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not-so-sappy stuff for valentine's day

I've been thinking a lot about love, affection, friendship, and connection over the past several weeks. Letters to friends, reaching out by phone, thinking about loved ones, supporting causes that touch my heart (and my brain). Valentine's Day can be sickly sweet sometimes, but in thinking about love, in its many forms, V-day can serve as a good touchstone to come back to things that matter, romantic or not.

As I've transitioned into my "new normal" as a designer (as opposed to a dyer), and struggled with family loss, it's been a relief to be able to reach out to friends and loved ones. I've been writing a lot of letters. There's something soothing about putting pen to paper and sharing thoughts, however brief. There's joy in finding a note or letter in the mailbox.

There's also joy in the moments of shared time together; in dinners with pals, in phone calls to faraway friends, in updates by email.  There's love for people I've never met in real life, in caring for the future of a stranger posting openly about her fight with breast cancer in a very public space. So much love, so many forms.

love + stitches,

image by Daryll, via Creative Commons attribution licence.
Coeur d'Coeurs scarf

Coeur d'Coeurs

My new heart-filled lace scarf is out! For the month of February, 20% of all sales go to the grassroots, feminist organization Breast Cancer Action

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Month of Letters Logo

loving letters

The challenge: to send one piece of snail mail per day for the month of February. That's letters to friends, postcards to strangers, or love letters. I've signed up, and have been having lots of fun sending out mail to both new and old friends. I've been on a letter kick since quitting Facebook this December, so it came pretty naturally. Admittedly, I fall behind here and there and have to double (or triple) up, but so far it doesn't feel like a chore. Interested? Check out the LetterMo challenge website, run by writer Mary Robinette Kowal.

the power of female friendship

I found this beautiful article posted on the Rumpus, by Emily Rapp, talking about the long lasting bonds of female friendship. It's gorgeous, honest, and powerful.

"’s possible to transcend the limits of your skin in a friendship."

While I was on the site, I discovered Rumpus' "Letters in the Mail" club, and signed up to receive 3-4 letters a month from writers, thinkers, and other fun folk.
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