Listen to your friend, the painting. 
Beauty & Spirit Note from the Studio: news & muse from abstract artist Julie Bernstein Engelmann
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I See You Having What You Want
Nighttime Conversation
Julie Bernstein Engelmann, 24"H x 30"W,  Acrylic and latex on canvas. Purchase
I came home from parent-teacher conferences.
Sat with my son on his bed and looked at my notes.
"Oh no, I brought home another kid's grade sheet! How embarrassing!"
My son replied, "I've done things like that."
He went on to tell me two embarrassing memories he had as a child.
We laughed together.
It was riveting, electrifying, heart-warming, gratifying.
Because at 16 years old, this was his first conversation with me.
It was a look into the window of my autistic son for the first time,
a view of his mind and life that I had feared I would never see.
This was the moment I had been waiting for, for 16 years. 



Your Painting has a Secret Life

Dear <<First Name>>,

Listen to your friend, the painting.

Your painting-in-progress has a life of its own. A secret life full of mysterious destinations. Like a quiet friend, it won't jump out and tell you its secrets; it is waiting for you to ask.  

Like a friend, your painting has something to say about what you two might want to do together next. Like a friend, it will tag along when you take the lead and make decisions. But also like a friend, you never know where - what wondrous place - you could end up together if you let go of being the only lonely decisionmaker. 

Try stepping back. Really look at the paint on your canvas. Get ready to be surprised - because your friend, the painting, has a secret to tell you.

How do you listen?

Ask yourself, "What do I love about my painting?" Lose yourself in the beauty of a brushstroke, a scrape, an odd unplanned shape. Focus your attention on all the parts that intrigue or delight you, and let the rest of the painting--the parts you're not thrilled with--get kind of blurry. Give it time.... Soon you'll get an impression, an idea, a way this painting can go forward that feels like the rumbling of something exciting. Just do it!

Now it's a conversation. You wonder what will happen next! That's a nourishing relationship with your friend, the painting. 

Yours in the love of beauty and spirit,


P.S. I'm thrilled to offer "Revitalize Your Abandoned Abstracts," my new online mentoring session to bring unhappy paintings back to life. Please check it out below.  

Luscious Abstractions
Crash Course with Julie Bernstein Engelmann
at the Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, Arizona 

Three opportunities:
March 25 and 26
April 17 and 18
May 22 and 23

Abstraction can be rich with depth, drama, and discovery! Julie's layering technique gives you a powerful foundation for abstract painting and helps you develop ease and freedom with paint. Through intuitive mark-making, luscious "happy accident," and strong composition you will create exciting paintings that surprise and engage you. Meanwhile, you will learn important design and color skills. All materials are included in this crash course. You'll take home two acrylic paintings — a paper collage and an 18x24 canvas panel — that speak to the mystery!  Learn More... 


Revitalize Your Abandoned Abstracts
An artist mentoring session by web/phone to bring unhappy abstracts back to life 

Are some of your paintings sitting unfinished, because you got stuck or disappointed in the direction they took?

Unresolved pieces can drain our creative energy, the longer they sit there. I invite you to pull them out into the light of day. May I look at them with you, with fresh eyes? I would love to help you bring these paintings back to life! 

Your painting is so much closer to being fabulous than you realize – if only you could see the mystery waiting to come to light in your painting - and give it room to breathe. 

That's where I can help. My superpower is to help you see the spirit in your painting - starting with what you love! - and show you how to enhance it.  Learn more... 

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From Julie to artists who love abstract painting

May I look at your paintings with you, with fresh eyes? Through artist mentoring with me, you get direct, incisive feedback that saves you so much time and frustration.

My superpower is to help you see the spirit in your paintings and understand how to bring them to life!  

Click to Artist mentoring with Julie
Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle
Beauty & Spirit Abstract Artist Circle
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