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Beauty & Spirit Note from the Studio
Dream of Weavings & Wealth, by Julie Bernstein Engelmann 12"Hx12"W

Dream of Weavings and Wealth

Julie Bernstein Engelmann; acrylic & latex on partially-primed canvas; 12"H x 12"W; 2013

Gathering my things to leave a charming Bed & Breakfast, one final time I checked an old wooden drawer.
There, stuffed in the back, was a wad of cash I had forgotten.
As I pulled it out, more wads kept coming, mixed with plane tickets and
swaths of beautiful, handmade, richly-colored and beaded fabrics that I had woven.
It seemed I had created the riches and the weavings together; one was part of the other.

Journal 3/26/2011


Love Your Creations

Dear <<First Name>>,

Nothing is better for an artist than loving your creations. As the artist of your life, your entire life is your creation. So, here's a question: Is there any part of your life that you would sooner disown than love? For me, it's messes. I love harmony in my environment. Any mess is a blemish that "just shouldn't be there." Meanwhile, messes have been multiplying around our house as we renovate and repair in preparation to sell. I was starting to feel like l was in a war zone.

A couple of days ago, all of this changed.

I awoke to the sunrise glowing pink and gold. As always, I went back within to center myself and set my clear heart-intentions for my day. I invited my inner helpers to come near and offer their wisdom, and basked in it for several minutes. When next I looked, my eyes came to rest on piles of stuff that we had moved out of our bathroom in order to lay a new floor. 

Did I see a mess? That never entered my mind. I saw dreams lovingly held to create a future. I saw team efforts of a family supporting each other. I saw that each of these objects, in their own right, had served me well, and I had chosen them. An unusual and sparkling realization settled upon me: At this moment, I was at peace with everything in my world. I loved all of my creations.

It continues to feel like a great kindness to myself to see this way. It is the work of an artist to re-create with a new measure of love. 

Date Change

My exhibit at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art at Altoona, PA, is in its last couple of weeks. Thank you all for sharing the journey with me! Welcome, new subscribers! Here is my final event information. Sorry I had to change the date and time. I hope you can come! 

Artist's Closing Reception 
Saturday, April 13, 7-9 PM

If you know or love me or my art, I warmly invite you to be my guest at this private event.
Please RSVP, even if it's just a maybe, by replying to this email or clicking the link.
Also, let me know if you can provide a ride or need a ride,
and if so, where you are coming from. Directions

There will be treats, wine, carpooling, and -- most spectacularly -- guess what!  
A modern dance performance! Here is the description:

"Finding My Voice" is a modern dance choreographed by Jennifer Park, based on an exploration of Julie Bernstein Engelmann's creative life as it transfers from canvas to dancers. Inspired by many of the stories behind Julie's abstract paintings, the dancers frame the works through movement, stillness, voice, reflection, and energy. Witness as the dancers communicate from painting to body back to painting...and eventually to you. We hope you will feel inspired to join in! Jennifer will be accompanied by Sean Cosgrove, tango dancer, and Heather Park, member of Ivyside Dance Ensemble.

I'm really looking forward to it and to seeing you, if you can come! If not, please try to see the show (Museum hours & info) before it closes on April 20. 


P.S. Thanks to everyone who came to my Lunch a l'Art talk! It was great fun. Read a couple of snippets on my blog
April 9, 2013

Rainforest 'i'iwi Bird, by Julie Bernstein Engelmann, 2013, acrylic on paper 24"H x 18"W

Rainforest 'i'iwi Bird 

 by Julie Bernstein Engelmann, acrylic on paper, 24"H x 18"W, 2012-13

I made this painting as a demo for  the East Suburban Artists League (ESAL) last September, and recently completed it so that I can bring it back to show the group!

ESAL is sponsoring my Abstract Acrylic Painting workshop on Saturday, April 13. This one-day workshop in Murrysville, PA, may be the last class I hold in Pennsylvania. It is pretty full, but you can still register. 
Click here for all workshop details (scroll to bottom).

Yes, the workshop is happening on the same day as my Artist's Reception that evening!

Julie Bernstein Engelmann speaking at Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art

Julie's Museum Talk

I spoke about Being Spirit to a wonderfully responsive group of about 30 souls at Lunch a l'Art on March 13, 2013, at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. See photos and read a couple of snippets on my blog. 

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