 3, 2017 as the Twelfth and final Crown of Thorns Church – Hong Kong – celebrated their Inaugural Service!

Kip was given a vibrant SoldOut Movement
Welcome by the Hong Kong Seven
and the Willises!

Of course, on Kip's first night in Hong Kong,
Chi Leong, Naomi Radnaabazar and
the Willises took Kip to
eat Chinese!

Jess and Kandice are thrilled to be a part
of the Hong Kong Seven!

Since rental spaces were limited and expensive,
the Inaugural Service for the Hong Kong
Church was on September
3rd at 4:00PM!

With the eminent threat of Typhoon Mawar forecasted three days before to hit Hong Kong that weekend, many would have been disheartened. However, the Hong Kong Mission Team – trained in the radical Sydney Church by Joe & Kerry Willis – preached the Word every day that whole week believing that the God of Elijah was with them! "Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years!" (James 5:17) With no rain that afternoon, we met at 4:00PM on the 17th floor of one of the many high rises in that great metropolis!

Though Cyclone (Hurricane) Mawar was due
to hit Hong Kong on the day of the
Inaugural Service, the prayers of
the disciples made that
afternoon rain free!

Chi, Cain and Joe arrived early to set up
for the Inaugural Service!

Beautiful bulletins were placed on every seat!

The view from the 17th floor where the
Inaugural Service was held!
The remarkable "Hong Kong Seven" on the mission team – and Joe & Kerry Willis of Sydney, Annalisa Valimento of Manila, and myself as supporting disciples – were blessed by God with an extraordinary attendance of exactly 35! There were no children as almost all of the visitors were very open college students from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong! In fact, we decided to conduct this service and future ones in English! (Prayerfully, we will have a Cantonese Service soon as well!)


Dean "The Machine," Themis and Naomi did a
terrific job leading the singing!

Cain is also a very gifted Song Leader!

Kip was privileged to give the Welcome
on that historic day!

Kandice was extremely poised and eloquent
during her sharing for Communion!
The singing actually was amazing given just 11 disciples in a crowd of 35! Chi Leong – the Hong Kong Team Leader – delivered an incredible sermon entitled, WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO! He cried during the conclusion of his sermon while sharing about his own salvation and the new hope that his mom and grandma have, since they are now studying the Bible with the Chicago Church!

Chi delivered an incredible sermon entitled,

Joe made sure that everyone - both Christians and
non-Christians - filled out response cards!

Everyone was so impacted by the service that
no one wanted to leave the fellowship!

The Chicago Church is where Chi and the Woman Leader of the Hong Kong Mission Team – Naomi Radnaabazar – were baptized! Sooooooo many studies were set up, but we must remember that most of the Chinese people are atheists so the studies generally speaking will take longer to get baptized as they must first be brought to a faith in Christ.

The Celebration Dinner later that evening was an
extraordinary time of food and fellowship!

Each member of the Hong Kong Seven had
incredible stories to share about their
visitors' experience at church!

Joe and Kip spent almost four days editing Joe's
book, Money Is The Answer For Everything!
Also, on that same day, the Phnom Penh Remnant Group – formed at the GLC when Blady & Cielo Perez and their son Bryce joined the Movement from the ICOC – had their first baptism, and with a membership of only six had an attendance of 23!

Blady & Cielo Perez are supported financially by
the Movement in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!
That same night of September 3rd, I was so encouraged by the good news from the Metro Manila International Christian Church (MMICC)! Their full-time leaders were gravely wounded by Satan and had to step down the Wednesday night following the GLC, but the faith of the Manila Disciples was based on Jesus not any man. After being strengthened by Tim & Lianne Kernan after the GLC for two weeks, I then visited for a week to focus on rebuilding discipling throughout the church.

Following the GLC, the Pacific Rim World Sector was
merged with the Western USA (Tribe) World
Sector under Tim & Lianne Kernan's
leadership, and is now simply
called collectively the Pacific
Rim Tribe World Sector!

Upon my leaving on Wednesday, August 30th, I challenged the church to average five additions per week for the remainder of the year as we have now built five regions in the MMICC. As well, I challenged them to break their record attendance of 403 at their Bring Your Neighbor Day (BYND) just four days away! Excitingly, Mark Garrido of Honolulu came as their guest speaker to preach at BYND! Praise God that at the BYND, the MMICC had a record attendance of 421 and six baptisms and one restoration! Amazingly, in September, God blessed the MMICC with 33 additions – 28 baptisms, four restorations and one place membership! And to God be all the glory!

Jaz (left) baptized two of her softball teammates -
Cochise and Katcha - at the prestigious
University of the Philippines!

Ulysses' sons were baptized and his wife
Karol was restored in Manila in the
month of September!
Update From Chi Leong: Greetings from the Hong Kong International Christian Church! Today, Sunday, October 8th, God blessed us with our first baptism since the Inaugural – Vincent!

The first Hong Kong baptism after the Inaugural was
Vincent, who is a student at the Polytechnic
University of Hong Kong!

The visitor counts for our two Bible Talks this last week were 7 and 11! Also we had 12 visitors on Sunday! On a side note, Naomi is currently in Manila with Joe & Kerry. It was due to the Hong Kong Border Force denying Naomi entry this past Monday since she has to leave Hong Kong every two weeks then come back in. So please pray for Naomi to be granted a student visa to come back!

Pray for Naomi to receive a student visa
to return to her beloved Hong Kong!
Cebu, Philippines
On September 10th, we celebrated the Inaugural Service of the Metro Cebu International Christian Church! The Cebu Remnant Group began in January 2017 with just three disciples – AJ Castillo, Jeff Trinidad and Joselo Cimafranca! God grew this courageous group of disciples through some incredible baptisms, several restorations and the official arrival of the zealous Cebu Mission Team of eight disciples led by John & Anna Malnegro! The team flew the 350 miles (570 km) from Manila to Cebu immediately following the GLC!

The zealous Cebu Mission Team and the fired up
Remnant Group that joined them passed
out thousands of invitations!
Elena & I arrived in Cebu on Wednesday, September 6th and were given a rousing SoldOut Movement Welcome!

The McKeans were given a rousing SoldOut
Movement Welcome when they
arrived in Cebu!

As of the Friday Devotional when I preached on GOD IS ON OUR SIDE, the number of Cebu Disciples was 24 strong!

On Friday, September 8th - two days before the
Inaugural - the Cebu Mission Team, the Cebu
Remnant Group and some Manila Disciples
heard Kip preach at the Friday Devo!

At the Devo, Kip & Elena were presented
with special t-shirts!

Lou and Kendi - vital members of the Cebu Mission
Team - were presented with autographed
copies of ELEVATE!

Francis & Liza Javier (center) were recently baptized
and have become best of friends to
John & Anna Malnegro!

Then about 15 Manila Disciples flew in for the Inaugural Weekend! Amazingly, the Lord blessed us with an attendance of 136!

The Metro Cebu Inaugural Service was held at the
Theater of the University of Southern
Philippines Foundation (USPF)!

John published his very first bulletin
for the Inaugural Service!

The expectations and excitement were high
during the Pre-Service Prayer!

Michael Malnegro - John's nephew - led
the opening hymn!

The service opened with an inspirational video and three cultural dances from the Dance Company of the college that we met at: The University of Southern Philippines Foundation!

The USPF Dance Presentations
were outstanding!

After these amazing dances, Elena & I were honored to give the Welcome! We shared Psalm 126 because the Cebu Planting was a dream come true for us and all the Filipino Disciples! Following, we witnessed the moving restoration of Cheza – a young mother!

Kip & Elena were blessed to give the Welcome and
to introduce Francis for the Opening Prayer!

The restoration of Cheza moved many to tears!

Excitingly, the Inaugural Sunday was also Anna's 39th Birthday! The theme of her Communion was Forgiven. Anna's Communion was so powerful as she shared from John 8 about the sinful woman and the condemning religious leaders. The first half of her sharing was about being a sinful woman before being baptized at 17 years old! During the second half of her presentation, Anna confessed that as a disciple she became "condemning" of her father because of his shortcomings. At the end of her Communion, Anna was in tears as she was so thankful for Jesus' sacrifice concluding that only through Christ could she be forgiven and find the power to forgive!

The John Malnegro Family: Jorge, John,
Jed, Anna and Jash!

Then after an excellent Contribution Charge by Nimrod & Vis Malnegro of Manila (Nimrod is John's older brother), John & Anna's youngest daughter Jorge and another teen disciple Asmin gave a beautiful duet! 

Nimrod - John's older brother who baptized him
in 1996 - and his lovely wife Vis gave an
amazing Contribution Charge!

Jorge and Asmin - young teen disciples - sang
a beautiful duet following the Contribution!

Then John preached his best sermon to date on THE PURPOSES OF GOD! Everyone was impacted – both disciples and non-Christians!

John preached his best sermon to date

At the end of the service, we had three baptisms, one of which was one of the dancers – Louise – the new best friend of John & Anna's daughter, Jash! 

Elena, Rosas and Jash encouraged Louise (second
from the right) before she participated in
the Cultural Dance Presentation!

Jash (left) helped to baptize her new
best friend Louise!

Louise came out of the water all smiles!

Rosas (center) is very gifted in helping young
teen women to know Christ!

Lou (right) met Jerry (left) and Joselo Cimafranca
(second from the right) made him
into a disciple!

Liza shared about her mom Nanay Nida!

Nanay Nida at 77 years old was so fired up
to make Jesus Lord of her life!

Francis & Liza are living out the "Year of
the Impossible" with the baptism
of Liza's Mom!

We closed out arm-in-arm singing, Great Among The Nations! So many committed to studying the Bible immediately following the service over lunch!

Arni Sicam (right) flew all the way from his home
church in London to get his older brother
Abner to the Cebu Inaugural Service!

That evening, the Metro Cebu Church gathered for a Celebration Dinner! It was a very memorable and moving time of sharing and fellowship!

The Celebration Dinner!

Joselo and many others in the Cebu ICC shared
about the great events surrounding
the Inaugural Service!

Priscoo - the Campus Ministry Leader -
shared his heart!

Chokiss (Chocolate Kiss) - whose boyfriend is
Priscoo - will move to Cebu next year!

Jeff Trinidad - one of the original three members
of the Cebu Remnant Group - shared that all of
the trials this year were more than worth it!

Elena & I are so proud of John & Anna – a very, very dear son and daughter in the faith – and of the entire Metro Cebu Church Family!

John & Anna are a very dear son and daughter
in the Gospel to Kip & Elena!
Update From John Malnegro: Greetings from the Metro Cebu ICC! Since the send-off at the 2017 Global Leadership Conference in Manila, God has blessed us with 11 baptisms and 5 restorations (4 of them directly from the ICOC)! Today, October 8th, Junant was baptized! So this makes our 7th straight week of baptisms since our Inaugural Service!

Jimmy & AJ Castillo baptized their son
Lee Ivan on September 24th!

Jana Tan and her son Jander did the Seeking God
Study with Kip at Francis' & Liza's house the
day before the Inaugural and were
baptized on October 1st!

Junant was baptized on October 8th!

The Cebu Brothers warmly welcomed
Junant into the Cebu Family!
Mexico City, Mexico
On the following weekend after the Cebu Inaugural, Elena & I travelled to Mexico City for a different kind of Inaugural Service! Indeed we found that "The Year of the Impossible" was continuing in Mexico City! Five years ago, a very wealthy gentleman with the first name of Gustavo was diagnosed with cancer and was given little chance to live. He believed that when he was cured that God wanted him to rent his many properties to churches. Last year, the Mexico City International Christian Church (MCICC) began renting from him. Carlos Mejia – the Lead Evangelist of the MCICC – became good friends with Gustavo and had him sit at the Kingdom Banquet with Elena & me at the 2017 Latin American Missions Conference in February. Elena and Gustavo "connected" as Elena and Gustavo were both cancer survivors! Yes, Elena autographed an ELEVATE book for Gustavo and his then 13 year old daughter Brisa.

Carlos (right) first introduced Gustavo (center) to
the McKeans at the Latin American Missions
Conference in February!
In May 2017, we returned to our beloved Mexico City Church Family and Gustavo came to hear me preach. Then he said to me, "I have a surprise for you!" We walked two blocks to see the beginning of a four story building... Gustavo said, "God told me to build this building for 'your' church!" So in the concrete jungle of Mexico City, Gustavo cleared away his garden and laid the foundation for a church building. Interestingly, it is legally not a church building but an extension of his four story home – just a foot away from his "house."

The three amigos - Kip, Carlos and Gustavo!
With a huge smile, Gustavo took us on a tour of the building that was under construction. The first floor was for parking; the second floor for fellowship and bathrooms; and the third floor was the sanctuary that would seat a little over 300! Interestingly, Gustavo shared with me that one of his contractors suggested a cheaper flooring instead of the beautiful marble that Gustavo had selected. Gustavo told his foreman, "I must use the best materials because I am building the House of God!"

The new Mexico City ICC Building - built by
Gustavo - holds over 300 in
the auditorium!

We set a date of September 17th for the Inaugural of the building! So at 10:00AM, Carlos & Lucy and Elena & I were given the privilege of "cutting the ribbon" to officially open the church building!

Scores gathered for the Cutting of the
Ribbon Ceremony!

Before the ribbon was cut, Gustavo (left) and his
daughter Brisa (right) shared their appreciation
for the Mejias, the McKeans and the
Mexico City Church!

The Mejias and the McKeans joined
hands and cut the ribbon!

Elena showed off the first floor entry of the building
where in time a fountain will be built!

The new Mexico City Church Bulletin - titled, "100
Para Cristo" - reminded the MCICC Disciples
of their goal to have 100 additions from
August to the end of December!

The back of the MCICC's Bulletin shows the 31
States of Mexico, the nations of Central
America, and the logos for the three
new Remnant Groups in Mexico!
As well, Gustavo is very "well connected" in Mexico, so he had the musicians and singers of the TV show La Voz (The Voice) – Mexico come and entertain us from 10:30AM to 11:30AM! Pepe Zavala – the Director of Music for La Voz (they called him "Maestro") – and most of his musicians stayed for the whole service where the fellowship lasted until almost 4:00PM!

Gustavo introduced Pepe Zavala who is the Director
of Music for La Voz - Mexico!

Pepe also brought with him many of his
musicians from the TV Show!

As well, Pepe's wife Ana Sofia sang several
beautiful songs as her husband played
the keyboards while leading the band!

The Mexico City Church initiated a choir to help
back up several of the singers as well as to
help lead the singing for the
Inaugural Service!

Elena signed one of her books for a
very appreciative Ana Sofia!

Bonded by the success of the day are new
friends - the Mejias and the Zavalas!
At the Inaugural for the building, the 170 Mexico City Disciples had 302 in attendance, two restorations and five baptisms! As well, three new Remnant Groups came out in Mexico – Acapulco, Leon and San Luis Potosi!

At 302 in attendance, there was still some seats
in the back that were not filled... yet!

Carlos gave Gustavo a Bible to commemorate
the occasion as well as to continue his
studies with Gustavo!

Hector & Adriana Gomez did a great job
sharing their hearts for Communion!

Anthony & Alejandra Rodriguez - the Monterrey
Church Leaders - inspired all with their
Contribution Charge!

Carlos preached the Word with great fervor!
In May, Gustavo shared with me that his dream was for his daughter Brisa to be the first baptism in the building. His dream came true as Brisa was the first of five baptisms that auspicious Sunday!

Gustavo designed the baptistry to be
under the front of the stage...

And for a waterfall to fill it!

Myrna Limon - the Woman Teen Leader - shared
about Brisa and her decision to be baptized
at just 14 years old!

Gustavo's prayer and dream came true as Brisa
was the first baptism of the new
MCICC Church Building!

Myrna and Renail rejoiced with the
angels over Brisa's salvation!

Brisa joined the Teen Ministry in thanking Pepe &
Ana Sofia for making the Inaugural
such a special day!

Gustavo and Carlos congratulate each other
over an amazing Inaugural Service!
Indeed, the Scriptures are fulfilled in our day, "Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it!" (Luke 10:23-24) Following a long fellowship until about 4:00PM, we headed out to "lunch" with the three new Remnant Group Leaders!

After service, the three new Remnant Group
Leader Couples had a late lunch with the
McKeans and the Mejias!

The San Luis Potosi Remnant Group Leaders -
Francisco & Adriana Galvan!

The Leon Remnant Group Leaders (and former
full-time workers) - Luis & Luz Maria Rodales!

The Acapulco Remnant Group Leaders -
Severiano & Maripaz Morales!
After the Inaugural Service, Elena & I had planned to stay two more days – Monday and Tuesday – in Mexico to do edits for the Second Edition of ELEVATE, which will be in paperback. Lucy Mejia, Hector Gomez, Elena & I worked most of the day on Monday editing Elena's book! That night we had a celebration dinner with Gustavo, Brisa and the Mejias!

Elena, Hector and Lucy worked on the edits for the
Second Edition of ELEVATE on Monday
following the Inaugural!

On Monday night, the Mejias, the McKeans and
Gustavo celebrated Brisa's baptism at her
favorite restaurant - La Strega!

Abuela Elena and her newest granddaughter
in the faith - Brisa!

That said, on Tuesday, September 19th at 1:14PM, Lucy Mejia, Hector Gomez, Elena & I were continuing to edit Elena's book on the 26th floor of our hotel when everything began to shake! It was a 7.1 earthquake! Plates slid off the table! Huge TV's crashed around us! The tables overturned! We lost our seats! I saw Hector's laptop fall to the ground from the table as the building was swaying back and forth so much. I tried to stand to save Elena's laptop with all of our edits, but the building was swaying soooooo much that I was slung to the far side of the room! The earthquake grew more and more intense and lasted for about five minutes! Good news, I saved Elena's laptop and all of our work! We were quickly evacuated and saw that the foundations of our building had ripped up the sidewalk! I guess God wants to use Elena & me a little more! Miraculously, Elena & I were able to fly back to LA on Wednesday.

Coverage of the 7.1 Mexico City Earthquake on
September 19th began almost immediately
after this tragedy!

The earthquake caused several dangerous
fires around the city!

Several buildings were destroyed, 370 died and
over 6,000 were injured!
The effects of the 7.1 earthquake in Mexico City were devastating. Buildings were leveled; fires broke out around the city; and 250 people were killed – most tragically 21 children and four teachers were lost when an elementary school building collapsed. Carlos Mejia wrote this to me on September 25th:

This past week, the Mexico City ICC was still recovering from the 7.1 earthquake and so Thursday I called anyone who could meet at the new church building to come out for an afternoon of prayer, worship and a short lesson. 50 disciples made it through the many blocked roads and were able to find other means to travel because of the damaged public transportation. That said, it was a wonderful time together as a church! All of the disciples have been communicating through social media and everyone is more fired up than ever to study the Bible and help save all of the lost souls in Mexico City. We have many studies and we have several predictions for baptisms and additions in the next couple of weeks! 

The Mexico City MERCY Ambassadors in action!

On Saturday at 8:00AM we experienced another earthquake; this time a 6.1! The city sent out a notice that large group meetings are not allowed in the city due to safety. We relied on God and moved forward with our Sunday Worship Service, but we decided to take it up a notch and make it a MERCY Sunday! We all wore our green t-shirts and immediately after service those who could (90 MERCY Ambassadors) went to Aztec Stadium to serve for six hours in one of the largest "gathering centers" for the earthquake victims. 

Disciples of all ages gave their hearts
at the "gathering centers!"
In the six hours that we served, we helped move 592 tons of provisions to 74 different locations in Puebla, Morelos, Estado de México, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero and Mexico City. Interestingly, in covering this story of the "gathering centers," Erika Kaiser, a reporter for Televisa News broadcasted, "All of a sudden there was a sea of green! It is really beautiful what you guys are doing! Thank you for helping Mexico!" Later she shared with me that she would like to do an interview with MERCYworldwide!


The MCICC Disciples joyfully served and were
even talked about on Televisa News!
For Elena & me going through hardships – global or personal – a Scripture that has always anchored our faith is Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." So we understood that our Sovereign God was working for the good even in the midst of this terrible tragedy! And to God be all the glory!

Serving those in need from this horrific
tragedy allowed the disciples to meet
many open people!
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
On Sunday, October 1st, just three weeks after Hurricane Irma had hit Florida causing one third of the state to lose power, the Holy Spirit lit up the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Inaugural Service!

On the Friday before the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Inaugural, Kip & Elena led their
Staff Meeting!

Since the air-conditioning broke at the Downtown Miami Hyatt Hotel, God was guaranteeing us a "hot" Service! Amazingly, every member of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Church (MFLICC) has moved from a church at least 5 hours away – as close as Orlando and as far away as San Francisco! The zealous 64 disciples of the MFLICC – alongside 40 visiting disciples from San Francisco, New York City, LA, DC, Tampa, Houston, Gainesville, Orlando and Mexico City – saw God gather 277 in attendance!

The Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Inaugural Service was
held at the James L. Knight Center, which is
part of the beautiful Downtown
Miami Hyatt Hotel!

The gorgeous MFLICC Bulletin!

277 attended the MFLICC Inaugural Service and
were treated to incredible singing
led by Adrian Jimenez!
As well, eight more disciples placed membership! Among the eight were Ted & Cathy Green of Orlando and Jack & Jeanne McGee of DC, who were officially appointed the Shepherding Couples for not only the MFLICC, but also for the SAGES – South Asia Gulf Eastern States – World Sector!

On the Saturday before the Inaugural, the McKeans
had a delightful lunch with the two new
Shepherding Couples for the SAGES
World Sector - Ted & Cathy Green
(left) and Jack & Jeanne McGee!

Highlights for this spectacular Inaugural Service included: the incredible singing led by Adrian Jimenez and Isaac Gonzalez; an International Prayer in four languages; Helen Sullivan sharing with tears about her emptiness before she was a disciple for Communion; Chris & Sonja Chloupek of Orlando delivering a powerful Contribution Charge; Kacie Jimenez as the Sister of Encouragement graciously welcoming all eight disciples with Starbucks Gift Cards; a terrific duet by Andria Evans & Brandon Green entitled, I See Fire; and a blow away Dance Performance by Ernest Baker of New York City!

During Helen Sullivan's Communion, she shared
that as a young woman in the eyes of the world
she had everything, but she became so empty
that she even contemplated suicide!

Andria & Brandon sang I See Fire!

Chris & Sonja Chloupek delivered a convicting
Contribution Charge!

Ernest Baker of New York City left the entire
audience breathless over his dance moves!

Kacie Jimenez - the Sister of Encouragement -
welcomed with personal sharing all
eight place memberships!

The historic appointment of the Greens and
McGees as Shepherding Couples
by the Sullivans!
Following a brief break, Matt Sullivan preached an incredible sermon on FULFILLING YOUR DESTINY!

Matt challenged everyone in the audience to fulfill
the destiny that God had designed for them!
The entire service was broadcast
on Facebook Live!

Then the Lord blessed the MFLICC with five remarkable baptisms! The names of our new brothers and sisters are: Synthia, Rose, Suzlie, Leo and Jonathan! From the Mission Team: Nimfa baptized her daughter Synthia; Christina baptized her mom Rose; and Brandon baptized his little brother Jonathan! This spoke to me that we Americans must go to every State in the USA to baptize most of our families, but even more so, we must go to all nations to give everyone's father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter the opportunity to become Christ's disciples!

Nimfa baptized her daughter Synthia!

Christina (right) baptized her mom Rose!

The Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Sisters warmly
embraced our new sister Suzlie!

The always fruitful Victor Gonzalez baptized Leo - a
Venezuelan sure-to-be Evangelist!

Brandon (right) baptized his little brother Jonathan!

That evening, Victor & Sonia Gonzalez prepared the Celebration Dinner for the now 77 sold-out disciples of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale International Christian Church!

Isaac Gonzalez - the MFLICC Campus Minister - led
the singing at the Celebration Dinner, which
was held at Jack & Jeanne's
apartment clubhouse!

Victor - with the help of Jedediah - cooked and
served salmon and steak for dinner!

The then 77 disciples of the MFLICC relaxed and
enjoyed an evening of delicious food
and great sharing!

Sonia Gonzalez shared how happy she was that so
many Spanish-speakers came out
for the Inaugural!

Abelardo & Elida - Lucy Mejia's uncle and aunt - flew
all the way from Mexico City for the
MFLICC Inaugural Service!

Praise God that His SoldOut Movement has now spread to four cities in Florida – Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale! Since Elena & I were already in Florida, we visited with the Chloupeks – the new Orlando Church Leaders – and my parents, who live in Orlando! Then we went on to Gainesville to visit with the Turners – the Gainesville Church Leaders – and Elena's parents! And to God be all the glory!

The McKeans are so inspired by Chris & Sonja's
faith and especially of Cassidi's!

At 89 years old, both of Kip's parents - Tom &
Kim - are once again in great health!

Marcel & Tia Turner are doing a tremendous job
in building the Gainesville Church especially
the University of Florida Campus Ministry!

Kip & Elena had an incredible time with
Elena's parents - Ignacio & Carmen - at
the University of Florida Art Museum!
Update From Matt Sullivan: Praise God that He blessed us with two more baptisms since the Inaugural last Sunday! One on Thursday – Juana – and one on Sunday named Zykiah!

Our new sister Zykiah was baptized the
Sunday after the Inaugural!

Juana's granddaughter Dania shared right before Juana's baptism, "After years of prayer, tears and sleepless nights of sadness for not living near my 87 year old grandmother and being distraught because of her health condition, God did a few incredible miracles in this 'Year of the Impossible!' First, God moved my grandmother to Florida. This is so special because she raised me beginning at three months old because my mom died. Secondly, she had health difficulties in remembering things, but during the studies, she was so happy and attentive. And thirdly, God blessed her with repentance and so today my grandmother becomes my sister in Christ!"

Dania (left) with the help of Sonia
joyfully baptized her grand-
mother Juana!
Michael Williamson – World Sector Leader of Europe: Greetings from Paris! Michele & I had an unforgettable time supporting Anthony & Cassidy Olmos at the Paris Inaugural Service following the landing of the Paris Supplemental Mission Team from London!

The heroic Paris Supplemental Mission Team: Isaac
Ojo, Kelly Assignon, Anthony & Cassidy Olmos,
Nayomie Jarvis and Samuel Ajayi!

Michael & Michele Williamson of London
encouraged the entire Paris Church!

The Paris Inaugural Service was a powerful turnout as 19 disciples were blessed with 61 in attendance and three baptisms – Marcel, Beatrice and Salomon! So encouraging was Marcel's baptism, as he is working on a second Master's Degree, and even though he had never picked up the Bible in his life, studied every day for two weeks and was baptized! Also inspiring is that Beatrice is the sister of Betty and Salomon is the brother of Yanick!

The Parisian spiritual triplets: Marcel (third from the
left), Beatrice (fourth from the right), and
Salomon (second from the right)!

Anthony & Cassidy were on the original Paris Mission Team in 2012. Unfortunately, many on the team including their vibrant leaders – Tim & Lianne Kernan – had to return home because of difficulties securing more than a three month visa. Much of Anthony's French stayed with him and he does a great job preaching the Word in French! Cassidy has won the hearts of the women because of her zeal to share the Gospel in French! Be praying for God to give boldness to the disciples of the Paris Church!

The dynamic Paris Church Leaders - Anthony
& Cassidy Olmos!
Nick Bordieri – Director of MERCYworldwide: "The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." (Galatians 5:6) On Saturday, September 23rd, breaking into five teams of 10 to 15, were 58 MERCY Ambassadors from Dallas and Houston, donning green KNOW MERCY t-shirts and full of the spirit of compassion! They worked tirelessly and joyfully, tearing out molded drywall, removing water logged debris, organizing belongings, and bringing order and peace to the residents of an impoverished area of Houston called the Fifth Ward. What an honor for Denise & me to join these noble-hearted MERCY Ambassadors!

Over 75% of the homes in South Houston and
750,000 vehicles were flooded during
Hurricane Harvey!

Removing drywall damaged by the flooding!

Ms. Taylor - 80 years old and battling cancer - with
tears in her eyes, expressed her heart to the
MERCY Ambassadors by quoting a Marvin
Sapp song, “I never would have it
made it without you!”

MERCY Ambassadors from the Dallas and Houston
ICC's met with Kathy Flanagan Payton (in blue) -
the President and CEO of the Fifth Ward
Community Redevelopment

As we closed out a long, arduous but joyous day, Jay Hernandez expressed the hearts of the disciples who served the residents of the Fifth Ward, "Even greater than any Category 5 Hurricane is the power of love." Please follow MERCY on Facebook (MERCYworldwide) and Twitter (@MERCY247)!

Richie McDonnell – Lead Evangelist of Washington DC: Greetings from the Capital of the United States of America! We were honored to send-off Jack & Jeanne McGee, the incredible Shepherding Couple of the DC Church, and an amazing bi-lingual Bible Talk Leader, Joshua, to help plant the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale ICC! As well, the Spirit sent off a great Bible Talk Leader, Sterling, to help strengthen the mighty Houston ICC! Even with sending out these four incredible leaders from the DC Church, the Lord has blessed us with 11 additions in six weeks – four baptisms, three restorations and four place memberships!

Steven came out of the water ready to follow in the
footsteps of his namesake - Stephen of Acts 7!

Cory's prayers were answered when he
baptized his wife Marissa!
Very exciting was the restoration of Jeff & Davene Fisher, the former Tel Aviv (Israel) ICOC Church Leaders, just this past Sunday! After returning to the United States from Israel twelve years ago, they "wandered" in the mountains of Virginia ever since, wrestling with answering the call of God. Incredibly, after much prayer, discipling, repentance and a visit to see Kip and Carlos Mejia in Mexico City, they and their two teenage disciple sons, along with their four other children, are totally committed to God, His modern-day Movement, and His vision to evangelize the nations in this generation – including the possibility of returning to Israel to preach the Word!

Richie McDonnell welcomed the Fisher Family
to the DC Church Family!

Jeff Fisher is the former Tel Aviv (Israel)
ICOC Leader!

At Davene Fisher's restoration, Elizabeth presented
her with a copy of ELEVATE!

Please keep the future plans of Israel and the DC Church in your prayers! We love you with the love of the Lord!

Anthony Franklin – Lead Evangelist of Syracuse: At our Bring Your Neighbor Day last week, we had three incredible baptisms! In true Philippian jailer style, James and his whole household (Georgia, his wife, as well as their teen son John) studied the Bible and were baptized into Christ!

James, Georgia and John are united
in Christ on the same day!

Raul Moreno – Lead Evangelist of São Paulo: Greetings from Brazil! On Women's Day on September 23rd, the 100 sisters of the São Paulo Church had 251 in attendance! Excitingly, at the Women's Day, three were baptized and one woman was restored! Also very exciting is the initiation of a new sector called Tatuapé led by Tulio Amaral & Vaítsa Haratsaris!

Tulio & Vaitsa (left) have been trained by Raul &
Lynda Moreno to lead the new Tatuapé Sector!

Tulio & Vaitsa may be a little bit over their heads
in leading the Tatuapé Sector, but the
Morenos so believe in them!
And lastly, the Good News Email is being translated into Portuguese by Vini Rodrigues de Souza – the CyberMinistry Leader – and several bilingual USP Students!

Vini Rodrigues de Souza and his new girlfriend
as of June - Bia Hida - are both USP Students!
Raja Rajan – Lead Evangelist of Chennai: Greetings from India! In September, God blessed us with a total of nine additions! Of special note was the baptism of Clara who holds three Master's Degrees and is currently doing her PhD in Nursing!

Clara was baptized in September while working
on her PhD in Nursing!

Franklin (left) and Parthiban (right) baptized
Immanuel in the Marina!

Isheeta Rajan helped to study with and baptize
her best friend Keerthana!

Soumia (center standing) sold everything in Bahrain
to move to Chennai to join the Delhi Mission
Team which will go out in April 2018!
Heartwarming is the great news that Roger & Yassa Green are back in the full-time ministry!

Congratulations to Roger & Yassa Green, who
the Spirit led back into the full-time ministry!

Excitingly, Dr. James Abraham and his wife Jacqueline, who are in Doha, Qatar, have officially placed membership with us, and as of yesterday, formed the Doha ICC Remnant Group!

The Doha Church by car is only six
hours away from Dubai!

James' & Jacqueline's heroic stand has given
birth to the Doha ICC Remnant Group!
Luke Speckman – Lead Evangelist of New York City: After spending an amazing week with the Chennai Church, it is wonderful to be back in New York City (NYC)! Indeed, this past week in NYC has been amazing as the Lord gave us five additions! We had four baptisms in our mighty Bronx and Manhattan Regions: Ayeesha, Edwin, Javier and Malik! We also witnessed the restoration of our dear brother Owamagbe Odighizuwa – an NFL football player! What a powerful plea our dear brother made to all who are contemplating leaving God's grace. He shared vulnerably how he took for granted God's love, His Kingdom and the love of the disciples. Owa apologized to many by name including his mom and brothers, Andrew Smellie and Michael Kirchner to name a few. The New Jersey Sector has truly given their heart to Owa to love him back into God's Kingdom!

Jordan Ybarra shared during Owa's
memorable restoration!

Owa rejoiced with his spiritual mom
Brandyn Speckman!

Owa played for the New York Giants
for three years!
We are looking forward to our next Congregational Sunday Service on November 19th! We have the honor of having Kip & Elena in NYC, and Lord willing, we will send out our Fifth Region – New Jersey – on that day!!!

Jason Dimitry – Lead Evangelist of San Francisco: "So the Word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly..." (Acts 6:7) Greetings from the saints in the Bay Area of California! This last week we have seen God's Kingdom continue to spread rapidly! We started the week in the right way with a baptism Monday night in the East Bay! Jeremiah & Julie Clark are doing a stellar job inspiring this region towards forceful advancement! 

 On Monday night, the East Bay brothers wrapped
their arms around our new brother - Isaac!
Meanwhile I was down in LA on Monday and Tuesday to attend the City of Angels Church's powerful Staff Meeting and to witness my dear son in the faith Matthew Rodriguez ask Xanthe Williams-Gonzalez of the South Region to be his girlfriend! It was so inspiring to see this young prince and princess come together in God's majestic Kingdom! Excitingly, Xanthe will be moving to San Francisco next week to lead the South Bay Region alongside her wonderful boyfriend.

Matthew rejoiced as Xanthe said "yes!" to
being his girlfriend!
Equally exciting is that our dear sister Lauren Ona will be moving down to LA in the coming weeks to assume the leadership of the East Region with her new boyfriend Adam Zepeda!

Adam & Lauren are excited not only about
their new dating relationship, but
beginning to lead LA's East
Region in December!
Back home in San Francisco, we have been tirelessly laboring to exceed our special missions goal! We had two tagging events this weekend raising almost $3,000! We currently have over 30% of our goal turned in! Our Sunday Service was electric and the singing was off the charts! We also saw another powerful baptism in our fast growing Spanish Bible Talk led skillfully by Fernando & Jackie Chavez! Keep praying for us as we pray for you!

Fernando - the Spanish Bible Talk Leader -
applauded Cristian's decision
to follow Christ!

Jose Otero – Lead Evangelist of Bogotá: On September 30th, we hosted our Second Annual Women's Day – Elévate – and it was beyond anything we could ask or imagine! With 26 sisters in our young church, God gave us 98 in attendance! My amazing wife Daniela did a phenomenal job sharing her life as well as giving an inspiring message!

Daniela Otero preached to almost 100 women
for Bogotá's Women's Day!

This past Saturday, we had our first baptism Carolina Gonzalez as a result of Women's Day with many other studies that are on their way to being baptized.

Carolina was the first fruit of the amazing
Women's Day in Bogotá!
Cory Blackwell – Lead Evangelist of Chicago: For our September All Congregational Service, the 183 Chicago Disciples had 407 in attendance! As well, for our Women's Day we had 301!

When Cory Blackwell is away preaching in his World
Sector in the Middle East, Miguel Mendez leads
the pace-setting Chicago Church!

While our attendances have grown, we are focusing on maturing in our follow up. Therefore, Jee & I have split at Midweek the men and women so we can have tighter accountability. Excitingly, we had a net growth of three this week! We are praying to break the 200 disciple barrier before Thanksgiving! Pray for this upcoming Sunday as it is our Congregational Prodigal Son Sunday!
Andrew Smellie – Lead Evangelist of Lagos: "When they had assembled their brothers and consecrated themselves, they went in to purify the Temple of the Lord, as the king had ordered, following the Word of the Lord." (2 Chronicles 29:15) Since the incredible visit of Tim & Lianne Kernan in mid-September, it has been a time of atonement and strengthening for the Lagos Church to recommit ourselves to loving God, His church and the lost souls of this world with all of our hearts!

Tim & Lianne Kernan visited and preached
in Lagos for the first of many times!

This week, after meeting with all the Bible Talk Leaders and renewing our commitment, they in turn met with their Bible Talk members for a time to confess sin and re-pledge themselves to the Lord and each other. The Lord has since blessed our efforts to purify the church as friends who had been studying the Bible have "re-appeared," unity in the fellowship has been joyfully restored, and a dear brother, Tolani, expressed his interest to give up his successful IT career to go into the full-time ministry! We thank God for His mercy and grace as we have obeyed His plan for discipling in our lives! (Colossians 1:28)

The gallant Lagos Church Leaders - Andrew
& Patrique Smellie!

On Sunday, the Lord continued to bless our repentance, as we witnessed another soul come to be baptized – Richard Coker! Richard is a first-year campus student studying Computer Science at the University of Lagos! Richard had been slow-moving in the studies, but when he witnessed the vulnerable confession and repentance this week amongst the fellowship, his heart was softened to acknowledge the perfect love of God! (1 John 4:18) Richard's Dad was also fired up as he watched his son make his good confession that "Jesus is Lord" on Facebook Live!

Richard (left) and Kaine rejoiced as
true brothers in the Lord!

Praise God that we now have 14 fiery college students in our sold-out congregation of 78 disciples!

Keri Garrido – Women's Ministry Leader of Honolulu: Since our Bring Your Neighbor Day Service on September 10th, God has graciously given us weekly additions! Lorraine Dizon was baptized on September 10th; on September 17th, Hana Kekoa was restored and Brandon Lafuente was baptized! Then on September 24th, Aimmee Mawilong, Katherine Villanueva and Riley Studebaker were baptized! The following Sunday on October 1st, Jacob Rave was baptized! And today, October 8th, Andrea Rios made Jesus Lord of her life!

Andrea adores the Honolulu Church Ohana!
Another highlight of this past month was the first mission trip to Hawaii for our new Overseeing Ministry Couple – Jason & Sarah Dimitry of San Francisco! Jason preached an amazing lesson entitled, SOUNDING THE TRUMPET!
Corinna Sloan – Women's Ministry Leader of Hilo: Aloha from Hilo! Dennis & I are so grateful for all the amazing things God has been doing in this incredible church! Of note in September, Cheylee Octavio, the cousin of our sister Krystallyn Udtohan, was restored to the Lord! Then two weeks later, thoroughly impressed and inspired by her change, Cheylee's mom Cheryl was baptized! Several members of their family are now open to studying the Bible, many of which were once heavy persecutors.

After Cheylee's restoration, she was
welcomed home by Corinna!

In turn, Cheylee baptized her mom Cheryl
(second from the right)!

Lastly, Trent Slaton, a young single who was reached out to at a tagging event, came out to church, and was eager to study the Bible. His zeal for righteousness – though misguided – was demonstrated in the fact that he consistently picketed outside abortion clinics, actively pursuing the doctors and warning them to repent. The brothers started the Seeking God Study at 1:00PM on a Tuesday, and after realizing that he was not a true disciple, Trent would stop at nothing until he was baptized! At 1:22AM the following day, he became your brother in Christ! His zeal without knowledge has turned into "doing it Jesus' way to get Jesus' results." He even personally contacted all the doctors he harassed in the past asking for forgiveness and inviting them to church!

Trent - like the Ethiopian Eunuch - studied the
Bible in one day and was baptized!

God is moving powerfully in Hilo! And though it sure looks like paradise, we know the only true paradise is in Heaven! Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for your love and prayers! 

Alfredo Anuch – Lead Evangelist of Santiago: Greetings from "the ends of the earth" as Chile is the most southern nation of the world! The church here in Santiago is very excited to see this year: "200 disciples for Jesus!" At this moment, we are almost 180! This weekend, God added four new souls by baptism!

Danae is gloriously baptized into the
Santiago Teen Ministry!

Currently we have almost 40 Bible Studies, so we hope to have a great and plentiful harvest in the coming weeks! Please, keep us in your prayers!

Dustin Miller – Lead Evangelist of Denver: Greetings from the Mile-High City! Some highlights from Denver over the last month: Kathy House the mother of our dear brother Joe Campbell was baptized after 18 years of prayer!

Joe Campbell's mom Kathy was baptized
after 18 years of prayer!
Shekinah, Amada, and Jomel – all students at Auraria Campus (44,000 students) – were all baptized into Christ! Jomel is a Filippino student who served in the U.S. Army and was met by Zach Miller and Chad Henderson, who are also military veterans!

Jomel - a US Army Vet - was met and baptized
by Zach and Chad who are likewise Vets!
Now the three stand together as
prayer warriors!
Last month, we had the opportunity to witness the miracle of marriage as Zach Miller & Brittany Lukins came together as one! The Denver Church is so honored to be sending Zach & Brittany to go lead the mighty Las Vegas Church in a few short months!

Congratulations to Zach & Brittany Miller
who will begin leading the Las Vegas
Church in December!

Zach & Brittany are spearheading the fundraising
for the Love Offering in Denver!
Lastly, we are just so grateful to have Tony Untalan serve over here in Denver for the last few months, as he is doing an incredible job helping to shepherd the Denver Family!

Tony Untalan serves as a Shepherd in both
LA and Denver!
RD Baker – Lead Evangelist of Dubai: The Dubai ICC Inaugural Service was on September 23, 2016! There were nine on the Mission Team mostly from LA! Sadly, over the next few months, three had to return home because of visa challenges. Though we had seven restorations and place memberships that Fall, we did not have any baptisms. So as of January 2017, there were 13 Dubai Disciples. Through radical repentance, God has blessed our efforts in this "Year of the Impossible!" At our First Anniversary Service on Friday, September 22nd, we had an incredible attendance of 80 from 19 countries – both new records!


The striking First Anniversary Service
Invitation for Dubai!

RD & April Baker - the energetic Dubai Church
Leaders - gave the Welcome!

Jeraldine shared a moving Communion and Cory preached a very warm but powerful message!

Jee Blackwell's Communion touched many hearts!

Cory Blackwell preached a very warm and
sincere message from God's Word!
Following the service, we had two more baptisms, Lilly and Sheril, bringing our 2017 total to 25!

Sheril was Dubai's 24th baptism in 2017!
Rashida became our 26th baptism of the year on October 8th! Rashida, from Trinidad, works here in Dubai with Emirates Airline. Remarkably, she was met and reached out to by then 14 year old Bridgette Speckman traveling home after the GLC! Through Bridgette's boldness, Rashida reached out to April and the sisters here studied the Bible, and Rashida is now your sister in Christ!

Bridgette - who met Rasheda coming home to
New York City from the GLC - shared at
Rashida's baptism through FaceTime!

Praise God, the Dubai Church has grown to now 35 sold-out disciples and six children!

The Dubai Church with many of their visitors
after their First Anniversary Service!

Tim Kernan – Lead Evangelist of Los Angeles: Greetings from the sunny and beautiful palm tree lined streets of LA! There is nothing not to like about this astonishing city! Even the traffic is perfect as there is always just enough to get all your calls done before you get home! For Lianne & me, it is our favorite place in the world!  

The Fall ICCM-LA Bachelor Class!
God is truly moving here and there is so much to share about but here are a few things: On September 23rd and 24th, we had an amazing Marrieds Retreat in Coachella Valley! LuJack & Cathi Martinez directed it and did an amazing job! Over 130 couples came out and were blown away by the profound radical Biblical teaching, fellowship and joy! Also in September, we had a Spanish Women's Day entitled Elévate, where Lucy Mejia powerfully shared the Scriptures to a receptive audience of 143 Spanish-speaking women!

Lucy Mejia mesmerized the Spanish-speaking
women with the Word of God at the
Spanish Women's Day in LA!

The exceptional speakers for the First Spanish
Women's Day: Vero, Sandra, Rachel, Lucy,
Tatiana, Karen and Patty!

Karen Maciel - the Co-Editor of the Good News
Email - was so excited that her mom
attended the 2017 GLC and the
Spanish Women's Day!

That same weekend, we had an inspirational First Congregational Spanish Service where Carlos Mejia preached an incredible lesson! I believe the day will soon come where every region in LA will have a powerful Spanish-speaking Sector!

The Mejias and the McGees first served together
in the ministry in Santiago, Chile and
then again in Mexico City!
Another highlight for me was heading up "Mount Shalom" with the Staff to give thanks to God for all the amazing things He is doing, as well as to beg Him for a continued harvest of souls and a successful Missions Contribution!

The City of Angels Church Staff climbed Mount
Shalom (Mount Hollywood) to praise God and
to pray for the church to break 1,000
disciples by Christmas!
As a church, we are praying to be at 100% of missions by the 1st of November! This is a great opportunity to really minister to the hearts of the disciples and we are excited to blow out our goal! In LA, God has truly blessed us with 122 baptisms in the past 119 days! As a church, we are now at 953 members and striving to hit 1,000 by Christmas! One of our 12 Regions leading the charge is the IE Region led nobly by Jared & Rachel McGee! Two weeks ago, they hit "100 disciples for the Lord!" This week, they sent out the Tomahawk Sector (San Bernardino) led by the dynamic Sean & Krystal "soon-to-be" O'Connor!

Sean & Krystal "soon-to-be" O'Connor are honored
to lead the Tomahawk Sector!
Boston: Congratulations to Thomas & Paula Ryan who were united in marriage this past weekend! A couple who owned one of the most beautiful properties in the Boston area was so moved by Thomas & Paula's engagement, that they let them use the property for free for their wedding! The couple said it was the best wedding they have ever hosted out of all the weddings they have hosted over the years as they watched the disciples serve! We are so excited to see how God will use this powerful couple here in Boston!

Congratulations to Thomas & Paula Ryan!
New York City: Shane & Tracy Russell were married on September 16th! What a beautiful wedding it was!

Congratulations to the newlyweds -
Mr. & Mrs. Russell!

LA – Inland Empire Region: Congratulations to Juan Mota & Jhoselyn Castillo, who have been totally pure in their dating relationship and are now engaged to be married!

Congratulations to Juan & Jhoselyn
on their engagement!
Johannesburg: "Has not the one God made you? You belong to Him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring." (Malachi 2:15) Jacques & Jeanette Groenewald – the Johannesburg Remnant Group Leaders – just welcomed their second child and first son Luke on Monday, October 9th!

Welcome to the SoldOut Movement
Family baby Luke!

Eugene: Greetings from Oregon! On August 27, 2017, Everitt & Reina Briley had beautiful twin girls, Penelope and Amara! This just so happened to be on Everitt's 25th birthday!

Congratulations to Everitt & Reina on the
birth of Penelope & Amara!
Syracuse: On September 12th, Anthony & Maria Franklin gave birth to twin girls – Luna at 7lbs. 3 oz. and Eva 6lbs. 13oz.!

Congratulations to the Franklins on the
birth of Luna and Eva!

LA – Antelope Valley Region: On Tuesday, October 10th at 9:43am Dylan & Kayla Erickson welcomed their second son, Titus Nivan Erickson! Weighing in at 8lbs. 6oz. and 21 inches tall! Both Titus and Kayla are doing great and Dylan and Brodey (1st Son) are excited to have Titus a part of the Erickson team! 

Congratulations to Dylan, Kayla and
Brodey on the birth of Titus Nivan!

Paul's Perspective On Missions Contributions
"Moreover, as you Philippians know, from the early days of your acquaintance with the Gospel, when I set out from Macedonia, not one church shared with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you only: for even when I was in Thessalonica, you sent me aid again and again when I was in need. Not that I am looking for a gift, but I am looking for what may be credited to your account. I have received full payment and even more; I am amply supplied, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God." (Philippians 4:15-18) In this marvelous passage, Paul expresses his gratitude for the missions money sent from the Philippian Church to support him. It is very interesting that Paul viewed "his support" as a "fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God." Next month in the USA Churches, we are having our "Love Offering" for missions. Though this contribution will be used to support such gallant men and women as Chi Leong in Hong Kong, John & Anna Malnegro in Cebu, Carlos & Lucy Mejia in Mexico City, and many others, in fact the Love Offering is a "fragrant offering" to God! Paul equates missions support as "an acceptable sacrifice" in worshiping God, and thus this sacrifice pleases Him!

The Love Offering will help to support
the Hong Kong Seven!
Secondly, we find that the missions money was sent from Philippi "again and again!" Just as in the first century, we will have Missions Contributions "again and again!" Yes, our missions collection in May helped to support Matt & Helen Sullivan in planting the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Church. And yes, from here on out since this city is in a first world nation, we will no longer send support to the MFLICC, but next year the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Church will join us in the Missions Contributions! However, all of our third world congregations will need ongoing support! In essence, we must be prepared to financially sacrifice all the days of our Christian lives if indeed the evangelization of the nations is to happen in our generation!

Evangelizing Lagos and other third world cities
is very challenging financially.

Of special note, OPERATION EAGLE – the SoldOut Movement's Plan to plant discipling churches in every State in the USA – not only should inspire us as our families in other States will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, but these churches will join us in our Missions Contributions. Thus, in the USA as we plant OPERATION EAGLE Churches, we will multiply the amount of money sent to third world mission fields! Continue to pray for OPERATION EAGLE, as Albuquerque, New Mexico and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are to be planted in 2018!

On the map green represents States with SoldOut
Movement Church Plantings; purple represents
States with Remnant Groups; and red means
there is no discipling ministry present at
this time. Lord willing, next year, we will
plant discipling churches in New
Mexico and Oklahoma!
Lastly, notice that Paul shared that "[he was not] looking for a gift, but [he was] looking for what may be credited to the [Philippians'] account." This is a bold statement! Paul wrote that since he gave birth to the Philippian Church, and thus God gave them salvation, the disciples in Philippi now through this offering, were in effect paying him back! He was kind enough to say that "I have received full payment and even more!" God has used so many of the brothers and sisters on the mission field to give many of you spiritual life. Be humbled by Paul's Scriptures that each Missions Contribution is not only a sacrifice to God, but a means of "paying back" brothers and sisters for the salvation they have given you. Likewise, Elena & I are supported from the Missions Contributions and we like Paul can say, "[We] have received full payment and even more!" Thank you for your gracious sacrifice! Please join Elena & me as we are "again" sacrificing for the upcoming Love Offering to support those heroic souls on the mission field! And to God be all the glory!
We are family… to do the impossible,
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