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Dear <<First Name>>,

Visionary abstract painters have a bit of a problem. At the start of a painting, we may catch a vision for what the painting is to become - yet aiming too directly toward this vision can shortchange the richness needed to bring it to life. 

Here’s what I mean. 

My Nourishing Sanctuary
Julie Bernstein Engelmann, 18"H x 24"W x 1.5"D, acrylic on canvas. Available

When I got back to journaling in paint,
my studio again became a place of nourishment, a sanctuary. 

My dear student had a vision of three orange orbs. She felt compelled to paint them in the first layer. So there they sat, three orange orbs, and everything that came after had no place to go. The orbs remained undeveloped and unsurprising, and sat in this stalemate for months. Finally, she let go of the orb idea and let her intuition take her painting someplace new. After a while, lo and behold, the orbs reappeared in radiant glory and settled into their now well-developed home.

So many times I've seen abstract painters get frustrated that their vision doesn't translate directly into paint. 

I say, think of your vision as only a clue. In its own good time it will become reinvented in the language of paint, infused with your life force!

So, let it play in the back of your mind while you paint a home for it. Fill that home with enthusiasm and spontaneity and the energy of your vision. Let the energy be a counterpoint, so that when the vision does land, in its own natural way, it can come alive.

This is the energy gesture behind "My Nourishing Sanctuary" (finished painting above).

“My Nourishing Sanctuary,” at top, began with a vision: I saw a flock of teal diamonds. Instead of painting them directly, I gave them a home first, and filled it with energy. Then, the teal diamonds arrived in a surprising way and nestled in with joy.

Yours in the joy of beauty and spirit,


P.S. Please join me in painting The Inspired Abstract online. See below.  

The Inspired Abstract
Birth your beloved and mysterious artwork
3-day online workshop with Julie Bernstein Engelmann
Through the Sedona Arts Center - held over Zoom
July 11, 12, and 18, 2020

This workshop gives you a powerful foundation for abstract painting. Using layers, you’ll be guided to enter the painting process naturally, develop a deep and luscious visual space, and weave into it exquisite brush-marks that grow from a personally meaningful inspiration. You’ll learn to see the spirit in your painting and gently enhance it, so it can shine powerfully.

A focus of this workshop is to find ease in bringing your mid-process abstract “beautiful mess” to completion.

You’ll create two acrylic paintings that embody meaning, naturalness, and spatial depth and flow – qualities that lift an abstract painting from amateur to professional
.    Learn More... 

Create a Dream Spirit Painting
3-hour Airbnb (or non-Airbnb) Experience in Rimrock, Arizona
Any Monday or Friday

Create a beautiful artwork that resonates with a dream held in your heart.

Step by step, I’ll guide you through a resistance-free cascade of five intuitive painting layers. Each step gives you a different way to connect with your natural creative self. Each layer builds on the others to create a rich abstract dream painting that speaks just to you.

All supplies are provided.   Learn More... 

Video on The Inspired Abstract workshop (2:52 minutes) 
Artist Consultation with Julie  Learn More... 
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