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A vision for our places

Click on the link above to find out Andy Flannagan's vision for the politics and local government track at Movement Day UK.

Watch some short videos from various city/town unity leaders who are bringing delegations from their place to JOIN THE CONVERSATION.
Middlesbrough have 20 people booked in, and we are expecting delegations from York, Doncaster, Chester, Sunderland, Bristol, Bath and many more.

Please consider booking your places soon so that we can encourage those not yet working together in both the church & the cultural spheres to catch the vision to see unity for transformation movements in every town & city in the UK
If you would like to receive a communications pack for your church then please email
A video resource for you to use in your church to help explain transformation of the spheres

A Gathering Momentum

This is the title of the Gather book we are working on rooted with your stories from towns and cities across the UK of working and praying together in unity and mission towards the transformation of the places God has planted you in.

Last month we sent you a set of questions that we would like you to answer about christian unity & mission in your town. A big thank you to those of you who have already sent back your replies, but we still need more. We want to be able to share stories and best practice from Penzance to Newcastle, Dover to Liverpool, London to York. If you are involved in the wonderful work God is doing in your town, city or village then please send us your replies so that we can make this a significant chronicle of all that God is doing in our places.

This book will be given out at Movement Day UK as a resource and so it is vital that we get as much information as possible from you in the next couple of weeks, so please make this a priority if you can.
Here are the questions
Please cut and paste these questions and email your answers to us at

Thank you for sharing your stories and your wisdom with us.

    1. How did your story begin? What do you call yourselves and why did you choose that name? How many people/ churches did you start with?

    2. How have you grown? How many years have you been meeting and working together? What types of churches and organisations do you now involve. ie traditions, social and ethnic diversity? How many churches/church leaders do you now have regularly meeting together?

    3. How do you structure yourselves? (Leadership/ Constitution/ Meetings/ task             groups/ missions/ small groups?)

    4. Foundations of Prayer. How do you think building a foundation of prayer has effected the unity in your place? How has this prayer been expressed over the years? What were the high points? Can you give us an inspiring story of how prayer has positively affected the ministry of unity and transformation in your place?

    5. Foundations of Relationship. How important has building a foundation of strong relationships effected the unity and mission across your area? How have you gone about growing this? Can you give us an inspiring story of how relationships have grown together?
        Can you give us some successful examples of working together on
        a) One or more evangelistic projects
        b) One or more social action projects
        c) Developing a sphere network across the area.
        d) Working together on a specific issue affecting the city or town.
        e) Working in partnership with civic authorities.

 6. Does unity work? What difference has working together in unity really made across your town/city? Is it really worth the extra work and focus? If so why?   

 7. What are the key challenges you have faced?
        a) in leading the unity movement?
        b) in building unity?
    8. Sharing your wisdom. If you were giving advice to a group of leaders in another city/town who wanted to begin forming a unity movement, what advice would you give to them? Please be specific and share more than one nugget of wisdom.   

    9. Inspiring Stories. Can you tell us a recent inspiring story of how unity working has resulted in a really positive outcome in your place?

    10. Honesty about struggles. Can you tell us a recent (or previous) story of how unity has struggled to deliver a positive outcome?

    11. Why do you do what you do in building unity? What motivates you? Did you         ever have a sense of calling? What scripture verses have motivated you? What aspects of theology are a driver for you?

    12. Character and gifting. What gifts / attitude / character do you need to be a builder of unity for transformation across a town/ city. How can we nurture and grow new leaders with a heart and passion for unity and transformation.

   13. Passing on to the next generation. What plans do you have in place to make sure that unity continues to grow in your place as people move away or retire? What strategies do you have in place to involve millenials within your movements.

Movement Day UK

5 reasons why you should come and join us and bring a delegation from your town/city


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