This is a special Beauty & Spirit Note from the Studio with the link to your free ebook by Julie Bernstein Engelmann.

How to Bring Your Abstract Art to Life

A Manifesto of freedom and confidence for the creative soul

Here is my ebook! 

Dear <<First Name>>,

There must be something about Memorial Day that inspires great action in me, because it seems each year I do something bold and "out there," for me.

This year it's putting my baby into your hands. As mentioned in yesterday's email, I've been working on my ebook all (this long Pennsylvania) winter, much to the chagrin of my dear editor. 

Putting abstract ideas
 (couldn't resist) into writing -- forming the formless process of abstraction into words and sequences -- was a drawn-out joy and obsession for me. It was one of those things, like a painting, that I had to sit with between iterations and let it steep.

I wanted to allow myself time to sink into the question: Was it true? Was each part honest and clear and clean?

It came out (I would say) breezy-to-read but hell-yeah. Like, "Why didn't someone tell me this before?" 

I believe I have taken a big step toward what I set out to do in my career: to further the dialog of abstraction. And hopefully to help abstract artists become better able to do what they are trying to do in their art. 

So, take a look. 

Here is the link to your free copy:

How to Bring Your Abstract Art to Life, A Manifesto of freedom and confidence for the creative soul. 

You can read it online (bookmark the page for future reference), or right-click to print or download ("save as"). 

Let me know what you think. Really! 

With love in the spirit of art,

P.S. If you're inspired to share, that's super, but please have your friend get their own free copy at Thanks! 

P.P.S. The James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona just sold one of my large paintings. Yay, it's a sign! 
From Julie to artists who love abstract painting

       Artists who pursue abstract painting seem to fluctuate somewhere between guessing what they are doing and catching a wave of brilliance. I'd like to shift the odds toward your natural brilliance. 
       I believe abstract paintings have visual depth and harmonics, and that when you learn to see these, you will discover new freedom, confidence, and achievement in your art, no matter your style.
       Get your free ebook, How to Bring Your Abstract Art to Life, A Manifesto of freedom and confidence for the creative soul, or sign up for an Art to Heart Session at:
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