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Freedom From Wondering If I Did Something Wrong
Julie Bernstein Engelmann, 30"H x 34"W,  acrylic and latex on partially primed canvas, 2013.
Award: Best of Show, Indiana County Open Arts Exhibit, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Nov 2013

I had lived with a residual undercurrent from getting the silent treatment as a child: 
"Did I do something wrong? Should I should be feeling bad?"  
One day I realized, "I don't know what I did wrong, and I don't
have any way to fix it, so I give it up. I can't feel that bad anymore."  
Suddenly, into my life came permission to express freely and to make mistakes.

Bringing your art to life

Dear <<First Name>>,

What does your art mean to you? 

When the subject of making art comes up in conversation, I notice three types of responses:
1. "I couldn't do it to save my life."
2. "I love painting; it helps me relax." 
3. "I am an artist."

While person #3 may go on to tell me about their process or work, their eyes belie the ease of their conversation, conveying a range of emotions that says, without words: 

There is no way you will ever know what I feel about my art, what it has meant to me in my life, what I go through to make it meaningful, what it means to me now.

Artmaking, for an artist, is an ultimately personal experience and exploration. No one celebrates the day they transition from person #2 to person #3. We aren't really aware of what just happened. It's a private sea change: from doing your art for a reason, to doing your art for You. 

I'm sure you know what I mean. 


My ebook

I'm excited to tell you that, after a long winter's imagining and work, I've written an ebook to help person #2 transition to person #3, and to help person #3 gain mastery in abstract painting. 

Free to you, my ebook is called How to Bring Your Abstract Art to Life, A Manifesto of freedom and confidence for the creative soul. (33 pages)

It will help you to see abstract painting in a new way, so that you have a way to move forward to make your paintings better.

If you're not a painter, but are interested in understanding abstract painting better, you'll enjoy it too! 

Watch for my next email, which will include the link for you to download your free copy.

A redesign (of my life)

After my museum show last year (please click the link for a tour, if you didn't see the show!), as often happens with creative people who reach a milestone, I began a process of redesign.

An art residency led me to rethink the way I was teaching abstract painting. Inspired, over the summer I created a new workshop called From Beautiful Mess to Strong Composition, and taught it several times with great class results. This experience was the foundation for my ebook.

In addition, I created AbstractPaintingMentor.coma website to more expressly offer one-on-one artist mentoring, which will help people who like the ebook

Further, we have a buyer for our house in Pennsylvania and a moving date of July 14! In a couple weeks I'll head out to the Sedona, Arizona area to look for a new home.  

Below are some pictures from my blog. If you click, you'll see my nice blog redesign. You can subscribe in the upper right-hand corner to get the blog directly in your email. 

Oh, and maybe you noticed that I redesigned this newsletter, too? 

I'm giving you a big  ((((hug))))  for being here and caring about making life beautiful.

With love in the spirit of art,

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From Julie to artists who love abstract painting

       Artists who pursue abstract painting seem to fluctuate somewhere between guessing what they are doing and catching a wave of brilliance. I'd like to shift the odds toward your natural brilliance. 
       I believe abstract paintings have visual depth and harmonics, and that when you learn to see these, you will discover new freedom, confidence, and achievement in your art, no matter your style.
       Get your free ebook, How to Bring Your Abstract Art to Life, A Manifesto of freedom and confidence for the creative soul, or sign up for an Art to Heart Session at:
Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle
Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle
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