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  CSC Waterloo Region News       
From Ashlynne Boven

November is Falls Prevention Month – and things are looking quite different this year, as we continue with virtual exercise classes and falls prevention sessions.
Whether you’ve been a long time Falls Prevention participant and are familiar with the ways you can decrease your risk of falling, or you’ve never attended a session and haven’t really thought much about it – we welcome you to join us in some focused activities over the month of November!
First off, we have put together a Falls Prevention Bingo, with some new and fun activities relating to exercise and falls prevention. And, YES, there are prizes available! When you complete 2 full bingo lines on the card (can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal), send us proof (ie. a picture of your card) and you will be entered to win a gift card!
Next, we have the Falls Prevention Pledge. You don’t have to be a participant of the bingo to complete the pledge, but it is a box on the Bingo sheet. Print off the sheet at home, fill it out (in nice big, dark letters) with your goal/pledge, and we will ask you to bring to the exercise class to take some photos!
And lastly, attend our Stand Up to Falls Education Sessions. They are continuing through November (again some boxes on your Bingo card) – join Leigh and Caitlin every Tuesday and Thursday @1pm join See poster below for upcoming topics. We also have some special dates not included on poster, and they are:

  • Tuesday November 24 – game day – tune in for a fun, (maybe competitive), interactive learning adventure!
  • Thursday November 26 – learn how to assist someone when they have fallen – including what to do and what not to do. You will also have the opportunity for open forum discussion and question & answer time with the Kinesiologists.  

If you would prefer to have printed copies of either sheet and don’t have access to a printer at home, let us know – we can mail them to you!
Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
Your Exercise & Falls Prevention Team

Celebrating our success! Feedback from our virtual class participants:

- These classes give such a sense of community when we see our former classmates.
- The time of day is great - and I don't have to leave my house!
- The classes provide a regularity to COVID life.
-  I love the variety of teachers!
- I love the fact that the classes are available 5 days a week.
- The facilitators are very knowledgeable and friendly.
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Standing Tall, Up To Falls
As the weather cools into chilly November, water freezes, surfaces become slippery, and the number of reasons to stay indoors only increases – increasing the risk of falls occurring, too. That is why November is Falls Prevention Month!

Our Kinesiologists are busy running free, virtual Falls Prevention Sessions every Tuesday afternoon. But when they weren't preparing their lessons on risk factors, preventative methods, and techniques to recover from a fall, they put together a little quiz to test your knowledge. Do you know how to stand up to falls? Test yourself and find out! (Answers are a few scrolls down – no cheating!)

1. Which of these activities are a proactive way to prevent falls?
a) Going for a walk
b) Maintaining correct posture
c) Eating protein
d) Having a regular, consistent sleep schedule
e) All of the above

2. Keeping a healthy, stimulated brain is a component of falls prevention strategies.
a) True
b) False

3. During the winter months, which animal should you mimic while walking?
a) Dog
b) Penguin
c) Kangaroo
d) Lemur

4. Which of these is the best place to keep a list of your medications?
a) On your fridge
b) Beside your bed
c) On your person
d) With a partner or emergency contact

5. When standing up to falls, exercise always helps! At a minimum, how often should you exercise?
a) One a week, for 30 minutes or more
b) Twice a week, for 30 minutes or more
c) Three times a week, for 30 minutes or more

How well did you do? (scroll down a bit farther for quiz answers) There is always more we can learn to keep ourselves healthy, stay strong, and take a stand up to falls! If you know someone who would love to attend our free, virtual falls prevention sessions, direct them to our website to register and learn more!



November is also Osteoporosis Month. Complete the 'Know Your Risk' Quiz from Osteoporosis Canada, and help to raise awareness of a disease that affects 2 million Canadians!

Waterloo-Wellington Older Adult Strategy, in partnership with the Cambridge Council on Aging, the Canadian Mental Health Association, and other partners, are offering two free, online information sessions (November 16 and 23) in their What Older Adults Need to Know to Stay Well series. the first session will be About Alcohol; the second About CannabisSee this poster​ for more information on the sessions and how to register.​

Send us articles or readings of interest if you'd like to share them!

Click on the links HERE for video demonstrations of all of our SMART Gentle Exercise components.
See these video links of our standing and seated options for our SMART Routine.

If there are questions regarding safety of SMART exercises, exercise ideas, etc., from CSC contact Caitlin Poth (Registered Kinesiologist) or Leigh Bouchard (Registered Kinesiologist)

Quiz Answer Key

1. e) 2. a) 3. b) 4. c) 5. c)

VON Client Success stories:
Here are a couple testimonials of Wellington County and Guelph residents sharing their experiences of how exercising has helped them recover from injuries and improve their overall wellbeing. 
Testimonial # 1
 A year ago I attended Von Exercise classes to improve my health and walking. Then in February I went south and was able to walk the beach with my cane. I was out for dinner and on the way back I tripped on the sidewalk and went down .I returned home in a great deal of pain to a hair line fracture beside a hip replacement right as COVID 19 hit in March .Fortunately with no weight baring for six weeks the crack healed but I had lost my muscle and could not walk on my left leg.  After six weeks I started out with the VON SMART exercise program on Wightman Television Channel 6 at 7:00 am and could only do fifteen min. of the last of the cool down this increased until I was able to do the full hour. Then I found Ash Kyra SMART Admin Assistant and she connected me with the SMART Zoom program.  Virtual exercise classes that are offered daily at different times with different intensities.   I am now able to keep up with the moderate intensity exercise program for the high full hour. This program is wonderful as I have someone to follow and my walking is improving.  I still have to use a cane sometimes but, I can also walk now limited without the cane I use a walker when I walk outside due to needing rests for cardio and only time will tell. I am so Thankful for VON offering these Zoom Programs I am 82 and feeling great. I would encourage any older adult to participate in the SMART Exercise Classes
With regards Patricia Wallis
Testimonial # 2

I am 88 years old and thankful to get to this age.
We don’t get older without a few aches, pains or falls and I have had my share of all of them.
Two of these falls left me with a fractured wrist and ankle.  The last fall I had all of the symptoms of a concussion.
An arthritic nurse suggested I might like to try the VON SMART exercise program.  There were classes twice a week at a retirement home close to where I live.  I was very much enjoying these classes when COVID 19 brought everything to a halt.  During this time, I found myself missing the classes for the physical work and the socialization.
I was thrilled when I got a call from Michelle with the VON SMART Exercise program to see if I would be interested in participating in the exercises online. 
I have to say, the online program has been great.  You can choose which day of the week you would like to participate, and the level of intensity; low, moderate or high.
I suffer with osteoporosis and severe joint pain and the VON SMART program has made a difference in my daily life. 
The VON girls are doing a great job helping us seniors, especially during these unprecedented times.  I encourage anyone reading this to try this program! 
You have more time now than ever. Why not use it to make a difference in your life!
Pearl Robinson

Testimonial # 3
SMART instructor Kerri used to come to  Maple Leaf Acres, 7 years ago I could not even get out of my chair without assistance today have trouble but,  I can now do 6 sit to stand exercises in a row.  I'm 70 and in better shape than I was 7 years ago. I continue to exercise with the SMART exercise program through Zoom on a regular basis.  I know the SMART exercise program is helpful for physical movement but it is also great for mental stimulation.   Seeing smiling faces as I log into my Zoom exercise classes is a gift, especially during this time.  Love VON, thank you. 

Don’t let a fall steal your independence!


VON Guelph Wellington News:  
From Kelly Gee


VON News:
November is Falls Prevention month! VON is working hard this month to create awareness on steps you can take to reduce your risk of a fall. When watching television avoiding a fall seems easy with the advice of “just don’t fall”.  Regardless of how educated you are about fall prevention, how good your balance is and how strong their muscles are you can still experience a fall.  When a senior, who is in good physical condition, falls the impact of that fall is often reduced and they are able to remain independent.  As we age we need to take extra precaution to reduce the likelihood and impact of a fall.  Falls are the #1 cause of injuries to seniors.  One in three older adults will have a fall this year and falling once doubles ones chance of falling again.  Falls are the #1 leading cause of injury related death among persons over the age of 65 and 40% of all long term care admissions are due to falls. . Exercising is the best way to prevent falls and or the residual affects of a fall, one can significantly lower the risk of fractures and other injuries do to falls if they exercise. 
Starting on Monday November 2, 2020 VON will be offering their Stay Strong Live Long Falls Prevention Program every Monday and Wednesday at 2:30 to register for these sessions contact Kelly Gee email: or phone: 519-314-0264.
Here is a list of the topics:
Monday, Nov 2 The Legend of the Fall & Chronic Illnesses
Wednesday, Nov 4 - Strong Muscles, Solid Bones & Aches about Arthritis
Monday, Nov 9 Keep it in check: Blood Pressure, the Ups and Downs
Wednesday, Nov 11 - No Session (Remembrance Day)
Monday, Nov 16 They Keep on Changing: Vision and Hearing
Wednesday, Nov 18 - Those Darn Feet: Peripheral Neuropathy
Monday, Nov 23 - Your Brain and Exercise & Sleep Disturbance
Wednesday Nov 25 - The World around Us: Home & Environment Safety
Monday Nov 30 - Mobility Aids and Assistive Devices
Wednesday Dec 2 - Life is a Balancing Act: Building Balance and How to get up from a Fall & Benefits of Exercise
With the month of November being Falls Prevention Awareness Month, the VON SMART program thought what better way to build awareness for falls prevention education than through a SMART exercise challenge!?
We will be giving away prizes to the SMART Exercise clients that participate in the most Zoom classes throughout the month of November.
The VON is offering a number of way that one can participate in the SMART exercise Program through the use of technology:
One can access our Low Intensity, Moderate Intensity and High Intensity Exercise on YouTube
YouTube Link: 

(This YouTube Link and a link to our Falls Prevention Education Series can be easy accesses from our homepage of our website)
SMART Exercise Classes are also offered on Wightman Channel 6:  
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7am Low Intensity, 8am Moderate Intensity, 9am High Intensity.
The VON SMART Program is now offering a full Schedule of Live Virtual Zoom Exercise Classes. 
To register for SMART Live Zoom classes contact, VON SMART Program Coordinator Kelly Gee:
Phone: 519-314-0264

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us during these strange times! Whether you've participated alongside one of our YouTube videos, Wightman TV airings, completed the exercises in our in-home booklet, participated in Zoom or just kept in touch! We are grateful to continue to be a part of your activities. Because of all of your support and hard work following along with the YouTube videos, our YouTube Channel has almost 20, 000 views! That is amazing!
Thank you! Keep up the great activity!!


The YouTube SMART Exercise Class link and a link to our Falls Prevention Education Series can be easy accessed from our homepage of our website. 

Check out our VON SMART Exercise Website and Facebook Page for updates as to when our programs will continue to run in the community.

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