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CSC Waterloo Region News

By Jenn McDonald

We would like to welcome our new Falls Prevention Kinesiologist Caitlin MacLean to our Exercise Team!

We are gearing up for November, which is Falls Prevention month - you will see us throughout the community as we have planned for several sessions of pop-ups and presentations to increase our community's awareness of our FREE gentle exercise classes and Stand Up to Falls programming. We'll be at the Kitchener Public Library (KPL), Stroke Forum, Calvary United Church, First United Church, Briarfield Gardens, Parkwood Mennonite Home, and our Caregiver Support groups to name a few!

CSC offers GLA:D at the A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA in Kitchener and at the Chaplin Family YMCA in Cambridge. Those living with Osteoarthritis will register for 8 week sessions (2x/week) and will work with our GLA:D trained Kinesiologists. 

Learn more here: What is GLA:D?

If you know someone who would be suitable for the GLA:D program, pass along the Clearance Form and information so they can share with their Dr/Physio/Chiropractor.


Article: Falls and the impact on Ambulance services

Can you do 30 squats in 2 minutes?

Falls and Medication
Older adults who use more than 4 prescription medications daily have been found to have 1.5 – 2 times higher risk of recurrent falls1. Studies have suggested that after adjusting for age, gender, and weight, older adults who use antidepressants, sedatives or hypnotics and anti-epileptics are more likely to experience recurrent falls than non-users.
The top 3 types of medications that can make older adults more likely to fall include:
  • Antidepressants: 68% increased risk
  • Antipsychotics: 59% increased risk
  • Sleeping pills (benzodiazepines): 47-57% increased risk
 For a full list of these medications and for fall prevention tips visit the Medications and Falls resource on our website.  
Drug Effects and Falls
 Harmful effects of medications, such as concentration and balance problems, drowsiness, dizziness, or a drop in blood pressure, may increase the risk of falls. Other drug effects that increase the risk of falls include:
  • Low potassium
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Vision disturbance
  • Hypotension, especially orthostatic hypotension
  • Parkinsonian effects
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Delirium
  • Ataxia/gait disturbance
 Other Fall Prevention Recommendations
 Assess the benefit of the drug(s) versus the risk of injury from falling.
  • Switching to a safer alternative drug, and /or considering non-drug measures may be beneficial for reducing falls
  • To adjust the dose-response relationship of drugs, start with the lowest possible dose and then titrate the dose slowly upward if needed, while monitoring response
  • Follow-up with patients to assess a recurrence of falls and the impact of medication adjustment. Monitor potential side effects, for example orthostatic hypotension or laboratory values 
1 Yu, M., & Zecevic, A. (2018). Medications & Polypharmacy Influence on Recurrent Fallers in Community: a Systematic Review. Canadian Geriatrics Journal, 21(1), 14-25. doi:10.5770/cgj.21.268

Ongoing Education opportunities:
Upcoming info on Bone Health, Osteoporosis and Yoga

Client Safety Topic: Fire Prevention Week runs from October 7-13. Fire Prevention Week’s theme focuses on three actions:
  1. LOOK for potential fire hazards around your home, and always stay in the kitchen while cooking. Encourage people who smoke to go outside and extinguish cigarettes in large, deep ashtrays that cannot be knocked over. Check electrical cords for damage as exposed wires can result in a potential shock or fire hazard.
  2. LISTEN for the smoke alarms in an emergency. Early detection of fire provided by smoke alarms gives you the extra seconds you need to get out safely. You should also test your smoke alarms every month to make sure that they are working properly and change the batteries as often as recommended by the manufacturer. Replace any smoke alarms that is more than ten years old.
  3. LEARN two ways out of every room. Practice a home fire escape plan with everyone in your home before a fire starts so you can get out quickly.


Our next CSC GEF Meetings are: 

Wednesday October 31st
315 - 430 PM
Friday November 30th
315 - 430 PM
at Community Support Connections
61 Woolwich Street North, Breslau

VON Guelph Wellington News:  

By Kelly Gee

VON News:

It is sad to say my favorite season, summer is officially over. As the leaves turn color and the fall weather begins to change, I remind myself that it’s important to embrace the new things that come my way. It is good to remember the memories of the past summer that has just come to a close, but not fear that cold weather ahead, rather to bear in mind that change can be good and bring big things and more great memories.

As a member of the Safe Community Advisory Committee I participate in a Safe Communities Day in which we educate up to 1000 grade six students about the importance of exercising to reduce falls and injuries. This year we want to help eliminate any ageist beliefs that these students might have and demonstrate to them that frailty is not inevitable, it is reversible and that one can age successfully being active and able until their very last day so that they can not only use this advice themselves but, also pass this message on to their parents and grandparents.

The members of the Falls Prevention Advisory Committee thought there would be no better way to demonstrate this concept than to show them a SMART exercise class of older adults not only exercising but, also doing the newest fad dance “The Floss Dance”.  When I brought this idea back to the participants of the SMART classes they were eager to learn this new dance and since many of their grandchildren were already doing it, a lot of them had their own private instructors. We even had a couple grandchildren come into classes and teach the whole class how to master this dance move. Everyone who participated stated that it was fun to learn this new move, some stated that their grandchildren were so impressed with them and others stated that they got a lot of laughs out of the whole experience.

Our local Television Station Wightman Telecom videotaped the class floss dancing and is being aired during the month of October on Wightman Telecom Channel 6 edition of “What is Happening in North Wellington”.  Thanks again to all of the SMART Floss Dance Participants for helping to defy ageist beliefs about frailty and helping to promote active seniors in Wellington County.

See it here!

November is Falls Prevention Month and we at VON will be starting a new Falls Prevention Challenge, 50 hours of standing exercise can prevent one fall so we are going to challenge participants to attend 50 exercise classes. If VON participants attend 50 classes they will be awarded a prize. We will track how many participants attend 50 classes from November 2018 – November 2019 to see how many falls we prevented in Wellington County.
Welcome to the newest additions to the SMART Team:
Leah Smith – VON Senior Day Out, Mount Forest
Tracy Oliver – Elliott Community
Vanessa Wood – St. Joes Adult Day Program
Sarah Samson – St. Joes Adult Day Program
Joanne Keunen – North Wellington Volunteer
Sylvia Kampmann – North Wellington Volunteer


We will continue to run the Falls Prevention Education Series until the end of October at the following locations:

Royal Terrace – Palmerston
450 Albert St. Apts – Mount Forest
Arbor Trails – Guelph
St. Joes – Guelph

The Falls Prevention Education will run from November to December 14th in the following locations:
Riverside Glen – Guelph
Wellington Park Terrace – Guelph
Mount Forest Curling Club – Mount Forest – 4pm
Mount Forest Legion – Mount Forest

Next VON GEF Meetings:
Tuesday Oct 23rd - Guelph GEF Meeting – VON satellite office, St. Joes Apts Board Roam, 401 Edinburgh Rd. N, Guelph
Friday Oct 26th – VON Office 392 Main St North Mount Forest

VON is happy to be partnering with the YMCA to deliver this 8 week education program.  This program is offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30pm at the Guelph YMCA.  Each eligible participant will receive at 3 month YMCA membership. For more information contact VON’s Registered Kinesiologist Erika Cellini


For more information about the SMART Exercise and Fall Prevention Program in Wellington County, check out our website at!

SMART Exercise Success Stories:

VON Client story:
"I have been participating in the exercise program from 2 years now and I enjoy the exercises as they keep my body moving.  Since I started I have noticed improvements in my range of motion of both my arms and legs, I can now lift them up a little higher than I could before.  Our instructor does a wonderful job!  I always feel much better after going to the exercise classes."
"I have been attending the SMART exercise class for two years now. I really like the whole program; I enjoy the cardio, lifting weights, the balance exercises and stretching it all out. Since I have started I have noticed that I am now standing up a little taller and straighter, my balance has improved and I find it much easier to get out of a chair. I am going to continue to attend the exercise classes as I need to improve my hip muscles as I will be having a hip replacement soon and I know the better shape I am in before the surgery the faster I will recover after the surgery."

CSC Client and Facilitator stories:
"A client in my exercise class said they were at the theatre recently, and the seats were very close together. The row in front of him was so close, he couldn't extend his legs. Because of this, many people struggled to stand up. My client said he had no problem standing because of all of the sit to stands we do. He was able to stand up from his chair with no use of his hands, and felt very confident because of his ability to stand without issue."


Click on the links HERE for video demonstrations of all of our SMART Gentle Exercise components.
See these video links of our standing and seated options for our SMART Routine.

If there are questions regarding safety of SMART exercises, exercise ideas, etc., from CSC contact Jessica Kuntz (Kinesiologist) at or Caitlin MacLean (Kinesiologist) and from VON Erika Cellini or Bridget Misener

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