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December 16, 2019

Christmas Edition
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Dear Friend,
Greetings from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Los Angeles, California! The First Middle East Missions Conference (MEMC) on December 5-8th had so many highlights! Included were: The Speakers Dinner at the base of the Burj Khalifa, the 6 Dubai Baptisms in the Persian Gulf early Friday morning, the Desert Safari riding camels, the Kingdom Banquet held on a cruise ship in a storm in the Persian Gulf, and so memorable, the Sunday Wedding of Miguel & Sadhvi Mendez – the Dubai International Christian Church Leaders! At their Reception, they were given the "surprise gift" of becoming members of the Crown of Thorns Council!

God blessed the MEMC with a record 6 baptisms
on Friday morning at 7AM in Dubai!
The following Sunday, December 15th was the Christmas Service for the City of Angels International Christian Church! An unprecedented 35 Los Angeles Disciples were sent out to forcefully advance the Kingdom in Chicago, Portland and Guam! As well, to conclude the service, RD Baker gave a very humorous and moving performance for the Kingdom Kids (and all the adults) on HOW The Grinch Steals Christmas! And to God be all the glory!

The Grinch's ploys to steal Christmas were 1) Change
the focus to something other than Jesus;
2) Be too busy to worship Jesus; and
3) Hate Christmas because of too
much debt buying presents!

Tuesday morning, December 3rd, Elena & I flew from LA to San Francisco to Frankfurt to finally Dubai! Our spirits were lifted as we were enthusiastically greeted at 11:30PM on December 4th by 30 fired up Dubai Disciples! Also joining in the celebration were our Middle East Partners in the Gospel – Cory & Jee Blackwell, RD & April Baker, and the "future" Miguel & Sadhvi Mendez!

Pat & Pam Boea of Chicago and the McKeans
received a very heartsy SoldOut Movement
Welcome by 30 Dubai Disciples!

The Dubai Mission Team was sent off at the August 2016 GLC! This was our 11th Crown of Thorns Church Planting in just 7 years! There were 9 disciples on the team – 7 of whom were from LA! They were gallantly led by RD & April Baker! There were only 11 disciples at the Inaugural Service on Friday, September 16th, which included Elena & me! Since we could not find a hotel that would rent to a church without a registration, to secure two rooms at "our" hotel, we had to call one room "Elena McKean's ELEVATE Book Signing," and the other "Robert (RD) Baker's Family Reunion!" Amazingly, God blessed the Dubai Inaugural with an astounding 56 in attendance!

The Dubai Mission Team Cake was one
of the most creative!

The radical LA Disciples on the
Dubai Mission Team!

The Bakers focused on building a very loving
church realizing this was God's weapon
to overcome the Islamic world!

That Fall, the Bakers supported themselves while leading the work. Sadly, three on the mission team had to leave for their home nations for visa reasons, yet that Fall, 6 joined us from the ICOC or as restorations! However, in the Fall, there were no baptisms. After prayer, we put the Bakers on full-time in January, and Elena & I returned to Dubai to strengthen those 12 noble disciples by leading the New Year's Workshop focused on "baptizing disciples!"

The Burj Khalifa is the magnificent
symbol of Dubai!

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building
in the history of the world!

Dubai has the most modern
skyline in the world!

Praise God, the baptisms started to come! However, in the month of April, the Bakers returned to LA for April's appointment to see her coronary doctors at UCLA. While she was at the hospital, she suffered a cardiac arrest and had no heartbeat for four minutes! Praise God, through the doctors and nurses, the Lord "resurrected" April! Inspirationally, they returned to the mission field of Dubai that August! By the end of the calendar year of 2017, those 12 Dubai Disciples had been blessed with 29 baptisms! 

The McKeans visited April the next
day after her cardiac arrest!

RD & April returned to the mission field
of the Middle East just four months
after April's heart attack!

In June 2018, I made the decision to bring the Bakers back to LA, so that April could be closer to her doctors. Miguel Mendez – who was baptized in LA and trained by Cory in Chicago – was selected to take over the work in the Crown of Thorns Church of Dubai! Megan Mathews – a dynamic older single sister – was sent to lead the women! Miguel and Megan came up with the plan for the congregation to grow to 100 disciples called "The Road To 100!" Though there were few fall aways, so many of the early disciples had to leave Dubai for visa reasons. So in July 2018, there were only 25 Dubai Disciples! 

At the Dubai Friday Morning Church Service on
July 6, 2017, Miguel and Megan began to lead
this Crown of Thorns Church!

Of special note: In February 2018, Miguel participated in the Latin American Missions Conference (LAMC) in Mexico City! There he was "smitten" by the Venezuelan disciple – Sadhvi Monfleur! She too fell in love, and came to Dubai in June 2019 to test the relationship! In the summer, we asked Megan to come back to America to help with the work in Miami. So, in August 2019, Miguel & Sadhvi led the Dubai Church! Praise God, since July 1, 2018 to November 30, 2019 – in 17 months – the Dubai Church had grown from 25 to 83! 

Miguel's & Sadhvi's very first date
was at the 2018 LAMC!

Thursday, December 5th, Elena & I had lunch and a great d-time with Cory & Jee! We were later picked up to go to the Speakers Dinner at 4:30PM by Miguel & Sadhvi! The Speakers Dinner was held at the Todd English Restaurant at the foot of the tallest building of the world – the Burj Khalifa! 

Among those invited to the Speakers Dinner were
Rich & Hannah Hardy (right) of Eugene
and Megan Mathews!

The Speakers Dinner Invitees were
in awe of the Burj Khalifa!

Victor & Marlyn Montano of Milwaukee
added much to the MEMC!

The theme of the First Middle East Missions Conference was THE PROMISED LAND with all of the speech titles coming from the Book of Joshua!

All of the speech titles for THE PROMISED LAND
came from the Book of Joshua!

For the Speakers Dinner, Cory delivered an awesome message that balmy evening to about 35 disciples on WHEREVER YOU PLANT YOUR FOOT! He shared in detail about Jee's & his "spying out the land trip" with RD & April in the summer of 2016! He also challenged all the speakers to: 1) Put Time Into Your Lessons, 2) Pray Over Your Lessons, 3) Read And Re-read Your Scriptures, and 4) Preach The Word!

Cory worked up a sweat as he enthusiastically
preached on WHEREVER YOU

Then we enjoyed a very tasty meal!

Praveen Bisht (left) of Dubai and Markus Cameron
soon-to-be of LA met for the first time at the
MEMC and bonded at the Speakers Dinner!

The inspiring Speakers Dinner!

As in "all things Dubai," everything is larger,
faster and more "over the top,"
so was the dessert!

On Friday, December 6th at 7:00AM, many of the MEMC Delegates gathered at the Persian Gulf beach outside of the Hilton Hotel where most of the conference sessions were held. That morning, we witnessed history as God gave a record 6 baptisms to the Dubai Church: Gonet, Elda, Gillian, Isaac, Clement and Moses! Yes, "Moses" was baptized at the First Middle East Missions Conference! So by the official beginning of the MEMC, the Dubai Disciples numbered 89 sold-out disciples!

Sadhvi had all three women baptisms make their
"good confession" at the same time!

Miguel coordinated the 6 baptisms
to be simultaneous!

The Dubai Church now has 89 disciples
on "The Road to 100!"

Friday morning at 10:30AM was the First General Session where about 125 were in attendance! (The late start was because public transportation – which almost all the Dubai Disciples rely on – does not start until 10:00AM.) The Welcome was given by Cory & Jee – the Middle East World Sector Leaders, which was followed by an International Prayer in Arabic, Swahili, Ugandan, Vietnamese, Urdu, Tamil, Aramaic, Spanish, French, Tagalog and English – all by Dubai Disciples! 

Anna Aviles - one of the members of the
Dubai Mission Team - prayed in Arabic!

At 10:45AM, Elena & I were privileged to share GOOD NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Of course, we highlighted the 12 Church Plantings in the SoldOut Movement's 12th Anniversary Year!

For THE GOOD NEWS, Kip & Elena found it
very difficult to select the few miracles
about which they would share!

We reminded everyone that Amsterdam was not included, because Lord willing, their Inaugural Service will be on January 19th, 2020! As well, we honored the Supplemental Mission Teams sent in 2019 to Bogotá, Colombia and Tampa, Florida!

1) Auckland, New Zealand
2) Lima, Peru
3) Davao, Philippines
4) Kathmandu, Nepal
5) Phnom Penh, Cambodia
6) Apia, Samoa
7) Yangon, Myanmar
8) Johannesburg, South Africa
9) Crouching Tiger #2

10) Atlanta, Georgia
11) New Haven, Connecticut
12) Indianapolis, Indiana

Then Miguel preached a powerful message, A CALL YOU MUST ANSWER! Miguel humbly shared that his goal is to be fruitful every month... not just every year! He lamented that he was reached out to in 2009, but did not "answer the call" (baptized) until 2011! Why was he so sad? Because of all the people he could have shared his faith with during what Miguel called, "Those two very selfish years."

A CALL YOU MUST ANSWER was all the more
awesome considering that it was Miguel's
very first Missions Conference Speech!
Following a brief break, we heard charges on Bible Talk Leadership! 

Cory introduced the Bible Talk Leadership Speakers:
Richard & Hannah, Manny and Chandra,
Pat & Sparkle, and Pat & Pam!

At 1:40PM, we boarded buses to travel an hour-and-half into the desert to "The Desert Safari!" After getting off the bus, we rode in groups of 6 and 7 in fast traveling SUVs in a harrowing drive over the sand dunes!

The Desert Safari bus ride was a blast!

The Desert Safari SUV ride was
far more of a blast!

We arrived at The Desert Safari about 3:00PM! Once there, we went into a tent for a Devotional! Cory preached again, but this time on FAITH IN THE WILDERNESS! Cory was very candid that during the past several months he had been in a "spiritual wilderness" with the passing of his beloved mom and the challenges of ministry! His vulnerability touched many hearts in his lesson!

Miguel & Sadhvi graciously welcomed the
MEMC Delegates to The Desert Safari!

Cory's best sermons of all time!

Then came a time of fun! First of all, Miguel wanted to take a group picture on the sand dunes as the sun was setting!

The MEMC Delegates dreamed of "living water"
coming to the Middle East Desert Nations!

The First MEMC cemented the bond of their
partnership in the Gospel between Miguel
& Sadhvi and Kip & Elena

The three Middle East Warriors - RD, Kip and Cory -
have worked together in the Middle
East since the 1990's!

Several rode camels, received henna designs, rode ATVs, shopped, took pictures in Arabic clothing, just to name a few activities!

Kip & Elena fell in love with the Middle East when
they led the Cairo (Egypt) Church during the
Boston Movement in the
Summer of 1989!

Instead of camel riding, RD and Cory
decided on Henna tattoos!

Then we enjoyed a delicious Middle Eastern Dinner!

So many varieties of food were prepared!

After the phenomenal meal came various forms of entertainment: Arabic folk dancing, fire dancing, and "twirling!" Quite weary from the strenuous activities, we rode back in the SUVs, boarded the buses, and returned to the hotel at around 11:00PM!

For the entertainment, there were several
enchanting Arabic Dances!

At The Desert Safari, all of the dancers performed on
a circular stage, which was viewed by 300 people!

The audacious Arabic Fire Dancer...

... inhaled gasoline and literally breathed fire!

During the "Twirling Dance," the "twirler" would
spin in the same spot for 15 minutes, all the
while performing other feats of balance!

On Saturday morning December 7th, the program once again started at 10:30AM! At the beginning of this Third General Session, Jee appointed Sadhvi Monfleur a Women's Ministry Leader! 

Tears of joy were shed as Jee appointed Sadhvi a
Women's Ministry Leader in the
Kingdom of God!

Following was the lesson from Joshua 3-5, entitled, CROSSING THE JORDAN! My four points came directly from my text: 1) Never Been This Way Before, 2) Consecrate Yourselves, 3) Flood Stage During All Harvest, and 4) All The People Of The Earth Might Know! 

During Kip's point, Never Been This Way Before, he
taught that this was one of the reasons that
everyone needs discipling,
including himself!

Immediately afterward came short admonitions on various topics from Be Strong to Mediate On The Word Day And Night! 

Miguel was terrific in Emceeing his
first Missions Conference!

The sermonettes were delivered by Victor, Megan,
Tchalo of Dubai, Isaiah Navarro
of Chicago, April & RD!

At 1:00PM to 2:00PM, we divided into Men's and Women's Programs! The speech title for both groups was FIGHTING ON THE LORD'S SIDE delivered respectively by Jay Shelbrack of Milwaukee and Elena!

Jay Shelbrack is one of Kip's favorite speakers!

Elena shared that she had been FIGHTING ON THE
LORD'S SIDE for 46 years as a disciple!

These lessons were followed by various admonitions, such as The Tragedy Of Disobedience and The Lord Fights For His People!

Pat Boea Jr. fired up the Men's Program
with his song leading!

Markus Cameron of Chicago was the vivacious
Emcee for the Men's Program!

Sharing from her life, April preached on
The Tragedy of Disobedience!

At 4:15PM, we boarded buses for the Kingdom Banquet Dinner Cruise on the Persian Gulf!

Agnel Roserio of Dubai was a tremendous
servant during the MEMC helping the
International Delegates at the Dinner
Cruise and aiding Kip as
a photographer!

We left the dock at 5:30PM on seemingly a calm and beautiful Dubai evening! Elena & I were very encouraged to spend time with Jay & Barb! The Shelbracks planted the Milwaukee Church in September 2018 with 21 disciples! As of today, God has more than doubled this congregation in the "land of milk and cheese" to 49 disciples!

During the eventful Kingdom Banquet Dinner Cruise,
the McKeans sat with the Shelbracks!

Praveen & Angel Bisht diligently watch over
the souls of the Dubai Disciples!

No matter where or when the Kingdom Banquet
of a Mission Conference is held, it is always
filled with great memories!

Victor (left) and Johnny Droblas of Chicago have a
Palestinian father and are dreaming of planting
churches throughout the Middle East!

However, once into the Gulf, we shockingly encountered a downpour! So much so that everyone moved from the top deck to the enclosed bottom deck, which held us all quite nicely! While the boat rocked in the waves, RD "stood tall" and preached on CHOOSE THIS DAY! 

Even during the storm, RD fearlessly
preached the Word!

Then Markus Cameron & his new fiancée Heather Schmidt gave a moving Communion! Elena & I are so excited that they – along with the Blackwells – will be moving to LA at the end of December! Lord willing, the Blackwells will lead the PACK Super Region composed of 6 of the 12 regions of the City of Angels Church, and the soon-to-be Camerons will lead the AV Region! 

Pray for Markus & Heather as they plan
to be married early in 2020!

Following the Communion, we enjoyed a lovely dinner on board the ship!

The storm had subsided by the time that the
delegates ate their scrumptious dinner!

However, as we departed, there was a light rain! We arrived back at the hotel at around 9:30PM! 

Upon entering the buses to return to
the hotel, the rain returned!

Though on paper, the Banquet Cruise was the official conclusion of the First MEMC, everyone was highly anticipating the Monfleur/Mendez Wedding the next day on Sunday! We had the Practice at 10:00AM for this the first SoldOut Movement Wedding in the Middle East! The Wedding began around 3:30PM! Cory did a phenomenal job presiding over the Wedding, and Jee was Sadhvi's Matron of Honor! Since no one in Miguel's & Sadhvi's families could make the wedding, Elena – who is adored by Sadhvi as her "spiritual Abuela" (grandmother) – was escorted in by Cory and sat in the seat traditionally given to the bride's mother!

Elena eased Sadhvi's nerves with
her presence and hugs!

I had the immense privilege of escorting my "granddaughter in the faith" Sadhvi and "giving her away" to my grandson – Miguel! 

With his Groomsman in place, Miguel
confidently walked down the aisle!

Following, the Bridesmaids joyously
danced with huge smiles
on their faces!

I will never forget that when Miguel met Sadhvi and me at the steps, he wept in tears of joy! Cory then asked me, "Who gives this gorgeous bride to this amazing young man?" I simply said, "Her spiritual family and me!"

Kip was extremely honored to walk his
"Granddaughter in the Faith"
down the aisle!

Kip comforted Miguel, as he was overcome
by the radiant presence of his bride!

Pat & Pam Boea Sr. prayed over
the Bridal Couple!

Manny led the song Hallelujah - sung acapella - to
dedicate the Wedding to the glory and
honor of Jesus Christ!

Manny is the Lead Song Leader for
the mighty Dubai Church!

After Cory's Sermonette and a brief Marriage Charge by Elena & me, Miguel & Sadhvi gave their Vows both publicly and privately!

During Cory's Wedding Sermonette, Miguel &
Sadhvi listened with rapt attention!

In a very fatherly way, Cory helped Miguel
to read his public vows to Sadhvi!

After their first Communion together, the Unity Candle, the Ring Exchange, Miguel & Sadhvi shared their very first kiss! Only in the Kingdom!

Miguel & Sadhvi's very first kiss!

Super congratulations to Mr. & Mrs.
Miguel & Sadhvi Mendez!

The Wedding Reception was such a terrific memory, as Elena & I sat with Megan Mathews who led the Dubai Church with Miguel for a year! She was so thrilled that her physical brother James Connor came with her to the MEMC! 

"Two are better than one... A cord of three stands
is not quickly broken!"
(Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

The first dance!

Prayerfully, Tchalo & Mbali will be married in
Johannesburg in mid-January!

At the second half of the Reception, Miguel & Sadhvi excused themselves to change into new apparel! Then after 15 minutes, they were reintroduced with the opening song from the recent movie AladdinArabian Nights! All would agree that Miguel looked exactly like Aladdin in the movie and Sadhvi – with her flowing gown and glittering tiara – looked like Princess Jasmine! Then they cut the cake with another song from the movie, A Whole New World!

The Movement's Aladdin & Jasmine entered
on the song, Arabian Nights!

The song A Whole New World was
played for the cake cutting!

During my toast to "the Mendezes," I shared that Jesus had His "12" Apostles – which are parallel to the SoldOut Movement's World Sector Leaders – and His "70" Apostles of Luke 10, which are parallel to the SoldOut Movement's Crown of Thorns Council! I surprised Miguel & Sadhvi by concluding my remarks with, "Brothers and Sisters, please congratulate the newest members of the Crown of Thorns Council – Miguel & Sadhvi Mendez!" A thunderous applause for them followed! Indeed with the courageous leadership of Miguel & Sadhvi, the Middle East is "a whole new world!"

Miguel was a wise and thoughtful young husband
when feeding his new bride the wedding cake!

Pray for Miguel & Sadhvi - the newest members
of the Crown of Thorns Council - as they
have been ushered into A
Whole New World!

For their wedding photos, Miguel & Sadhvi stood
on the sands of the Persian Gulf with the
picturesque Dubai Eye on the horizon!

Kip congratulated Cory on the
historic Wedding Ceremony!

On Monday, December 9th, Elena & I had breakfast with RD & April!

If "FIVE GUYS" can evangelize the United Arab
Emirates, what can over 7,000 SoldOut
Movement Disciples do?

Later that night, we packed and headed to the airport to return to our beloved Los Angeles! We arrived home on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30PM and received a phone call from our son Sean, saying that we were going to be grandparents to our fourth grandchild – our first grandson – sometime in June 2020! God is good!
Los Angeles
On Wednesday, December 11th, Elena & I celebrated our 43rd Wedding Anniversary! So, upon the recommendation of Hailee &Trina Rohn, we decided to see the movie FROZEN 2!

The McKeans enjoyed FROZEN 2, but wished
their three granddaughters were with them!
Friday, I received a very interesting text message, "Good morning Grandpa Kip! Thank you so much for taking care of my family and God's family around the world! My name is Logan Dean Miller and I was born this morning at 1:24AM at 7pounds and 11 ounces after 33 hours of labor!"

Mom & Dad Miller took months to
prepare for "Baby Logan!"

Proud parents, Zach & Brittany were
excited to show "Baby Logan"
his new home!

Saturday, December 14th was the All Day Planning Retreat with Tim & Lianne Kernan, Michael & Sharon Kirchner, Tony & Therese Untalan and us at the Untalans' home! Earlier in the week, I asked Michael Kirchner to compile a list of the over 100 SoldOut Movement Churches – both plantings and remnant groups – and their leaders by World Sector! For the last hour of the Planning Meeting, we "took turns" and prayed by name for all of the SoldOut Movement Churches and their leaders!

The Kernans, Kirchners, Untalans and McKeans hold
up their "prayer lists" after joyfully praying for the
over 100 SoldOut Movement Churches
and the LA Regions and their leaders!

Of course, we had Tony's "world famous" Guamanian ribs with "finadene sauce" for dinner!

Since Tony began serving as a full-time Shepherd
in August, his "world famous ribs" have
tasted even better!

Lord willing, Therese will become a full-time
Shepherdess one year from now
on January 1, 2021!
Sunday, December 15th was the much anticipated City of Angles International Christian Church (CAICC) Christmas Service at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel, where I have so many precious GLC memories!

The CAICC Christmas Service was awe-inspiring!

This auspicious service began at 10:00AM with awesome singing! We began with two Christmas favorites: O Come All Ye Faithful and Hark The Herald Angel Sings! That morning the singing included the CAICC becoming the first church in the Movement to take up my "August 2018 GLC Challenge" to sing as a congregation, The Hallelujah Chorus! In a word, WOW!

Mike Underhill worked for months through the
CAICC Staff and CAICC Regional Song
Leaders for the CAICC to be the first
church to sing as a congregation
the Hallelujah Chorus!

The City of Angels Churches incredible heart for
God is "seen and heard" in their
passionate singing!

Afterward, we all were mesmerized by The Year In Review Video put together by the very creative Jessie Rojo! Then came a warm Welcome by Tim & Lianne Kernan – the City of Angels Church Leaders! This was followed by heartfelt farewells from three leadership couples that the Spirit was sending out that day: Aaron & Sheila Turner to Chicago, Preston & Shauna Inkley to Portland, and Chris & Kerri-Sue Adams also to Chicago!

The Kernans gave a rousing Welcome
to the Christmas Service!

The Turners, the Inkleys and the Adams
were honored for their work in the
City of Angels Church!

The training that Chris & Kerri-Sue have received
in LA, will allow them to serve as a dynamic
Shepherding Couple in the Chicago ICC!

Following this was the MERCYworldwide Toy Drive Presentation by Josiah & Kristin Smith! Hundreds of toys were donated to give to less fortunate families in the church and to needy children in the Antelope Valley!

Josiah & Kristin Smith of the AMS Region are the
charismatic MERCY Directors for Los Angeles!

The City of Angels MERCY Ambassadors donated
hundreds of toys for the MERCY Toy Drive!

Congratulations to our dear sister Kristin who
landed a new job as a CBS Sports Anchor!
Then a very exciting new initiative of MERCY – "Life Skills" – was shared about by this new program's "driving force" – Jim Fenton!

Jim Fenton's vision for "Life Skills" is to have
this much needed program in every
SoldOut Movement Church!

Afterward before the Communion, the "USC Women – Kaycee, Galila, Tia-Marie and Courtney – sang acapella, Holy, Holy, Holy!

The singing of  Holy, Holy, Holy ushered in a
reverent atmosphere for Communion!

John & Emma Causey – who are the Chicago Supplemental Mission Team Leaders – presided over a moving Communion! They focused our minds on Ezekiel 1, where the prophet "sees the glory, the radiance and the brilliance of the Lord!"

John & Emma Causey will oversee the SoldOut
Movement Churches in the Northwest USA,
the Midwest USA and Canada!

John Causey has been vigorously preaching the
Word for 40 years, ever since his baptism as
an Indiana State University Student in 1979!

Emma's calming and gentle ways - including
her speaking - draw women to Christ
all around the world!

The AMS Sisters brilliantly performed one of Elena's
favorite Christmas songs, Mary Did You Know?

Lauren Zepeda - the AMS Woman Region
Leader - sang the lead!

Then Tim gave the Contribution Charge thanking the City of Angels Church for giving over $1,000,000 to Missions in 2019, and reminding everyone of the January 2020 Pledge Drive! Then came an incredible eight additions: 1 restoration and 7 baptisms!

Chris, a student at Saddleback College, studied the
Bible with the Diamond Brigade Bible Talk!

Malia was met by Emma Causey, and this iPhone
picture was taken by her fired up 9 year
old daughter - Raina!

Elena & I were very privileged to oversee the historic Send Off of 35 LA Disciples: 7 to Guam, 9 to Portland, and 19 to Chicago!

The unshakable Portland Supplemental
Mission Team!

The new Portland Leaders - Preston &
Shauna - are readied for the Portland
rain, as well as to be a lighthouse
of hope for all of Oregon!

The zealous Chicago Supplemental Mission Team!

Cesar & Debbie Limon are taking 13 Portland
Disciples to also build up the Chicago ICC!

Every member of the Chicago, Portland and Guam
Supplemental Mission Teams received a
memento of an OPERATION
EAGLE Trophy!

Sean & Krystal O'Connor - the Guam Mission
Team Leaders - are finishing their training
in Manila so they were not present at
the Christmas Service!

After the break, the children 4 years old and up from Kids Kingdom were brought into the auditorium and seated on the stage! Then RD – as a grandfather (and the Grinch) – read from a book (presenting this for the sermon), HOW The Grinch Steals Christmas! What an entertaining and convicting drama!

The Grinch's helpers - led by Jay Causey - got
the children really excited about "Grandpa"
(the Grinch) reading a Christmas story!

The Grinch made his much anticipated entrance!

The song You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch was played
intermittently with such lyrics as, You're as
cuddly as a cactus, You're as charming
as an eel,
Mr. Grinch!

This year, the Kids Kingdom of the City of Angels
Church did not allow the Grinch
to steal Christmas!

To close the service, as is our custom every year in Los Angeles, Carlos Diaz played his guitar while joyfully leading the LA Church in Feliz Navidad! What an unforgettable Christmas Service!

Every year at the Christmas Service, Carlos
Diaz leads Feliz Navidad!

As is the custom in all SoldOut Movement Churches,
the brothers and sisters bridge the aisles
arm-in-arm for the last song!

After the service, Elena and RD's granddaughter
exposed him to the children as the Grinch!

Elena & I are so proud of the LA Church Leadership Team of Tim & Lianne, John & Emma, the Region Leaders, and the Shepherding Couples! This gallant "Jerusalem Church" in 2019 sent out the Atlanta Mission Team, which has over tripled in growth to 50 disciples; the Manila Supplemental Team to Manila, which has grown by almost 100 disciples; the Tampa Supplemental Mission Team, which has Tampa growing again; and on Sunday, sending out the 35 on the Chicago, the Portland and the Guam Supplemental Mission Teams! The City of Angels Church made all of these "send off sacrifices" while still growing by 91 disciples and raising $1,700,000 for Missions in 2019! Of note, even in sending off so many disciples, the LA Church grew more than any other USA Congregation! And to God be all the glory!

After the service, Kip & Elena enjoyed a festive lunch
with their dear Joey & Karen Gregory and Karen's
mom, Araceli - also a daughter in the faith!

Jeremy Ciaramella – the first SoldOut Movement CyberEvangelist: Dear Family, Thanks to the incredible work of Jason McNeill, we have a very special announcement about our new First Principles App! We have moved away from the App Store and Play Store, creating a "progressive web application" (PWA) – a website that allows the installation of offline files on your phone/tablet. It also creates an icon on your home screen to give you a seamless "app-like" experience!

The new Progressive Web Application
Icon for First Principles!
  • Multilingual
    You can view the site in English, Español, Français, Português. Send us your translated version to add a new language! 
  • Offline and Fast
    You can use the app when you are not connected!
  • Current and Stable
    You will not have to upgrade as this is a website, always showing the latest content.
Please continue to keep all of us in the CyberMinistry in your prayers! Merry Christmas! 

Jason Dimitry – Lead Evangelist of San Francisco: What an incredible year 2019 has been! This was definitely a year of new heights! We founded ICCM-San Francisco in January and completed our second semester just this past weekend! We started the fifth region of the church in Hayward, and also sent out the Indianapolis Mission Team in June, led by Jeremiah & Julie Clark! Already, God has blessed the Indianapolis Church – who had their Inaugural Service on September 15th – by almost 100% growth to date! 

The Indianapolis Mission Team "officially" planted
the church in September and now in
December has almost doubled!

Then on top of all of this, we have had for the first time in the San Francisco Church, over 100 baptisms in 2019!

Andrei was the 100th baptism of
the San Francisco ICC!
Another new height for the San Francisco Church is the raising up of "homegrown" Prophets! Nathaniel Pavon and Christian Enos, who were both baptized and raised up into leadership here in San Francisco, will be getting appointed at our New Year's Workshop along with their amazing wives Samara and Devon respectively, as Evangelists and Women’s Ministry Leaders!


The "GQ Couple" - Christian & Devon Enos - will
lead the Sacramento Church in 2020!

Pray for Nate & Sam Pavon as God has chosen
them to lead the great Denver Church!
Other incredible moments of 2019 include the Texas Churches – Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) and Houston – coming into the Tribe World Sector, thus becoming part of the San Francisco Bay Family of Churches! 


Lord willing, Tyler & Shay Sears - the DFW
Church Leaders - will be moving to San
Francisco for more training
this summer!

The Lord has used Jason & Daniela Woody to
grow the Houston Church by 70% in 2019!
A highlight of this year has been the amazing turn around we have seen in the Honolulu Church due to the power of God and the incredible hard work of Mark & Keri Garrido! At this time last year, the church was hardly growing, but now this year the church has grown by almost 30%! I am so excited that from January 17-19, 2020, we will be holding the First Hawaiian Islands Missions Conference! 


Please consider coming to the First Hawaiian
Islands Missions Conference entitled, TO
We capped off the year "spying out" the land in Salt Lake City, Utah with Dustin & Amanda Miller, who will be planting the SoldOut Movement Church there in January 2020! 


Dustin & Amanda Miller (left) are the Salt Lake
City (Utah) Mission Team Leaders!
Then to close out 2019, we pulled together the dynamic team of leaders that Sarah & I have the pleasure of overseeing for our Annual Church Builders Retreat in South Lake Tahoe, California! 


The Annual San Francisco Family Church Builders
Retreat was an incredible time of prayer,
preaching and fellowship!
The 261 San Francisco Bay Disciples are fired up and full of vision for God to do "even greater things" in 2020!

Matt Sullivan – Lead Evangelist of Miami: "I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful." (John 15:1-2) It has been a HOT Fall... both in temperature and forceful advancement! In the last 10 weeks, the Lord has blessed us with 24 baptisms! Each of our three sectors (North – led by Frank Hines and Megan Mathews, Miami – led by newly married Isaac & Deborah Gonzalez, and the South – led by Marcel & Tia Turner) have grown more in the last four and-a-half months of the year than the first eight! In August, we "reset" the church to these new leadership teams and by September, it just took off!

Congratulations to Isaac & Deborah who were
gloriously married on November 30th!
We started this year with 110 disciples and although we were dreaming, we were wrestling a bit with unity and growth was elusive. Over the first seven months, we sent out or moved out 18 amazing disciples to other congregations to strengthen those churches or for life situations. By mid-June we were back to 110 members. We had a little growth in July and got to 114... Then by "sectorizing," getting truly unified, and a dream to grow radically, the miracles started! Our dream was to see the church grow to 150 by December 31st! A crazy goal considering that we had only grown by 4 in early August! 


The Miami Marrieds Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!
Since then, the church has grown in faith and in the number of leaders! On Sunday, December 15th at our Christmas Service, we had 235 in attendance (our highest of the year besides our Campus Conference where we had 50+ disciples visiting) and 3 more were baptized! So, as of December 15th, we now have 150 disciples in the Miami Church! A growth of almost 40 disciples in just over four months! It has certainly "become" a Year of Boldness for us! We now have 76 men and 74 women and it is off to 100/100 as soon as possible! 


51 campus students crammed into a classroom
made for 49 for Devo at FIU!

Miami had 4 baptisms on December 8th: Karol,
Michael, Nadeige and Anynke!
We are now preparing for the Campus Conference 2020 which will be in February! Amazingly, our campus ministry church-wide has grown from 7 to 50 radical zealots in the last 18 months (since the arrival of the Turners) – almost 35 this year alone! The Campus Conference is entitled, THE MOUNTAIN and will take place February 21-23, 2020 at the Biscayne Bay Campus of FIU! Please continue praying for us as we pray for God's incredible movement!

Campus Disciples from all over the Eastern
United States will be gathering in Miami
for the SAGES Campus Conference
on February 21-23, 2020!

Anthony Olmos – Lead Evangelist of Paris: France is currently in the midst of protests from "les gilet jaune" (the yellow vests) and a transportation strike! As a consequence, public transportation is almost completely shut down and violent manifestations are becoming common throughout the country, especially in Paris!

The civil unrest in Paris has not stopped the forceful
advancement of the resilient Paris Church!

After a long battle, this year, Cassidy & I were finally approved for our French visas! Our next goal was to baptize more nations into the church, and the Lord again provided! Just a few of whom the Lord added are: Guillaume – of Spanish decent who now is an intern for the church; Olivier from South Korean; Victor James who was born in India; Diomy of Congolese decent; and his ex-girlfriend Djénéva, whose family comes from Côte d’Ivoire!

Though coming from completely different
backgrounds, Victor (left) and Olivier
have become best of friends!


Furthermore, on December 8th, we had a very special man get baptized named Nicolas! Nicolas is a famous Parisian graffiti artist who caught the attention of the disciples some years ago. He has been in the news and in many French publications! All of this attention came because he was tagging "Jésus Sauvé" (Jesus Saves) all over Paris! Nicolas shared powerfully at his baptism about how he was an atheist who started seeking God! As well as how he started spreading the Gospel, the only way he knew how was though graffiti! He said, "God saw this and sent to him true disciples!"

Immediately after Nicolas' baptism in
the Seine River, he yelled in
English, "I am saved!"


Lastly, our dear brother Alex while on "vacation" held a house church service in his homeland of Cameroon! Between the Lord and him, together, they had 10 visitors – 3 of which traveled 6 hours to get there! The 3 "travelers" were visiting from the ICOC and said they were praying for the New Movement to come the Cameroon soon!

Nicholas has painted "Jésus Sauvé" on scores
of walls around Paris!

Raul Moreno – Lead Evangelist of São Paulo: "For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you?" (1 Thessalonians 2:19) Without a doubt, the church will be our joy once we are in the presence of Jesus! 2019 has been a phenomenal year for the São Paulo (Brazil) Church, as it "gave birth" to two church plantings – Lima, Peru and Bogotá, Colombia!  

South America is being evangelized!
First, the Lima Mission Team was sent out at the South American Missions Conference last February in Santiago, Chile with 5 Brazilian Disciples! Now, the church numbers 24 disciples, and 15 of them are campus students! 

The fervent Lima Church!
Second, the Bogotá Church was planted by Brazilian Disciples as well! We had to "re-plant" this church as false doctrine and lack of commitment had crept in from the remnant group! With 6 disciples on the new planting, God has grown this fiery congregation to now 24 sold-out disciples with 11 campus students!

The very bold Bogotá Church!

Our church in Rio de Janeiro now has 32 disciples, and 18 of them are campus students! As you can see, we are putting a strong emphasis in building campus ministries in all of Latin America!

The phenomenal Rio Campus Ministry!

I am very proud of the Mexico City Church which has a campus ministry of 33 disciples, who have been baptized off of such great universities as UNAM and Politectnico!  

Anna - a UNAM Student - was one of five baptisms
in the Mexico City Church on December 15th!

Also baptized on the 15th was Vanessa - a teen who
joined her mom and older sister to have a
completely sold-out household!

Congratulations to Joey Underhill, the Mexico
City Campus Minister, and to his beautiful

fiancée - Dr. Magnolia Rivera!

Carlos & Lucy Mejia were sad to send off Miguel &
Myrna Limon - their children in the faith - to
train with the Morenos in Brazil!

Lord willing, the Limons will plant the San Jose
(Costa Rica) Church in February 2021!
Finally, we are still working hard in São Paulo, as we have 244 disciples with 60 campus students – 25 are from USP, the number one rated campus in all of Central and South America! 

The São Paulo Campus Ministry is a model
for the entire Movement!

Luana, Leo and Erica were the three students
baptized this year from the
USP Medical School!
Please pray for our South America Missions Conference entitled, OPEN YOUR EYES which will be held in São Paulo on February 14-16, 2020! God-willing, we will send out a mission team to evangelize the second best university in Brazil called UNICAMP! This will be a new region for us in São Paulo! You are all cordially invited! 

The always exciting South America Missions
Conference will be held in São Paulo
on February 14-16, 2020!

We love you with the love of the Lord, and we look forward to what God will do in 2020 – the Year of Vision!

Andrew Smellie – Lead Evangelist of Johannesburg: Greetings from the Motherland! We have been fighting hard and remaining faithful despite Satan's challenges! Please continue praying for us! The following is a brief update: Despite the approval from South Africa, there has still been a delay to get the visas from the consulate in Lagos to Tolani & Kate Abiodun and Osas Atohengbe – key members of the Johannesburg Mission Team! Ariel's work permit ends by the 19th of December, so please pray that she will not be separated from her new husband Osas. We had to reschedule the flights, but Dr. Awesome (our visa coordinator) assured me it should happen this week, as they are petitioning the Immigration Minister to determine the reason for the delay! On a brighter note, Sunday, December 15th was Isaiah's 7th Birthday! We had a great time celebrating at his new favorite spot since our time together with Kip & Elena – the Ocean Basket Restaurant!

Naomi Smellie celebrated her beloved little
brother Isaiah's 7th Birthday!
In Lagos, GoodHope – our full-time Admin – is recovering well after being accosted Saturday, December 7th by seven armed men with guns! After beating him mercilessly, they attained his PIN number and stole $1,600 from him that was to be used for his rent and Anita's (his daughter) school fees! Thankfully, the DC Church was very generous and reimbursed him for all of the funds, for which he was very grateful!


Praise God that our prayers have been heard and
GoodHope is well on the road to recovery!
The 150 Lagos Church Disciples had a Christmas Party on Saturday for the students at The Real School in Okobaba, as I have written before, one of the poorest places in Africa! They all received green MERCYworldwide bags with snacks and had time with Santa (Bolaji Akinfenwa – the Lagos Evangelist)!

The adorable Real School Students so
appreciated their new MERCY bags!

Their parents received bags of raw rice, beans and condiments! In addition, since a fire raged recently in the Okobaba community, MERCY Lagos was able to provide N10,000 ($28 USD) each to six families who had been affected!

The Adamus celebrated their 23rd Anniversary
serving the families of Okobaba!

Ricky Challinor – Lead Evangelist of Manila: Greetings from Southeast Asia! Praise God, in 2019, the Manila Church has grown from 241 to now 336 sold-out disciples! When one considers that the Spirit sent out the Davao and Phnom Penh Mission Teams in June with a combined membership of 28 disciples, God has increased the Manila Disciples in 2019 by 123! On Sunday night, we celebrated our Annual Christmas Service! At that time, I announced to the church our missions victory that we raised 27x our weekly contribution, the single greatest amount of money ever raised in the Philippines from the ICOC to now! I was then honored "to give" to each member of the church as a "Christmas gift" a copy of Ron Harding's incredible book, The Chronicles Of Modern-Day Christianity! 

Coleen stood by the mountain of books
for the church's Christmas gift!

Perhaps even more amazing, God has grown the four churches in Southeast Asia – Manila, Cebu, Davao and Phnom Penh – from 300 to over 500 disciples! Our goal is to be five churches with 750 disciples by the end of the Year of Vision!

The Year of Boldness has been full of historic highlights, as Elena & I have flown over 300,000 miles to participate in 5 Weddings, 8 of the 12 Church Planting Inaugural Services, and all 9 of the Geographic Missions Conferences – each uniquely glorifying our God! (The circumference of the Earth is 25,000 miles!)

The South American Missions Conference
Santiago, Chile
February 1-3, 2019

The Eurasian Missions Conference
Moscow, Russia
May 3-5, 2019

The Pacific Rim Missions Conference
Manila, Philippines
June 13-16, 2019

The African Missions Conference
Lagos, Nigeria
June 28-30, 2019

The Latin American Missions Conference
Mexico City, Mexico
July 18-21, 2019

The European Missions Conference
London, England
October 24-27, 2019

The Austral-China Missions Conference
Sydney, Australia
November 1-3, 2019

The South Asia Missions Conference
New Delhi, India
November 14-17, 2019

The Middle East Missions Conference
Dubai, UAE
December 6-8, 2019
With Elena having turned "64" this year and me becoming "65," we will have to "scale back" our traveling in 2020.

After the Lima Inaugural, Elena took Kip
to Machu Picchu to celebrate
his 65th Birthday!

As 2020 - the Year of Vision - approaches,
all eyes are focused on the Lord!
That said, 2020 begins a whole new decade, and so it is very appropriately named the Year of Vision! As well, we are very much looking forward to seeing so many disciples around the world in Los Angeles for the 2020 Global Leadership Conference entitled, VISIONS AND DREAMS! An Eventbrite Website will open on January 1, 2020 for the Early Bird Special Registration of $199!

Please mark your calendars for the 2020 GLC -
VISIONS AND DREAMS - to be held on
August 16-18, 2020 in Los Angeles!
As I said at the CAICC Christmas Service, when we look back at 2019, I believe that if Jesus were physically standing among us, He would simply say, "Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For prophets and kings longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it!" (Luke 10:23-24) Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! And to God be all the glory!
We are family... filled with visions and dreams,
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