Intuition and her fan, composition 
Beauty & Spirit Note from the Studio: news & muse from abstract artist Julie Bernstein Engelmann
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Gently Enjoying You
Julie Bernstein Engelmann, 30"H x 36"W,  Acrylic on canvas. Purchase

Watching you talk, the words barely matter.
I open a wide space in the playground of this moment
where your candor can run free, 
gently enjoying you



Intuition and her fan, Composition

Dear <<First Name>>,

What I love about intuitive painting is the surprise of the unknown, which makes a painting so intriguing. I think those of us who love abstract painting love the unknown - yet it's a challenge to keep abstract work fresh and surprising.

Something I do when I paint - which might make an onlooker dubious - is that I look somewhere else on the painting rather than the place where my brush is moving. Sure, I would love to see what's happening, but if I look directly it's hard to resist trite solutions. 

Much more important to feel the line, to feel the motion the painting wants me to make. When I pay attention to this, my hand and brush always know what to do.

Truthfully, I have no interest in letting my mind get in there and make my painting boring. Life is too short for predictable paintings!

On the other hand, once paint is on the canvas, there are choices to consider. Does the painting flow well? Can the depth be more dramatic? This is composition, intuition's supportive partner.

If intention is the inspired playwright, then intuition is the genius actor and composition is the artistic director and #1 fan who ensures the production is amazing. 

This dynamic will be explored in my upcoming Tucson workshop, "Layers: Intuition to Composition." Check it out, below :)  

Yours in the love of beauty and spirit,




Layers: Intuition to Composition

Workshop with Julie Bernstein Engelmann

Tucson, Arizona
April 27-28, 2017    
(For earlybird rate, register by Apr. 15)

An abstract painting speaks through the way the paint is used. It is a language of personal mark-making, luscious paint, visual depth, and compositional flow. Julie, an award-winning abstract artist, will help you understand and master these essential qualities to create two meaningful, powerful abstracts.

 Using acrylic on paper or canvas, first you will build your painting in layers of delicious color and intuitive form. Then you'll find the special gift in your painting. Finally, you will learn to “see” the painting space and gently shape it – into an inspired abstract that is natural and meaningful to you and powerful to others. Julie will give demonstrations, group critique, and plenty of one-on-one time.  

Learn More... 

Luscious Abstractions
Crash Course with Julie Bernstein Engelmann
at the Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, Arizona 

Two opportunities:
April 17 and 18
May 22 and 23

Abstraction can be rich with depth, drama, and discovery! Julie's layering technique gives you a powerful foundation for abstract painting and helps you develop ease and freedom with paint. Through intuitive mark-making, luscious "happy accident," and strong composition you will create exciting paintings that surprise and engage you. Meanwhile, you will learn important design and color skills. All materials are included in this crash course. You'll take home two acrylic paintings — a paper collage and an 18x24 canvas panel — that speak to the mystery!  Learn More... 


Revitalize Your
Abandoned Abstracts

An artist mentoring session
by web/phone to bring unhappy abstracts back to life. 
  Learn more... 

From Julie to artists who love abstract painting

May I look at your paintings with you, with fresh eyes? Through artist mentoring with me, you get direct, incisive feedback that gives you deep support and saves frustration.

My superpower is to help you see the spirit in your paintings and understand how to bring them to life!  

Click to Artist mentoring with Julie
Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle
Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle
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