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Eventbrite - Robot Retreat ~ Rethinking Robot Startups

The Robot Retreat ~ Rethinking Robot Startups

Our mission is to bring together creative and innovative people from every community with just one focus: ROBOTS. We're getting involved in a lot of great events, spanning startup culture, hacking and making, robot research and design, all leading to one question - what is a world full of robots like? 

The Robot Retreat will be held at blackbox mansions April 28-29. A small group of movers and thinkers in the space of robotics, startups, design and culture will come together for a weekend of provocative thought, with workshops, networking and great people. What will the next robots do? Who will use them? How does startup methodology apply to robotics? 

We're also kicking the retreat off with an awesome party on Friday night at a secret location. Guest speakers will be Bob Christopher of Ugobe and Pleo, and Steven Humphreys of Upstart Mobile and Giraff.

The event is 'private' and will be kept small to facilitate discussion and workshopping. We expect everyone to have the opportunity to develop a robot business proposal over the course of the weekend. You can forward this invite to people who you believe share your passion for creating new robot business models. Our invitees come from a cross section of robotics and related technologies, with wide ranging business and domain expertise, and many robot startups already under the belt.

The retreat will be $60 for the weekend, including food and the friday night party. Also, accommodation can be booked at blackbox for $65 per person but space is limited. Mention that you're attending the Robot Retreat!

Robot Block Party Apr 11

Apr 11 1-6 @ Stanford: Once again Silicon Valley's fabulous Robot Block Party is back at the VAIL complex @ Stanford to celebrate National Robotics Week. We're exploring the idea of holding a pitchfire competition during the Block Party but this event is already so full of robot businesses it seems redundant. However, watch out for a Launchpad invitation to an evening reception at the Block Party, if you aren't already in attendance with a robot exhibit!

Mega Startup Weekend 13-15

April 13-15 @ Microsoft: For the first time ever, robotics will be one of the verticals at the Mega Startup Weekend. Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skillsets - software developers, graphics designers and business people - to build apps and develop a commercial case around them. 

Who are we?

We are passionate about creating new robot businesses, growing new technologies and new communities, and using startup techniques to steer human-robot culture.

 Andra Keay – Culture Hacker | Robot UX

 Ahmed Siddiqui – Startup Weekend Organiser and CEO GoGo Mongo.

 Erin Rapacki – Product Marketing Manager @ Adept Mobile Robots

 Michael Harries – Chief Technologist @ Citrix Startup Accelerator

We are a group of volunteers. And we’re growing as you join us. It’s clear there is a need for a robot startup community, so we’re bootstrapping our way into one and we’re iterating all the time.

As we reach more people, we realized that maybe you don’t know who we are, or why we’re doing this. It's not for the money. All speakers, mentors and organizers are volunteering their time. One day we might grow into an organization or business or forum, but not yet.

This is our community and it’s platform agnostic, unaligned and open. Welcome aboard.

Thurs 22 March

Don't miss Erin Rapacki talking about the future of robotics startups as guest speaker at the Cofounder dinner at blackbox mansion on Thursday March 22.

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