New features! Sub Networks within networks, easier invitations to join a network, and more!
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Welcome to the first edition of the quarterly Civic Network newsletter! 

Thank you for being an early adopter on Civic Network. We are excited to announce a number of cool new features, brought to you by fellow members who have “covered the next round” as we like to say. We also want to give you a few tips on getting more out of the platform to support your work. 
Many thanks to the Healthy Schools Collective Impact team for "picking up the tab" on these great features. This marks an important first proof of concept in our collaborative business model for Civic Network—that we all benefit from a resource that was built by the contributions of others, and we can contribute to it as we are able. Through this quarterly e-newsletter, we’ll share tools designed to support the use of Civic Network, describe new functions available, and highlight how partners are using Civic Network to strengthen their work. We look forward to capturing real use case experiences, so as an inaugural year Civic Network user, please share your stories and questions by contacting us at  

Connect away,
The Civic Canopy Team 

Get Started with Civic Network: Starter Guide

Do you or someone you know need support getting started with Civic Network? The Civic Network Starter Guide provides step-by-step instructions with screenshots to guide you through creating your profile, searching for networks, and joining networks. 
If you’ve already created a network, this is a great resource to send to people to encourage and support them to join you on Civic Network. In the next email to your coalition members, simply attach or link the Starter Guide and include the “Invite Link” (see directions below), then watch people join the network with ease!

Inviting People to Join A Network is Now a Breeze

There is a new function that makes inviting more than one person at a time to join a network super simple and quick! Just go to the “manage members” tab at the top of your network page and copy the “invite link.”
Paste this link into an email and send it to the people you would like to invite. If the user has an account, they will be added to your network immediately after signing in. If they do not have an account, they will be directed to create an account and will be added to your network automatically after signing up. 

The Most Highly Anticipated Function of all Time

One of the first questions many people ask about Civic Network is: “Can I create smaller groups/networks within my larger group/network?” We’re pleased to tell you that now you can! It’s common for collaborative groups to structure themselves with teams and subgroups that work together to serve specific purposes or accomplish specific tasks – you may call them action teams, committees, or work groups. Now these sub networks can have their own space to connect, collaborate, and share information within your larger network. Sub networks are linked to a larger parent network and information such as documents, members, and calendar events appear within the larger network, but information from the larger network does not appear in each sub network. To create a sub network, go to your network and click the button on the left that says “Add Sub Network.”

Tips for Getting People to Join A Network

So, you’ve created a network but your partners haven’t joined it yet. We’ve all been there. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve been using to help drive members of the coalitions, work groups, and learning communities that we support to Civic Network.
  1. Instead of attaching meeting agendas and coalition documents to an email, upload the documents to Civic Network, and send them a link. Over time, your partners will learn to look for documents on Civic Network instead of emailing you to ask for them – that’s a win-win for everyone!
  2. When people ask for a roster of who is in your collaborative group, send them a link to the network on Civic Network and tell them to click on the members tab. Let’s be honest, this is much more interesting and informative for them to look at than a spreadsheet
  3. Direct people to Civic Network the next time someone asks…When/where is our next meeting?  Will you send me that document? Can I get a list of the members of our group? Can you send me the contact info for that person?
  4. Send your group the starter guide and invite link to join the network (see instructions above) and assure them it will take them five minutes to join – and even less time if they use their existing profile through LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook.
Get Started on Civic Network
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