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Holiday Edition

November 16, 2018

Good News Email
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Dear Friend,
Holiday greetings from London, Sydney and Los Angeles as this is the last Good News Email for 2018! The European Missions Conference held in the great city of London on October 25-28, 2018 lived up to its inspiring theme, EVEN GREATER THINGS! This year, the Spirit gathered 276 at this momentous event, most of whom were from Europe! Excitingly, on Sunday, a young man named Tim Frei was baptized with the dream to return as a full-time preacher with a mission team to his home country of Switzerland!

With the miraculous baptism of Tim Frei at the
EMC, by faith, God will add another nation
to the SoldOut Movement - Switzerland!
The following week in gorgeous Australia, on November 1-4, 2018 was the first Austral-China Missions Conference whose thrilling theme was TRANSFORMED! Over 100 disciples participated in this amazing conference that began in downtown Sydney, then moved to a retreat site two hours south, and culminated with the Kingdom Banquet on a ship that traveled around scenic Sydney Harbor! Another historic highlight of the weekend was the sending off of the dynamic Auckland Mission Team! And to God be the glory!

The Auckland (New Zealand) Mission Team
opened the Austral-China Missions
Conference with the Hakka!

The Austral-China Missions Conference closed with
the Spirit sending off the Auckland Mission Team!
Adam Zepeda – Lead Evangelist of the AMS Region in Los Angeles: As most of you are aware, "AMS" is an acronym for "Arts, Media and Sports." In the past few weeks, the Spirit has led us to baptize two extraordinary AMS individuals!

The vision of the AMS Ministries is to reach this lost
world through the influence of high profile
disciples! As Adam Zepeda preached in
his last sermon on Acts 3, "The Power
Was Christ, But The Hand
Was Peter's!"
The newest CyberWomen’s Ministry Leader, AMS intern and former WNBA player – Chantelle Anderson – has been reaching out to her friends in the professional women's sports world! Four years ago, she baptized her friend Lee Jackson who played semi-professionally for the Harlem Ambassadors. Then, this Spring, Chantelle invited Tayyiba Haneef-Park – who was a two-time Olympic silver medalist in volleyball – to the AMS Women’s Day! "Ty" was so moved by the Women’s Day that she studied with the women in the OC Region and was baptized! Then at the 2018 Global Leadership Conference, Chantelle baptized Scholanda ("Sho") Dorrell, who played in the WNBA for seven years! Then on Monday, October 22nd before the European Missions Conference began, Chantelle baptized her good friend Jessica Kuster in London, who is a star in the Italian Women’s Basketball League! Lord willing, Jessica will be a part of our AMS Region when basketball season is finished!


Chantelle Anderson (right) traveled all the way
from LA to London just to finish the studies
and to baptize her fellow pro basketball
player - Jessica Kuster!

During Jessica's collegiate career, she set
Rice University's scoring record!

Presently, Jessica is playing for the Italian
professional team in Ragusa, Sicily!

In the 2018 Italian League Playoffs, Jessica led
Ragusa past Venezia 3-2 with the above stat
line! However, Ragusa lost 2-3 in
the finals to Familia!

Sisters on and off the court - Jessica and Chantelle!
At our BYND Service on September 16th, Joy Dai first came to church! She was invited by Shawn Anastascio at their Muay Thai gym! After studying with Coleen Challinor, Chantelle, my amazing wife Lauren, and many other AMS Sisters, Joy was baptized on October 28th!

After her baptism and and becoming a precious
daughter of God, Joy is full of joy!

This picture of Joy and Seele was taken on the
day that Joy was baptized! Joy then posted
on Facebook this picture quoting
Colossians 3:16!

Joy is a beautiful model, gifted actress and a great mom for six year old Seele! Interestingly, Joy was the model for the character "Seraph" in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Black Ops 4!

Joy was the model for Seraph in Call of Duty!

Joy values education and very much enjoys teaching. Her degree is in bio chemistry from UC Santa Barbara, and not only does she homeschool Seele, but she has a heart to help with Kids Kingdom Curriculum! Let us pray for Jessica and Joy to use their influence to win many to Christ!

Joy has "Style" in her modeling and acting!

Prayerfully, soon to place membership with the AMS Region are: Aileen Briones – founder and CEO of CelebsWork, Carver Bedeau – gifted singer, Jonathan Franklin – NFL Rams Managing Director of Community Affairs Spokesman, and Alex Rohde – audio/visual professional!

On November 4th, Aileen (right) was honored to
receive the White Rose Award by the PUREST
Academy which recognized and honored her
leadership within "the industry"
and in the community!

Aileen's White Rose Award!
The North and the AMS Regions have joined forces to put on the 2018 TRENDSform LA Fashion, Arts & Cultural Event on Saturday, November 17th from 6:00PM to 11:00PM to raise money for MERCY and Special Missions! The location for this monumental effort is 9410 Owensmouth Avenue, Chatsworth, California. This occasion will also raise awareness for stomach cancer, as performers from American Idol, The Voice and more are coming out to pay tribute to fashion icon Kyrzayda Rodriguez, who passed away earlier this year from stomach cancer. 

The 2018 TRENDSform LA Fashion, Arts & Cultural
Event is on Saturday, November 17th from
6:00PM to 11:00PM to raise money for
MERCY and Special Missions!
This will be a huge show with 30 models, 5 fashion lines, 10 special guest performers, vendors, live DJ and more! Tickets can be purchased at at $20 with disciples getting the "family discount" of $10 when they enter the code, ILOVEMYCHURCH at checkout! This is going to be an amazing opportunity to glorify God and raise money for missions! See you there!

Chantelle Anderson - CyberWomen's Ministry
Leader and AMS Intern!

Kristin Smith - Host for the Top 30 TV Show and
alongside her husband Josiah, the
LA MERCY Directors!

Adam Zepeda - Global AMS Ministry
Leader and happy newlywed
of one month!

Lauren Zepeda - Global AMS Women's Ministry
Leader, former professional singer
and the love of Adam's life!
Everardo Esparza – Lead Evangelist of Albuquerque: Greetings from New Mexico and the 17th OPERATION EAGLE Church! What an incredible gift from God it has been leading the church here for the last five months!

The Albuquerque Campus Ministry celebrated the
74th Birthday of RD Baker's mom, who first
came to church when RD was
the guest preacher!
We are very encouraged by our two newest sisters Jaida Wilson and Desiree Desvigne! Jaida is from Rochester, New York and came to Albuquerque to complete her degree in anthropology at the University of New Mexico! After an incredible SW Campus Retreat in Phoenix entitled, SEE HIS GREATNESS, we saw God’s greatness as Jaida was moved by the messages at the retreat to make Jesus the Lord of her life! She could not wait until she returned to Albuquerque to be baptized, so Jaida was baptized on Sunday evening in Phoenix!

Jaida could not wait to experience through
repentance "times of refreshing!"
(Acts 3:19)
As well, Desiree became our first single woman baptized!

Desiree and her new sisters give God
all the credit for her salvation!
We are praising God that He has done "immeasurably more than all we [have asked or imagined]!" (Ephesians 3:20) Since our arrival with the Supplemental Mission Team in June, God has given us eight baptisms and the church has grown by 42%! We now have 20 members – 10 men and 10 women! Pray for us to continue to have "equal" forceful advancement through the brothers and the sisters!

Congratulations to the Esparzas who are
expecting their first child in May 2019!
Jay Shelbrack – Lead Evangelist of Milwaukee: Greetings from the 18th OPERATION EAGLE Church! Since the last Good News Email, we have had three additions giving the 21 members of the mission team seven additions since arriving in July – with no fall-aways! Tim & Lynn Halmar placed membership directly from the ICOC on October 21st and have been on fire ever since! Tim was baptized in the ICOC in Milwaukee in 1991, and interestingly enough, I had actually been in a number of his studies! It truly is amazing how "God [determined] the exact times and the places" to bring us back together! Lynn was also baptized in Milwaukee in 1995, and they married in November 1996! 

Tim & Lynn Halmar (right) have known
Jay & Barb Shelbrack since the 90's!
On Sunday, the Halmars brought 10 visitors to church and baptized Cathy Pearson, who was initially baptized in the ICOC 21 years ago, but had never made Jesus Lord. Cathy shared that she really never understood what she was doing and was afraid to speak up. Cathy is a wonderful addition to our fellowship!

Cathy's newfound boldness has encouraged
all the Milwaukee Sisters!
We have also solidified our new location for Sunday services and midweeks – the very same Seventh Day Adventist Church Building that we rented in the mid-1980's when Barb & I placed membership in the Milwaukee ICOC! The church building is a mansion built in the 1920's that oversees Lake Michigan! It has 27 rooms with the main sanctuary seating over 500 people!

The new meeting place for the Milwaukee ICC has
a capacity of over 500 in the main sanctuary!

Please continue to pray for us that we transform this amazing, beautiful and "great city" on the shores of the "Great Lake" of Lake Michigan!
Coltin Rohn – Lead Evangelist of Columbus: "Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations." (Revelation 22:1-2) The City of Columbus and The Ohio State University (OSU) are split by the Olentangy River; and the State tree is the Buckeye Tree, all of which reminds us of the city described in Revelation 22! From this Scripture, we created our logo of two buckeye trees on both sides of the river, showing that the Kingdom of God has now come to both sides… So both the city and the campus will bear fruit every month!

The gorgeous Columbus Church Logo was
inspired by Revelation 22:1-2!

After moving 23 people on the mission team, God allowed us to set up four households! Two of the households are in a duplex house, which has been coined the "Christian Fraternity!" It is home for all of the mission team singles and campus workers – the sisters on one side and the brothers on the other! Craig & Keshia Davidson have humbly named their household the "Awesome House!" Now on House Church Sundays, we have two services throughout the city!

Craig Davidson preaching the Word
at the "Awesome House Church!"
On October 7th, my Kingdom dream as an "Ohio farm boy" became a reality, as we had our Columbus (Ohio) Inaugural Service where God blessed us with 146 in attendance and the baptism of Doris!

On Columbus Day Weekend on October 7, 2018,
God blessed the Columbus ICC Inaugural
Service with an amazing
146 in attendance!
In the month of October, our weekly giving for contribution averaged $36.69 per person. After reading the first chapter of Joe Willis' amazing book, Money Is The Answer For Everything, I realized the whole church needed to hear it! So the following Sunday, I preached Chapter One – It’s All About Heart! Then the next two staff meetings, I preached the following two chapters: Why Do You Want To Get Rich and Dealing With Greed – Need Versus Want! It has been astonishing how the hearts of the Columbus Disciples have been moved to increase their giving and level of sacrifice! We are now at an average of $50 per person each week!

Kip has encouraged every First World SoldOut
Movement Church Leader to purchase Joe
Willis' book - Money Is The Answer For
- for every one of their
members to prepare them for
the January Pledge Drive!
God has allowed us to baptize in the Campus, Singles and Marrieds Ministries! To be precise, we baptized three campus, two marrieds and one single, whose names are Ben, Camden, Josh, Greg & Davereil, and Doris!


Doris was baptized at the Columbus
Inaugural Service!
Of special note is Doris, who knew my dad from 40 years ago! Even at 69 years young, she drives from Mansfield, which is an hour north of Columbus each week for "meetings of the body" and has become a dear sister in the Lord to all of us! Greg was a former gang member and convert to Islam. The same day that we baptized Greg, he was then able to help us baptize his wife, Davereil! Davereil comes from multiple generations of Baptist preachers, but is now a true baptized disciple of Christ! And Ben is Jewish!

Greg - a former convert to Islam - became a true
follower of God through Christ!
Ben and Josh both serve on the board for our club, "Kaleo" at The Ohio State University! (The "The" in The Ohio State University is part of the college's official name!) Kaleo is a Greek word meaning "to call." We chose this name because in our OSU Campus Ministry, we call everyone from the darkness into the light! As a campus club, we receive rooms for midweeks, devos, and Sunday services that are state of the art and free!

One of the Columbus Church's normal meeting
rooms at OSU is the Round Meeting Room
which is able to comfortably sit over 120!
With 28 members, we currently have 32 personal Bible Studies and are looking to get everyone to have three personal Bible studies with "Project Trinity!" God is moving many hearts in the city to come to Him! Encouraging to me was my 30th birthday party on November 3rd with the entire church, as my dad and brother were able to make it to the celebration! With being only two hours from the family farm, they have made multiple visits to services and different events!

OPERATION EAGLE has fired up USA Disciples like
Coltin (left) so that he can reach out to his family,
especially his brother Justin and
his girlfriend Sarah!

Please pray for the Columbus ICC Family to be abundantly fruitful the remainder of 2018!
Ron Harding – Lead Evangelist of the Atlanta Mission Team: Greetings from the "Hot 'Lanta" Mission Team! First of all, let me thank all of the USA Churches who have sacrificed so much for the Missions Contribution in November! $70,000 of this Sunday's Missions Contribution will be used over the next 12 months to plant and sustain the Atlanta International Christian Church!

$70,000 of the November Missions Contribution
will go toward planting the Atlanta
Church in early 2019!
Things are truly getting HOT, as the Holy Spirit continues to build excitement and anticipation for the Atlanta Mission Team planting, being sent out from LA on December 16th! Since we will be in the heart of the "Peach State," we have adopted the tagline "PEACH" which stands for Powerfully Evangelizing All Creatures under Heaven!

Matt & Helen Sullivan (left) prayed with Ron &
Tracy Harding - the Atlanta Mission Team
Leaders - over the Georgia
State Campus!
On November 8th – in just one day – the Lord gave us a prelude of what He plans to do with our team! Damon James (our Shepherd) was approved to keep his current job in LA and work as a "telecommuter" from home in Atlanta!

Damon & Vicki James are not only great song
leaders, but the future Shepherding
Couple for the Atlanta ICC!

Judenie Bellus from Orlando won $1,000 with the #GirlChat Show on Zico & Judenie will use the money for their move because they already hit their missions goal!

Judenie (on the screen) won $1,000 with the
#GirlChat Show that will help her family
with moving expenses to help
plant the Atlanta Church!

Then, Tish Chaney was accepted to Georgia State University (GSU) and will be able to provide an immediate base to establish a club on GSU's Campus!!

Congratulations to Tish on her acceptance
to Georgia State University!
I am so proud of our focused and sacrificial mission team members! Every mission team member has completed their November Missions Goals in their local church. They have all committed to giving $60/person in contribution when arriving, and they are now raising money for their own personal moves! Even with all they have going on such as planning moves, all mission team members have shared with Tracy & me that they are in weekly Bible studies! Niki Patel was just personally fruitful with Libadel and the following week together they baptized Kylie!

In Gainesville, Niki Patel (in the EMPOWERED
t-shirt) baptized Libadel on
November 4, 2018!

Libadel (left) and Niki (right) partnered in
the Gospel to baptize Kylie!
Tracy & I want to extend a personal invitation, to every member of the SoldOut Movement who has family and/or friends in Atlanta, to attend the Inaugural Service on February 24, 2019 with their friends and family. Please use the following link ( to RSVP so we can ensure that we have the appropriate amount of space in our facility when we book for the historic Inaugural Service of the "20th Eagle Planting!"

If you have family in Atlanta please make
every effort to bring them to the
February 24, 2019 Inaugural
Service of the Atlanta ICC!
John Causey – Overseeing Evangelist of The Northwest USA and Canada: A great four weeks in Toronto, as they have had weekly additions! The church has fought its way back to now being the largest in its young history! Our goal is to see the Toronto Church reach 35 members strong by the end of 2018! This past Sunday, they completed their Fall Missions by smashing their goal of $26,000 by collecting $29,858 (115% of their goal)! Evan & Kelly Bartholomew have done an amazing job on campus this Fall, as they now have disciples on four different college campuses throughout Toronto: the University of Toronto, York University (and Seneca College), Humber College and Ryerson University!

Evan & Kelly Bartholomew are the Toronto Church
Leaders and the President and Dean of
Women for the Toronto-ICCM!
A special thanks to the City of Angels Church – particularly the AMS Region – who sent at a great sacrifice Amber Anderson to be a full-time intern in Toronto! We are set to forcefully advance in Toronto in 2019!
Ricky Challinor – Global Teen Ministry Leader: I am thrilled to share that the SoldOut Movement Teen Ministries have been growing "all over the world!" (Colossians 1:6) We have model Teen Ministries in several cities with completely diverse cultures: Moscow has 20 disciples, Mexico City – 22, New Delhi – 29, Los Angeles – 34, and Manila is presently our largest Teen Ministry at 35 disciples! Keep praying for these young disciples and future leaders of the Kingdom!

One of the newly baptized Delhi Teens is Arman,
who was studied with by Abhay (left) and
Nigel who are both teens as well!
Blaise Feumba – Overseeing Evangelist of Hispaniola: After a five hour trip by car, an extra hour and 45 minutes of riding motorcycles, and a two hour walk on the dangerous road to have access to the remote city of Sainte-Suzanne in Haiti, Bonard, Elysee and Anel were warmly greeted by Augustin & Leonise de Louis! Augustin is the 70 year old Mainline Church of Christ preacher that I was honored to baptize with his wife Leonise two years ago in Port-au-Prince!

Bernard, Elysee and Anel walked the arduous
road to reach Augustine & Leonise
in remote Sainte-Suzanne!
After spending three days studying with as many as they could in Sainte-Suzanne, Bonard and his team baptized 19 disciples to now form the Sainte-Suzanne ICC – our 10th Haitian Church! 

Anel (left) and Augustine studied with and
baptized Rhemilus Felix
- a former
Mainline Church of
Christ member!

Saint Anise' Michek is so grateful to be taught
the truth on how to become a true Christian!

After Sunday service, the new Sainte-Suzanne ICC
Church gathered in front of their building!
Blaise Feumba – Overseeing Evangelist of the 14 nations of French-speaking Africa: The Abidjan Church in Ivory Coast is now 162 sold-out disciples! Amadou & Angele Sountoura have done a tremendous job leading this great congregation!

Amadou Sountoura - the Lead Evangelist for
the thriving Abidjan Church!

As well, our other congregation in Ivory Coast is the Korezouzoua Church! With the restoration of our brother Goma on Sunday, they now have 125 disciples! So in total, Ivory Coast has 287 sold-out disciples! Please know that your Missions Contributions have changed the course of human events throughout French-speaking Africa!
Micky Ngungu – Lead Evangelist of Kinshasa: Greetings from the Democratic Republic of Congo – another nation of French-speaking Africa! In the last Good News Email, I shared that on Tuesday, October 16th, our dear 21 year old sister Roberta passed away and went to glory after being hit by a car!

Our dear sister Roberta is with
our Father in Heaven!

Praise God, just four days after her passing and five days after her studying with Ruth, a fellow college student, Ruth was baptized on Saturday!

The confirmation of Roberta's faith was the
baptism of Ruth just four days
after Roberta passed!
With Ruth's baptism and five more this past Saturday, the Kinshasa Church is now 305 disciples strong!

With Ruth's baptism and the five baptisms the
following Saturday - of Ruphin, Albertine,
Doudou, Dan and Ghislain - the
Kinshasa ICC is now
305 disciples!
Nick Bordieri – World Sector Leader of MERCYworldwide: "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." (James 1:27) Greetings from the Phnom Penh International Christian Church and the Chhem MERCY Orphanage in Cambodia!

Lord willing, the Phnom Penh, Cambodia Church
will convert future Mission Team Leaders
for Bangkok, Thailand; Ho Chi Minh,
Vietnam; and Vientiane, Laos!
In the two months since Denise & I moved to Phnom Penh in mid-September to lead the orphanage and the Phnom Penh Remnant Group, God has moved in so many incredible ways! Kip's invaluable trip in late September was highlighted by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MERCYworldwide and the Cambodian Social Welfare Mission (CSWM)! Kip also daily studied the Bible and taught the 12 members of the Phnom Penh Church both individually and at Sunday church!

Kip, the Chairman of the Board for MERCY, and
General Chhem, the General Secretary for
CSWM, signed the historic MOU!

Our dear sister Naomi Radnaabazar, a big sister
to the kids, enjoyed the MOU Celebration
Banquet with the younger orphans!
Denise & I have set our hearts and set our minds (Colossians 3:1-4) to solidify the partnership with General Chhem and the CSWM Board, to develop a rapport with the staff, to build relationships with all 58 kids at the orphanage, and to set the direction for the orphanage moving forward.

The first Orphanage Staff Meeting was led by the
Bordieris and attended by Naomi, Sevon and
Vanna - the overseeing caretakers of the
orphanage (at the end of the table), the
cook, the cleaner and Heng - the "big
brother" who serves as the Bordieris'
translator! (second from the left)
In conjunction with Tieng Saman, we have established three solid pillars by which we will build on the orphanage's foundation: Character, Education and Health.

Nick has built a great friendship with Tieng Saman -
the Executive Director who oversees the daily
administration of the orphanage!
In addition, we launched the "Clean And Green Initiative," whereby to beautify the grounds, improve the living conditions, and raise the standards of cleanliness and hygiene!

To kick off the Clean and Green Initiative, Denise
was accompanied by a few of the kids to buy
cleaning supplies - including bleach
and disinfectant!

Clean and Green included cleaning up debris
around this open space under a shady
tree filled with unused pavers!

The children joyfully moved, organized and laid all
of the pavers to create an open space, where
in time, MERCY will add tables and chairs
under the trees for the kids to escape
the hot tropical sun!

The Clean and Green flower bed in front
of the Administration Office

Denise gathered the children to teach them that
to make things "clean and green" you have
to get your hands dirty!

At the first meeting between General Chhem, Heng, the older boys, Denise & me, we discussed mutual expectations and standards for the orphanage. We called the older boys to serve as positive examples to the rest of the children in the orphanage. One project that prayerfully we will implement in the future is a scholarship program to meet the expressed needs of the children to help with their financial commitments to attend high school and university, as well as to receive much needed tutoring to pass the entrance exams.

Nick taught the new rules for the orphanage
while still having fun!

Udohm, a university student, aspires to be a math
teacher, so MERCY has hired Udohm
part-time to teach the children!
We are so grateful for the generous donation from our LA brother Dennis Wong and the Sharon Wong Foundation of $25,000! As a result, we are preparing to break ground on the much-needed boys bathroom facility that will accommodate all 30 boys! As well since October 1st, every month MERCY donates from our funds $3,000 and Movement Missions gives $5,000 (a total of $8,000) to feed the children and run the Orphanage! (Denise & I are paid by MERCY separately.)

The bathrooms in the offices were unusable due to
mold and mildew from leaks in the ceiling!
Denise utilized her interior design experience and
renovated the office bathroom on a
shoe-string budget!

The second floor bathrooms do not function
properly and have caused a bio-hazard
where the kids play!
The bathroom project will lead to a number of other projects that will improve the living conditions and social fabric of the orphanage. 15 of the younger boys will move from their two rooms currently located in the bottom floor of the girl's dorm to rooms next to the older boys. The rooms in the girl's dorm, located just outside of the dining area, will be converted to a library and lounge area. We are excited for the kids, as these three projects are our top priorities! Lord willing, in five years, the Chhem MERCY Orphanage will accommodate 200 orphans! And to God be the glory! 

Andrew Smellie – Lead Evangelist of Lagos: Greetings from Nigeria – the largest nation in Africa with a rapidly growing population of 196 million! On Sunday, the Lord blessed our efforts as a campus student, Kehinde Dada-Robinson, was baptized! Kehinde is a first year student at Yaba College of Technology ("Yaba Tech"), majoring in Electrical Engineering! He was invited to church by his older sister Gbemisola, who is also currently studying the Bible and can be baptized soon!
Kehinde (middle) rejoiced in being united with
the Lord alongside his "spiritual
twin!" - Tobi (left)!
Kehinde's baptism is particularly encouraging as the University of Lagos (Unilag) has been shut down since the end of September due to a teacher strike! Therefore, the Lord opened the door for us at Yaba Tech! This is our first baptism at this great polytechnic school!  

Pray for forceful advancement in the
Yaba Tech Campus Ministry!
Since the shutdown of the Unilag, the persecution toward our campus students has been fierce, as many of them have had to return home to be with their families at a minimum distance of two to three hours away from the church! Although we have had two fall-aways out of our 32 campus students since that time, the remainder are standing strong and are coming back to Lagos for monthly devos!

The McKeans have full confidence in Andrew &
Patrique - the Africa World Sector Leaders -
to raise up Evangelists and Women's
Ministry Leaders to evangelize the
African nations in this generation!
A dear brother, Seyi – a senior history major at the University of Lagos, shared for communion today about recently enduring a physical beating from his dad, who said, "You will not leave this house until I make you bleed for going to that church!" Seyi endured the malicious beating and was able to "escape" to the brothers household, where he continues to strengthen other brothers who are fighting to endure abuse from their family to be sold-out disciples!
Seyi (right) was a great example of boldness in the
face of persecution which allowed him to
effectively disciple another Unilag
student Daniel to do the same!
Patrique & I are very proud of the servant hearts of our Lagos Campus Leaders – Tolani & Kate – who have traveled hours to strengthen our Unilag students and meet with their families! The church rejoiced as Tolani & Kate were engaged on November 3rd!
Tolani asked Kate to be his wife when the Lagos
Church celebrated her 30th birthday!
She said, "Yes!"
Please pray for us as we continue our Light The Fire Prayer Campaign to the end of this month! We presently have 38 studies whom we are working hard to get into the waters of baptism so we can reach our goal of 154 disciples – double our January 1st membership – by the end of the year! Satan is trying to attack us on many fronts, but we are holding strong at 125 sold-out disciples! Next week we are having a BYND entitled, "Welcome Home" Prodigal Son Service to encourage those who have turned away from the Lord to return!
Please pray for many fall aways to return to the Lord
through the efforts for Prodigal Son Sunday!

I thank God for the grace that the Lord has displayed in this "Year of Grace!" Through His power, we have seen 68 baptisms, 1 restoration and 3 place memberships in Lagos from the beginning of the year! Please pray for us to do "even greater things" as we pray for strength to "build the wall" in Lagos over the next 50 days!

Semu (center) was the "pastor" for a 400 member
denominational church in Malawi! He
traveled to Lagos to be taught "the
way of God more adequately!"

(Acts 18:26)

Semu has returned to Malawi and several of his
former members are studying the Bible
to be baptized as disciples!

Thank you for all your love and generous support as we proclaim the Gospel throughout the African continent! We love you!
Jason Dimitry – Lead Evangelist of San Francisco: "Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." (John 12:24-25) Greetings from the Bay Area! During this Fall season, as the leaves have been falling on the ground, so have the disciples and so we have seen "many seeds" bearing fruit in the Kingdom of God! In the last three months, we have had 35 baptisms and 1 restoration! That gives us 104 additions for the year, 85 of those being baptisms! We are praying that we will hit 100 baptisms by the end of the year!

Jason & Sarah Dimitry are the dynamic
San Francisco Bay ICC Leaders!

Of special note, I am particularly inspired by Fernando & Jackie Chavez, who assumed the leadership of the San Jose Region at the end of the summer! Since that time, God has poured out His blessing in giving this small region of 25 disciples, an amazing 15 additions in three months!

Fernando & Jackie Chavez are leading the
fast-growing San Jose Region!
On top of that we are fired up to send out the Indianapolis Mission Team next summer, which will be led by our right-hand couple – Jeremiah & Julie Clark! The Gospel is expanding numerically and geographically in the Bay Area – as it did in the Book of Acts! (Acts 12:24) Praying for God to do "immeasurably more" in 2019!

The Indianapolis Mission Team Leaders have been
selected - Jeremiah & Julie Clark!
Raul Moreno – Lead Evangelist of São Paulo: "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor." (Luke 4:18) Brazil is a country of contrasts! It is a third world country with some first world elements! It is full of people who desperately need the Gospel of Jesus! There are so, so many poor! That said, because São Paulo is the most expensive city in Latin America, many find it very hard to survive here… thus, the fabelas! ("Fabelas" is Portuguese for the Spanish word "favelas.")
The very dangerous Rio Fabelas are built on the
hillsides throughout the city!
The fabelas are "urban city mega slums" and is a way for many to survive in this city and others throughout Brazil. Fabelas are drug cartel run mini-cities, where the drug lords are sovereign and dictate the laws. Even the police rarely go into these places! I am happy to say that one of the two baptisms this Sunday was Carlos Henrique who lives in a fabela! We now have a few disciples from the fabelas and they all have amazing hearts!

Pray for Carlos to begin a Bible Talk in his fabela!
Thank you so much for your Special Missions Contributions in the past and for the upcoming one this Sunday! We would not have a church here if it were not for your sacrifice! We have exactly 275 disciples in Brazil between two churches – São Paulo and Rio – and many leaders are being raised up because of your love and your faith! You will see all of your fellow Brazilian and Latin American brothers and sisters one day in Heaven! We love you!   
Carlos Mejia – Lead Evangelist of Mexico City: Saludos de la Ciudad de Mexico! We send you greetings and thanks – con mucho carino – to all the USA Disciples, who sacrifice so much to make sure your international missionaries in the second and third world are provided their needs! 

Carlos & Lucy Mejia - the Mexico City Church
Leaders - are so grateful for the ongoing
missions support since the church
was planted in 2012!
Recently, we celebrated our Third Annual Women's Day! I am so proud of the sisters of the Mexico City Church! Not only did they work hard, but they worked smart – and excellently! The Lord must have been pleased with their efforts, as He blessed our 98 sisters with 226 friends who came out that day for a total attendance of 324!

The Mexico City Women's Day had an astounding
attendance of 324 - 226 were visitors!
I was also very inspired by my wife Lucy's leadership at the Women's Day, where Coral was baptized (Singles Ministry), and Elizabeth Martinez (Marrieds Ministry) was restored!
Daniela Otero (right) - the Women's Ministry Leader
of the Monterrey (Mexico) ICC - was the guest
speaker for the record Women's Day crowd!
Also, the Lord has been moving on the campus, as we now have 30 students! Of special note, Cristian Baez (who is studying accounting) was nominated by KPMG (one of the big four auditors) as the "number one student" in all of Mexico! In fact, Cristian won first place in the category of "Knowledge of Financial Information Standards" out of a nationwide field including the top students in all the premier Universities in Mexico! 

Our brother Cristian was the number one student in
all of Mexico in the category of "Knowledge of
Financial Information Standards!"
Finally, we recently broke out into two services on Sundays, due to the growth that the Lord has given us and the leaders God has raised up! Please continue to pray for your family in "D.F.!" (Spanish for "Distrito Federal" – in English: Federal District)

The rapidly growing Mexico City Campus Ministry
reached 30 disciples with the
baptism of Joaquin!
Joey Underhill and Anna Hernandez valiantly lead
the Mexico City Campus Ministry!
Alfredo Anuch – Lead Evangelist of Santiago: Greetings from literally "the ends of the earth," as Santiago is the farthest south major city in the world! God has blessed our church with nine souls being added in this last month! One of them was Miguel! He was until 2017 the General Manager at Toyota Venezuela and for all of South America! He worked there for more than 25 years! Now, he has his own company in Santiago!
Roberto Sepulveda (right) and Miguel's wife Maria
congratulate him after his miraculous baptism!
Please place on your calendars our 2019 South American Missions Conference (SAMC) coming up very soon on February 1-3, 2019! We share the hosting of this great conference with the São Paulo Church every other year. This year, we are honored to serve as hosts! The 2019 SAMC theme is THE CONQUEST! God willing, during the SAMC, the Lima (Peru) Mission Team will be sent to plant another nation for our God! Here is the link for more information:

The 2019 SAMC in Santiago is the first
Geographic Missions Conference of
the new year!
For those who are able to come, we hope and pray that you will feel deeply loved the days that you spend in our beloved country! May the conquest always be for His glory!
Luke Speckman – Lead Evangelist of New York City: In September, we had our 10th Anniversary Worship Service! Andrew Smellie came from Lagos to preach the Word as he had served as the Lead Evangelist here in the past! One week later, we baptized our 200th member of the church!

LuJack Martinez led the singing for the New York
City 10th Anniversary Service!

Andrew Smellie - the former Lead Evangelist of the
New York City Church - was very warmly received
as he preached the sermon!
Also in September, we began our first ever Financial District Bible Talk near Wall Street! We have had one incredible baptism so far and several more are on their way! Another incredible conversion was just two weeks ago, as a young man, who at the age of 11 began "gender transitioning" to be a woman! He has had multiple cosmetic surgeries and implants to complete this process over the course of 15 years. He has been seeking God over the past two years, and finally two weeks ago, he realized he must make Jesus Lord of his life and now he is your brother in Christ! This brave young man will be beginning his surgical process to "re-transition back" to a man! God is truly the God of the impossible!

Luke & Brandyn Speckman remain undaunted by
the challenge to evangelize the 21 million
lost souls of New York City!
Oleg Sirotkin – Lead Evangelist of Moscow: All Geographic Missions Conferences inspire faith and new solutions for building the Kingdom! The 2018 European Missions Conference – EVEN GREATER THINGS inspired us to believe and to appoint new young, "hot in faith" interns – future Evangelists and Women’s Ministry Leaders! Now we have three new brothers and two sisters as interns! 
David Loladze - a new Moscow intern -
dreams to be on the Tbilisi (Georgia)
Mission Team as he speaks
Georgian and is a citizen
of Georgia!
This Sunday, we gathered in a new hall where we announced the plan for evangelizing Eurasia for the next five years by cities and countries! At this same inspiring service, the young interns led us in the welcome, prayer, song-leading, communion and contribution which inspired and delighted the church!

The beautiful new hall of the Moscow Church!

Also, we are so happy for the family of our brother Rezo Davitadze! His 92 year old grandmother Tamara was baptized today with deep faith and the confession, "Jesus is Lord!" We cried hearing about the story of her life! For God nothing is impossible, because hearts can obey Him at any age! At 15 years old during World War II, Tamara began to work on the frontlines, day and night, suffering from hunger to help overcome fascism! Once her friends and her were put in a line by the Nazis and were told that they will shoot each tenth woman. Tamara prayed then to God to save her life… And now God has saved her life! At the age of 18, she was married and lived with her husband 57 years, and they both lived to see their grandson Rezo born, who became a disciple of Christ! About a year ago, Rezo married Sasha Korotova, our amazing World Sector Administrator! Sasha studied the Bible with Tamara, and on Friday, Rezo & Sasha baptized her in the name of Christ for eternal life! 

Rezo and his lovely wife Sasha humbly taught his
92 year old grandmother Tamara how
to become a disciple!
Another baptism was the son of Rezo – Temuri Davitadze, who turned 22 years old on that same day! Temuri, because of his Georgian background, and Tempura – our young intern – are dreaming to go to Georgia to plant the Tbilisi Church in five years! Let all the glory be to our Almighty God who is full of love!

Congratulations to Temuri - Rezo's son - who
was baptized on his 22nd birthday!
Raja Rajan – Lead Evangelist of New Delhi: Greetings from the capital city of India's 1.3 billion people! God has been gracious to the New Delhi Mission Team known as the "Spartans!" The mission team landed on April 28, 2018 and in six months, we have seen 93 miracles – 70 baptisms, 22 restorations and 1 place membership! Our Teen Ministry gallantly led by John & Salma, which started with only our daughter Isheeta, now has grown to 29 teens! Pray for John & Salma as they just assumed the leadership of the Bangalore Church! 

John & Salma are excited to be the new
Bangalore Church Leaders!
We had the opportunity to attend the European Mission Conference this year! Debs & I want to thank the London Church for sponsoring and taking care of us for our entire trip! We were able to forge an "Even Greater Friendship" with Michael & Michele Williamson and the wonderful London Church Family!

Raja & Debs were so grateful to Michael &
Michele to continue to build an "Even
Greater Friendship!"
Last week, we had the All India Staff Retreat in the mesmerizing city of Jaipur titled, STRONG AND COURAGEOUS! All the titles were from the Book of Joshua. It was a time to rend our hearts and tighten the bond among the leaders! "Battle Plans" were laid out for 2019, and everyone was "unified to solidify and multiply" their churches!
The Indian Leaders surround a deep cooking pot
called a "Kadhai," inside the Amer Palace!
Affirmed, but God willing, the mission teams to Kathmandu (Nepal) and Kolkata (India) will be sent out during the South Asia Mission Conference in November 2019!

Roger & Yassa Green - the future Kathmandu (Nepal)
Leaders - at the foothills of Amer Palace!

Finally, Debs & I along with the Indian Disciples want to thank Kip & Elena for their tireless work, to go anywhere, do anything it takes, "to win as many as possible!" (1 Corinthians 9:19) Without your coming to all the Geographic Missions Conferences, thousands of disciples would never have met you first-hand! This overcomes so much of the evil slander and persecution on the internet! Thank you for setting an example in imitating the heart of our Savior! Merry Christmas to one and all!

Presently, the SoldOut Movement is in three of
the 10 major cities of India with plans to
plant Kolkata in November 2019!
John Malnegro – Lead Evangelist of Cebu: Greetings from "The Queen City of the South" in the Philippines! God has continually been moving powerfully in the Metro Cebu ICC, since the day it was planted on September 10, 2017! From a Mission Team of only eight disciples from Manila, the Lord blessed the church to grow to 54 sold-out disciples in seven Bible Talks, who are ready to conquer the whole island of Cebu and the entire Visayas Region for Jesus! This year alone, God has graciously given us a total of 42 additions – 41 baptisms and 1 restoration! 
The Cebu Church had a three-day retreat where they
reviewed the First Principles Series at Mountain
View that they now call Mt. Sinai!
Excitingly, our less than a year old Cebu convert Vynne Mharie Guardiana has now moved to Manila to be trained by the McDonnells, and to co-lead with her awesome new boyfriend, RJ Castro! Please pray for us by the end of 2018 to reach 64 disciples, which would double our beginning year membership of 32! 
The gifted Vynne has moved from Cebu to Manila
to lead side-by-side with her equally gifted
new boyfriend - RJ Castro!
Richie McDonnell – Lead Evangelist of Manila: In 2018, God has blessed us to: Appoint three new shepherds in the church and three new House Church Leaders; to send out 11 new Bible Talks; to launch The Filipino Fire Newsletter (sign-up here; and to get all 32 Bible Talks of the Metro Manila Church fruitful within the first seven months of the year! Especially powerful was the first ever convert at the prestigious Ateneo University, which has never been done in God's new Movement or our former fellowship! Also, it has been so encouraging to see one wedding, three engagements, six new dating couples in the church, and 41 ICCM Students! 

The fact that Richie has attained the ICCM
Master's Degree was one of the reasons
that Kip selected him to lead such a key
city as Manila because Richie can
establish an ICCM Extension
School anywhere the
Spirit sends him!
We continue to be blown away by how God has moved in the Manila Church! So far in 2018, He has taken the 187 disciples in January and given us 135 additions – 98 baptisms, 20 restorations and 17 place memberships! This brings the church membership to 263 disciples (40% growth), with seven weeks still left to go in 2018! So counting as well the 56 disciples in Cebu, the Philippines has 319 disciples!

The beloved Filipino Church Leaders - the Malnegros
of Cebu and the McDonnells of Manila!
We look forward with great anticipation to the year of 2019, where prayerfully we will be planting the sixth Manila Church Region in the Cavite Province! Also, we will be hosting the 2019 Pacific Rim Missions Conference from June 13-16th, where Lord-willing, the Spirit will send out the Davao (Philippines) Mission Team led by Zach & Ariel Shields and the Phnom Penh (Cambodia) Mission Team led by Blady & Cielo Perez! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of those who sacrificed for and give to the Special Missions Contributions which supports the Lord's work here in the Philippines! We are eternally grateful! We love you with the love of the Lord! 
Pray for Zach & Ariel to learn Visayan so that
when they plant the Davao Church in June
2019, they can preach in Davao's
predominant language!
Miguel Mendez – Lead Evangelist of Dubai: "Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever." (Daniel 12:3)

The Dubai Church is very grateful that Miguel
& Sadhvi have maintained a high standard of
righteousness in their dating relationship!
تحية من الشرق الأوسط (Tahiat Min Alshrq Al'awsat) Greeting from the Middle East, where all that we want to do is "shine" for the Lord! It has been amazing being in Dubai and seeing so many come to Christ! Pray for us as we have a goal for the Dubai Church to have at least one member of all 200 nationalities in Dubai, as we desire to help send disciples to be on mission teams to their home nations! 

The Dubai ICC Singles had a blast at their First
Annual Singles Ultimate Challenge Event,
which consisted of a pie eating contest,
relay race and so much more!
The Dubai Marrieds were all smiles at
BBQ and Game Night!
Let me "boast in the Lord" about some recent conversions! Christal Jenkins from South Carolina is a student at Claflin University; she thought she came to Dubai to experience a semester abroad attending Amity University in Dubai! God had other plans, as she prayed to find a church while she would be attending school here. Within one week of her arrival while she was out with a group of her classmates, Manny Gonzales invited all of them to church! Both Christal and Rashid came to church and started studying the Bible! Christal was baptized, so please pray for Rashid to be baptized soon too! Interestingly, Rashid will graduate with a major in psychology and minor in education this year and plans to study for her Master's Degree at The Ohio State University where she has a full scholarship! Thank God we have a church there and thank God for OPERATION EAGLE! 

Pray for Christal to be fruitful with her friend Rashid,
who has a full scholarship to The
Ohio State University!
Meet Sharon Kharungi! It is always amazing to see how God takes care of the less fortunate and orphans! Sharon has had a very challenging upbringing being sent from home to home in Dubai with her family. Now she is left in Dubai all alone, all the way from Uganda! Although she has had many trials, while trying to figure out how to take care of herself, she developed a powerful faith in God! What a miracle to see her find the Kingdom, her eternal family!

Christal (right) and Sharon were all smiles when
their names became written in Heaven!

Megan Mathews - the Dubai Women's Church
Leader - gave Sharon and Christal new
Bibles for their baptisms!
In the five months that Megan Mathews and I have been privileged to lead the Dubai Church, we have grown by 18 Disciples – 13 baptisms, 4 place memberships, 1 restoration, 0 move outs and 0 fall aways – to 43 disciples! Glory be to God شكرا لكم (Shukraan Thank You) to all of the USA Churches for your sacrifices for the Missions Contributions, as we are generously given $100,000 per year to sustain our efforts!
The European Missions Conference
On Tuesday, October 23rd, Elena & I were so excited to be back in London for the 2018 European Missions Conference (EMC)!

The upward call theme of the 2018 EMC

We were enthusiastically greeted at London's Heathrow Airport by fired up disciples singing, We Love You With The Love Of The Lord!

The London disciples gave a SoldOut Movement
Welcome to the Kirchners of LA...

To the Morenos of São Paulo...

To Lisa Picciano of New York City...

As well as to the Sullivans of Miami and the McKeans!
That evening we were blessed to have a delightful dinner with Michael & Michele Williamson and their adorable children Michael Adrian and Mia!


Mia Williamson made a beautiful card with
a very flattering picture of Kip & Elena!

The McKeans so enjoyed their evening with their
spiritual grandchildren - Michael Adrian
and Mia Williamson!
This year at the conference – especially for those visiting from outside of England – were two special outings: On Tuesday, James Morgan led a group to see the awe-inspiring Stonehenge! On Wednesday, Michael Hart gave a tour of the world-renowned British Museum!
James Morgan of London (second from the right)
graciously gave a tour of Stonehenge to
Michelle of Phoenix, Debs of Delhi,
Tamara of Stockholm, and
Michael of Birmingham!

Michael Hart - a London Shepherd - gave a very
informative tour of the British Museum!

Wednesday evening at 5:00PM was the Speakers Dinner where we packed into the small Pakistani restaurant called Zayna! The food was delicious and enjoyed by all!

The Speakers Dinner!

The McKeans so enjoyed their double date
with Sean & MJ Hurditt!

The Speakers Dinner brought leaders together
from around the world!

Then, Oleg Sirotkin of Moscow delivered the first message of the EMC entitled, GREATER INSPIRATION! Oleg truly inspired us all!

Michael Williamson introduced Oleg Sirotkin
of Moscow as the evening speaker!

On Thursday morning, October 25th Registration began quite early at 8:00AM and was highly efficient in registering the 150 for the sensational Church Builders Workshop!

Sandra Lackenn-Toto of Paris (left) was registered
by Thu Keyede and Shreena Turner of London!
Newly converted, Tomáš & Danka Takáč
registered dreaming about leading a
Mission Team to their homeland
of Slovakia!

Also set up early in the morning for the sound
system was Menno Zoutendijk, a key member
of the Amsterdam Mission Team which
will be sent out at the 2019 EMC!
The Opening Welcome and Prayer were joyfully given by Kolbe & Rebecca Gray of London!

The Welcome to the Church Builders Workshop was
delightfully given by Kolbe & Rebecca Gray!

Kolbe & Rebecca are the right-hand couple for the
Williamsons in leading the great London Church!

Best of friends - Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin of Moscow
and Anthony & Cassidy Olmos of Paris -
are reunited at the EMC!

Raul Moreno of São Paulo delivered the message, BUILDING A GREATER CHURCH! He retitled the message, CAMPUS MINISTRY PART ONE! Raul emphasized in this message that Campus Ministry is the primary fountain of leadership – both full-time and non-full-time – for God’s Movement!

Raul passionately preached CAMPUS
Following a brief break were the Men's and Women's Breakout Sessions! Both sessions began with the lesson BUILDING A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE, which was delivered by Anthony Olmos and Elena respectively!

Elena shared that excellence can only be achieved
through perseverance in both victory and failure!

I will never forget Anthony’s opening words, "God is not excellent, He is perfect! Cultural excellence in the church will only happen when imperfect, sinful men strive together for God's perfection!" In closing, Anthony challenged his beloved brothers in the London Church to become "200 for the Lord" by next year's EMC!

Anthony humbly shared what God had taught him
in rebuilding the spiritual foundations of
both the Paris and Kiev Churches!
Then, in each session came the short charges on THE SEVEN ESSENTIALS OF A GREAT LEADER! These seven charges for the brothers were: Greater Prayers by Raja Rajan of New Delhi, Greater Boldness by Frank Simelane of Birmingham, Greater Influence by Luke Speckman of New York City, Greater Humility by Dominik Herlitzek of London, Greater Inspiration by Kaspar Tambaur of Stockholm, Greater Faith by Kevin Lackenn-Toto of Paris, and Greater Fruit by Everardo Esparza of Albuquerque! This was Everardo’s first speaking engagement at a Geographic Missions Conference! He inspired all the brothers when he shared that in the last four months in Albuquerque 14 disciples had seven baptisms!

Pray for God to raise up Dominik Herlitzek to lead
the Berlin (Germany) Mission Team!

While Anthony was in Kiev, Kevin Lackenn-Toto
effectively led the Paris Church!

As new church leaders, Frank Simelane of
Birmingham and Everardo Esparza of
Albuquerque found that they
had a lot in common!
For the sisters, THE SEVEN ESSENTIALS OF A GREAT LEADER were delivered by: Debs Rajan, Elena Sirotkina, Rebecca Gray, Lynda Moreno, Ashley Tambaur, Cassidy Olmos and Jennifer Esparza!

Debs and Elena have been best of friends since the
Rajans joined the New Movement in 2008!
In both the Men's and Women's Sessions, all of the participants met in very helpful and convicting D-Groups!

D-Groups are so essential to "driving
home" the points of a lesson!

D-Groups allow disciples to ask questions
to further their understanding of
Scripture and life!
After the completion of the CBW the Tent
of Meeting opened for prayer!
During the lunch break Jurij Zykov of London
asked Shamika Mejia of LA to
be his girlfriend!
On Thursday evening was the official beginning of the EMC! Michael & Michele – the European World Sector Leaders – gave a stirring Welcome!

Michael Williamson did a terrific job organizing
the best EMC... yet!

Following the prayer, Elena & I were very privileged to share GOOD NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD!

While sharing good news about Central America,
Elena shared her enthusiasm for Raul's new
book - The Battle That Even Kings Lost!
After the fellowship break, we enjoyed Special Musical Performances by Luke Snow and Chris Worth as they were backed up on instruments by other very talented London Brothers!

Luke Snow and the London Band were incredible
during the Special Musical Performance
singing and playing Let It Be!
Then came the highlight of the night, Raja Rajan's message, THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT! Raja began his lesson by reading Mark 12:28-31 where Jesus answered the question, "What is the greatest commandment?" Then very insightfully, Raja declared, "Jesus never taught the greatest commandment, but He lived it!"

Raja Rajan preached and lives out daily
In his lesson, Raja humbly shared that he gets up at 3:45AM to pray and writes down his prayers in his prayer book. This was an upward call to us all! In urging us to have more studies in the European Churches, Raja closed with what he taught the "38 Spartans" that planted the New Delhi Church concerning the number of studies they should be in every week: "One is no fun; two is too slow; three, you are starting to work like a bee; four, you can do more; five, we're coming alive; six, you're running out of tricks (in other words, you cannot do six studies without God); and seven, get them all to Heaven!"


Raja preached, "London is open! People want God!"
On Friday, October 26th, Kolbe delivered his very first Missions Conference Main Lesson entitled, GREATER IMITATION!


Kaspar Tambaur - the Stockholm Church Leader -
is blessed to be able to sing as awesome
as he preaches!

The Stockholm EMC Delegation was inspired to
for Scandinavia!

Kolbe's introduction was quite interesting as he gave the history of the "long bow." This was a very difficult bow to shoot and yet the English were able to win key battles during the 100 Years War in the 1400's, because the young English boys learned how to shoot this bow by imitating their fathers for usually ten years of training! They trained so hard and so long that their bodies became slightly deformed and they were known as "hunchbacks!" Kolbe went on to confess that he had been "terrible at imitation," and yet was striving hard to now imitate Michael Williamson – his discipler – in righteousness, faith, discipline, work ethic and love! His final point summed up his entire sermon, IMITATION MAKES YOU GREATER!

Kolbe preached a very convicting message,

Kip sees Kolbe as one of the most eloquent and
effective young Evangelists in the Movement!
Then we had our Men's and Women's Breakout Sessions! Each session began with the speech GREATER DEDICATION which was delivered by Michael Williamson for the men and Lynda Moreno for the sisters! By the end of Michael's speech, he had persuaded us "not to quit when we are tired, but quit when you are done!" Then in unison, Michael led us to shout quite passionately, "I can! I will! I must!"

Michael preached, "Do not quit when you are
tired, but quit when you are done!"

Rebecca gave a glowing introduction to Lynda,
because of the incredible impact of
Lynda's life and ministry! 
Following this were eight charges on being MEN AND WOMEN OF FAITH: Greater Purity, Greater Giving, Greater Worship, Greater Evangelism, Greater Ambition, Greater Marriage, Greater Parenting and Greater Conversions! These ended promptly at noon and it was off to lunch!

Michael Kirchner taught on Greater Giving!

Princeton George lifted up the Lord during
his charge on Greater Worship!

Ola Kukoyi shared about his joy in being a
father of twins in his lesson -
Greater Parenting!

Michael & Sharon Kirchner worked together
on their charge - Greater Giving!

Christine Alamu of London called all the sisters
higher in her sermon on Greater Evangelism!

MJ Hurditt spoke on the needed topic
of Greater Ambition!

For the Grays' time with the McKeans, they
"treated" Kip & Elena to the English
tradition of High Tea!
Before we came back together that evening at 6:00PM, Raul and Elena had book signings for about an hour!

From 6:00PM to 7:00PM, disciples were lined up for
Raul and Elena to sign their respective books!
Raul signed his book for Rachelle
Perejel of London!
Nadia Churina - a Moscow Teen - was thrilled
  to start reading Elena's book: ELEVATE -
Jesus' Global Revolution For Women!
Then came the evening session where we heard Raul do the speech entitled, THE GREATER COMMISSION, yet he re-entitled it, CAMPUS MINISTRY PART TWO! The big take-away for many of the young ministers was what Raul called "TOC" – Time On Campus! Raul shared from his own life as he admonished the young campus ministers that if they do not have children they should be spending 10-12 hours on campus! If they do have children, then they should be spending 4-6 hours!

So helpful to many young ministry people
was Raul's preaching on "TOC" -
Time On Campus!
To close out the night, we listened intently to seven charges on Campus Ministry appropriately entitled from Acts 19, THE LECTURE HALL OF TYRANNUS! These sermonettes covered: Sharing Your Faith, Bringing Visitors, Leading Bible Studies, Winning Opinion Leaders, Persecution, Answering Atheism and Inspirational Bible Talks!

The experienced Campus Ministry Leaders gave the
charges during THE LECTURE HALL

Luke Snow shared how he came to faith in
his lesson entitled, Answering Atheism!
Saturday was MERCY Day at the EMC! The new London MERCY Director – Jamie Gordine – introduced two videos for his presentation. The first covered many of the MERCY Projects that the London MERCY Ambassadors had participated in during the past year! The second video was made by Joe Willis and Fang Mao of Sydney on the Chhem MERCY Orphanage! Jamie's wife Hillary could not be there for the presentation as she had just given birth to Isobella Lynn, their first child!

Jamie Gordine is a very talented song leader
and now has become the Director
of MERCY for London!

The fired up MERCY Ambassadors!

Two inspiring London Sisters - Kyara Hart
and Eileen Mengis!
After a short interlude, I was honored to deliver the 90-minute presentation, AN EVEN GREATER MOVEMENT! Using the books of 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai, I paralleled the destruction of Solomon's Temple to the fall of the ICOC, and the building of the Second Temple to the building of the New Movement, God's SoldOut Movement!


Though God used the exact same Biblical
convictions to begin the ICOC and ICC,
Kip explained their present differences
using the Books of 2 Chronicles,
Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai!
Eldrin & Mariella Rojas - the Curaçao Church
Leaders - are fluent in Dutch!
At 3:00PM was the much anticipated England vs. "The World" Football Match! The Spirit must have been strong with England as they overcame "The World" 6-1 to win this year's coveted Kingdom Cup!

Prayer marked the beginning of the England
vs "The World" Football Match!

Nicholas Kley of LA attempted to score!

Kevin Lackenn-Toto played great defense!

As a clever football player, Oleg
always uses his head!

Since all were disciples, both victims and
vanquished came away from the football
match even more united!
The London Church is known for its fun times and creativity! And so it was on Saturday night when we usually have a pure dance, this year a Salsa Class was conducted by Kolbe & Rebecca!

Salsa Night!

Elena & I "took a bye" on learning salsa dancing as at 64 years old, there is little hope for me! So we scheduled a dinner with Joe & Kerry Willis' daughter, Ally! What a delightful time we had!

Kip & Elena so adore their spiritual
granddaughter Ally Willis!
Sunday morning, we joined in an International Prayer to begin the service! We prayed in Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Swedish and yes, even English! Then came the spectacular Flag Ceremony of all the European Nations!

The glorious Flag Ceremony of the
European Nations!

Sophia Sirotkina was honored to
carry the Italian flag...

Since her boyfriend Luca di Beo carries an Italian
passport and so has in his heart to plant
the true church in Rome, Italy!
At this point in the program came the Football Kingdom Cup Presentation!

Since Enrique was one of the stars for the London
Championship Team, Commissioner Michael
Hart presented him the coveted
Kingdom Cup!

The London Church was planning on having three Kingdom Appointments: Tomiwa & Vienne Safe-Adewumi and Frank Simelane! However, on Saturday night, Vienne went into labor and gave birth to the Adewumis' second daughter, Davina! Davina is the feminine version of David – Tomiwa's late father’s name.

Congratulations to Tomiwa & Vienne Safe-
Adewumi on the birth of their daughter
Davina and their selection to be
Evangelist and Women's
Ministry Leader!
That did not stop the appointment of Frank Simelane by Michael from being a very joyful and tearful celebration! In appointing Frank, Michael said, "As Raja has the Spartans, I have the 'Lion's Den' – Kolbe Gray, Anthony Olmos and now Frank Simelane!" Written in Frank’s Bible was a quote by Anthony, "Never give up! Never give in! Stay all-in!" In responding to Michael's gracious words inscribed in his new Bible, Frank thanked the London and Birmingham Churches and then in tears said to Michael, "I grew up without a father. You are the father I never had!"

Michael appointed Frank as an Evangelist and
invited him in to the Lion's Den!
For Communion, Michele Williamson shared about the challenges of her upbringing such as being born out of wedlock, as well as the terrible decisions she made as a young adult. She read Hebrews 4:14-16, "For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are – yet was without sin… so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." Michele then shared after confessing her sins both before and after being a disciple, "God gets me! He understands that I am human and weak… This is why I became a Christian and love more than ever being a Christian!"

In celebrating the future London planting
with the customary cake in 2010, the
Williamsons rejoiced that the Spirit
used Michele's British citizenship
to guide them to London!
For Contribution, Michael Kirchner and Michael Williamson especially challenged the English Disciples to stretch their faith and significantly up their giving!

The stellar Contribution Presentation!
The Sunday sermon was the keynote speech, EVEN GREATER THINGS! Luke Speckman's main text was John 14:12 where Jesus said that His followers would "do even greater things" than Him! He had three simple points: Greater Sacrifice, Greater Humility and Greater Miracles! As usual, Luke was masterful in making the Scriptures come alive through the miracles that God has done in his life and in the New York City Church!

Luke "boasted in the Lord" that the New York
City Church gives on average $73
per disciple each week!
To close the Sunday morning session, there were three incredible baptisms: Francesca – an "English Rose" (a red-headed woman) from the little village of 307 in Brampford Speke; Berry – London's first Welch convert; and Tim – a Swiss National who at his baptism stated, "My beloved country does not have a SoldOut Movement Church. Therefore, I would like to find a way to be full-time from my baptism forward so that I can train to lead the planting of Switzerland!"

The three EMC baptisms: Francesca,
Berry and Tim!
Since Nayomie Jarvis of Paris could not come to the EMC because of visa issues, her boyfriend Samuel Ajayi of London secretly traveled Sunday morning to Paris to ask Nayomie to marry him! So after the baptisms, we watched live from Paris not only Samuel surprising her as she was praying at Montmartre with the remaining Paris disciples, but then when he got on his knees and proposed... And she said, "YES!"
Broadcast through an iPhone is Nayomie's
shock at seeing her boyfriend Samuel
immediately after she prayed!

Michael shared before the broadcast
with everyone at the EMC what
was going to happen!

Nayomie said, "Oui!"

We closed by bridging the aisles arm-in-arm while singing the Glory Song – The International Version led by Walt Whitaker of Stockholm!

The closing song for the EMC was appropriately,
The Glory Song - The International Version!

Elena & I were able to have a very enjoyable lunch with the Tambaurs and the Olmoses!

Before the McKeans left for the Austral-China
Missions Conference, they were very
encouraged by their lunch with the
Tambaurs and the Olmoses!

Then unfortunately, we had to miss the Kingdom Banquet that evening as we were scheduled to fly to Sydney for the First Austral-China Missions Conference!

Porchester Hall was the site of
the Kingdom Banquet!

The fellowship was buzzing about having
participated in the best EMC... yet!

The Austral-China Missions Conference
Elena & I flew 11 hours from London to Seoul; then we had a four-hour layover; and finally we jumped on a flight for 10 hours to Sydney! We took off Sunday night and landed Tuesday morning!

Dune Sun welcomed all to the 2018 Austral-China
Missions Conference!

The Sydney Disciples gave a SoldOut Movement
Welcome to Pheakday & Socheat
Kim of Phnom Penh!
Dating couples from LA were also welcomed:
Abel & Esther of the Metro Heights Region
and Francisco & Samantha of
the IE Region!

The Sullivans of Miami and the McKeans
were also graciously welcomed!

After a little rest, we had dinner with Joe, Kerry and their awesome son, Luke!

The McKeans celebrated Luke's 21st birthday a few
days early at the Jamie Oliver Restaurant!
In many ways, the formal beginning of Austral-China Missions Conference (ACMC) – TRANSFORMED – was Wednesday night at the Speakers Dinner! This always stirring occasion for Missions Conferences was held at the Hero of Waterloo Pub – the oldest in Australia as it was founded in 1843!

The Speakers Dinner was held at the
famous Hero of Waterloo Pub!

The Hero of Waterloo Pub picture in 1901 shows
that little has changed in over 100 years!

Joe gave the Welcome and the history of this
the oldest pub in Australia!

The fellowship was electric!

The food was incredible!

After dinner and celebrating Helen Sullivan's birthday, Joe had several individuals share Good News from their home churches!

Helen's birthday celebration was
a total surprise to her!

During the time of sharing by many disciples,
India White shared about Hong Kong!

Then we were given an impromptu tour of this pub where 150 years ago, convicts (sent to Australia by Great Britain) were made unconscious through hard liquor and drugs, and then ships' captains would grab them and carry them down a tunnel to their ship at the docks to "Shanghai" them! In other words, "crimping" (kidnapping) them to serve as sailors on their ships! Interestingly, Kerry's sixth great grandfather may have been one of the convicts (he was arrested for stealing bread) that built the pub as he was a stone mason!
After dinner, the disciples at the Speakers Dinner
were given an impromptu but detailed
tour of the infamous pub!
That night, we met at the Castlereagh Boutique Hotel for the CHURCH BUILDERS WORKSHOP!


While standing in front of the location for the
Church Builders Workshop, Joe pointed to
the beautiful yellow building across the
street where the Sydney Inaugural
was held in 2014!

Over 100 gathered for this amazing time! The singing was angelic, and then the Auckland Mission Team – led by Scotty Iakopo & Jenna Loheed – did a fabulous Hakka Dance Presentation! Scotty is from Samoa, and Lord willing, when he leads the Auckland Church, his charge will include not only New Zealand but all of the Islands of Oceania – such as Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti and Bora Bora! It was so inspirational to have his mother travel all the way from Samoa to attend the entire ACMC!

The Hakka is traditionally done with poses of
"tongues out" and "sternness" to say to the
enemy, "My mouth waters and I lick my
lips for soon I will taste your flesh."
The islanders were at one
time cannibals!

Thankfully, this was a "Christian Hakka!"
Following the Hakka, Joe & Kerry – the Austral-China World Sector Leaders – gave a hearty, Australian Welcome followed by a passionate prayer by Chi Leong – the leader of the Hong Kong Church!

The Welcome by Joe & Kerry Willis - the
Austral-China World Sector Leaders!

Chi Leong of Hong Kong led the prayer
for this historic event!

After a few more songs, I preached on TRANSFORMING THE WORLD using 2 Peter 1:3-10 as my main text! My two points were 1) Transform Ourselves and 2) Transform Our Churches!

Kip challenged all the ACMC participants to make
decisions to be TRANSFORMED by the
end of the conference!
The evening ended with a series of short admonitions on Transforming Faith by Richie McDonnell of Manila, Transforming Goodness and Knowledge by Elizabeth McDonnell, Transforming Self Control by Michael Williamson, Transforming Perseverance by Chi Leong of Hong Kong, Transforming Godliness by Elena, and Transforming Mutual Affection by Matt & Helen Sullivan of Miami!

The speakers for the short admonitions
on Transforming Faith!

Richie preached on how his faith has been
TRANSFORMED by his trials in Manila!

Elena's charge was entitled,
Transforming Godliness!
On Friday morning, Elena & I spent time with Richie & Elizabeth discussing how to multiply disciples in the Philippines! Then that afternoon Joe & Kerry picked us up to drive to The Tops Retreat Centre about two hours south of Sydney! We quickly unloaded our bags and were able to spend great time with Chi & his lovely new girlfriend Jessi Brower! As well, the four of us had a tasty lasagna dinner in the cafeteria!


The Tops Retreat Centre was so peaceful in its
location on the "top" of a mountain
in the "Australian bush!"

Merari entered the Prayer War Room...

Where she found three earnest sisters praying!

At the Tops Retreat Centre, the
entire ACMC ate together!
The views from the cafeteria were spectacular!
At 7:00PM, the First General Session commenced with awesome singing and a stirring Flag Ceremony of the 25 nations from where the 65 Sydney disciples are citizens!
In the Flag Ceremony, Australia was the first of the
25 countries represented in the very
diverse Sydney Church!


Hong Kong!




Again, the Willises gave the Welcome which was followed by a powerful prayer by Michael Williamson!

The Willises were so encouraged that their dreams
and prayers for the ACMC were
becoming a reality!

After a video on Transforming Austral-China, Elena & I shared and preached GOOD NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD!

For Kip & Elena sharing GOOD NEWS FROM
AROUND THE WORLD never gets old,
as there is always new news!
Then, always a highlight were the Kingdom Appointments! Kerry appointed Teigan – the first baptism of the Sydney Church – to become the first Australian woman convert of the New Movement to become a Women's Ministry Leader!

Kerry appointed Teigan Valenzuela to become
the first appointed Australian Women's
Ministry Leader in the New Movement!
Many were moved to tears!

The SoldOut Movement's first two Australian
Women's Ministry Leaders!
Then in an equally touching ceremony, Joe appointed Sikotilani (Scotty) Iakopo to be an Evangelist in the Kingdom of God!

Joe appointed Scotty - a Samoan - an
Evangelist in the Kingdom of God!

Moved by the moment, Scotty's mom spontaneously
arose from her seat and went on stage
to congratulate her son!

Then his mom asked if she could speak... She
expressed her profound thanks to not only
her son, but especially to Joe who came
with Scotty to Samoa when Scotty's
father passed a couple
of months ago!
That night seemed to go by so quickly as Matt & Helen spoke on TRANSFORM YOUR MINDS! At the beginning of their speech Matt carried a large duffel bag on stage, but said nothing about it. Then, as he closed out with John 12:24 where Jesus teaches that a seed must die to produce many seeds, Matt grabbed out of the duffel bag an apple! Matt asked, "What do apple seeds produce?" We all said, "Apples!" Matt said, "No! Apple seeds produce apple trees, which in turn produce thousands of apples in their lifetime! This is God's plan to evangelize the nations! We must die to ourselves and/or die physically as martyrs so that we can be multiplied as disciples into all nations in this generation!"

An apple seed produces more than an apple, it
produces an apple tree that over years
can produce thousands of apples!
Then Matt continued by saying, "Consider this: You have 15 disciples in Hong Kong. What if they all would die?" Then he took out 15 apples and threw them into the crowd! Matt went on to say, "You have 14 disciples on the Auckland Mission Team! What if they were to die?" And he threw out 14 apples! Then Matt said, "What if the 65 disciples in Sydney were to die and buy into the plan to evangelize all of Austral-China and Oceania?" Then, he took the bag and dumped out 65 apples that rolled into the audience! What a night!

Matt poured out 65 apples to represent the 65
disciples of the Sydney Church!
On Saturday morning, we divided into Men's and Women's Workshops! For both sessions, the opening sermon was THE JOY OF TRANSFORMATION! Richie preached for the men and Michele – who was raised in Perth, Australia – for the sisters!

Michele - though not Australian - was raised for most
of her childhood in Perth, Australia!

I was able to hear half of Richie's lesson which was incredible! His quote "Transformed people transform people" remains with me to this day! As well, he closed out with the words, "You must become a transformer!"

Richie called the men to be Transformers!
After these main messages, we heard short admonitions on THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF GODLY SORROW! Included in these sermonettes were: No Regrets, Earnestness And Eagerness, Indignation And Alarm, Longing And Concern, Readiness and Prove Yourself!

Dean Lam of Hong Kong preached on "No Regrets!"

Emmanuel Ekwensi of Sydney preached on
the difficult subject of "Readiness!"

Elizabeth addressed the issues
of "Indignation And Alarm!"

Fang Mao - converted at Harvard - spoke to the
women on "Readiness" from Isaiah 6, where
Isaiah says, "Here am I! Send me!"

Jenna Loheed was very humble as she
spoke on "Prove Yourself!"
To close out the Workshops, another main speech was delivered, THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF THE RESURRECTION! Chi preached a lesson filled with tears as he shared about all the hardships he had to endure to plant Hong Kong!

Chi shared in his lesson about being
tempted to quit the ministry because
things were so hard!
Yet at that time, Themis gave Chi a jar with a
Hong Kong stadium filled with disciples
for the 2020 GLC!
I also was blessed to hear the last 15 minutes of Kerry’s lesson! It was the most amazing lesson I have ever heard her preach! It was so passionate as she talked about the birth of the New Movement and the new life that it gave to her, her family and her country!

Berek joyously led singing for the sisters!

Kerry preached the inspirational lesson,
The afternoon was free time for more fellowship while playing games or going to the beach! Elena & I were able to spend time with Scotty & Jenna and later with the new dating couple, Aaron Ha & Fang Mao!

After spending time with Scotty & Jenna, the
McKeans became very confident that
they will be great leaders for
the Auckland ICC!

Joe shared with the leaders of the Austral-China
World Sector that Kerry and he will
move to Hong Kong to lead the
church in June!
Saturday night was MERCY Night! Nick & Denise shared about MERCY around the world and then we watched the Chhem MERCY Orphanage Video made by Joe & Fang!

James Kwok really got the crowd into
the singing on MERCY Night!

After Dean's Welcome, Erick Valenzuela - a
member of the Sydney Mission Team -
delivered the Opening Prayer!

Nick & Denise shared about the
Chhem MERCY Orphanage!

The ACMC MERCY Ambassadors!

Binila, originally from Chennai, is in her last
semester at the prestigious University of
Sydney working on her Masters in IT!
Though all of us were feeling a bit tired, Michael Williamson woke us all up with his incredible presentation on KEYS TO TRANSFORMING CHARACTER! His points were 1) Humility Or Humiliation, 2) Victim Or Victor, and 3) The Cross Creates Character!

Michael laid it out on the KEYS TO
After a good night's rest was the Sunday Worship Service! A fiery Welcome was delivered by the Valenzuelas, followed by an International Prayer in Cantonese, Mandarin, Samoan and English!


Aaron began the International Prayer in Cantonese!

After a hymn, Elena shared for Communion! A very challenging Contribution was given by Scotty & Jenna who are so grateful for the USA Churches and the sacrifice of the Sydney Church in sending them and their Mission Team to Auckland! The training of the team was funded by Sydney, and the first year planting expenses of $40,000 will be funded by the November Missions Contribution in all of the USA Churches! Scotty shared that everyone on the Auckland Mission Team raised an additional $5,000 AUS so that everyone could be full-time during the first month of the planting!

From Luke 21, Scotty & Jenna pointed out,
"Generosity is measured by God not by
how much you give but by how
much you have left!"
Following the singing, Joe Willis gave perhaps the most life-changing speech of the conference, THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION! His whole lesson was centered on prayer! Unforgettable to me was his account of spending last New Year's Eve in Jerusalem and near midnight going to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. There was no one there… Just God and Joe! I am sure this is part of the reason that the Austral-China World Sector has done so well in 2018!

To begin 2018, Joe prayed in the
Garden of Gethsemane!
We then witnessed three baptisms: Keziah – who is half Samoan and half Fijian, Viliami – who is Tongan, and Isabelle Clague – the oldest daughter of Ian & Margot!

The three ACMC baptisms: Isabelle Clague of
Sydney, Viliami Langi of Tonga, and Keziah
Williams of New Zealand!

Ian & Margot - Isabelle's parents - shared how
much she had changed since coming
back from the 2018 GLC!

Congratulations to the Clague Family!

Ian is a New Zealander (Kiwi) and so he volunteered his whole family to be on the Auckland Mission Team! The Clagues' youngest daughter, Hannah, has set her mind to be baptized at the Auckland Inaugural Service!

Hannah Clague (right) has begun to pray about
being baptized at the Auckland Inaugural!
Then came the glorious Auckland Mission Team Send Off through prayer on our knees! We closed out singing, Great Among The Nations!

Upside down globes were presented to each
member of the Auckland Mission Team!

Kip - as the Shepherd for the Movement - prayed
for the Holy Spirit to send out the
Auckland Mission Team!

The awesome Auckland Mission Team!

Tyrone White of the Auckland
Team led the closing song!

The closing song was Great Among The Nations!
An hour later, Elena & I hopped into the Willises' car to return to Sydney! No, the Austral-China Missions Conference was not over by a long shot! That evening, we gathered at the Sydney Opera House to board a ship where we would have the Kingdom Banquet as we traveled around Sydney Harbor!

Even the Sydney Disciples were excited about
having the Kingdom Banquet on a ship
traveling around Sydney Harbor!

Candice Shelbrack of Milwaukee and Bonnie
Hu of Sydney were also enthused
about the upcoming evening!

The "wedding ship" on which the Kingdom Banquet
would take place approached the dock
by the iconic Sydney Opera House!

The Bordieris boarded first!

Then everyone was on board in
less than ten minutes!

The Banquet Room!

Nicole Wong - sent by the Seattle Church to train in
Chinese Missions - took a quick selfie with Elena!

Scotty and his mom!

The very gifted couple - Aaron & Fang -
and the McKeans!

The feast!

The glorious Kingdom Banquet!

The dating couple - Chris & Merari - are key members
of the Auckland Mission Team and dream
of leading a mission team of
their own someday!


Recently, Ray & Lan have become a dating couple
drawn to each other by their love for
God and Chinese Missions!

Esther is our newly restored sister!
I can truly say this was the most unforgettable Kingdom Banquet! The food was amazing; the ship was first-class; and the fellowship… well, the fellowship was literally divine!
"David danced with all his might before the Lord..."
and so did everyone at the incredible
Austral-China Missions Conference!
Michael & Michele "get their groove on!"
One of the blessings of the Geographic Missions Conferences is the opportunity for Elena & me to assess the entire world sector. After our time in Sydney, the Holy Spirit seemed to be calling Chi to return for more training in Sydney with Joe, as well as to continue to build his relationship with Jessi! Therefore, Dean Lam & India White will take over the leadership of the Hong Kong Church in January 2019.

In January, Chi will return to train in Sydney and to
be with Jessi while Dean & India will assume the
leadership of the Hong Kong Church until
the Willises come in June!

Lord willing in June, Joe & Kerry will leave Sydney to lead Hong Kong for six months assisted by Chi & Jessi, Dean & India, and Nicole Wong recently sent to Sydney from Seattle. In the interim, Sean & Teigan will lead Sydney! At the end of six months at the November 2019 Austral-China Missions Conference, we are praying that God will send Dean & India and a Mission Team of Mandarin speakers to plant Shenzhen! Please continue to pray for the Hong Kong Church, the Sydney Church and the soon-to-be planted Auckland, New Zealand Church! And to God be all the glory!

Pheakday has fallen in love with Australia!

Several of the visiting disciples for the ACMC stayed
an extra day to see more of Australia and are
now ready to "jump" into the ministry in
their home congregations!
Washington DC: "The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love. He will not always accuse, nor will He harbor His anger forever; He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us." (Psalm 103:8-12)

The inspiration for so many family baptisms is
LuJack & Cathi Martinez - the DC Church
Leaders - and for the Church Halloween
Party they played Desi & Lucy Arnaz!
The mega-hit I Love Lucy Show ran on TV from 1951
to 1957 starring real-life husband & wife -
Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz!
Our God is an awesome and compassionate God! He has done an amazing job saving family members in the Washington, DC ICC throughout this whole Year of Grace! In February, Jade Nelson, daughter of Joe & Janette Nelson and sister of Jordan Nelson in our Delaware Bible Talk, was baptized and now serves in our Campus Ministry at George Mason University! The late Dolores Russell, mother of Denise Toney and grandmother of Lawrence Toney, was baptized in March and went on to glory the day after her 87th birthday! Pam Thomas, mother of Anissia Nicole, was baptized in August; Kiya Mosley, mother of Mesha Mosley (CAICC), was also baptized in August; and Josiah Garcia, son of Noel & Janice Garcia, was baptized at the August GLC! Lindsey Schultz, sister of Kelsey Schultz (SFBICC), was baptized in September; Dinma Ebube, brother of Lota Ebube, was also baptized in September!

Kelsey (right) and Lindsey Shultz - best of
friends - and now double sisters!
Steve & Grace Droblas said that they cannot underestimate the influence of Kids Kingdom on their daughter Alexis, and they gave tremendous thanks to Maris Higginbotham and Santana DeJesus for doing both the Character Studies and First Principles Bible Studies with her! These studies changed Alexis radically! Congratulations to Alexis on her baptism!

The Droblas Familia!

Steve & Grace say that their part was "simply trying to be good examples as disciples, although not perfect examples." They added, "Most importantly, we feel that what really helped Alexis to become a disciple was praying with her every night! Thank you Jesus! Amen and AMEN!!!"
Alexis (black clothes) and the DC Teen Ministry!

Chennai: Praise God that Geeta Aunty's mom – Mrs. Papathiammal, who was a 100 years old – was baptized on Wednesday, October 24th!

At 100 years old - proving it is never too late
to change - is Sister Papathiammal!

Moscow: The Sobolev Family continues to inspire the Moscow Church as their youngest daughter Sasha was baptized into Christ!

Congratulations to Jenia, Julia and Anya
Sobolev on the baptism of Sasha
(above) that united the whole
family in Christ!

The Moscow Teen Ministry!

Hilo/Manila: Congratulations to Kyle Bartholomew, the Hilo Church Leader, and Janien Dela Serna of the Metro Manila Church on their engagement!

Congratulations to Kyle & Janien
on their engagement!

Portland: Great news from the City of Bridges as Jorge & Valeria Castillo – the Limons' dear son and daughter in the faith – were married on October 20, 2018! Several shared that they had never been to a wedding as beautiful and unique as the Castillo wedding ceremony, as they were married inside a beautiful barn! Over 200 souls witnessed this union and Valeria sang so beautifully to Jorge as she said her vows!

Congratulations to Jorge & Valeria Castillo!

Together, the Portland Church believes that God will use the Castillos to do "even greater things!" Please keep them in your prayers as they are in Eugene leading the church temporarily until Rich & Hannah Hardy arrive! God is moving!

The Castillos are best friends with Cesar & Debbie
Limon - the Portland Church Leaders!

New York City: Jon & Kiana Davis celebrated the birth of their son, Jonah Luke on October 25th! They named him after Luke Speckman – their beloved father in the faith!

Congratulations to the Davises on the birth of Jonah
Luke, named after their father in the
faith - Luke Speckman!

London: Praise God that Martin & Theresa Scott's 16 year old son Sean was baptized last week!
With Sean's baptism (second from the right), the
Martin Family is one in Christ as 13
year old Eoin is a disciple!

Abidjan: The entire Abidjan Church rejoiced as Samuel the son of sister Danielle Zadi was baptized!

Congratulations to Sister Zadi for
the baptism of her son Samuel!

Tampa: On November 3rd, Chris Jones romantically proposed to Vin Simpson at the beach! Chris & Vin are the right-hand couple to the Eckels in the Tampa Bay ICC! Vin also serves as an administrator for the church! The entire Tampa Church is very happy for them!

Congratulations to Chris & Vin - the
future Mr. & Mrs. Jones!

Seattle: We have seen some incredible miracles through the disciples at Shoreline College Bible Talk! In the last three months God has blessed them with four baptisms including Christian Martinez. Just two months after Christian's baptism he was able to baptize his mom Sylvia!
Christian sat in between his mother Sylvia and
his brother Drake in the Seattle
First Principles Class!
San Diego: Congratulations to Jermaine Peacock, as Mason Fetelika – the Lead Evangelist of San Diego –  reinstated him into the full-time ministry on November 11th! Jermaine preached that Sunday’s sermon entitled, ADVANCE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! He wrote on Facebook that evening, "God is on the move [in San Diego]! It felt so good to preach the Word of God! I feel so humbled, so amazed and so grateful to God and to my bride Stefanie… Thanks to Mason and all of my fellow Evangelists throughout the Kingdom and all my friends who have helped me stay focused on Christ!"

Congratulations to Jermaine (right) for being
invited by Mason back into the
full-time ministry!
Phoenix: Ned Cano was just baptized in mid-July! He prayed persistently for his sister, Amy, to become a disciple. After making some regretful choices in her life, Amy decided to come to church consistently and had a radically changed heart to go after becoming a disciple! She was then baptized at the Campus, Teen and Tempe Costume Party on October 26th with her mother and younger brother in attendance! She is a powerful young woman who loves being a fisher of men evidenced by her friend Dani starting to study the Bible even prior to Amy's baptism! We now have three disciples in the Phoenix Teen Ministry! 

Congratulations to Ned and Amy
for Amy's baptism!
San Francisco: "Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." (Song of Songs 8:4) It was such an incredible time on Saturday the 10th of November to see love awaken at the unforgettable wedding of Tyre & Jael, now Ellison!


Congratulations to Tyre & Jael!

This day was so special and will not soon be forgotten by all who were in attendance! For Sarah & Jason Dimitry, it was quite a special time as Jael was one of the original people that they started working with upon their arrival in San Francisco! At that time our dear sister was heart sick due to having been a disciple for over five years, and still no boyfriend... Jason recounts telling her that he was going to "clock in" and go to work finding her a husband! Only months later, Jason had the incredible privilege of studying the Bible with and baptizing Tyre, and he immediately sensed that this might be Jael's husband! The Dimitrys and the entire San Francisco Church rejoiced on Saturday as these two became one in holy matrimony!

The Ellisons are so grateful to be full-time for the
Lord in the mighty San Francisco Church!
Los Angeles – AMS Region: Congratulations to Nate & Bianca Reed on the birth of "little Aiden" who was born on November 2nd! He weighed a healthy 6lbs. 10oz. and was 19.5 inches in length!

Congratulations to Nate & Bianca Reed
on the birth of "little Aiden!"
East Region: Victor Hernandez was baptized on October 14th! He is the adored physical brother of disciples – Romina Hernandez and Alejandra Hernandez!


Nehemiah and Stefano were honored
to baptize Victor!
Victor's whole family - Alejandra, Mom, Victor,
Veronica and Romina - all rejoiced
at his baptism!
Inland Empire Region: Daisa Williams was met by a disciple at Home Depot; Daisa also goes to Chaffey College. Amidst much persecution from her family, she was baptized while her two sisters who are twins began to study the Bible! Because of Daisa's perseverance, Tierra just was baptized at midweek! Tierra's twin sister is now studying the Bible and we hope to see a third Williams sister be united in Christ!

After Tierra's baptism, Daisa and Tierra (left) are
closer than ever as double sisters!
North Region: Super congratulations to Jean Pierre Bedoya & Cassie Smith who were engaged on Saturday, November 10th on their two-year dating anniversary!

Congratulations to Jean Pierre & Cassie!

Metro Heights Region: Amparo Gomez was restored just a few weeks ago and has gone on to glory having finished her race victoriously! Our hearts go out to her son, Nick Gomez and her granddaughter Amelia Mack – also disciples!

Praise God that Victor & Sonia Gonzalez
helped Amparo be restored to
God a month ago!

Nick Gomez - Amparo's son - was
encouraged by the disciples'
love and knowing that his
dear mom is with God!
The ribbon on the flowers that were sent by
the City of Angels Church simply read,
"To our beloved Sister!"

2019 Geographic Missions Conferences
Dearest Family,
On Sunday, we will bring to completion the 2018 Special Missions Collections in the USA Churches! Lord willing, the generosity of the USA SoldOut Movement Disciples will surpass our goal for 2018 of $3.8 million dollars! These precious funds allowed us to plant 10 more congregations and to sustain "forceful advancement" through the Spirit working through 7,000 disciples in 97 churches in 37 nations on all six populated continents of the world! Truly, "your generosity [is resulting] in thanksgiving to God" for all the souls won to Christ this year!

The Auckland Mission Team will be sent out by
the Spirit because of the USA Churches'
November Mission Collection!
In 2018, our churches embraced the Year of Grace by coming to a deep conviction that "His grace was not without effect… [and so we] worked harder [than ever before]!" Amazingly, 2019 is just weeks away! We have selected the theme of this new year to be the Year of Boldness! In Acts 4, all the disciples prayed, "Lord… enable your servants to speak your Word with great BOLDNESS! …After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the Word of God BOLDLY!" It is time to begin to pray to our Father with bold supplications, for bold determinations and for bold proclamations!

The Goal of OPERATION EAGLE is to plant
discipling churches in all 50 States
of America by 2024!
The Atlanta Mission Team - led by Ron & Tracy
Harding - will be supported by the
November Missions Contribution,
thus planting OPERATION
EAGLE #20!
Prayerfully by the end of 2019, the SoldOut Movement
will be in 22 of America's 50 States!
(Green - Planted, Purple - Remnant Group, Red - To be planted)
As you are now well aware, there will not be a Global Leadership Conference in 2019, so that many more could have monies freed up to attend the now 10 Geographic Missions Conferences! As Elena & I traveled to the last two Geographic Missions Conferences of 2018, it underscored in my mind their importance. Most of the disciples that came to these two conferences cannot come to the Global Leadership Conferences in LA because of either financial challenges or visa barriers. So, instead of "Moses going to the mountain, the mountain (the Kingdom) must come to Moses!" Therefore, please strive to participate in at least one of the historic 2019 Geographic Missions Conferences!
  1. The South American Missions Conference
    Santiago, Chile – February 1-3, 2019
  2. The Eurasian Missions Conference
    Moscow, Russia – May 3-5, 2019
  3. The Pacific Rim Missions Conference
    Manila, Philippines – June 13-16, 2019
  4. The African Missions Conference
    Lagos, Nigeria – June 28-30, 2019
  5. The Latin American Missions Conference
    Mexico City, Mexico – July 18-21, 2019
  6. The new Caribbean Missions Conference
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti – October 4-6, 2019 (tentative)
  7. The European Missions Conference
    London, England – October 24-27, 2019
  8. The Austral-China Missions Conference
    Sydney, Australia – November 1-3, 2019
  9. The South Asia Missions Conference
    New Delhi, India – November 14-17, 2019
  10. The new Middle East Missions Conference                          Dubai, UAE – December 6-8, 2019
The World Sector Leaders are asking the USA Church Lead Ministry Couples, the City of Angels Church Region and Sector Leaders, and the Global Shepherding and Admin Groups to each gather a group of at least 10 disciples from their local congregation to attend with them one of these amazing 2019 Geographic Missions Conferences! With the guidance of the World Sector Leaders, the following Missions Conferences have been allotted to the following outstanding leaders to help teach and preach:
  1. The South American Missions Conference
    Hamulas, McGees and Sears
  2. The Eurasian Missions Conference
    Yelena Astanin, Caleb Cohen (Liz cannot travel abroad), Kirchners, Markarians, Z. Millers and Pattersons
  3. The Pacific Rim Missions Conference
    Bordieris, E. Bartholomews, K. Bartholomews, Causeys, Dimitrys, Garridos, Kellys, Kernans, Okunos, Untalans* and Zepedas
  4. The African Missions Conference
    Blackwells,* Causeys, Martinezes, Sarkodies, A. Turners and Viscichinis
  5. The Latin American Missions Conference
    Challinors (IGNITE), Esparzas, Georges, Gonzalezes, Grangers, Keenans, Limons, Woodys and Ybarras
  6. The new Caribbean Missions Conference
    Eckels, Feumbas, Hardings, Jerezes and Sullivans
  7. The European Missions Conference
    Beases, Ciaramellas, Carrs, D. Millers and O’Connors
  8. The Austral-China Missions Conference
    Chloupeks, Esparzas, Fetelikas, Inkleys, Parlours and Underhills
  9. The South Asia Missions Conference
    Crown of Thorns Council,* Speckmans and Zepedas*
  10. The new Middle East Missions Conference                        Blackwells, RD Bakers, Clarks, Hardys, Rohns and Shelbracks
(*Not responsible for gathering a group to go to the Missions Conference. Of course, any individual disciple may go to whichever one or two Missions Conferences that most appeals to them!)

Given the darkness of the world, pray about which
2019 Geographic Missions Conference you can
attend to make a difference for eternity!
In closing, as I reflect on this Year of Grace, I am so thankful that I am blessed to read all the reports of the many miracles sent to me for each Good News Email, regretting only that we just could not even begin to fit in all of these inspiring reports! I am so thankful for every disciple in the now 97 churches in the Movement! I am so thankful to have been able to attend and become friends with so many of the outstanding, younger leaders in our churches at all of the Geographic Missions Conferences! I am so thankful for the Faculty and students in the now 11 ICCM Extension Campuses!

John Causey has been selected as the ICCM-Global
Dean of the Graduate School! He has suspended
his Doctoral Studies at Pepperdine University
to devote himself to building the City of
Angels Church and ICCM-Global!

I am so thankful for our very close partners in the Gospel that continue to have the courage to stand by our side in the midst of ever-increasing persecution! I am so thankful to God that He graciously allowed Elena & me to experience another phenomenal 365 days in His glorious Movement! I am so thankful to know that Heaven awaits and will be even better… by far!

Kip & Elena are so grateful for your partnership in
the Gospel during this Year of Grace and
are looking forward to 2019 - the
Year of Boldness!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
We are family… by God's amazing grace,
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