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June 24, 2019

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Dear Friend,
Greetings from the churches in Moscow, Lima, Manila and Los Angeles! The month of May began with the incredible 2019 EURASIAN MISSIONS CONFERENCE – BRAVE HEART – in Moscow (Russia) where 274 were in attendance! Announced was that Oleg & Aliona Sirotkin – the Eurasian World Sector Leaders – will lead the Kiev (Ukraine) Church and Dima & Tanya Serafonov will lead Moscow! On May 19th was the Inaugural Service of the Lima (Peru) International Christian Church – the 100th SoldOut Movement Church! On June 2nd was the 12th Anniversary Service of the City of Angels International Christian Church, the Jerusalem Church of the SoldOut Movement! At the end of service, the Tampa (Florida) Supplemental Mission Team was sent off with the prayers of the church!


At the LA Send Off, the Tampa Bay Supplemental
Mission Team had their towels in hand
dreaming for many baptisms!

Then, on June 13-16th in Metro Manila was the 2019 PACIFIC RIM MISSIONS CONFERENCE – AMBASSADORS OF CHRIST! On Sunday, an amazing 526 gathered and watched eight baptisms, one of which was a denominational minister from Yangon, Myanmar!

Kip asked Kee Aung the most life-changing
question, "What is your good confession?"

Just moments later, Kee Aung became a baptized
disciple of Jesus and the Yangon Remnant
Group was formed!

Then to close the service, those assembled fell to our knees in prayer as the Holy Spirit sent out the Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and Davao (Philippines) Mission Teams! And to God be all the glory!

The powerful Phnom Penh Mission Team is the
hope for all of Cambodia!

The fired up Davao Mission Team will bring the true
Gospel to the third city of the Philippines!
MERCY Goes Worldwide!

Nick Bordieri – World Sector Leader of MERCYworldwide: Greetings from the CSW-MERCY Orphanage in Phnom Penh! Denise & I just returned from an incredible Pacific Rim Missions Conference, where we celebrated the Day of MERCY on Thursday, June 13th by partnering with the La Huerta Elementary School to reach out to 200 of their children! (Kip will share more in his report.)

At the PRMC, Dun (second from the left) - the first
CSW-MERCY Orphanage baptism - was so
inspired by the Manila Teen Disciples!

Perhaps the other big highlight of the PRMC for us was the sending off of the Phnom Penh Mission Team led valiantly by Blady & Cielo Perez on Sunday, June 16th! Praise God at our first Sunday on June 23rd – with the Phnom Penh Remnant Group joining the Phnom Penh Mission Team – we had an incredible attendance of 45!

At the June 23rd Phnom Penh Sunday Service, Nick
& Denise Bordieri were overjoyed to welcome
the 14 Phnom Penh Mission Team
Members from Manila!

Blady Perez preached in perfect Khmer and
his son Bryce translated!

The closing song - Go Make Disciples - was
enthusiastically led by three Phnom Penh
Mission Team Members: Reymer Peralta,
Sharon Groman and Kendi Castro!

All around the world in the SoldOut Movement Churches, the Day of MERCY has been celebrated! In New York City and San Francisco, the MERCY Ambassadors reached out to and entertained the elderly!

For the Day of MERCY, the talented New York
City Disciples encouraged and
entertained the elderly!

In São Paulo, over 500 school children, parents and community members from one of the poorest neighborhoods attended this year's MERCY Festival! MERCY Ambassadors organized and set up medical care, video games, haircuts, a theater play, drawings and singing! 

The São Paulo MERCY Festival was
in a word, "Incrível!”

In Chicago and Sydney, the MERCY Ambassadors reached out to the homeless with love and food! One hurting gentleman in Sydney expressed, "I am so happy to speak to another human being who genuinely just wants to help."

The genuine love of the Sydney MERCY
Ambassadors touched the lives
and hearts of the homeless!

In Los Angeles, MERCY Ambassadors installed over 1,000 life-saving fire alarms in another great project in partnership with the American Red Cross!

Josiah & Kristin Smith - the City of Angels Church
MERCY Directors - have done a phenomenal
job building a partnership with
the Red Cross!

On the Day of MERCY, the Abidjan International Christian Church made donations of foods and commodities with an estimated value of $1,400 to the Yopougon Nursery, which has 89 elderly residents!

"Out of overflowing joy and extreme poverty, the
[Abidjan MERCY Ambassadors'] hearts welled
up in rich generousity"
for the
elderly! (2 Corinthians 8:2)
In Kiev, Valentina was baptized two weeks ago, and she is the founder of the Unity Foundation, which supports people with special needs. She is very active, talented and compassionate! On the Day of MERCY, we partnered with the Unity Foundation! Valentina invited many people with special needs, so the MERCY Ambassadors could met, make friends, serve them, and even talk about our church! Everyone is so happy and we have decided to continue our relationship weekly!

With the baptism of Valentina, the Kiev Church is
now weekly working with the Unity Foundation
which reaches out to special needs people!

Valentina has written a book of poems
that is simply entitled, Soul.
Also, thanks to our MERCY Projects, we have met and baptized three hearing impaired people this year! As well, Sunday was the baptism of Irina, who is not hearing impaired, but because of her parents she has learned sign language! So now God has provided a translator for our dear, deaf brothers and sisters in our services!

God is moving in Kiev, as Irina (center)
was baptized on June 23rd in
the Dnieper River!

For Denise & me in Phnom Penh, it is the Day of MERCY everyday! In considering all that the Lord has done at the CSW-MERCY Orphanage, Job 8:7 comes to mind, "And though you started with little, you will end with much." We kicked off the summer focusing on the CSW-MERCY Orphanages' Three Pillars of Growth and Development Plan which center on Character, Education and Health!

Denise taught both the CSW-MERCY Staff and the
Youth Team Leaders about the expectations
for all the children to participate in the
chores around the orphanage!

Computer classes are a major facet
of the Pillar of Education!

To that end, excitingly, the Boys Bathroom Project is completed! It was incredible to witness this project take shape over the six-months of construction from January to June!

Saravuth – the contractor (right) – has a nephew
who lives at the orphanage, which is just
one reason of many that his projects
are done with excellence!

The future site of the Boys' Bathroom
was filled with debris!

During the rainy season, flooding covered the Boys'
Bathroom site and the area in front
of the Boys' Dorms!

Therefore, a raised foundation had to
be carefully constructed!

The "before picture" of the Boys'
Bathroom hallway!

The newly constructed hallway was indeed
excellently done by Saravuth!

One of the bathroom stalls before...

...and after!

The bathroom stalls, the shower stalls and the
hand-washing trough were dazzling!

For the "finishing touch," some of the older
boys planted trees in front of the
new Boys' Bathroom!

Upon completion of this project, we broke ground on two new projects within the orphanage. The first is the Boys' Bedroom Project. The old, leaky bathroom upstairs has been demolished and this space is being renovated into a bedroom for the younger boys, who are currently living in two rooms in the Girls' Dormitory. The second new project is the creation of the much-anticipated game room, which will also double as an auditorium. The children are so excited to play ping pong – a national sport – on their new ping pong table! In addition, once completed, the kids are fired up to watch movies during monthly movie nights which will be started once the project is completed. Finally, and most encouraging, the auditorium will become the new "free" meeting location for the Phnom Penh International Christian Church! 

Heng - the MERCY Orphanage "Big Brother" -
helped to tear down the walls to enlarge
the future Game Room!

The Game Room will also become the
"home" of the Phnom Penh ICC!

A special thank you to Dennis Wong and The Wong Foundation, established in loving memory of Sharon Wong, for the generous donations in 2018 and 2019 that have made these projects possible!

Dennis Wong and his three precious daughters -
Megan, Madelyn and Mabel - visited the
Grand Canyon earlier this year!

Last week, Dennis was invited to business
meetings with the Speaker of the US
House of  Representatives -
Nancy Pelosi (right) and...

California Governor Gavin Newsom! So pray
for Dennis to be bold and wise
as he proclaims Christ!

Also, a big thank you to all of the USA Churches for $200,000 in 2019 from your Missions and Weekly Collections! Spread over 12 months, this funds the needs of the 55 children at the CSW-MERCY Orphanage and supports Denise & me!  

Danilo Bataglin – Lead Evangelist of Lima: Greeting from the 100th Church of our Movement! Definitively, our God is awesome! He continues to show favor to this city as two more were added to our number this Sunday! The first was Gustavo – a Physical Education Student at the San Marcos University that was baptized into Christ!

Gustavo (left) rejoiced in his salvation!
As well, Humberto – a Law Student at the same university who was converted in São Paulo while he was doing an exchange program at the University of São Paulo – came back to his homeland and placed membership! The Lima Disciples are excited to focus on campus ministry so that we can convert as many "opinion leaders" as possible so that we can MULTIPLY! We have been focusing our efforts on San Marcos University!

The incredible San Marcos University additions (left
to right): Humberto - the place membership
and Stefany, Gustavo, Carmen and Hirby -
were all baptized these past four weeks!
Since our Inaugural Service on May 19th, God has blessed us with 7 baptisms and 2 place memberships! We are a total of 18 dangerous dreamers that want to take this whole nation for the Lord! Pray for the workers to multiply!

The Lima ICC is now 18 radical dreamers
ready to turn Peru "upside down"
for Christ! (Acts 17:6 RSV)

Sean Valenzuela – Lead Evangelist of Auckland: Much love from the Family in New Zealand! There has been nothing but thanksgiving and rejoicing in the church as God continues to answer our prayers! Since we arrived in January of this year, we have had a baptism every four weeks! Our latest additions into the family were Samuel and Timoteo! Sam is a childhood friend of Pascal, our first male baptism, and after seeing a post on Facebook that Pascal was baptized, Sam immediately contacted Pascal. Three weeks later, Pascal baptized Sam into Christ!

Pascal (right) joyfully baptized
his childhood friend, Sam!
Timoteo, originally from Samoa, is a first year student at the University of Auckland studying Geology. He was baptized during our first Auckland Church Retreat in the beautiful countryside of New Zealand! I cannot say enough of how much this has encouraged the church! Why? Those of us from Sydney are very close to the four brave Sydney souls that are heading to Samoa in July to plant the Apia Church! It was a chilling four degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit) during Tim's baptism, but the brothers braved the waters and helped him into the light!

Tim will never forget that he was baptized at the
first Auckland Church Retreat in nearly
freezing temperature water!

Pray for Tim to "live-up" to his
namesake in the Bible!

This past week, we had our first MERCYworldwide Project! We volunteered with the organization Conservation Volunteers to help plant native trees in the community. During our couple of hours working hard in the fields, we were able to plant 1,500 trees that day!

The Auckland MERCY Ambassadors planted
an astounding 1,500 trees in one day!

Jessica Salvador (left) and Karlynn Cooper - who
just moved from San Francisco to Auckland -
bonded over "laboring together"
in God's field!

Thank you for all your prayers and support! We are family… to the end! 

The Auckland Church Family!

Ron Harding – Lead Evangelist of Atlanta: Greetings from the "Engine of the South" – "Hot'lanta!" For Tracy & me, forging the "Atlanta Story" is proving to be one of the more momentous times in our lives! Six of us arrived on December 21, 2018. Two days later, we had 27 at our first service! By January 1, 2019, we added our first restoration! On February 24th, with 15 mission team members moved in, we had an Inaugural Service attendance of 233 and two baptisms that weekend!

Praise God that the Atlanta Inaugural Service
had 233 in attendance!

Tim Kernan says, "Mission teams fail when we lose the mission and/or the team." Satan attacked us with both the mission and the team! We lost our first baptism and we had a few "situations" with some team members, stealing the joy of the victories. However, Damon & Vicki James and Tracy & I "put our hands to the plow" each of us grabbing the hands of a few team members putting those hands on their plows, and the Atlanta Church has not looked back since! We surged forward, with a string of additions, including the baptisms of an awesome young single sister, who baptized her opinion leader teen cousin and an awesome campus sister, who attends Clayton State!

When Satan attacked the Atlanta Mission Team,
the Hardings (left) partnered with the
James to rally the church to
forceful advancement!
Then my son and I flew to Seattle, packed my father's things, and drove him and his belongings to Atlanta – back to his spiritual family! He flew his girlfriend Diane to Atlanta, where they stayed in separate homes and we studied with both of them. One week later, my father was restored to the Lord and then he helped baptize Diane!

Ron Harding Sr. (center) was so grateful to his
son for restoring him to the Lord!

Since Dianne has cancer, she was all the more
grateful to God for her salvation! Let
us all pray for a miraculous
healing for our sister!
The following week, we baptized Vicki Washington – the mother of Donna Shaw (Shepherdess in Training in DC) – who's first church service was with us in Washington DC six years ago!

After six years, Vicki was victorious
in overcoming her fears!
Then thanks to the generosity of the Kernans and Causeys in Los Angeles, Mike & Stephanie Schafer were sent to once again be with Tracy & me!

Mike & Stephanie Schafer were thrilled to be
partners in the Gospel with the
Hardings once again!

The first thing the Schafers did was to help Charisse – a Georgia State University Master's Student – by moving her heart to have urgency in being right with God. Stephanie, Vicki, Dara and Tracy studied with her until 4:15AM and Charisse was baptized at just the Schafers' second worship service!

Charisse urgently studied the Bible until 4:15AM
and was baptized eight hours later!

In 2019, your Atlanta Family has been blessed by God with 11 baptisms, 6 restorations and 6 place memberships, so we now number 34 sold-out disciples! We are beyond grateful for the Missions money raised and given by all of the USA SoldOut Family of Churches for us to plant Atlanta! We are also indebted for the sacrifice of every ministry who sent disciples for this great city! Please pray for us as we pray for you!

Starting with 15 disciples at the Inaugural Service
on February 24th, amazingly Robin was the
23rd addition of the Atlanta Church!

Luke Speckman – Lead Evangelist of New York City and the Kathmandu Mission Team Leader: In early June, Roger Green and I went to Kathmandu, Nepal to spy out the land for our July church planting! We had an amazing time in that beautiful city! I was greeted at the airport by Bijay and Roger. Bijay was baptized in Dubai and has been stranded in Kathmandu for the last year due to visa issues. We expect Bijay and his wife to be some of the first additions.

Luke (left) was given a "SoldOut Movement
Welcome" by Roger (center) and Bijay -
just without the singing!

We had an incredible time touring the city, the palaces, the temples and the campuses. Our goal was to figure out where we should live and meet for church.

Revered by both Hindus and Buddhists,
Swayambhunath - or better known as
the Monkey Temple - dates back to
13th century when it was built
by King Manadeva!

There are hundreds of monkeys at the Monkey
Temple, because the Hindus and the
Buddhists believe they
are sacred!

From the Monkey Temple, Luke was able to
survey the entire Kathmandu Valley!
Nepal is a region of significant seismic activity. The Indian plate pushing against the Eurasian plate is what created the tallest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas. Mount Everest in Nepal is the tallest mountain in the world at 29,029 feet (8,848 meters)! It is about 80 miles from Kathmandu "as the crow flies." Eight of the top ten tallest mountains in the world are in Nepal.

Eight of the tallest mountains in the
world are located in Nepal!
In Kathmandu, the Golden Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in the city. I met with Anup, who was baptized in London in 2013. He has been in Kathmandu for a number of months. He is a well-known former Buddhist whose family temple is the Golden Temple! Anup has a group of 33 people for us to study the Bible with upon our arrival!

The Golden Temple is a Buddhist Monastery
founded in the 12th century!

Anup (right) has been meeting with a group of 33
Buddhists who want to study the Bible with
the mission team when they arrive!
We went to visit the largest college in Kathmandu, Tribhuvan University. This network of schools is similar to the California State University System with multiple campuses. In Nepal, the Tribhuvan University has over 600,000 students! The largest campus is in Kathmandu. Unlike India, the campus is not closed. We were able to drive right on and look around.

Tribhuvan University will be the main focus for the
Kathmandu Mission Team in their first days!
In every place we went, Roger and I placed our feet and prayed for God to give us the land! (Joshua 1:3) We are looking forward to the send-off service in New Delhi on Sunday, June 30th and our first service in Kathmandu on Saturday, July 6th. On an interesting note, we learned that Sunday is a normal work day in Nepal. People get off early Fridays and everything is shut down on Saturdays. So all churches meet on Saturday rather than Sunday, which we will do as well! Please pray for our landing in Nepal and our Inaugural Service on Saturday, July 27th!

The palace and temple in the picturesque Patan
Durbar Square were built in the 17th century!

Blaise Feumba – Overseeing Evangelist of French-speaking Africa: "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned." (Isaiah 9:2) Out of the 27 French-speaking countries in Africa with over 400 million people, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) stands out as the second largest country with 82 million in population!

The DRC is the second largest nation in
landmass on the continent of Africa!

All minerals used in electronics like cells phones and laptops are present in this country including large reserves of cobalt, diamonds, tantalum, tin and gold. In spite of all these riches, Congo is the poorest country in the world based on its GDP per capita. HIV is the most serious health threat with more than a million adults living with it, and to make the matter worse, the country has the second largest number of malaria cases globally. Life expectancy has dropped to an average of 58 years.

Micky & Lyly Ngungu - the Kinshasa Church
Leaders - will be celebrating their
30th Wedding Anniversary on
December 23rd this year!
Isaiah's prophecy can be applied to this dark land, as in spite of these depressing facts, the Kingdom of God is powerfully advancing in the Congo! The Kinshasa Church led by our valiant Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader, Micky & Lyly Ngungu is the second largest church in our Movement with now 349 disciples! In 2019, they have witnessed 58 baptisms and 6 restorations with the number of campus students climbing to 66! Micky & Lyly are also overseeing three other churches in the country in Mbuji Mayi, Badundu and Kikwit with now respectively 77, 32 and 25 disciples! A short while ago, Micky contracted typhoid fever while visiting the church in Mbuji Mayi, and only recovered in poor medical conditions with the Movement financial help and prayers!

Among the 58 baptisms in Kinshasa
this year were Natasha,
Charmaine, Niclette...

...Benjamin, Nkondo and Kidaya!
Another nation where the Gospel is advancing is the West African French-speaking country of Ivory Coast! With 25 million inhabitants, this nation has been through a long period of political instability, which included a disastrous civil war in 2011 with countless dead. The country has one of the worst HIV infection rates in the world and malaria is the number one cause of death. Every year, 63,000 children under five die of malaria; that is seven children per hour.

Ivory Coast has 25 million lost souls!
In spite of all these dark facts, the Lord has been moving powerfully to bring the light of Christ in its healing wings to these amazing people! The church has had a good first half of the year with 31 baptisms and 2 restorations so far! The campus ministry has grown to 51 students and we now have 184 sold-out disciples in the Abidjan Church nobly led by our fearless Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader – Amadou & Angele Sountoura! The goal is to reach 230 disciples by the end of this year!

The fired up Abidjan Ushers!
Amadou & Angele also oversee the Korezouzoua Church inspiringly led by Justin & Joceline Koualou! So far this year, they have witnessed 24 baptisms and 2 restorations! Now the church is 145 sold-out disciples! In total, the Sountouras are overseeing 329 disciples in two churches in the Ivory Coast!

Amadou & Angele Sountoura are the charismatic
Ministry Leaders for the Abidjan Church!
In August 2020, Patricia & I are looking forward to join these valiant leaders and disciples "on the ground" to build churches of thousands with the Holy Spirit's help and direction! We can not wait to fight side-by-side with our World Sector Leaders and close friends – Andrew & Patrique Smellie! Please keep us in your prayers! To our Mighty God be all the glory!

Lord willing, Blaise & Patricia Feumba (right) will be
joining Andrew & Patrique Smellie on the
African Continent in August 2020!

Cesar Limon – Lead Evangelist of Portland: We are continually inspired by all the amazing things God is doing here and we would like to share about our Missions Collection, our MERCY Projects, our ICCM Class and the incredible turn around we have seen this year in forceful advancement! For our Missions Collection, we raised $76,000 and are not done as we are hosting a fundraiser setting up nine TNT Firework Tents that will prayerfully bring in over $40,000 to close out missions and get many disciples to the Latin American Missions Conference!

The Portland Church has found a new way to
"plunder the Egyptians," as they are
estimating to make over $40,000
by this Fourth of July by
selling fireworks!
Secondly, we were able to host nine different MERCY Day Projects all around Portland including painting low income apartments, serving at the Oregon Food Bank, cleaning up a Community Garden, feeding over 230 meals to the homeless, and also spring cleaning over 40 houses for the elderly and disabled! 

"Grandma Lulu" was an excellent example of
"joy in hard work" for all of the Portland
MERCY Ambassadors!
I also bring good news from ICCM as we saw 11 students graduate from the ICCM-Portland BA Program last year, and six more will be graduating this year! Equally exciting is the number of leaders that are going after their ICCM Master's Degree! We have initiated the ICCM Pacific Northwest Master's Class that currently has seven enrolled: Joel Parlour, Courtney Parlour, Debbie Limon, Jorge Castillo, Valeria Castillo, Alysia Pavlenko and Roger Parlour – who just placed membership from Chicago in Seattle to be a Shepherd for all of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Churches! (The PNW Churches are: Eugene, Portland and Seattle, which are overseen by John Causey of LA!)

Ceasar & Debbie are so proud of Alysia (center)
who has excelled as the Portland Church
Administrator, earning her Portland
State BA Degree, and finishing
her ICCM BA Degree!

Lastly, after a very slow start to the year with no baptisms during the first two months, we decided as a church to go to God and get the faith we needed to believe that God was going to do amazing things despite this tragic beginning. That HE DID as we have seen 20 additions (11 baptisms, 8 restorations and 1 place membership) in the last four months with some amazing people including Tony – a traveling nurse, Jeremy – an engineer from Nike, and also Owa – a former NFL player, who is dearly loved by many around the Movement!

Owa Odighizuwa - a former UCLA Football Player
and former NFL Player for the New York Giants -
was restored at the PNW Singles Retreat!

Praise God for the shepherding that has been taken place as we have only had four fall aways in 2019! So, the Spirit has grown the Portland Church this year from 80 to 96 disciples! As well, we were honored to send out Dima to Indianapolis and Naomi to Samoa! Grace and peace to all!

Dima will be joining the Indianapolis Mission Team
with his new girlfriend from Sacramento -
Liliya Solonko!
Michael Williamson – Lead Evangelist of London: Even though we are experiencing the wettest June since 1914, the London Sisters are on fire as we are gearing up for our Women’s Day on June 30th entitled – CONFIDENT! We are excited to have Chantelle Anderson – former WNBA player – of the AMS Region in Los Angeles speak! We are going after bringing out quality over quantity guests! We have raised over £1,000 in ticket sales so far and hoping to double that by event day!

Pray for Chantelle to be CONFIDENT as she
will be the Keynote Speaker for the
first time at a Women's Day!
We are also fired up at the media attention MERCY has received! As well, God has blessed us to raise over $148,000 USD for our Missions Contribution!

Michael Ochwa - a London Disciple and a British
Red Cross Service Manager - was interviewed
on London Live TV about MERCY!

We are laser focused in prayer for campus and teen baptisms in 2019! So faith-building, in the past seven weeks, we have had 10 additions in London – seven of which were from the Campus and Teen Ministry! Michele & I are personally going after the Teen Ministry (Elite Teens) by hosting a Teen Bible Talk in our home every week alongside leading the Campus Devo on Fridays!

In the dynamic London Teen Ministry, Kyara (left)
helped to baptize Zsofi - a former
Atheist from Hungary!

Super proud of former Atheist (just last year) Luke Snow, who is "standing in the gap" leading the church in Birmingham, England!

Luke Snow is a gifted preacher
and talented musician!

And lastly, be praying for the 2019 European Missions Conference (EMC) entitled, RADICAL!

The stirring theme for this year's EMC is RADICAL!

This year, the conference will be held on October 24-27th at Porchester Hall in West London! Lord willing that Sunday, the Spirit will be sending out the Amsterdam (Netherlands) Mission Team! You may register at

Tomiwa & Vienne Safe-Adewumi are the
enthusiastic Amsterdam Mission
Team Leaders!
The last Mobile Good News Email was published on Monday, April 29th which allowed me to fly to Moscow on Wednesday, May 1st for the 2019 EURASIAN MISSIONS CONFERENCE (EAMC), which was creatively titled, BRAVE HEART!

The exciting theme of the 2019 EAMC was BRAVE
HEART inspired by David's battle with Goliath!

Kaspar, Ashley & "Little Oliver" Tambaur of
Stockholm received a glorious SoldOut
Movement Welcome from the Moscow
and Kiev Disciples!
I arrived on Thursday afternoon just in time for the Speakers Dinner where Oleg had asked me to preach on BOLD LEADERSHIP TO EVANGELIZE THE WORLD!

Kip received a "quick" SoldOut Movement Welcome
as he landed just three hours before he
addressed the Speakers Dinner!

I began the lesson recapping the landing of the original 17-member Moscow Mission Team on July 9, 1991, when Russia was the center of the 15 nation Soviet Union! On July 14, 1991, we celebrated our Inaugural Service with 268 in attendance! At each of our first 14 baptisms (in the first 14 days of the church), we had soldiers with machine guns "watching us" and the baptisms!

Kip's picture of the Moscow Mission Team was taken
on the day they landed in Moscow - July 9, 1991!
(Elena is on the far right.)

A month later in mid-August was the failed "hardliners coup!" During those days, tanks patrolled the streets, people feared for their lives, and most "denominational missionaries" went "home to America" out of "safety concerns." Though I received several calls from parents of our mission team asking me when they would come home, I simply answered the parents that their sons and daughter would not come home unless they asked us. Why? In my heart, I believed that the new Russian Christians must see our commitment to Christ and to them was greater than our concern about our well-being or even our lives. This proved a powerful strategy as the false Christian teachers were cleared out from Moscow by God, and the failed coup birthed a new day in Russia – freedom of religion! That first year, God blessed us with 850 baptisms, and I simply said to all at the Speakers Dinner, "This is the kind of bold leadership that we need in 2019!" I noted that Oleg Sirotkin was about number 100 of the first year Moscow baptisms!

After gathering everyone in a circle with a song led
by Kaspar, Oleg Sirotkin - translated by his
amazing daughter Sofia Di Beo - warmly
welcomed all to the Speakers Dinner!

Michael Kirchner - a beloved City of Angels Church
Shepherd - led the prayer for the meal!
I went on to share that in 2019, the 12th Anniversary Year of the SoldOut Movement, we have planned 12 plantings:

1) Atlanta, Georgia
2) Auckland, New Zealand
3) Lima, Peru
4) Phnom Penh, Cambodia
5) Davao, Philippines
6) Kathmandu, Nepal
7) Johannesburg, South Africa
8) Apia, Samoa
9) New Haven, Connecticut
10) Indianapolis, Indiana
11) Amsterdam, Netherlands
12) Kolkata, India
I added that the Spirit was also sending out two "Supplemental Mission Teams:" Bogotá (Columbia) sent out from São Paulo and Tampa (Florida) sent out from LA! I continued by teaching that God is so bold in His leadership that in the Song of Moses, the opening verse says, "The Lord is a warrior!" (Exodus 15:3) I then shared about the Lament Of The Bow by David that eulogized Saul and Jonathan as God's "weapons of war." (2 Samuel 1:27) Following I shared that the acronym of "Weapons Of War" is WOW! I called all the leaders to see themselves as God's weapons of war and to have a "WOW Factor" in their leadership as Moses did in crossing the Red Sea and David did in slaying Goliath!

The scrumptious Speakers Dinner was held on the
22nd floor of the Golden Ring Hotel, which
overlooked historic Moscow!
On Friday morning, May 3rd was the Leadersship Workshop and the opportunity to register for the entire EAMC!


Yelena Astanina - born in Siberia (Russia) and now
living in LA as the Financial Administrator of
the Movement - registered alongside a very
dear friend, Michele Williamson - the
WML of the London Church!

Almost everyone who was planning to go
to the EAMC also attended the
Leadership Workshop!

Dima Serafonov delivered a fantastic message on THE BRAVE HEART OF PAUL! His three points were: 1) Boldly Admit Your Defeats, 2) Boldly Get Out Of Yourself, and 3) Boldly Love The Lost. In his last point, he used 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 as his text. Dima pointed out that the English word translated "patience" in verse four "Love is patience" – is better translated from the Greek as "long-suffering." Then he said of motivating unfruitful disciples, "If your patience ends, go to 'long patience!'"

Dima Serafonov (right) - the new Moscow Lead
Evangelist - preached an incredible sermon
(translated by "Eugen" Soboleff) at
the Leaders Workshop!
Following short 10-minute charges centered on different aspects of BEING BRAVE were powerfully delivered by Vlad Matveyuk of Moscow, Maria Bisimova of Moscow, Peter Markarian of Gainesville, Dom Herlitzek of London, and Mike Patterson of New York City!

Vlad Matveyuk & Maria Bisimova - the Moscow
Campus Leaders - were outstanding in their
charge to Dare To Dream Radically!

Like all who are translated for the first time,
Brittany forgot to stop talking for
the translator to catch up!

Kip had lunch at Moscow's Hard Rock Cafe with
his beloved grandchildren in the faith - Mike &
Chenelle Patterson of New York City!

In the afternoon, Kip enjoyed coffee with Peter &
Jess Markarian!

Zach & Brittany Miller added
so much to the EAMC!

Late that afternoon, I received an urgent call from my brother Randy that our 90 year old mom had taken a "turn for the worst" with her flu and heart condition, and therefore had been admitted to ICU. After calling the airlines, the soonest I could leave Moscow for Orlando where Mom lived was early the next morning at 6:30AM. With this on my heart, I went to the EAMC FIRST GENERAL SESSION, which was the MERCY Night!

The MERCY Night Welcome was graciously given
by Rezo & Sasha Davitadze (right) and Kaspar
gave the Opening Prayer!

The joyous EAMC MERCY Night!

Then came the moving Opening Video focused on all of the key cities of the remaining 13 nations to evangelize Eurasia!

Lord willing, the Moldova Mission Team will be
led by Victor Maslyanikov, who is Maldovan!

Very unique to the EAMC were two short plays! My personal favorite was David defeating Goliath!

David made quite an entrance!

So confident that God was with him!

Goliath made his entrance!

David attacked!

God gave this "brave heart" the victory!

Excitingly, that evening, Artem Varlakov was appointed by Oleg and Michael Kirchner to be the Eurasian World Sector Administrator!

Oleg appointed Artem Varlakov - one of his very
best friends - to serve the Lord as the Eurasian
World Sector Administrator!

Then in a very tearful presentation, Aliona appointed – all at the same time – three of her most precious daughters in the faith to be Women's Ministry Leaders: Maria, Tanya Serafonova and Sasha Davitadze!

The Kingdom Appointments by Aliona of Sasha,
Tanya and Maria to be formally recognized
as WMLs were very moving!

Tanya - as with all three sisters - received an
inscribed Bible by Aliona and... with Sasha - a beautiful ring!

Sasha's father - a retired Russian General - was
very proud of his daughter, as was her
mother, who is a disciple!

Aliona's (left) three daughters in the faith who were
appointed WMLs - Tanya, Maria and Sasha!

Tanya baptized her mother on May 26th!
After the Kingdom Appointments, Oleg preached on FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT! His points were: 1) Do Not Bend Under The Changing World and 2) Go Crazy And You Will Be Closer To The Heart Of God! In his humorous first point, Oleg challenged us not to be changed by circumstances, but to change the world! During his second point, he stated, "God is looking for the crazies!" I will not soon forget that line!

Oleg was translated by Sofia in word,
heart and even in mannerisms!
This FIRST SESSION closed out with the MERCY Presentation, where we heard all about the many MERCY Moscow Projects! As well, Slava & Elena Kapsky were recognized for their tireless contributions to MERCY Moscow for the past four years! The new MERCY Moscow Leaders are Ivan Arhipenko and Lena Krylova!


Slava Kapsky shared about MERCY Moscow
for the past four years!

For Slava's four years of tireless service, he was
presented with a beautiful gold and
"MERCY green" watch!

Slava's MERCY watch!

Elena Kapsky was also presented
with a beautiful watch!

Anya Soboleff (left) and Sofia (Sirotkina) Di Beo
grew up together in Moscow and were happily
reunited at the EAMC!
Knowing that I had to leave the hotel at 3:00AM, I called a 10:00PM meeting of the Sirotkins and the Serafonovs. We had to cover all of the transitions of Oleg & Aliona moving to Kiev to lead this hurting congregation and Dima & Tanya taking over the great Moscow Church! It had seemed clear to all five of us a few weeks ago after the Di Beo Wedding that the Spirit was calling the Sirotkins to Kiev, because: 1) The Kiev Church was in need of revival as it was hurt by false teachers; 2) Aliona – though she was able to secure papers to visit Moscow for the few days of the EAMC – still was not able to freely come into Moscow and needed to stay in her home nation of Ukraine; 3) Bogdan Mekeda – a former Kiev City Boxing Champ would be restored on Sunday and his wife Alyona – a former Miss Ukraine – would be baptized! This five talent couple knows so many people in Kiev and could be quickly raised up if the Sirotkins moved to Kiev! A decision was made for them to train for full-time ministry as they needed only $1,200 USD to be full-time!


Kip and Lidia Sirotkina (right) encouraged Bogdan
& Alyona Mekeda of Kiev about their decisions
to be restored and baptized, respectively!

And 4) Luca & Sofia Di Beo would need to come to Kiev for three months starting in July to get papers for Sofia to train in London. Since they were coming from the great São Paulo Campus Ministry, they could spearhead the building of an equally great Kiev Campus Ministry! Our meeting ended a little after midnight!

The Sirotkins, the Serafonovs and Kip were very
excited about the new direction of the Eurasian
World Sector made at the "midnight meeting!"

Saturday, I traveled on three plane flights and arrived in Orlando at about 11:00PM, too late to see Mom. So the next day on Sunday, I brought my Bible and "led a church service" for my mom.

Kim - Kip's 90 year old mother - so enjoyed "church
and Bible study" with Kip on Sunday morning!
Elena flew in on Sunday night to encourage my mom. The next few days were "touch and go" for Mom. I was very thankful for so many disciples around the world praying for Mom's recovery!

On Sunday evening, Elena flew into Orlando
which really encouraged Kip's mom - Kim!

Though Kip was in Orlando with his mother on the
Sunday of the EAMC, he was very fired up
to hear that his friend Bogdan
Mekeda was restored!

Bogdan hugged Oleg with tears of gratefulness
for studying with him and for asking him to
be a full-time intern in Kiev!

Minutes after his restoration, Bogdan baptized
his wife Alyona - a former Miss Ukraine!

After a heart catheter procedure on Monday, it was decided that Mom needed a "three-wire pacemaker." This operation was scheduled for the following Monday, May 13th right after Mother's Day. Praise God, this procedure was successful! On Wednesday, I drove Mom to the Health Center where she could be under 24 hour surveillance and daily physical therapy. (As of June 3rd, Mom was released and is once again living at home!)

Kip's mother was informed by her heart surgeon
Dr. Bomma that the operation to connect a
"three-wire pacemaker" to her heart
was highly successful!

The inspirational picture on the ground floor
of the AventHealth Hospital where
Kip's mother had her surgery!

Kip drove his mother from the hospital to
the Health Center where she lived!
On Thursday, May 16th at Mom's strong urging, I flew to Peru for the Lima Inaugural Service Weekend! (Elena had flown into Lima on Wednesday as originally planned.)


Kip received a rejuvenating SoldOut Movement
Welcome upon landing in Lima!

I was unprepared for the beauty and "how modern" this metropolis of 12 million lost souls had become!

Kip & Elena were surprised about how
modern Lima had become!

Starbucks has evangelized Lima!

The beautiful Pacific Ocean forms
the western border of Lima!

The next day at lunch with Raul & Lynda Moreno, the Central & South American World Sector Leaders, I learned that corn and potatoes both originated from Peru! In fact, Peru has 55 varieties of corn and 3,800 varieties of potatoes!

It was so encouraging for the McKeans to
spend time with the Morenos in Lima!

Elena so enjoyed Peru's traditional drink "chicha
morada" made from "purple corn!" She
said, "The taste is rather sweet
and very delicious!"
Friday evening, I spoke to a very excited audience of 34 people composed of the seven on the Lima Mission Team, their converts, Raul & Lynda Moreno of São Paulo, Victor & Sonia Gonzalez of LA, Yamin Layton of Santiago (Chile), and several remnant disciples!


The Friday Night Devotional had several
ICOC members in attendance!


Raul Moreno and Victor Gonzalez greeted the
McKeans for the Devotional to be
held at the YMCA!

Before Kip preached, Elena shared about "Good
News From Around The World" with
Carol Bataglin translating!
My lesson was on Paul's Vision And Strategy For World Evangelism! Our main texts were Acts 16 – 19, which clearly showed that Paul – guided by the Holy Spirit (and persecution) – passed by smaller cities and centered his church plantings in the population centers. He believed that the influence of the church in the larger cities would reach the smaller cities, and in time with this strategy, the world would be evangelized! (Colossians 1:6, 23)

Kip preached about Paul's Vision And
Strategy For World Evangelism!
Saturday, Raul and I filled our schedule with studies with remnant disciples, which included meeting with the present ICOC Lima Church Leader. He shared with great sadness that only 80 disciples remained in the congregation. That night, dinner was a very enjoyable time with the Lima Mission Team Leaders – Danilo & Carol Bataglin, who are very dear and close spiritual grandchildren to Elena & me! Raul & Lynda did a terrific job raising them up to become full-time leaders from the University of São Paulo (USP) Campus Ministry!


Danilo & Carol Bataglin - the endearing
Lima Church Leaders!
Sunday, May 19th at lunch with Victor & Sonia Gonzalez, we celebrated Victor's 61st Birthday! Elena & I have a deep sense of gratitude toward them, as they were the first former full-time ministry disciples that joined us in Portland in February 2004!


Victor Gonzalez celebrated his 61st Birthday
on Lima's Inaugural Sunday!
Sunday at 5:00PM was the much anticipated Lima Inaugural Service! God blessed the seven on the mission team and eight other visiting disciples with an amazing 84 in attendance! Yamin – brought from Santiago to lead the singing – was fantastic!


Mariapaz Vilchez (left) - Peruvian by birth - and
Yamin Leyton flew from Santiago and did
a fantastic job leading us in singing
at the Lima Inaugural!

God blessed the Lima Inaugural Serice with
an amazing 84 in attendence!

Elena & I as is our custom at Inaugural Services delivered the Welcome! Carol did an amazing Communion sharing about her sinful bitterness about her parents' divorce while growing up! When she became a baptized disciple at USP, she apologized to her mom! Amazingly, shortly afterward, her mother and her 90 year old grandma were baptized!

Carol moved many hearts in her
sharing for Communion!
Victor & Sonia Gonzalez of LA shared passionately for Contribution! Many gasped in the audience when Sonia shared that LA Disciples even donated money from giving their blood for missions, and that missions money allowed the planting of the Lima ICC!


Victor & Sonia so enjoyed preaching in their
first language during Contribution!
Danilo preached a fabulous "Inaugural Sermon" on THE PURPOSES OF GOD! He even sang during the sermon a favorite Peruvian song and he had all the Peruvians joyfully singing with him!


Danilo won the Peruvians' hearts when he sang
a favorite national song during his sermon!
At the conclusion of the sermon, Raul & Lynda not only emphasized the key points of the sermon, but had everyone – both the visitors and the Christians – turn in a response card. The response cards were put into a basket for a raffle! When the fateful card was drawn, Sonia Gonzalez "won" a tri-lingual Bible in Spanish, English and Portuguese!


Raul & Lynda closed out the service with a
raffle using the response cards...

...Sonia won a tri-lingual Bible!
After the service an amazing young lady Stefany was baptized! She is a student at the National University of San Marcos (NUSM) – the number one pubic college in Peru! Founded in 1551, it is the oldest continuously operated university in the Western Hemisphere! Remarkably, NUSM has 37,000 students and right next to that campus is the "Catholica" University of Lima, the number one private college in Peru with 29,000 students! This is where Danilo has centered the mission team's apartments and efforts!


After Stefany's good confession, Danilo led We Love
You With The Love Of The Lord!

Ellen (left) and Carol (right) were equally excited
as Stefany at her baptism!

Stefany's mom (center) and her little sister (second
from the right) were fired up for Stefany

Elena gave a Spanish Version of ELEVATE to
Stefany as a present for her baptism!
When one counts our church plantings and our 40 remnant group churches, the Lima Church is the 100th congregation of the SoldOut Movement! We gloriously celebrated the Lima Inaugural at breakfast on Monday morning, May 20th with the mission team and the Morenos! All of us had incredible stories of God using us to bring visitors to the Friday and Sunday gatherings!


The Celebration Breakfast with the Lima Mission
Team was filled with miraculous accounts
from the Inaugural Service!

Ellen Santana (center) is from São Paulo; is just 18
years old; is a "Kingdom Kid;" and was person-
ally fruitful with Stefany! Her father - wanting
her to grow - came to Raul and said he
would pay all of Ellen's expenses for
six months if she could be on
the Lima Mission Team!
Later that morning, Elena & I began a "trip of a lifetime" to visit Machu Picchu – one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World – to celebrate my 65th Birthday, which actually was May 31st! (All of the monies spent on the trip came from birthday gifts from my family and friends, as well as our own savings.)


Kip & Elena were very excited to visit Machu
Picchu - one of the Seven Wonders
of the Modern World!
We began this journey with a two hour flight from Lima to Cuzco, the old Inca (or Inka) capital and now a fast-growing city of 700,000! At the airport, we were met and driven to the "Sacred Valley of the Incas" – a two hour car ride from Cuzco to acclimate to the high altitude of 8,000 feet (2,500 meters) of Machu Picchu. We arrived in the early evening in this gorgeous "desert valley" surrounded by the breath-taking Andes Mountains!


The first two nights, the McKeans stayed at the
Inkaterra Hotel in the Sacred Valley to
acclimate to the high altitude!

We spent the next day getting adjusted (which we needed!) by sightseeing other Inca settlements in Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

On Tuesday morning, the McKeans shopped
in the old Inca settlement of Pisac!

Interestingly, our guide's name was Socrates, and we quickly discovered that he was a Deacon in the Mainline Church of Christ in Cuzco!

Socrates - the McKeans' guide for all day Tuesday -
was a Deacon in the Mainline Church
of Christ in Cuzco!

After Pisac, the McKeans visited the largest Inca
settlement in the Sacred Valley
of Ollantaytambo!

Socrates shared with us in great detail about the Inca Empire, which flourished for a relatively short time from about 1400 AD to 1533 AD, when the Spaniards led by Pizarro conquered these incredible indigenous people!

At its height of power, the Inca Empire covered
much of western South America!

At the end of the day, Kip gave Socrates a copy
of The Chronicles Of Modern-Day Christianity
by Ron Harding!

The Chronicles Of Modern Day Christianity

should be read cover to cover by every
disciple to better understand the
sacrifices that have been made
to build God's Movement!
Then at 5:30AM on Wednesday, May 22nd, we were driven about an hour to the Ollantaytambo Train Station.


At 7:00AM, the McKeans boarded the train from
Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes, which is
the closest city to Machu Picchu!

There we caught a train that traveled two hours through the dry climate of the Sacred Valley into the lush tropical, mountain forest surrounding the town of Aguas Calientes.

The train ride through the mountains
was spectacular!

Aguas Calientes!

The revered statue of Pachacuti - the most
powerful Inca Emperor - thought to be
the founder of Machu Picchu!

With another guide, we took a bus to the heights of Machu Picchu! Upon hiking into this UNESCO World Heritage Site, we saw the famed and the most well preserved of all of the Inca citadels – Machu Picchu! Scholars believe that this not quite fully completed city was abandoned in the mid-1500's because of pestilence, civil war and the coming of the Spaniards! It is in pristine condition, because surprisingly, the Spanish never "discovered" it! Machu Picchu – though known to a few of the indigenous people – was "rediscovered" in 1911 by the Yale researcher, Hiram Bingham.

Machu Picchu!

Local residents of beauitful Machu Picchu!

These stones marked the area of Machu Picchu
where the building had ceased!

This statue was of the sacred animal that was the
staple food of the Incas!

Machu Picchu was unbeliveably gorgeous!
That afternoon, Elena & I returned to our hotel in Aguas Calientes completely exhausted from the excitement of being in Machu Picchu and the exploring of the well-preserved ruins of 200 buildings in the high altitude's thin air. That night, we decided just to eat at the little café inside our hotel. Our server's name was Valentina. She was from Venezuela and a student at the National University of San Marcos in Lima! We shared about the Lima Church and she was very interested to find it upon her return to Lima later in the year! We did not have anymore Spanish copies of Elena's book ELEVATE, but we did show her the pictures from ELEVATE's Kindle Version! (Elena sent her an autographed Spanish Version upon our return to LA!) So, the Word of God has indeed been preached in Machu Picchu – definitely at "the ends of the earth!" (Acts 1:8)

Kip & Elena shared about the Movement with
Valentina using the pictures in Elena's
Kindle Version of ELEVATE!
While waiting for the Thursday afternoon train back to Ollantaytambo, Elena & I decided to be adventurous in our lunch selection! So we decided to try the Peruvian delicacy of "Cuy" – Guinea Pig! (Cuy is pronounced as "ku we.")

A Peruvian cuy!
In fact, in Peru, whole restaurants are focused on only serving this staple dish and are known as "Cuyerias!" Perhaps showing just how important cuy is to the rural Peruvian diet, in one of Cuzco's cathedrals is somewhat of a replica of Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper, in which Jesus and the 12 Apostles are seated around a huge plate of cuy!

The Cuyeria Inti served only cuy!

Elena greeted one of the Cuyeria Inti's waiters!

In Peru, cuyes are farmed similarly to chickens in
America. They were the staple food of
the Incas, as well as modern-
day rural Peruvians!

Cuy is a Peruvian delicacy!
On Tuesday, Socrates had said cuy was his favorite dish and that grilled cuy skin tasted like pig and the meat tasted like a cross between duck and lamb!

 Cuy... "mmm mmm good?"

Most likely, this was Kip's & Elena's
first and last cuy!
After spending Thursday night in Cuzco at 11,300 feet (3,500 meters) and three flights later, we returned home to LA on Saturday morning, May 25th!

Bouyed by the experience but a bit weary from
traveling, the McKeans arrived home from
Peru on Satuday, May 25th!

On Sunday, May 26th, we saw Joey & Karen Gregory appointed the South Region Leaders of the City of Angels Church! The Gregorys will also be the LA Teen Ministry Leaders – to now over 50 teens – and at the July 14th IGNITE Service, Ricky & Coleen Challinor will officially handover the IGNITE Leadership to Joey & Karen!

Joey & Karen Gregory will assist Ricky & Coleen
Challinor in leading the 2019 IGNITE Program!
At the IGNITE Sunday Service, the Gregorys
will become the new IGNITE Leaders!

On Friday, June 7th - after moving into their new
apartment just five days before - the Gregorys'
living room was filled with 31 people at their
first South Region Campus and
Teen Devotional
On Tuesday, May 28th at the City of Angels Church Staff Meeting, I was given a Birthday Party celebrating my 65th!


Blaise & Patricia Feumba introduced the program
for the festivities in celebrating
Kip's 65th Birthday!

It was quite fun and interesting, as various disciples shared about my life in five year increments! As well, they were dressed in cloths worn during those time periods! They also recounted the world events of that time period and many played the music of that day! I was very humbled by this outpouring of affection! To end the party, Elena & I were so fired up to share all about the 100th SoldOut Movement Church and our time in Machu Picchu!

Kip felt very encouraged by the entire Staff!
Though the City of Angels ICC was officially planted on May 6, 2007 by 42 Portland Disciples, for various reasons, we celebrated "our" 12th Anniversary Service on Sunday, June 2nd at the Pomona Fairplex in East LA! Since the planting of the City of Angels Church is the official beginning of the SoldOut Movement, we were also rejoicing in the Movement's 12th Anniversary!


RD & April Baker - Middle East Missions
Heroes - gave a stirring Welcome!

The 12th Anniversary Service of
the City of Angels Church!

The McKeans were honored with small gifts from
the Kernans and the City of Angels Church to
commemorate the 12th Anniversary of
the SoldOut Movement!

As one of the LA Sisters of Encouragement, Lianne introduced several brothers and sisters that have moved to strengthen the City of Angels Church!

The Gregorys were formally introduced as the South
Region Leaders to the entire City of Angels Church!

The Holy Spirit sent Ryan & Luz Casarez of San
Francisco to be the right-hand couple to
the Gregorys in the South Region!

Andrey & Cynthia Astanin of Sacramento have
also come to strengthen the South Region!

Also coming from San Francisco were Chris Lastra
& Maraia Rotolante, who lead the HEAT
Sector in the OC Region!

Following the introductions, Matthew & Marlo Lovacheff led the moving CR Graduation of nine courageous disciples!

Matthew & Marlo Lovacheff are the incredible
CR Ministry Leaders in LA!

Among the nine CR Graduates was Nick Kley!

Completely healed from his cancer, Victor
announced the forming of the Spanish-
speaking Super Sector of the
Metro Heights Region!

What an incredible time, as Tim Kernan delivered my new favorite "Tim Sermon" entitled, REFORMATION OR RESTORATION? In the lesson, he commended the City of Angels Church for raising over $1,000,000 for Missions in May and for more than daily additions in 2019!

Tim Kernan - the Lead Evangelist of the City of
Angels Church - gave a riviting sermon
To close out the service was the Tampa Bay Supplement Mission Team Send Off! The City of Angels Church (CAICC) Shepherds – Michael Kirchner and Tony Untalan – prayed over this gallant team led by Jared & Rachel McGee!


The CAICC Shepherds - Michael Kirchner and Tony
Untalan - called on the Spirit through prayer to
bless with much fruitfulness the
Tampa Bay Church!

The Tampa Bay Supplemental Mission Team!

OPERATION EAGLE Trophies were given to each
member of the Tampa Bay Team!
Immediately following the service, many disciples from the IE Region gathered around Kristian & Rabecka Fulkerson as they were baptized into Christ!

Congratulations to Kristian & Rabecka who
were married a week before
they were baptized!

After the historic Anniversary Service, the
McKeans had a delightful lunch
with Jared, Rachel, Priscilla
and Chloe McGee!

At the Anniversary Service, Jen Lazaro was sent
as an intern to Santiago to join
her boyfriend Yamin!

The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner for the Wedding of Alicia Winthein & Jonathan Causey was held in Rancho Cucamonga on Sunday evening! The next day on Monday, June 3rd, Jonathan (Jay) & Alicia Causey were married in an unforgettable Wedding Ceremony held at beautiful Hidden Oaks Wedding Venue in Rancho Cucamonga!

The Wedding of Jonathan & Alicia Causey was
beautiful from start to finish!

Upon Jonathan's entry on the song Superstar by Lupe Fiasco, all of his Groomsmen posed as paparazzi and clicked pictures with real cameras that flashed! I leaned over to his father John and said, "That's the first time that I have seen the whole crowd rise for the Groom!"

The Groom received a standing ovation!
Alicia was escorted to the alter by her father Lloyd with the updated and romantic rendition of the song, How Will I Know by Stan Smith! My question to Alicia's father was, "Who gives this gorgeous Princess of the Seas to this dashing Prince of the Kingdom of God on Earth?" I explained during the sermonette that both of Alicia's parents had served as medics in the US Navy, and in fact, that is how they met! I went on to say that for years, the catchy recruitment slogan for the US Navy was, "It's not a job! It is an adventure!" Of course, Jonathan's title of "Prince of the Kingdom of God on Earth" is for every baptized male disciple of the King of Kings!


The Bride was escorted by her Burmese father!
My main text was from Genesis 24 – the moving account of Abraham's servant finding a bride for Abraham's son Isaac! I chose this passage because Isaac in Hebrew means, "he laughs!" All through the Groom Honoring Party and the Rehearsal Dinner, everyone was endeared to Jonathan because he made everyone laugh! As well, Isaac was a "Kingdom Kid" just like Jonathan! Also, Rebekah means in Hebrew "to attach," and one of the qualities that made Jonathan fall in love with Alicia was seeing the tears Alicia shed each time she left a ministry as she was so "attached" to all of the brothers and sisters.


Both Jonathan & Alicia were moved to
tears during the wedding!
My two points were: 1) Do It Right and 2) Do It With All Of Your Might! "Doing it right" was Jonathan's & Alicia's heart as they became baptized disciples respectively on April 23, 2006 and February 16, 2014! So different from the world in California where 75% of the marriages end in divorce, in the entire 12 year history of the SoldOut Movement there has never been a divorce between two faithful disciples! Also in "doing it right," at the end of the wedding was Jonathan's & Alicia's very first kiss!


Michael & Sharon Kirchner had done the Causeys'
premarital counseling, as so were asked to
give a short charge!

The first kiss!

The jubilant Mr. & Mrs. Causey!

Dr. Tim Jackson (third from the left) flew out from
Bermuda for his nephew's wedding!

Congratulations Jonathan & Alicia!

The first dance!

250 friends - such as Sal & Patricia Velasco -
gathered to honor the Groom & the Bride!

Elena & I have drawn quite close to this amazingly, talented couple, and so our wedding gift to them was to spend their first night at the Missions Inn in Riverside! The "Young Causeys" flew out the next day to honeymoon in Greece and Turkey to visit many historical sites in the New Testament!

The Causey Wedding Party!
What a phenomenal couple they have become: Jonathan is already an incredible preacher and singer with a very creative mind and sweet soul; Alicia – the Valedictorian of her high school and of the ICCM Class of 2018 – is so beloved by all the sisters that have been blessed to be under her leadership! Upon their return, Jonathan & Alicia will serve as the North Region Campus Ministry Leaders!


After getting married to Alicia, Jonathan
felt like a super hero!

On Sunday, June 9th, Elena & I were in the AMS Region of LA – our "home region!"

Adam & Lauren Zepeda - the AMS Region
Leaders - from time to time take
modeling gigs to reach out to
other actors and models!

On Sunday, June 9th, in all of the regions of the City of Angels Church was "EXPO Sunday!" In every region, the Bible Talks shared their names, introduced their members, and stated their "prayer goals!" In the AMS, four Bible Talks were introduced: the N.E.W.W. (Nicely Equipped With the Word), the MEDIAtor Bible Talk, the Industry 2.0 Bible Talk, and the R.O.S.E. Bible Talk (Reach One Soul Everyday)! Not mentioned as they are suspended for the summer months were the Campus Bible Talks: the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) Bible Talk and Los Angeles Valley College Bible Talk. Lord willing, Lauren Zepeda will lead a Women's Bible Talk after the Zepedas' return from the PCRM!

The NEWW Bible Talk!

The MEDIAtor Bible Talk!

The Industry 2.0 Bible Talk!

The ROSE Bible Talk!

Josiah & Kristin Smith closed the service commending Heather Harvin for Communion, Alex Medina for Contribution, and Adam in his lesson entitled, IF YOU'RE OUT THERE from the John Legend song! Then Kristin shared that five months ago she reached out on Instagram Messenger to Carmen Blackwell, who was a Fox 10 News Anchor in Phoenix – the same role that Kristin had eight years ago! After seeing several of Carmen's posts, Kristin contacted Carmen, because she related to Carmen at that stage in her life. Like Kristin, Carmen had the same interest in God, but was also misguided by the world. When Carmen received Kristin's message, she immediately reached back and started studying with the Phoenix Sisters! Kristin ended her sharing by saying that Carmen was baptized in Phoenix that day!

Carmen Blackwell was baptized in Phoenix
on Sunday, June 9th!

The Phoenix sisters embraced Carmen!

Welcome to God's worldwide
family dear Sister!

On Tuesday night, June 11th at 9:30PM, I flew into my beloved Metro Manila for the 2019 PACIFIC RIM MISSIONS CONFERENCE (PRMC!) As usual, I received a heartfelt SoldOut Movement Welcome from so many disciples with whom Elena & I have come to be quite close! (Elena was not with me, because of doctor’s orders. So that Elena will remain healthy, Elena travels with me on average every other mission trip. Praise God, we just received the "five year all clear" from bone cancer by the doctors!)

Though Elena did not travel with Kip to Manila for
the PRMC, Kip was greatly encouraged by
the Welcome he received!

Wednesday was a busy day! At 9:30AM, I met a long term friend for breakfast at the Jen Hotel, the site of the PRMC! At noon, I had a delightful meeting with Nick & Denise about MERCY's global efforts. At 5:00PM, I was blessed with dinner with Ricky & Coleen Challinor! Mina – their darling daughter – was close by so I was able to give her the candies that "Lola Elena" had sent! That evening, I met with two couples to "bring them to complete unity." God was victorious!

So fitting for the PRMC Logo was the
combining of the American Eagle
Logo with the Filipino
Eagle Logo!

Thursday, morning at 6:30AM, all of the 56 International Delegates gathered to board buses to ride to the site of the PRMC MERCY Event at the La Huerta Elementary School in Parañaque City – part of Metro Manila! Upon arriving, we were greeted by 150 Manila MERCY Ambassadors, who were able to get off work!

The joyous bus ride to the PRMC MERCY Event!

Gina Dela Peña (right) - the courageous Filipina
Disciple that became the "one woman
remnant group of Manila in 2012" -
befriended Principal Myla!

Kip shared his vision for the details of the event
with the MERCY Leaders - Nick Bordieri
(center) and Oliver Lapeña!

To begin, every International and Manila Delegate was paired with a child from the school, some of which are street children. (In all, we served almost 200 children ages six to nine.)

Adrian Keller of LA bonded by having a great time
with Rafael, with whom he was paired!

Vi Dang of the ICCM-San Francisco brought
so much fun to her pairing!

Then, eight stations in separate classrooms were set up for each child to be escorted by their assigned MERCY Ambassador: Initial Check-up, Medical Check-up, Dental Check-up, Pharmacy, Snacks, School Supplies, Dental Hygiene and Shoes.

Maruja Cabrera - who was very fired up to be asked
to be a paid intern at the PRMC - held up the
stapled, eight ticket stub provided for each
child to give upon entering each station!

The eight tickets on each stub were
stabled together and were to be
given at each station!

Naomi Radnaabazar - a key member of the Phnom
Penh Mission Team - was a trained dentist
in her homeland of Mongolia!

Like Paul with tent-making, Naomi was glad to
be helping at the Dental Hygiene Station!

New shoes were given to all 200 of the
La Huerta School children!

As for the children, many attend the "Education Under The Bridge Program," who all their lives have known only abject poverty. The parents – who are mostly fishermen – cannot even afford the supplies necessary for school. On Saturdays, the children of the Bulungan Area of Parañaque City help their parents clean fish and shellfish all day until 2:00PM and then attend lessons with "Teacher Fe!" Fe Matullano Lustanas - a full-time teacher at the La Huerta School - began this education program in 2010 with her own money meeting with eight poor children literally "under the La Huerta Bridge!" The well-known bridge is located beneath the busy Manila-Cavite Expressway and beside the polluted Parañaque River!

Teacher Fe lived up to her name - "fe" means
faith in Spanish - by establishing
"Education Under The Bridge!"

Teacher Fe in action at the now renowned
"Education Under The Bridge!"

The 3,000 children at La Huerta Elementary School are sweet, but most have never seen a doctor or dentist before. One child took one bite of his Jollibee chicken sandwich, and put it in his backpack to take home to share with his family. They were so thankful and so were their parents because of the love of the MERCY Ambassadors!

At the PRMC, Evan & Kelly Bartholomew of Toronto
bonded with Francis, Liza, Airi and Aaron
Javier and with Nida Openiano
(Liza's mom) of Cebu!

By participating in all 10 International Missions
Conferences, Kip not only has great d-times
with incredible leaders such as Ricky, Blady
and Marc, but also gets to know the "up
and coming leaders" such as Mako
  - baptized March 31, 2019!

When young disciples like Chelsea (center) -
a model and incoming UP Student - meet
Kip, they can get answers that shut
down internet persecution!

While the children were waiting to go through the eight stations, as well as when they had finished, the children were able to entertain the MERCY Ambassadors, and us them!

The La Huerta children were fantastic in
entertaining the MERCY Ambassadors!

Joe & Kerry Willis were mezmerized
by the performances of the La
Huerta Dance Troop!

The hearts of all the MERCY Ambassadors were moved by the children's gratefulness! Their parents were invited to come, but few did. Ricky explained to me that they were embarrassed by their poverty because they could not provide school supplies and in many cases even shoes.

Sharon Groman of Syracuse at 67 years "young"
volunteered to be a self-supporting member
of the Phnom Penh Mission Team!

Wis Leuterio and Jaz Movido were outstanding as the Emcees for the MERCY Event!

Wis and Jaz were sensational as
the Emcees for the day!

During the Program, Lauren Zepeda and Heather Harvin of LA sang, The Greatest Love of All. The lyrics are:

I believe that children are our future;
Teach them well and let them lead the way.
Show them all the beauty they possess inside.
Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier;
Let the children's laughter remind us how we use to be.
Everybody's searching for a hero;
People need someone to look up to...

The children found "heroes" in the MERCY Ambassadors! So did "Principal Myla" of the La Huerta School, as she came to church on Sunday with one of her teachers!


During the PRMC, Heather (left) made the decision
to enter the full-time ministry!

To conclude the program, we had our customary visit from Jollibee... and everyone loved Jolibee!

Everyone loved Jollibee!

Even Principal Myla danced with him!

But most of all, Jason loved Jollibee!

Jollibee encouraged everyone at
the PRMC MERCY Event!

That evening, the PRMC began in earnest with the Speakers Dinner! It was located overlooking Rizal Park, so named after the Filipino hero – José Rizal! He was executed there on December 30, 1896 for his convictions to speak out against the oppression of the Filipino people by the Spanish and the Catholic Church.

The veiw of Rizal Park from the Speakers
Dinner room was breathe-taking!

Dr. José Rizal - a martyr for the cause of
freedom in 1896 - inspires Filipinos
to this day!

Lechon was served for the Speakers Dinner!

The Speakers Dinner was a reunion of leaders
from around the world!

At the beginning of his speech, Joe Willis – the World Sector Leader of Austral-China – shared that in 1994, at the ICOC World Leadership Conference entitled, ONE GENERATION, he first met Kerry!

Joe & Kerry were married on December 2, 1995 -
a little over a year after meeting in Manila!

At the Speakers Dinner, Joe spoke on FEAR THE LORD, PERSUADE OTHERS! It was a very practical sermon addressed to the speakers to remember their audience: 1) Those Doing Well, 2) Those Who Could Do Better, and 3) Those Whose Souls Are On The Line! Later that night, the Prayer War Room opened!

Joe was a prophet to the prophets for the PRMC!

On Friday morning, June 14th was the Leadership Session which was packed with disciples hungry for the Word!

The Friday morning Leadership Session was packed!

Blady Perez – the Phnom Penh Mission Team Leader – preached on CHRIST'S LOVE COMPELS US which is in Ricky's favorite Scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:14-15! As I listened, I thought, "This brother is ready for a GLC Sermon!"

Blady delivered a "GLC Sermon!"

Following this landmark sermon were sermonettes on Leadership Qualities Of An Ambassador!

The Zepedas spoke on the short charge
of Next Level Sermons!

Mark & Kerry Garrido of the Honolulu Church
challenged everyone on the topic of
Ministry Expectations!

The Chavezes of San Francisco preached
on Dynamic Small Groups!

Jason & Sarah added so much by sharing what
they had done in Training Leaders!

Zach & Ariel Shields - the Davao Mission Team
Leaders - challenged everyone with their
message, Ambassadors On Campus!

After a short break, Jason Dimitry – the very effective leader of the San Francisco Bay Church – preached a powerful lesson on, WE ARE A NEW CREATION!

Kip led the Counting of the Cost Study with Kee
Aung (second from the right) on Friday!

That evening was the FIRST GENERAL SESSION! Great singing was followed by an incredible Opening Video – my vote one of the top three of the new Movement! The video was created by a 17 year old Cebu Sister and "Kingdom Kid" – Airi Nakazawa Javier! Then came the Flag Ceremony for all the nations of Southeast Asia!

The awe-inspiring FIRST GENERAL SESSION!

The magnificent Flag Ceremony which displayed
"the colors" of all of the Southeast
Asia Countries!

Ricky & Coleen Challinor warmly welcomed
everyone to Metro Manila!

Following came the Kingdom Reinstatements of Blady & Cielo Perez!

Cielo Perez was reinstated as a Women's Ministry
Leader in God's Modern-Day Movement!

Blady Perez was likewise reinstated as an
Evangelist in God's Family!

Afterward, Tim Kernan shared the profound message of THE MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION RESTORED! This was followed by the Pure Dance!

Tim Kernan gave a profound message on
restoration from 2 Kings 22 and Acts 2!

On Saturday morning were the MERCYworldwide Report and the Kingdom Appointments of Oliver & Lis Lapeña as a Shepherding Couple!

Nick & Denise gave "The MERCY Moment!"

Oliver & Lis Lapeña were appointed a Manila
Shepherding Couple by the Challinors!

As the morning moved on quickly, Ricky inspired us all through the lesson, WE ARE GOD’S CO-WORKERS! He handed out the Southeast Asia Crown of Thorns Project and pledged to plant churches throughout the Philippines and in each nation of Southeast Asia: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam!

Ricky's new Southeast Asia Crown
of Thorns Project!

Southeast Asia!

Kip was honored that Kyle Bartholmew & Janien
Sotelo asked him to marry them in Manila
on Friday, August 16th!

That afternoon were the Men's and Women's Programs! John Malnegro and Zach Shields delivered the major speeches in the Men's Session! Coleen and Lianne preached for the sisters in the Women's Program!

John Malnegro preached on What We
Are Is Plain To God!

Dean Lam - the Hong Kong Church Leader - led off
the short charges on the Godly Qualities Of An
Ambassador and was followed by Carlos
Robielos, Clieford Ablin, Ryan Serrano
and Bryson Okuno!

Coleen peached the key-note message
for the Women's Program!

The highlight of the missions conferences for the
sisters is usually The Women's Program!

Saturday night was the THIRD GENERAL SESSION – The Kingdom Banquet! Incredible cultural presentations were performed!

The Kingdom Banquet!

The cultural presentations were so
colorful and energetic!

Aki & Lou Cabañero - the Southwestern University
Campus Leaders - have given their whole
hearts to build the Cebu Church!

Another highlight of the evening was the much anticipated Kingdom Appointments of Marc & Maika Carbonell!

Maika was overjoyed to be appointed a WML!

Marc gave a passionate charge to the crowd
when he was made an Evangalist!

As well, John Causey delivered a very fatherly "fireside chat" entitled, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION! Though it had been a long day, John kept us all "on the edge of our seats!"

John Causey of LA was one of everyone's
favorite preachers at the PRMC!

As Priscoo Palomata & Chokiss Castro were leading
the University of Cebu Campus Ministry, the
Malnegros were discipling them in ministry
and in having a pure dating relationship!

For the PRMC, God blessed us with an amazing total of 526 participants – 56 International Delegates, 58 from Cebu and the remainder from Manila! On Sunday, June 16th, the singing was angelic and there was an atmosphere of expectation in the crowd! Ricky & Coleen gave a stirring Welcome followed by the International Prayer of 15 languages!

Always excellent, the Challinors gave
an eloquent Welcome!

The International Prayer was delivered
 in 15 languages!

I was privileged to preach on the keynote lesson, AMBASSADORS OF CHRIST!

Kip preached about David's Mighty Men in his
close out lesson - AMBASSADORS
Afterward were eight baptisms highlighted by Kee Aung – a denominational preacher of a congregation of 40 people in Yangon, Myanmar! Lord willing, he will establish a remnant group in the 40th nation of the SoldOut Movement – Myanmar! (Praise God that on the other days of the conference, there were four restorations!)


Kee Aung's baptism gave the SoldOut Movement
its 40th nation - Myanmar!

Then the Holy Spirit sent off the Phnom Penh and Davao Mission Teams, as well as the new U-Belt Region of the Manila Church!

Ricky (white shirt) orchestrated the glorious Send
Off: the U-Belt Region Mission Team (right), the
Davao Mission Team (left), and the Phnom
Penh Mission Team in the front!

The U-Belt Region Mission Team!

When the Filipino Flag is flown with blue on top,
the Philippines is in a time of peace!

When the Filipino Flag is flown with red on top,
the Philippines is in a state of war!

Filipino Eagle Statues were given to each
member of the Davao Mission Team!

After church, Kip had a quick lunch with John,
Anna, Jash, Jorge & Jed Malnegro!

That afternoon, we gathered for the gorgeous Kingdom Wedding of Carlos Robielos & Quennie Biongan presided over brilliantly by Ricky!

The Groom entered and everyone cheered!

What a joy for Ricky on Father's Day to see his
lovely daughter coming down the aisle
as the Flower Girl!

The Bride entered and there was a holy
silence and many smiles!

Carlos & Quennie will call each other even
higher being married!

Mr. & Mrs. Robielos the moment after their first kiss!

After Ricky delivered the Wedding
Sermonette, Kip was honored to
give a short charge on praying
every night together!

Her father was so moved by the wedding and the love of the disciples that during the Father/Daughter Dance, he whispered in her ear, "I love you!" Quennie shared that this was the first time that her father had spoken these words to her!

At the beginning of the reception, Carlos
& Quennie were introduced as Mr. &
Mrs. Robielos for only the
second time!

The Robielos' spiritual dad & mom -
Ricky & Coleen!

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos & Quennie Robielos!

On Tuesday, June 18th, I flew back "home" to LA and my dear wife Elena! And to God be all the glory!

Albuquerque: "Elias Everardo" was born May 2, 2019 at 10:27PM to the dynamic Albuquerque Church Leaders – Everardo & Jen Esparza! He was 7 lbs. 7 oz. and 20.5 inches! He is very healthy and strong! "Mama Bear Jen" is fully recovered!

Congratulations to Everardo & Jen on
the birth of Elias!

Auckland: On May 26th, Chris & Merari Singers were blessed with an amazing Kingdom Wedding!

Congratulations to Chris & Merari!

Chris' grandparents were so impressed with Merari!

Chennai: Congratulations to Nishanth & Nalini – the young dynamic leaders of the Koddambakkam Region of the Chennai Church – who were gloriously married on the 5th of May!

Congrats to Nishanth & Nalini!

Denver: Greetings from the Rocky Mountains! We are so excited for all that God is doing here in Denver! On June 2nd, we had the amazing privilege of witnessing two very special disciples become one as Babette Lyons & Tom Sperling tied the knot! Tom is a very faithful brother and retired police officer. He was single in the Kingdom for over 10 years, but still believed even at the age of 70, he could find love and God really blessed his faith! He met Babette at Cabela's (his favorite store) and invited her to study the Bible with the sisters. After studying the Bible for a few months, she was baptized! Tom & Babette eventually started dating and now are happily married! This is a true fairytale in the Kingdom and shows us that everything is possible for him who believes!

The Kingdom was revealed in the wedding of
Tom & Babette as, "Old men dream
dreams!" (Acts 2:17)

Houston: Welcome to the Kingdom Elijah Alexander Woody! Elijah was born on May 14, 2019 at 8:58PM! The Houston Church was so excited for this future "prophet" to be born!

Super congratulations to the Woodys on the birth
of their young prophet - Elijah!

Las Vegas: Brighton Anthony George was born Friday, June 7th at 6:34PM! He weighed just a little over 8 lbs., and is a healthy growing boy! New mom Joy is doing great and is recovering quickly! Princeton rejoiced in celebrating his first Father's Day!

Congratulations to Princeton & Joy on the birth
of beautiful Brighton!

Brighton - even as a baby - was just as
handsome as his dad!

Los Angeles: Oscar Gomez went home to glory on June 5, 2019! Praise God, he was baptized earlier this year on March 31, 2019! Leti Gomez – a disciple in the new Spanish Super Sector said of her father, "My dad opened the doors to his house for Bible Talk every Thursday. He loved having visitors to hear the Word of God. He also visited people to study the Bible when he was sick and could barely walk and had to carry his oxygen machine. The Scripture that my dad shared at his baptism was John 3:1-7. My dad was persecuted by some of his 'friends' for getting 'baptized,' but he did not give into sentimentality and understood that he had to be born again. My dad gave God his whole heart and was extremely happy to call himself a disciple! His final prayers were that his wife, daughter and mother would also become disciples. I am so grateful that I will see him again in Heaven!"

We will see you in Heaven dear Oscar!

The McKeans attended the Spanish Super Sector
Service on June 23rd and were blessed to meet
Leti Gomez (right), Oscar's wife, Leti's
daughter and Oscar's mother!

Mexico City: Congratulations to Philippe & Paula Scheidecker, who have individually impacted disciples around the world! Now married – since "two are better than one" – this couple will be able to do "even great things!" (Ecclesiastes 4:9; John 14:12)

Toutes nos felecitations Mr. & Mrs. Scheidecker!!

New York City: Please join Mike & Chenelle Patterson in celebrating the birth of their beautiful daughter Bellamy! Though Bellamy was born exactly two months early on May 21st, both mom and baby are doing great! So is dad!

Congratulations Mike & Chenelle on the birth
of your first child - Bellamy!

This weekend, we celebrated the beautiful beach wedding of Nicholas Enfantino & Dao Henderson, our Bronx Region Leaders! They were extremely effective in the Columbia University Campus Ministry and have been doing an amazing job leading the Bronx Region! Keep them in your prayers!

Congratualations Mr. & Mrs. Enfantino!

To remind each wedding guest of Nick's & Dao's
zeal for all to have a hot faith and their passion
for spicy food, all guests received a bottle of
hot sauce labeled, "Thank you for
Spicing Up our Special Day!"

Orlando: Congratulations to the proud parents of "Baby Joy" – Muzic & Courtney Melara!

Congratulations Muzic & Courtney
Melara on "Baby Joy!"

Paris: The entire church rejoiced on June 2nd, as God blessed Landry & Christelle Mokwa – dedicated and inspiring disciples for three years –  with a second son, Jaden!

Big brother Lenny is so proud
of "Little Jaden!"

San Diego: Greetings from the Finest City! Born on May 12th – Mother's Day – at 2:08PM, Carter Michael Retzius was 8 lbs. and 1 oz., and 23 inches long! Congrats Chris & Nichola!

Welcome to God's Family
Carter Michael Retzius!

San Francisco: Ezekiel Daniel Alcala Lopez was born to Carlos & Angela on May 21st at 6:19PM!

What a joy Ezekiel Daniel Alcala has been
to Carlos & Angela Lopez!

Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” (Song Of Songs 2:7) On June 10th, the San Francisco Church celebrated the wedding of Rob & Renee Jenkins! Rob was baptized 28 years ago in our former fellowship, but was never married. Well, on Sunday, as the tears ran down his cheeks when he saw his beautiful bride Renee coming down the aisle, Rob would absolutely say that God's timing is always perfect!

The Jenkins' first kiss!

Jason & Sarah are so appreciative of the partnership
in the Gospel that they have shared with
Rob & Renee through the years!

São Paulo: Something amazing happened in the church in São Paulo! Last week, Claudette was baptized, who happens to be the aunt of our dear campus sister Kirya!

Kirya's prayer were answered when she
baptized her Aunt Claudette!

Claudette was battling terminal cancer, but decided to seek the Lord in her physical pain, and this week the Lord called her back to Him where she will experience no more pain! Claudette lasted less than a week in the earthly Kingdom, but will live forever in the eternal one!

Claudette has gone home to Heaven
where there is no pain!
Sydney: For the "Heroes of Hong Kong" who have honoured God through every moment of your dating relationship – Mr. & Mrs. Dean & Audrey Lam: Congratulations on your first kiss at the alter and may "cake and kisses" follow you all the days of your lives!

Dean & Audrey Lam - the Hong Kong Church
Leaders - celebrated their wedding vows
in Sydney on June 22, 2019!

Our prayer for you is for "cake and kisses to
follow you all the days of your lives"
in evangelizing China!

Washington DC: Congratulations to Cathi Martinez, who was awarded her Master's Degree in Gerontology from the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) in LA through their extension school!

Celebrated by her family, Cathi "walked" on May
10th at the USC Commencement! Her
father Tommy Gains is a disciple
and pillar in the East Region of
the City of Angels Church!

Jesus Never Went On Vacation
Though it may sound a bit odd, it is true that Jesus during His three-year ministry never went on vacation! Both "vacation" and "vacate" come from the same Latin root of vacare, which when directly translated to English means "to be unoccupied." In fact, Jesus was persecuted for working a miracle on the Sabbath (the day of rest), and He boldly stated, "My Father is always at His work to this very day, and I, too, am working." (John 5:17) So is it wrong to have a "get-a-way?" Absolutely not, as long as you do not "get-a-way" from God or His work! Jesus did see the need for "get-a-way time" every morning while it was still dark… to pray! (Mark 1:35) He also realized that there needed to be a "change of pace" in His busy life from time to time! In Mark 6:31 after John the Baptist's martyrdom, the Bible reads, "Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not have a chance to eat, [Jesus] said to [the Apostles], 'Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.' So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place." This is exactly the heart that Elena & I had in traveling to Machu Picchu!

The McKeans' journey to Michu Picchu was
a time to "get some rest!"

Our lives have been rather busy – as with all disciples – and we needed a "change of pace" and some adventure, which for us is fun! During our five day adventure, we had not only great quiet times, but a chance to talk deeply about our lives, our family, our disciples and the Movement.

Kip & Elena enjoyed a very relaxing first night
by the fire at the Inkaterra Hotel
in the Sacred Valley!
After ascending to Machu Picchu on Wednesday, Elena was very physically exhausted. On the other hand, though the altitude was making me stop every so often to catch my breath, I was enthralled by this ancient Inca Citadel! However, to be honest, I was a little disappointed to see so many people, as it made it way too touristy! Therefore, since we had been given rare 6:00AM Entrance Tickets to Machu Picchu, I decided that I would "go it alone" to the bus at 5:15AM on Thursday morning to have my quiet time in this fabled place!


At 5:15AM, Kip arrived at the bus station!
After the bus ride, it was exactly 6:00AM when we reached the top and still twilight. I was about the 50th person to enter the park and the lack of crowds made Machu Picchu everything I hoped it would be! As a matter of fact, that early in the morning ¾ of the ruins were roped off and therefore had no people!

This was the view of Machu Picchu Park
when Kip entered at 6:00AM!
For my quiet time, I selected the part of Machu Picchu that was still being constructed by the Incas when they abandoned it, as I wanted to talk with God about continuing to build His Movement.

The unfinished area of Machu Picchu was
where Kip chose for his quiet time!
The Lord put on my heart two Scriptures: Matthew 28:16-20 and 1 Timothy 2:1-4. I read in Matthew 28:16-17, "Then the Eleven went to Galilee, to the mountain where He told them to go. When they saw Him, they worshiped Him but some doubted." Almost immediately, I felt the Spirit convict me about "doubt" that I was unaware had entered into my heart and prayer life. Seeing my mom so sick and weak days before, I had doubted my prayers for my mom's recovery and even more that she would become a disciple. I wept when I again was convicted of doubts about my children being restored. I went on to 1 Timothy 2:1-4, again I heard through the Scriptures God speaking when I read particularly verses one and two, "I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all goodness and holiness." I was cut that I was not praying for the leaders of the world, so the Gospel could be preached in every nation. Sadly, I was very convicted that anger and hate were in my heart toward certain politicians that played to the prejudice between races, while not taking a world-view that "rich nations" need to be gladly helping a poor world. I repented again in tears, and prayed for "those in authority" to bring peace between races, sexes, cultures and nations, so "we" can easily take the Gospel from one nation to another.

By God's grace, there were no crowds that Kip
had to endure in Machu Picchu in the
early morning hours!
I got up from my knees feeling so refreshed, so pure, so fired up to be a disciple, especially when I saw the sun-rays jutting forth over the Andes Mountains! I turned the corner and there were about 12 llamas just standing around… I felt the hug of God, since the previous day, Elena & tried to take pictures of Machu Picchu llamas, but the llamas gravitated to the roped-off sections to be away from the crowds.

Kip made a new friend immediately after
his Machu Picchu quiet time!

Kip's friend thought this was his better side!

Kip was very thankful that his second new
friend was silent, much different than
Balaam's talking donkey!
Then for some reason, I was allowed to enter the roped off part of Machu Picchu with only a few other people! What a "WOW" moment! After spending about three hours at this "high"-light of my life, I returned to the hotel only to see Elena continuing to share her faith with Valentina! I married an amazing disciple!

For Kip & Elena visiting breathe-taking Machu
Picchu was the "trip of a lifetime!"
So different from what many believed, Elena & I did not go on vacation; we were not "unoccupied." We simply had a change of pace, because "My Father is always at His work to this very day, and I, too, am working." We were immensely invigorated by our time in Peru and have returned more determined than ever to work toward the evangelization of the nations in this generation! And to God be all the glory!
We are family… bold and unashamed,
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